9/11 US Government Criminal Conspiracy: THERE IS NO DEBATE




9/11 US Government Criminal Conspiracy: THERE IS NO DEBATE

State of the Nation

9-11 False Flag Terrorist Operation:
Crime Of The Millennium

Guilty Parties Must Be Prosecuted And Punished For High Treason, Mass Murder And State-Sponsored Terrorism


911_commission_liesThe 9/11 Commission Report Presents The Most Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory Of All Time

Those who deny the existence of a US Government conspiracy which planned, financed, coordinated, executed, and covered up the 9/11 false flag operation are either willfully ignorant or dangerously arrogant, or both.  If the conspiracy deniers are neither of these, then they usually fall into one of the following categories.

I.  The individual works directly for the government – federal or state, county or city — and therefore they feel that their job and/or livelihood would be under threat for expressing an anti-government opinion.

II.  The individual is employed by a US corporation in which case they are concerned about holding a position that is very likely opposed to the corporate leadership.  The revolving door between the corporate realm and government sector is well known and documented.

III.  The individual works for a company, university, non-profit foundation, or NGO which receives government grants, preferential tax treatment or other giveaways from Washington, DC.  There are many other organizations that receive various forms of largesse from the US Federal Government which are compelled to tow the politically correct line.

IV.  They work for companies or organizations that are under direct or indirect contract by any one of the aforementioned levels of governments which could be jeopardized by ridiculing the official 9/11 Commission Report.

Then there are those — perhaps the vast majority of Americans — who fall into one these three groups of naysayers: (i) false patriots, (ii) deniers of reality and (iii) sheeple.[1]

Therefore, why bother debating with them?  There simply is NO DEBATE!

Why expend precious time and energy debating the obvious with those who have a vested interest in the official bogus narrative.  Or, who do not have the faculty of reason sufficiently developed or common sense operating at a level to conduct a rational discussion?

•  False patriots wave their flags without a clue of why they’re waving it.  The childhood indoctrination worked quite well with them, so they are usually hopeless where it concerns 9/11 truth.  They are so invested in the good guys versus the bad guys storyline that they refuse to admit they might be on the side of the bad guys every once in a while.  Whether they come from military families or government service clans, they will follow the flag anywhere it leads them.  There were a lot of false flags flying after 9/11, LIKE NEVER BEFORE, especially on TV screens all across America.

•  Deniers of reality are often smart enough to get it but simply can’t handle the depravity of the actual 9/11 crime committed by the US Government against its own citizens.  They tuck away this inconvenient truth and lock themselves away in denial for a multitude of reasons.  Each person reading this knows a bunch people who just cannot handle the reality of 9/11 facts because it necessarily leads to their entire world falling apart.  They cannot face these grim realities that are so divergent from their lifelong phantasy land.  They also know they would succumb to various psychological maladies due to their inability to fully embrace the far-reaching ramifications of the raw truths.  In this way their denial functions as a defense mechanism.

•  Sheeple (no disrespect intended to these conditioned souls) have been sufficiently brainwashed through myriad vectors of mind-control programming since their birth.  Their lifestyles often predispose them to much of the crude, crass, coarse elements associated with Americana which serve to further coarsen their minds and bodies rendering them unable to assimilate subtle truths.  The pharmaceutical regimens alone can influence their critical thinking skills in ways that can actually be dangerous.  In the case of 9/11 so many folks have had their minds sufficiently dulled that a large swath of the US population is totally clueless to the truth.  This state of affairs, by the way, can be down right dangerous.   How so?

If one is not astute enough to discriminate between truth and falsehood in precarious situations, then it is very easy to find oneself in dangerous predicaments … as in life-threatening.  Of course, when an entire nation has lost its way, it, too, can find itself in quite menacing circumstances around the globe.  Sound familiar?!


It’s important to fully imbibe the reality that there really is NO DEBATE where it concerns 9/11.

How can such a categorical statement be made with so much certainty, pray tell?
Here’s just a foretaste of what will soon be available on the internet regarding 9/11 truth.

Over 2200 Architects And Engineers Demolish The ‘Official’ 9/11 Commission Report

Those truth seekers, who have properly applied the hard sciences of engineering and architecture, physics and chemistry, metallurgy and construction, have authoritatively decreed that the 9/11 events of building destruction could not have occurred as they are described in the official 9/11 Commission Report.  The over 2500 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are just one of various highly qualified groups who have weighed in on this extremely weighty matter.

CONCLUSION: The relevant sciences and applicable diagnostic technologies irrefutably prove that the official story is completely impossible.  This has been the case across a broad range of completely unresolved 9/11 issues which the government has yet to address.

Other types of scientific and technological disciplines have also been utilized to test the veracity of countless government’s statements in the 9/11 Commission Report.  Experts from the specialized fields of controlled demolition and fire investigation, aviation and explosives have written much on how the Twin Towers could not have been brought down by a couple of airliners.  IMPOSSIBLE … especially when you consider the free-fall collapse of Building #7 which was not even hit by a passenger jet.


Does anyone really believe that 19 Muslims could have pulled off the extraordinarily difficult technical feats of aeronautic acrobatics and controlled demolition, the latter of which was absolutely necessary in order to ensure that two side-by-side giant skyscrapers would fall neatly into their own footprint?!

There is ONLY one reasonable answer to this question.  It is now abundantly clear that there were certain elements within the US Federal Government, US Armed Forces, New York City Government, Corporate Mainstream Media, as well as many other key entities which were necessarily directly involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

While it’s true that none of us knows exactly what did happen on September 11, 2001, we do know what positively did not happen on 9/11.  Ipso facto the 9/11 Commission Report can be identified as a thoroughly fraudulent document explicitly designed to mislead the American people, as well as the entire world.

Quite frankly, it’s practically impossible for anyone to know precisely what occurred on that fateful day in September because that’s the way a CIA/MI6/MOSSAD black op is structured.  No one knows everything that took place in NYC and DC, except perhaps a few controllers at the very top of the OPERATION 9/11 execution team.  The actual perpetrators only know their little part in the whole scheme as is the case in every highly compartmentalized CIA black operation that disseminates necessary info on a strictly need-to-know basis.

Nevertheless, we don’t have to know how those buildings were brought down on 9/11/01 … in order to state that the government was behind it, integral to its implementation, and crucial to its successful coverup.

The weight of the circumstantial evidence is not just overwhelmingly heavy on the side of US Government involvement in the 9/11 attacks, it reflects a guilty verdict beyond any doubt whatsoever.  The 9/11 attacks could not have happened without the direct involvement of the US Federal Government, as well as additional support from a whole host of foreign contractors such as MOSSAD, ISI, and MI6.

In other words, given what transpired at the Pentagon and the Twin Towers, the US Government had to have been directly involved in many critical facets of the entire operation.  This self evident conclusion is particularly understood when considering the enormity and pervasiveness of the coverup of the whole conspiracy.  The transparent cooperation of the entire mainstream media could have only occurred with direction coming from the very peak of the US Government.  As always, the Executive Branch probably invoked the ‘sacrosanct’ National Security as a way of stifling any honest or objective journalism.


As for the “Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States”, it will stand forever as incontrovertible evidence of the government-coordinated coverup of the 9/11 crimes against humanity.  Many people from different nations were either killed or injured on that infamous day and therefore the act of terrorism goes well beyond a crime against America; hence, crimes against humanity is an appropriate charge.

Anatomy of the 9/11 False Flag Operation 

Many different 9/11 truth movement groups now argue endlessly over the following four questions.
What?   How?   Who?   Why?
They particularly debate the “How?” when in reality that is the most difficult to determine and prove with hard evidence.  It is also the least useful when the nation already knows who was in the various seats of power to ensure that certain things did or did not happen on September 11th.  The community of nations, likewise, knows what has occurred around the world in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. And especially how the 9/11 attacks have been used by the Anglo-American Axis to invade and destroy countries at will.

In light of these and other critical developments, the anatomy of the US Government Conspiracy behind 9/11 is not as important as the “Who?” and the “Why?”.  Dissecting the crime scene so that these 2 questions can be answered is of utmost importance if the world is to experience any closure with this still-open criminal case.  The endless analysis around so many different types of explosives and weapons is counterproductive, self-defeating and time-wasting.

As a final word on this vital point, everyone ought to be completely satisfied with the following indisputable facts.  That there were a variety of explosives and weapons, techniques and tactics which took down the Twin Towers and Building #7, as well as that hit on the Pentagon.  This well documented fact is self evident … except by those who would argue endlessly over minutiae that cannot be exactly determined … yet.

To elaborate a bit more, it can be stated with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that different means were utilized to cause the destruction associated with 9/11.  In other words it is obviously not just one explosive or weapon which precludes the use of any other.  The different take-down scenarios are not mutually exclusive by any means.  In other words, there is every likelihood that the Twin Towers were brought down by a variety of different types of demolition explosives ranging from nano-thermite to the traditional explosives typically used for controlled demolitions.

There is also every indication that thermonuclear micro-nukes were utilized for specific applications to generate the heat necessary to vaporize and dustify the two towers so that they would fall into their own footprints.  All the telling signatures have been proven by those who have the experience and expertise to properly analyze them; therefore, there is now no debate about the thermonuclear component.

Does that preclude the use of Tesla energy beams in the form of a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW)?  Judy Wood, PhD has presented a strong case for this type of weapon technology, which may have also been utilized on the Twin Towers.  Who can say for sure? All we are asserting is that multiple methods are by no means mutually exclusive.  Which then points directly to the irrefutable deduction that those who did 9/11 must have been very high up in both government and corporate, in addition to being well situated in the scientific realm and/or academic circles.  How else could they have mustered all the manpower and materiel, expertise and experience, access and control over the crimes scenes both pre and post 9/11?!


9/11 Outcomes And Consequences Reveal The Perpetrators

There are many other subplots which were executed on 9/11/01 which speak directly to other significant goals that were achieved by the co-conspirators.  Some of these highly consequential schemes have impacted the world of finance and economics; others have rearranged geopolitical relationships and engendered new international treaties/alliances.  Still other outcomes directly caused by the 9/11 events have produced a legacy of oppression within the USA that has transformed a freedom-loving country into a virtual police state.

Whether one closely examines the legislation known as the Patriot Act or the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, the draconian TSA (Transportation Security Administration) regime or content (and intent) of the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), it is quite obvious that each of these nation-changing initiatives had been on the drawing board way before September 11, 2001.  The 9/11 attacks were merely the pretext used by the real perpetrators to advance their police state agenda.  And so they have across the country.

Truly, no city or state, no county or territory has been spared the profound consequences of the new command and control structure overlaid upon the nation.  The meteoric and pervasive militarization of urban and rural police departments across the land stands as further testimony.  As does the dramatic uptick in both police brutality and frequent murder of innocents by officers.  Law enforcement departments everywhere now function as quasi-military units at the ready and waiting to execute orders dictated by their governmental and/or corporate overlords.

The list of newly instituted and highly oppressive changes actually goes on and on; however, this discussion is well beyond the scope of this essay.  Suffice to say that in each and every case the specific governmental initiatives could have only taken place in the aftermath of the catalyzing events of 9/11.  As always, we encourage the reader to ask the real 64 thousand dollar question — Cuo bono?  Therein lies the answer to all the questions and concerns, unknowns and doubts, associated with the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.

Why is the truth about 9/11 so important in the present day?  And why is it urgent to prosecute these crimes against humanity? 

For those who are fully aware of the depth and breadth of the 9/11 criminal conspiracy, there are many inescapable reasons to pursue these historic crimes to where ever the prosecutors are led.  For instance, the fake and truly disastrous War on Terror was waged worldwide on the spurious 9/11 pretext.  In addition, many other wars, both armed conflicts and economic in nature, have been started or intensified because of the many fraudulent 9/11 slogans which issued forth from the governments that were complicit in the 9/11 conspiracy.

In view of the damage which has been inflicted around the globe since 9/11, it is now necessary for the residents of Planet Earth to do what they can to short-circuit the 9-11 mind-control programs.  There are many and diverse programs running in the background 24/7 which ought to be identified and neutralized.  Only in this way will the emerging 9/11 truth penetrate the collective consciousness so that an appropriate international response can be formulated.

When a critical mass of Earth’s inhabitants has been reached in this regard, the truth of 9/11 will literally provide the impetus for an awesome and long-awaited planetary transformation.  The entire civilization will then undergo a metamorphosis of sorts which will then bring about a real New World Order based on peace and brotherhood, harmony and cooperation.

In time, the world community will come to understand why the 9/11 cataclysm had to occur.  Not only was this truly apocalyptic event a fulfillment of prophecy — and it was — it also represents the unfoldment of a divinely ordained plan.  No matter who conceived and coordinated, executed and covered up the events of September 11th, ultimately their power was derived from the Highest Power.  Hence, those tragic events occurred only according to the will of a power much greater than the earthly powers that be.

When this perspective is imbibed by enough folks, there will be a sea change in collective understanding about how to proceed with the 9/11 crimes against humanity. Events will unfold that tend toward healing and reconciliation, and which reflect this new understanding.  Ultimately a new enlightened awareness will replace the lower consciousness of old.

Michael Thomas
September 9, 2014



[1] Of course, there are those characters who run Facebook pages and Twitter accounts who are paid government agents or corporate shills with a vested interest in making sure that 9/11 truth never sees the light of day. Then there are the simple folks who refuse to believe 9/11 truth because of a bad case of lifelong cognitive dissonance, or an unshakable faith in ‘trustworthy’ government, or a serial neglect of the facts, or an adulthood addiction to the mainstream media, or just plain ignorance and fuzzy thinking.
What is important to understand is that many inherently good people can behave as the COINTELPRO agents do, as they act unwittingly for the dark side.  They don’t even know what they’re doing so brainwashed are they regarding 9/11.  In other words they don’t even know what they don’t know, and then they act with such conviction that they appear to be really bad actors when they’re not.
The internet is replete with instances (read: DRAMAS) of accusations and counter-accusations because of the environment that has been quite carefully created for this dynamic to predominate in many circles.  Best not to go there, as they are a tremendous drain on precious time and energy.

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