NYC Watches WTC Building #7 Controlled Demolition Again This 9/11/14



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NYC Watches WTC Building #7 Controlled Demolition Again This 9/11/14

45-Foot Building 7 Video-Billboard Installed In Times Square By 9/11 TRUTH Movement

Michael Thomas

Times Square in New York City will be the site of the largest 9/11 video presentation since 2001. It is now hosting a 45-foot Building #7 video-billboard created by the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth until October 15th.

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The billboard has been installed at the corner of 42nd Street and 8th Avenue in Times Square, Manhattan. This 9/11 TRUTH video-billboard has been quite strategically located within very close proximity to the New York Times Building.  In fact many Times employees will be able to view a the video as they walk by it on their way to and from work.

What is particularly significant is that the NYT has persisted in ignoring the facts surrounding the 9/11 event. The Grey Lady and national newspaper of record, as it is universally known, has all but refused to cover with any credibility the greatest terrorist attack in US history; one that occurred in its own backyard?!

The video shown below will repeat the following statements and the 15-second spot will air every two minutes for four straight weeks.

“5:20 PM on 9/11, WTC7 came down in a classic controlled demolition. The government says fire brought it down, but anyone who watches the video can see otherwise”

9/11 Truth Goes Prime Time

“An estimated 105,000 people a day will see the video. The same group ran a similar ad earlier this year in Toronto’s subway system.

Some 2,250 architects and engineers have now signed a petition (here) that calls for a new investigation into the destruction of all three World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001.


Oddly, the building’s collapse was never mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Polls have shown that a third of New Yorkers and half of all Americans are still unaware that WTC building 7, aka the Salomon Brothers Building, was even destroyed on 9/11.[1]

Building #7 Controlled Demolition: The Real Achilles Heal of the 9/11 Commission Report

It is only the American public that seems to be unaware of the seriousness of the planned and purposeful takedown of World Trade Center Building #7. That’s all about to change as the worldwide 9/11 TRUTH Movement gears up the greatest 9/11 truth campaign since the false flag operation was executed on September 11, 2001.

There was one other quite extraordinary occurrence on that fateful day which occurred on a BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) broadcast.  The news announcer actually reported the collapse of Building #7 BEFORE it actually occurred in New York City.  As follows:

“Of those who are aware of its destruction, many are still wondering how BBC News correspondent Jane Standley was magically able to report live on the WTC7ss collapse a full 15 minutes before it actually happened in real life while the building was clearly still standing behind her, as seen below.”[1]

Here’s an incontestable video documenting what is perhaps the most ‘mysterious’ (read incriminating) journalistic event of the new millennium.

It seems that there is now a HUGE problem for the real perpetrators of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on NYC and DC. Let’s see how they attempt to wiggle out of this one — when there is absolutely no wiggle room … and no where for them to go.

Michael Thomas
September 11, 2014


[1]  Activist Post: Giant Video Billboard of WTC7’s Destruction Placed in Times Square for 9/11 Anniversary by Melissa Melton


45 Foot Building 7 Video-Billboard To Be Installed In Times Square For 9/11 Truth

How was Building 7 implosion a perfectly controlled demolition on 9/11?

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