Why is Jill Stein really pursuing the tristate recount? For whom?




Why is Jill Stein really pursuing the tristate recount? For whom?

Jill Stein: Just Another Ultra-Liberal Hypocrite Without Concience

The Chicago Connection

Stein’s Cynical Recount and Fund-Raising Initiative Hits New Low

State of the Nation

What can possibly be said about a Green Party presidential candidate who presents herself as the ‘picture-perfect’ candidate (to the center-left) and then demands a recount that can literally start a civil war?

Truly, there is something VERY wrong with Jill Stein and the Green Party.  It looks like they are quite aptly named as it is the “green” that seems to highly motivate them.

Stein’s recount initiative and fund-raising efforts to support it are at once highly suspect, inconceivably cynical, and downright dangerous.

You know, throughout the entire campaign season it was easy to get the sense that Stein was so peeved under the veneer of “Mrs. Forever Appropriate” because she was not getting the attention that she felt that she deserved.

Not only was another woman candidate getting gads of attention for every sneeze and faint, The Donald was amassing more free MSM advertising than any other candidate in U.S. election history.

What’s the point?

Now she’s finally getting her intensely desired attention.  And she cares not a whit regarding how she goes about getting it.

That’s not to say that there are not some very serious political forces and financial heavyweights who have essentially bribed her to pursue the recount.  Look at the vacation home that Bernie Sanders went out and bought right after he threw his support to Hillary.

Bernie Sanders plopped down nearly $600,000 on a lakefront camp on Lake Champlain?

The Left really does have NO conscience.  There are no principles or ethics for those in leadership. They have no values and no integrity when it comes to their voice.  Both individually and collectively, they lack a moral compass.  These folks truly are word merchants of the highest order … as Jill Stein has now proven herself to be.

Jill Stein’s Own Explanation Is Extremely Suspicious

What possible justification could Stein hang her hat on to order recounts in only the 3 states that Trump won which essentially delivered him a victory?

Here’s her own presentation on the matter with no filter.

Jill Stein raises millions for recount

Now here’s an incisive commentary that totally deconstructs her utter deception.

Jill Stein Suspiciously Wants Recount Only In States Won By Trump

If Stein was truly so concerned about getting to an accurate vote count of legal and legitimate voters, wouldn’t she also look at the other 47 states where voting irregularities were rife.

Wouldn’t she want to eliminate:
all the dead voters,
all the illegal alien voters,
all the unregistered voters,
all the double, triple and quadruple voters,
all the stuffed ballot boxes with nonexistent voters.

Then there are the many instances where a vote for Trump was flipped to a vote for Clinton.

This incomplete list of actual examples of vote fraud and election theft was always working to the advantage of Candidate Clinton on November 8th.  Why isn’t Stein concerned about these myriad cases of vote fraud?

The financial angle with Stein is quite HUGE!

There is perhaps no better advice for a super sleuth trying to figure out Stein’s game that to “Follow the money!”

Here’s a presidential candidate who only raised $3,509,477 in campaign contributions during the entire 2016 election cycle.  Then, she goes out and raises well over $5,400,000 in but a few days and won’t even guarantee that the donations will fund the recount.

Jill Stein Can’t ‘Guarantee’ Money Will Go to Recount, Changes $$$ Goal

Clearly Stein’s primary motivation for such a precarious political move was economic. Such a supposedly ‘caring’ candidate (read her platform) has now lowered herself to practically triggering a civil war during Thanksgiving in order to really do what?  To make sure that every legitimate vote is accurately counted “because of how subtle it can be to hack the vote”.  You can listen to her state her ridiculously weak case in the following video

VIDEO: The Mysterious Case Of Jill Stein’s Surging Recount Costs

This comes from the campaign season’s self-professed high road candidate, mind you. Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up.

Just like you could never wrap your brain around Bernie Sanders throwing his support to a hardened criminal like Hillary Clinton.  After he disavowed her every platform pillar and disowned her criminal campaign tactics, he still backed her with great enthusiasm.  After it was proven that she outright stole the primary from him, he still prematurely surrendered the nomination. Even his own supporters finally figured out that he was set up to deliver the youth vote, the socialist vote, the communist vote and the ultra-liberal vote to Clinton’s doorstep.  Nevertheless, it was clear that—>

No, Bernie, your supporters will NOT support Hillary—EVER!

A Case Against the Deceptive and Highly Untrustworthy Left

It really does appear that this recent scam by Jill Stein is just the latest in a series of profound betrayals and naked deceptions perpetrated by the leaders of the Left against their naive constituencies.  The whole bunch — the Clintons, Sanders, Stein, Tim Kaine, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Podesta, et al. — have proven themselves to be extraordinary frauds and thieves.

What’s more exceptional about the 2016 campaign season is that these career criminal politicians really don’t seem to care about how they are perceived … by anyone, ever.  Stein is a perfect example of completely wrecking her carefully sculpted image in a day and a night, and in a way that has totally transformed her into a political pariah.

Whereas Barack Hussein Obama set the bar of absolute lawlessness so low over 8 disastrous years, his many loyal minions have now gone way above and beyond to ensure that his dubious legacy would be forever cemented with such unparalleled anarchy and serial law-breaking.

Quite unfortunately for the American Republic, the country has truly morphed into an Obamanation.  And it was the Democratic side of the counterfeit coin that sealed its fate. And, yes, through their gross negligence and reckless inaction, the Republican side is also to blame for this unending Obama train wreck.

The Chicago Connection

There’s a back story to Stein’s recount scam that finds its roots in the lawless and corrupt city of Chicago.

It’s true that Obama, Clinton and Stein all hail from Chicago, Illinois.

Why should such a factoid be so significant?

Because Chicago is home to the Neocon/Neoliberal Mafia that controls both sides of the political counterfeit coin.  Chicago is also the operational home for so many intrigues and machinations that occur in American politics.

Above all, Chicago is the location of virtually every anti-Russian think tank in the USA. The more virulent their hatred of all things Russia, the greater the likelihood the ‘brain trust’ is domiciled in Chicago.

For instance, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs hosts some of the most vituperative Russophobes on the planet on a regular basis.  As follows:

Explosive presentation hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Not only is Stein originally from Chicago, she fits the profile of so many other leftist politicos who are utilized to corral the liberals into a pen of compliance like Obama was used.  Not only did the Nobel Peace Prize winner unnecessarily restart the Cold War, he almost triggered the hot phase of World War III against Russia in Syria.

The critical point here is that George Soros truly hates Russia.  He also controls the Chicago political machine from afar, which is how Obama was installed in the Oval Office.

Special Note:
SOTN full acknowledges that the Stein recount has also been foisted on the nation to eliminate the electoral college.  It is the electoral college that prevents a small but very powerful minority from prevailing in every election.  For example, the Democrats have recruited millions of illegal aliens, dead voters, unregistered voters, etc. to swell their voting ranks.  This trend will continue until the Democrats will eventually never lose an election.  The Founding Fathers established the college to preclude the blue states and ultra-liberal metro areas from dominating political life in the USA.  It is the only safeguard to prevent the American Republic from being transformed into a socialist haven or communist hell. (See the 2016 vote map below with all the blue sanctuary cities in yellow.)


Everything points to George Soros and his close association with Clinton campaign attorney.  Lawyer Marc Elias is currently commandeering the Democratic recount initiatives for the campaign around the country including North Carolina.  He has worked closely with Soros in other endeavors concerning his notorious NGOs that sows seeds of chaos wherever they operate.

Flashback: George Soros Financed Hillary Clinton’s Recount Lawyer Marc Elias

Soros, Clinton, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Podesta et al. are all very concerned about preserving their ‘gains’ made during the 8 catastrophic years of the lawless Obama. They are especially determined to maintain the very worst of the Obamanation however they can.  The Left simply does not want to see their Sodom and Gomorrah dismantled by the incoming Trump Administration.

Toward that end the DNC was even able to compromised Jill Stein, a candidate who appeared to be immune to corruption.  Because Hillary had already conceded the election and promised not to contest the result for a guarantee not to be prosecuted, the DEMs tried to go through the back door with Stein leading the way.  The Democrats also used Stein to promote their propaganda narrative that the Russian hacked the vote.

Clinton campaign will participate in Wisconsin recount, with an eye on ‘outside interference,’ lawyer says

Jill Stein was obviously used to initiate a groundless recount in the 3 major states that could lead to a reversal of the election result. In none of these three states — Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — could she identify any evidence whatsoever of voting fraud or election theft. Even the Democrats have now betrayed Stein in light of how futile and cynical her transparent efforts have been to raise money for herself.

Furious Democrats Blast Stein’s Recount Effort As Nothing But A “Scam”

Here is our final conclusion — in the words of a once avid Jill Stein supporter.

Jill Stein Advocate Slams Recount Decision: “Shameful Support For War Goddess Hillary”

And, “YES!”, Stein is also doing it for the money—LOTs of money that she never made during the campaign.

State of the Nation
November 27, 2016

Author’s Note

There is another narrative developing which is extremely disconcerting if it is true, and it may be.  That concerns Stein’s direct collusion with Clinton — via Soros bribery and blackmail — to sabotage the electoral voting process so as to postpone the official declaration of the election winner.  This is really why Stein is hellbent on demanding a hand count.  As follows:

Jill Stein’s Vote Recount Is Not A Vote Recount, It’s Something Much Worse

Editor’s Note

Surely it was no mere coincidence that Stein declared her recount intentions during Thanksgiving week.  What a way to wreck the holiday!  And also a way to move the citizenry closer to civil war.  Not only did her extremely bad move rekindle all the animosities that were purposefully stoked during the election season, she breathed new hope into the Democrat’s original plan to steal the election from Donald Trump.  My, what a nice way to spend Thanksgiving—so much gratitude to you, Jill, for reminding us just how deceitful the left wing can be.  It’s no wonder they are called the “Left” and not the “Right”… and that their mascot is a donkey.


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