False Flags, Cooked Intelligence and the ‘War on Terror’ Con



False Flags, Cooked Intelligence and the ‘War on Terror’ Con

“Here we go again! The U.S. is sending more troops to the Middle East for what will be a disastrous war with Iran”

— Congresswoman, Iraq War veteran, and Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard

“What we see are unending and sustained U.S. attempts to crank up political, psychological, economic, and yes, military pressure on Iran in quite a provocative way. These actions cannot be assessed as anything but a conscious course to provoke a war.”

— Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Sergei Ryabkov

by Patrick J. McShay

Iran released a statement today saying they will not extend the deadline on salvaging the nuclear deal. European countries will have until July 8th to save the Obama-era deal and take concrete steps to shield Iran from U.S. sanctions or they will continue their program to enrich uranium.

I wrote last month in “Trump Pushes Back On War With Iraq But For How Long” whereby a White House insider had reported in April that “President Donald Trump and his advisors are planning an invasion of Iran and plan to use tactical nuclear strikes. The plan calls for Iran to be wiped off the map, and will cost U.S. taxpayers trillions of dollars”.

He also said, “the mainstream media will promote the war and Trump will go right along with it”.

Yesterday, the governmentslaves.news site reported that the White House insider who was quoted — David Goldberg (59 years old) — has since been found dead in his New York apartment on June 8th. His death is being investigated and no cause of death has yet been disclosed.

Goldberg also said that a false flag attack would be used to escalate the situation which appears to be what we’ve seen take place in the Gulf of Oman with the two attack of two oil tankers.

The question no one is asking is: Who benefits from these attacks? How does this benefit Iran? It doesn’t. Let’s unpack who it does.

Mike Pompeo is moving ahead as though he knows Iran is guilty. Unfortunately, because of the lies of our government and the cooked Israeli intelligence that led to the disaster in Iraq, other countries including some U.S. allies are not so quick to accept this conclusion.

The Netherlands and Japan, the owners of the ships that were attacked, have both said that they don’t believe Iran was involved.

At the time of Goldberg’s death, he was said by friends to possess top-secret government documents. A friend of Goldberg said he felt the documents and the information he possessed could get him killed and he feared for his life!

The friend, who asked not to be identified, said that these documents referenced a meeting at the White House between Trump and two influential Jewish rabbis who told him they would deliver an election victory in 2020 if he played ball and helped them out with their agenda.

Goldberg intimated that these rabbis wielded considerable power and influence and, if word ever got out about the details outlined in the documents, it would not be good for Trump.

The friend said that copies of these documents were given to several trusted individuals for safekeeping in case something happened to him. They have retained an attorney on how best to proceed and said updates will follow.

Were these powerful rabbis part of the Orthodox Chabad group that Bibi Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson, and Jared Kushner are affiliated with, and what did these rabbis expect in return from Trump?

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem? Changing U.S. policy on Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights that was stolen from Syria during the Six Day War and annexed in 1981 over the objection of every country at the U.N.?

How about pulling out of the treaty with Iran, despite the objection of U.S. allies who pointed out that Iran was in compliance with the agreement, and that nothing good could come from a U.S. pullout?

Was an invasion of Iran on the rabbis wish list? We know that Bibi Netanyahu has longed for war with Iran, lied repeatedly about Iran’s nuclear capabilities for over 20 years, and has pushed the U.S. for decades to get Iran out of the way in order to exercise full spectrum dominance over the region. Don’t forget: Iran was in Bush Junior’s “Axis of Evil.”

The Bush Administration desperately wanted war with Iran for Israel in 2006, however, the “Iraq Study Group” stopped that effort cold.

Later, in another attempt, Vice President Dick Cheney plotted with Israel to bomb Iran from a base in Georgia but Russia got involved and thwarted that attempt.

It was 12 years ago that John “Traitor” McCain sang “Bomb, Bomb Iran” at a campaign stop during his ill-fated presidential run.

McCain, an Israeli puppet throughout his entire career, was also behind arming terrorist groups in Syria including ISIS and Al Qaeda in the US/Israel proxy war to take down the Assad government, an Iranian ally.

Regime change in Iran, as well as in Syria, are essential for Israel to continue to expand their borders according to the “Greater Israel Project” which the U.S. military is apparently completely on board with!

Pompeo and Bolton claim they want diplomacy and not a war while they step up the aggressive rhetoric and military moves, including sending 1000 more troops to the Middle East this week. “All options are on the table”, reiterated Pompeo.

New sanctions continue to not only harm Iran but also their long-term trading partners. Most of them are allies of the U.S. and are no doubt having trouble keeping up with the growing list of countries they are not allowed to trade with or who are subject to U.S. sanctions that will affect them.

Iran’s President Rouhani said this week that his country would not wage war on the United States or any other country and Russia asked the U.S. to not make matters worse by sending more troops to the region. No such luck.

China has urged the U.S. not to open Pandora’s box in Iran. China, who along with Russia, will likely ally themselves with Iran in any upcoming conflict, which the U.S. does not have the funds, manufacturing, weaponry, or troop strength to guarantee a successful outcome.

With sanctions in place to devastate the Iranian economy and and the mainstream media going out of their way to demonize the Iranian leadership, all that was needed to light the fuse was a false flag attack to be blamed on Iran.

This feels eerily like the run-up to the Iraq war when George Bush “The Dumber” told us that war was the last resort, only to learn years later with the release of Britain’s Chilcot report which was largely hidden from the public, that Bush and Blair had decided to invade Iraq a year before telling the public.

What I expect by year’s end is a U.S. escalation with Iran preceded by a more convincing false flag that includes dead Americans; that always works!

The Washington Post spoke to a Trump senior administration official who spoke on a condition of anonymity, and said “if an American dies, it changes everything!” What could go wrong?

*Israel is no doubt furious this false flag attack didn’t work.

Bibi Netanyahu’s wife just pled guilty in her corruption case and got a slap on the wrist, and Bibi just might need a war to stay in office. He’s lost favor in his own party and may well be indicted himself on corruption and bribery charges after Israel’s election in September.

Incredibly, some in Israel believe the war criminal Netanyahu is too soft on the Palestinians.

Trump doesn’t need a Secretary of Defense, he’s got “Rapture Mike” Pompeo and “Neo-Con John” Bolton running around stirring things up, both no doubt auditioning to be Trump’s new “War Czar”.

Here’s Pompeo in a statement no doubt prepared by Bibi:

“We don’t want Iran to get a nuclear weapon. We withdrew from the JCPOA (Iran treaty) and are moving toward a set of policies which will convince Iran to behave like a normal country.”

Sounds a bit like a programmed Israeli droid doesn’t he?

Normal country? What a hypocrite! Surely “Rapture Mike” knows about Israel’s illegal nuclear program, about which they have refused to cooperate with or disclose anything about with the international bodies on disclosure and treaties.

The nuclear plant at Dimona was built with the help of traitors in our Congress and the U.S. Military according to whistleblowers like Mordechai Vanunu. To this day, the Israelis refuse to acknowledge anything about the program.

Pompeo also knows that Israel is one of the biggest arms dealers on the planet and routinely sells arms to despots around the world including Iran’s enemies.

Israel continues to regularly attack neighboring countries as well as others in the region including Syria, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon, and their Palestinian prisoners.

The Daily Beast is reporting that Tucker Carlson has held a number of private conversations with Trump, criticizing war hawk advisors Mike Pompeo and John Bolton for escalating tension with Iran.

The truth is, Iran should be of no concern to the U.S. because they pose zero threat to Americans.

Make no mistake: We are now poised to embark on another unnecessary war for Israel because of our special relationship.

I don’t know about you but nothing about this relationship feels special?

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