9/11 VIDEO Evidence Proves Airplane Was Remotely Controlled Into Twin Tower



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9/11 PODs and Remote Control Plane Theory

Investigate and Expose 9/11

First off, all serious researchers aside from Morgan Reynolds (a former Bush economist) agree that planes actually hit the towers, however the planes that hit the towers had no windows and extra equipment attached (PODs) and are believed to be remote control drone aircraft. In fact, a similar plan was devised in 1962 by Robert McNamara called OPERATION NORTHWOODS which detailed flying an aircraft filled with FBI agents (allegedly college students on vacation) in flight the plane would switch transponder signals with a drone aircraft which would then be shot down over Cuba. The FBI agents on the plane would then land safely and resume new covert identities. There is evidence that a similar plot was hatched on 9/11:

Thomas Deatherage, Former Airline Captain B- 747-400 and B- 737-300: “After viewing many posted videos on “Youtube” I can tell you without hesitation that clearly aircraft # 2 B-767 – was radio controlled into the building Tower 2. The “pod” mounted on the bottom of the aircraft, is manufactured by “Martin Marietta” Corporation in Los Angeles. The pod has been used extensively by the USAF for outfitting drone aircraft for over 22 years, and you can clearly see it in (4) of the amateur videos- just before impact, with tower # 2. Also, I would like to find an insider A and P mechanic at both United and America to cross reference the A/C serial number of flight 77 and 93. I guarantee that they change the N issued tail number. However, one could trace and find this original A/C, from an insider employee, at these companies- leading to the smoking gun these aircraft were not destroyed.”

MARTIN MARIETTA LANTIRN NAVIGATION AND TARGETING SYSTEM: The system consists of two externally-mounted pods carried on some fighter aircraft. LANTIRN was first employed during the Persian Gulf War.

Development of LANTIRN began in 1980, and the first production pod was delivered in 1987. The AAQ-13 navigation pod contains a Forward Looking InfraRed sensor (FLIR) and a Terrain Following Radar (TFR). FLIR imagery provides the pilot a view of terrain ahead of the aircraft at night. The TFR allows “hands-off” flight as low as 100 feet above the ground while avoiding obstacles in the aircraft’s path. The AAQ-14 targeting pod has a FLIR and a laser designator/ranger to “illuminate” or mark the target for laser-guided bomb deliveries. The USAF ordered LANTIRN pods for F-15E and selected F-16C/D fighters.


Not only did AA 11 and UA 175 both fly over New Windsor, NY, but they both flew over the Stewart Air National Guard Base (aka Stewart Air Force Base, aka Stewart International Airport) at the same exact time, supposedly almost crashing into each other. This is an unlikely coincidence, since it would be far more likely that if the paths taken from Boston to New York crossed, that the planes would not cross paths at the same time. This occurred at approximately 8:36 am.


Dov Zakheim was president of Systems Planning Corporation which helped to design a emergency command system for taking over control of hijacked aircraft. It’s also interesting to note that 14 of the people on Flight 77 including the captain were potential whistleblowers for this type of Operation…


There are four catagories of identities listed on the manifests for all four of the flights presumed to have crashed on 9/11:

First are the ordinary citizens. These are the crew and passengers who were actually on board the flights at some point. They were killed and their bodies disposed.

Second are the potential whistleblowers. These are the identities of people who were involved in some aspect of the 9/11 attacks, and were subsequently considered to be potential whistleblowers. They may or may not have been on board the actual flights. They were killed, their bodies disposed, and their names added to the manifest (if they weren’t already) before being released to the public (and their personal histories changed to reflect them being on board, etc.).

Third are the new CIA recruits. These are people who were recently inducted into a highly secretive elite covert operations corp. They, too, may or may not have been on board the actual flights. However, they are not now physically dead; their identities are presumed to have perished on these flights. They subsequently assumed one of several new identities.

Fourth are the identities which did not belong to any physical person. These are the identities on the manifest which, if researched extensively, do not appear to have been real people. So please ask yourselves what’s really going on?

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