Rudy Giuliani Cannot Be Considered For Secretary Of State




Rudy Giuliani Cannot Be Considered For Secretary Of State

9/11 Will Forever Haunt The Former New York City Mayor

State of the Nation

There is no other American who is so closely associated with the tragic events of 9/11 like former mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Not only was he everywhere during that momentous week consoling the city, and the nation, he was also an integral part of New York City’s meticulous planning for such terror attacks.

Giuliani has also greatly benefited from this unique experience as well as his connections post 9/11 in a way that is unequalled.  His various foreign consulting contracts and U.S.-based employment gigs are all directly related to his performance during and after the 9/11 false flag attacks.

Rudy Giuliani Has A HUGE 9/11 Problem

However, there is something very wrong with this picture.

As a matter of fact, Rudy has so benefitted from the 9/11 tragedy that some refer to him as Ghouliani.  It’s almost as though he was set up from the very beginning to obtain some sort of unconscionable enrichment from those terrible events.   The deeper one looks at what happened and what was supposed to happen, Giuliani’s name is written all over the various failings and obvious mistakes.  BIG Time!

That Giuliani was front and center throughout the entire terrorist operation was no accident or quirk of fate. He was there because he was put there by those who were really behind the false flag black operation.  He did not move forward with his part of the plot unwittingly, since he must have embraced every aspect of the 9/11 conspiracy applicable to his function…and to the degree that he was kept informed, of course.

Some have even called him a suspect

As far as the transparent 9/11 cover-up is concerned, there is no question that Giuliani played an integral role.  Without the Mayor of NYC, the cover-up may very well have fallen apart.  The simple point of fact is that the city government was so involved with so many aspects of the post 9/11 cleanup and general response that his participation was absolutely necessary.  Therefore, it can be stated with absolute certainty that Mayor Rudy Giuliani was a pivotal part of the 9/11 cover-up.

9/11 Suspects: Rudy Giuliani

When virtually every firefighter and policeman in the Big Apple is now fully aware that 9/11 was an inside job, how could a tough-ass former prosecutor and U.S. Attorney not know the real back story?  The critical point is that Rudy knows in his bones that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 could only have been perpetrated under the direction of rogue elements within the U.S. Federal Government.

Clearly there were numerous officials at the highest echelons of the US government who had to have had foreknowledge of this nefarious conspiracy to shock and awe the American consciousness.  The following list of “official” suspects shows just how broad and deep the criminal conspiracy was, as well as how high up it went.

Suspected 9-11 Criminal Co-conspirators

Perhaps the most ignored 9/11 suspect on this list is the former NYC mayor who quite capably held America’s hand during those US government-sponsored false flag terrorist attacks.  Rudy Giuliani is rarely mentioned among the long list of proven suspects because he was so present during the aftermath.  Hence, it is quite difficult for many to wrap their minds around the possibility that he not only had foreknowledge of 9/11, Giuliani also played an important role in the planning and prep, as well as the execution and cover-up of the 9/11 black operation.

Is this why he did his job so well?

The $64,000 question, then, is how did Rudy perform in such an exemplary manner under so much duress?  Any other mayor would have been shell-shocked by the enormity and profundity of such a cataclysmic event.  Not so with Rudy: he just sailed through it with all the grace and competence of an invincible Ninja.

Now, if he did in fact have advance notice of the whole 9/11 script he would be much more able to respond just as he did.  Except that it appears that he made a few blatant errors.  As follows:

  1. Rudy Giuliani pre-announced the hit on the Pentagon by a few minutes. How did he know it would happen? One possibility is he had a schedule of the planned events and the politician in him made him leap the gun and announce the hit when it was scheduled rather than waiting until after he had heard notification that it had happened. The plan was running a little late.
  2. Rudy Giuliani announced a hit on the Sears tower. This part of the conspiracy was foiled, but apparently nobody told him. He announced it, as it was planned.
  3. Shortly before the first tower fell, Rudy Giuliani screamed at people to get out because it was about to collapse. How did he know that? No office tower had ever fallen in the history of man from a fire or a plane hit.
  4. Rudy Giuliani gave a series of extremely polished speeches on 9/11. How did he find time to rehearse? You’d almost think he had spent the previous month getting ready for his big day in the limelight.
    (Source: Why is Trump Even Considering Rudy Giuliani for Secretary of State in View of 9/11 Truth?)

Personal Enrichment

After Hillary Clinton’s term at State, the last thing a Trump Administration needs is another Secretary of State (SOS) who has an historical pattern of personal enrichment, especially from unprovoked wars of aggression, state-sponsored terrorism and other purely manmade disasters.  America’s military interventions around the world are always coordinated by the C.I.A., the State Department and the U.S Armed Forces, so Giuliani would be in the position to gain tremendously given his adopted private-sector profession concerning both national security and defense.

There are those VIPs who have already questioned Rudy’s trading off his 9/11 reputation.  This professional conduct may be marginally acceptable for a private citizen and businessman, but it goes against the Trump mantra of shutting down the revolving door between government and corporate. However, in the case of Giuliani, it smacks of outright profiteering at the great expense of the American people, particularly if he was a co-conspirator.

If indeed Giuliani was prominently configured in the government-coordinated 9/11 blackop, then this inconvenient truth will come back to haunt him in the worst way.  There is no stopping 9/11 truth from breaking out into the open over the next 4 years, so anyone who had anything to do with the attacks or the cover-up better hide for cover.  That includes Donald Trump if he fails to form a commission to determine and disseminate 9/11 truth.

Rudy’s Campaign Behavior

There are those talking heads who have remarked about Giuliani’s zealous campaign behavior.  For a guy his age — post cancer — one would think he received a second lease on life.  However, it has been suggested that because of his direct involvement with 9/11, that he is merely a plant to ensure that 9/11 truth never does come out.  Or, if it begins to seep out, that he will be in the position to function as a well-placed gatekeeper.

The crucial observation here is that Rudy appears to be fighting for his life by taking full advantage of his long relationship with Trump.  Their friendship may be strong enough, so it seems, that Trump might even defer to him in all matters concerning 9/11 because he was at the helm that day and long afterward.

Nevertheless, some of Rudy’s actions during the campaign were extraordinary by any standard which proved his loyalty to Trump.  Both Giuliani and Newt Gingrich distinguished themselves by their stepping up to the plate when no one else would during dire moments of the exceedingly ugly campaign.  The question then remains: Why?

Why is Rudy Giuliani lobbying so hard for the Secretary of State?


The bottom line here is that Rudy Giuliani represents the worst possible choice for SOS. As the many links in this post indicate, he has way too much baggage from the 9/11 false flag event.  He has also engaged in way too much post 9/11 profiteering.  Giuliani’s extensive government/business profile reflects everything that Trump campaigned against.

Because of these and other liabilities, it would be wise for the President-elect to recruit a candidate who is as clean as a whistle, and is neither a RINO nor a DINO.  Given the increasing complexities of the global geopolitical chessboard, they ought to have serious credentials within the international community and be genuinely respected.  Above all, they must be a consummate diplomat, not a warhawk.

Donald Trump must have his feet held to the fire where it concerns this sensitive and key SOS appointment.  The nation’s top diplomat must be a peacemaker first, second and third. Warmongering will have no place in his cabinet, so Trump promised.  This is precisely why the chosen individual ought to be sincerely respected by Putin’s Russia. Without such an implicit blessing, the East-West schism will not be healed during Trump’s historic term in office.

State of the Nation
November 26, 2016

Special Note:

Let’s get very real: everyone knows that 9/11 was an inside job.  That reality necessitated that the decision-makers had to have certain official positions totally controlled both during and after the event.  There ought to be no doubt that the mayor of NYC was a selected co-conspirator without whom the entire operation simply could not have been executed.  As always, however, it was the cover-up that was exceedingly important to the continued success of this black operation.  In this regard, even the evidence was expeditiously shipped off to China under the direction of Mayor Giuliani.