Whistleblower Who Warned About False Flag Attacks to Justify U.S. Invasion of Iran Found Dead, YouTube Channel Removed



Whistleblower Who Warned About False Flag Attacks to Justify U.S. Invasion of Iran Found Dead, YouTube Channel Removed

Since David Goldberg’s courageous warning,
there have been two sets of false flag attacks
in the Gulfs of Hormuz and Oman which have
been falsely blamed on Iran–He was RIGHT!

State of the Nation

Whistleblower David Goldberg, a resident of New York City, has reportedly died of unknown causes.

Yesterday, the governmentslaves.news site reported that the White House insider who was quoted — David Goldberg (59 years old) — has since been found dead in his New York apartment on June 8th. His death is being investigated and no cause of death has yet been disclosed.

Goldberg also said that a false flag attack would be used to escalate the situation, which appears to be what we’ve seen take place in the Gulf of Oman with the two attack of two oil tankers.
(Source: False Flags, Cooked Intelligence and the ‘War on Terror’ Con)

In April of 2019, Goldberg warned the world of a false flag attack planned by the U.S. Military and Intelligence Community working in concert with Israel’s Mossad.

What follows is the original Alt Media news report that explains the entire black operation.

HUGE BETRAYAL: Team Trump Planning Major War Using Tactical Nukes Against Iran for Fall 2019

Since Goldberg first issued his warning to the world community of nations, there have been two sets of obvious false flag attacks: one in the Gulf of Hormuz and a second one in the Gulf of Oman. See: Gulf of Oman False Flag Bombing Obvious Pretext for US Attack on Iran

Each of these attacks was immediately blamed on Iran without a shred of evidence or any type of meaningful investigation. Both the Trump administration and Israel falsely accused Iran of attacks that were in fact orchestrated by US-Israeli operatives and/or proxies. See: NSA Bolton Conspires With Israel to Trigger War with Iran Based on False Flags

Back Story

What’s the back story to these black ops being staged by the United States and Israel to justify an invasion of Iran? As follows:

The question no one is asking is: Who benefits from these attacks? How does this benefit Iran? It doesn’t. Let’s unpack who it does.

Mike Pompeo is moving ahead as though he knows Iran is guilty. Unfortunately, because of the lies of our government and the cooked Israeli intelligence that led to the disaster in Iraq, other countries including some U.S. allies are not so quick to accept this conclusion.

The Netherlands and Japan, the owners of the ships that were attacked, have both said that they don’t believe Iran was involved.

At the time of Goldberg’s death, he was said by friends to possess top-secret government documents. A friend of Goldberg said he felt the documents and the information he possessed could get him killed and he feared for his life!

The friend, who asked not to be identified, said that these documents referenced a meeting at the White House between Trump and two influential Jewish rabbis who told him they would deliver an election victory in 2020 if he played ball and helped them out with their agenda.

Goldberg intimated that these rabbis wielded considerable power and influence and, if word ever got out about the details outlined in the documents, it would not be good for Trump.

The friend said that copies of these documents were given to several trusted individuals for safekeeping in case something happened to him. They have retained an attorney on how best to proceed and said updates will follow.

Were these powerful rabbis part of the Orthodox Chabad group that Bibi Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson, and Jared Kushner are affiliated with, and what did these rabbis expect in return from Trump?

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem? Changing U.S. policy on Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights that was stolen from Syria during the Six Day War and annexed in 1981 over the objection of every country at the U.N.?
(Source: False Flags, Cooked Intelligence and the ‘War on Terror’ Con)

Neocon Zionist conspiracy

Taking direct orders from Tel Aviv, the Neocon Zionists throughout the Trump administration are working overtime to trigger an all-out attack on specific Iranian assets, especially those related to their nuclear energy program conducted for power generation and other peaceful purposes.

The Zio-Anglo-American Axis, and particularly their military and intelligence communities, are also mightily determined to fulfill the nefarious goals of their joint Greater Israel project. The capstone of this series of imperialistic and unprovoked wars of naked aggression is the overthrow of the government in Tehran via a full-blown coup d’état.

The only way such an unlawful invasion can be defended – in any way whatsoever – is after a series of false flag attacks in the surrounding region so that Iran can be convicted without any proof. See: As if on cue, President Trump falsely accuses Iran for an obvious false flag attack executed by the U.S. and Israel

Trump has even gone so far as to stealthily link the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 to Iran. That particular deception has never been attempted before in the 18 years since 9/11. These D.C. Neocons are so desperate to conquer Iran they will do or say or try anything to goad the American people into another ugly war for Israel.

Is Trump insinuating that Iran did 9/11?!

The bottom line here is that If Trump does not fire Bolton by Election Day, war with Iran is guaranteed if he’s re-elected!

The worst case scenario is that Trump will bomb Iran on the basis of a patently false pretext this year in the fall; or, as early as this summer.


No matter what happens, it gonna get ugly! The USA will experience a number of false flag bombings and shootings that are designed to further deceive and fear-monger the American people. These domestic attacks will used to empower Trump to lock down the nation in a way that his base may even approve of. Read COLLISION COURSE 2019: It’s gonna get ugly—REAL UGLY!

While that’s happening, more false flag operations will be carried out by the CIA and Mossad throughout the Middle East in order to methodically build an entirely bogus case against Iran. But why Iran? Because, Iran is the Last Bulwark Against Zio-Anglo-American Terrorist Groups in the Mideast.

These Neocon warmongers are quite single-minded to take down the Iranian government. And, they don’t even care who witnesses their transparently engineered false flags or who watches their unlawful military exploits.

For a much more in-depth treatment of this highly consequential scheme to advance the ever-catastrophic Greater Israel project, please consult the following exposé.

Insider Says Israel Poised to Stage False Flag Attack Against U.S. Targets to Start War with Iran

State of the Nation
June 20, 2019