With cold calculation
the Left is assassinating
patriots and nationalists,
conservatives and Christians,
libertarians and Tea Partiers,
Trumpers and MAGA supporters
in Sanctuary Cities,
in Autonomous Zones,
Democrat-controlled riot areas,
and throughout lawless blue states.

State of the Nation

“There have been many hits on the Right since Trump took office.  Most of those highly planned executions were carried out without anyone taking notice.  Car crashes, drug overdoses, stray bullets in drug dens, spillover of gang violence, airplane malfunctions, crimes of passion, self-defense shootings; you name it, the fake explanation quickly becomes the official cause of death.  Now we’re in a different phase of the ongoing color revolution against the American Republic.  Not only are famous and/or influential Patriots being purposefully assassinated in broad daylight, the AntiFa assassins want everyone to know.  This is called: in-your-face intimidation.  The Left wants the Right to be very afraid about showing up in any place that has been taken over by what are really bolsheviks and communists, anarchists and insurrectionists.  That gives these treasonous criminals the freedom to set up autonomous zones, BLM riot areas, protest sites and any other type of tyranny.  Slowly but surely BLM, AntiFa and SUNRISE are stealthily overthrowing law and order wherever they can get away with it.  Their goal is to destabilize all 50 states by effectively conquering all the major cities before they fan out into the suburbs and then invade the rural areas.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

Think Syria…in 2013.

Out of nowhere, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is strategically set up in the Northern Levant.

Known as ISIS, the Islamic State is established wherever the clandestine Zio-Anglo-American terrorist organization can conquer defenseless communities in both Syria and Iraq.

The whole of Syria was subjected to waves of unprecedented terrorism, city-wide riots, toppling of statues, destruction of ancient ruins and looting of cultural artifacts beginning in 2012.

The unfortunate Syrian townspeople and villagers were victimized by mass murders and gruesome killings, widespread rape and sexual assault, human slavery and cruel bondage.

The Syrian War back story is actually much more complicated.  The following excerpt from a previous SOTN exposé captures several of the salient points, especially where it relates to the ongoing color revolution in America today.

Author’s Note: The Syrian War provides an excellent illustration of various takeover tactics being used by the purple revolutionaries today throughout the USA.  ISIS, Al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda were set up, funded and armed by the NWO globalists all over Syria in advance of the totally manipulated civil war.  Similarly, Black Lives Matter, AntiFa and SUNRISE Movement were all established by the same globalist organizations and international banksters.  Just as the ISIS terrorist organization destroyed Syrian heritage sites and cultural artifacts, inaugurated ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and terrorized vast swaths of the Northern Levant, BLM and AntiFa are being used to knock down statues of America’s Founding Fathers and heroes, destroy American cities controlled by Democrat leadership and foist totalitarian autonomous zones in ultra-liberal cities such as Seattle and Portland.  Much more significantly, just as the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey transported thousands of ISIS terrorists and Al-Nusra mercenaries into Syria to fight that fake civil war, the NWO globalists are secretly moving illegal aliens and economic immigrants (many of them terrorists) across the US-Mexican border and into American sanctuary cities to act as rioters and worse.  Therefore, please disseminate this post to get the word out so patriots can at least take pre-emptive measures or move their families out of harm’s way.
(Source: “IT’S A FULL-BLOWN COMMUNIST PLOT” — Whistleblower Reveals the Plan)

Now, fast forward to 2020 and the United States of America.

Black Lives Matter is ISIS.

AntiFa is Al-Nusra.

SUNRISE Movement is Al-Qaeda.

Not only are there numerous Black Lives Matter terrorist cells in every major city in the USA, AntiFa is similarly situated in the same urban jungles.  The SUNRISE Movement is likewise lurking in the shadows throughout the Democrat-run cites and blue states.

Every time BLACK LIVES MATTER is painted in massive yellow print on main streets across the country, BLM is saying that they own the neighborhood, just like ISIS did when they took over city after city in Syria.

Truly, BLM is to America what ISIS was to Syria.

There was no Syrian Civil War; it was a color revolution staged by the New World Order globalists who wanted Syria balkanized for various geopolitical reasons.  The Western-backed ISIS terrorist organization was strategically used to mobilize terror groups and terrorist cells in vulnerable locales throughout the Levant.

Similarly, BLM terrorist groups are being galvanized in targeted cities, primarily in sanctuary states and cities where they can be protected by police departments that are completely controlled by Democrat-dominated mayors and city councils.  Because the Soros-influenced district attorneys and state attorneys are also in the bag in the same blue jurisdictions, the BLM, AntiFa and SUNRISE criminals are essentially immune to prosecution.

There’s an extremely well-hidden conspiracy with the explicit goal
of destroying law and order in America
—Who and Why?

Even Left-leaning county commissions and county sheriff departments are providing way too much cover for the BLM~AntiFa~Sunrise crime waves rolling across the 50 states.  Toward that same end, defunding the police was a quite deliberate Democrat strategy by which law enforcement nationwide is being systematically emasculated in favor of street gangs and international crime gangs like MS-13 ruling the ‘hood.

Democrat VIPs lay the groundwork for a full-blown race war

Given this prevailing political climate in several major cities such as New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, Portland, etc. there is now an awfully conducive environment for Patriots to be murdered on those urban battlefields, often surreptitiously under cover of rioting, protesting, looting, burning, etc.

When a POTUS candidate like Joe Biden says nothing to condemn the wanton violence and destruction being perpetrated by these 3 Left terror organizations—BLM, AntiFa and SUNRISE—the American people are in grave danger.

Moreover, when a VPOTUS candidate makes direct threats to the U.S. citizenry that the violence will not stop, even after Election Day and Inauguration Day, the populace has been put into serious jeopardy.  After all, win or lose, this was the very reason that  flamethrower Kamala Harris was put on the Democrat ticket. See: KAMALA HARRIS: The Single Most Dangerous Manchurian Candidate in U.S. History

Undoubtedly, Harris was selected for her traitorous role because of her extraordinary mendacity, vitriolic demagoguery and willingness to do whatever is necessary to hold power.  As a rabid feminazi and LGBTQ mafia don, Harris has also shown herself to be the tip of the cultural marxist spear.

However, it is her false alignment with the BLM racism agenda that really makes her dangerous to the extreme.  Just as Obama was used to start the cold phase of Civil War 2.0, Harris is being cynically used to trigger the hot phase.

Kamala Harris Exposes Herself as a HUGE Player in the Current Communist Plot
of Rioting-Looting-Arson-Violence-Terrorism Destroying American Cities

Banana Republic began with Obama

This nation-destroying strategy, which actually began with the unconstitutional installation of Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama into the White House, is coming to fruition today.

Obama’s main mission was to transform the United States into a full-blown Banana Republic ……. with uncounted Democrat petty dictators running their tyrannies wherever they can get away with it.

Not only were Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton unabashedly responsible for the Syrian War catastrophe, they’re also leading this unfolding Civil War II from behind.  And, there are countless Deep State operatives who are colluding with them in carrying out this inexorable color revolution inside the Beltway.

The electorate has witnessed one ill-fated coup attempt after another, and one subversion of presidential power after another since Inauguration Day.  Now, the coup plotters have purposefully ratcheted up the violence in preparation for a violent coup d’état.  Toward that end, they are now killing Patriots just like ISIS beheaded the defiant men in Christian communities all over the Levant as they closed in on Damascus (but were eventually repelled).

There are currently many murders being committed against the Right that most folks are completely unaware of.  These covert assassinations, which being are cunningly carried out by highly trained mercenaries and military contractors (who are really closet communists), are deliberate takedowns of key individuals in the Patriot Movement.  For example: Men’s rights activist attorney shot and killed outside home in San Bernardino County

They’re killing patriots!

For anyone who doubts the central thesis of this article, please view every single minute of the following video exposé.

ANTIFA/BLM ASSASSINATION TEAM EXPOSED: Cameraman Murder Accomplice Captures Each Stage of the Execution Plan that Killed
Prayer Patriot Aaron “Jay” Danielson (Video)

The evidence presented in the preceding video ought to leave no doubt whatsoever that “They’re killing patriots!”

The communist leaders of this Deep State-coordinated, Democrat-run color revolution know full well that violent intimidation in a country like the United States can be extremely effective.  This nation has not experienced this type of widespread unrest and violence since the Civil War, so most people don’t know what to do with it.  Many will surely shrink in horror and disgust.  The majority, however, will retract in extreme fear and consternation.

Where it concerns the killing of Aaron Danielson, here’s what the perps did: one man’s highly calculated assassination was purposefully and painstakingly filmed only to be uploaded on the Internet for the entire Right to view.  It wasn’t just any conservative, by the way, it was a well-liked Christian Patriot who never hurt or threatened anyone.  In this way, the Left is sending a message to the Patriot Movement: From 2020 onward, they own and operate the sanctuary cities and states so don’t even try to enter their territory.  And, anyone who does attempt to launch a counter-protest will do so on pain of death or serious injury.

The decision-makers at the very top of the communist food chain are hardcore murderers, genocidal maniacs and cold-blooded killers.  They have been running cataclysmic color revolution around the globe since before World War I.  Millions have been massacred; millions more have been injured and made homeless, so the communist perps really couldn’t care less about a few slaughtered American Patriots.  It’s what the New World Order globalists do in the interest of foisting a One World Government on the entire planetary civilization.

Race War

The International Banking Cartel and Crime Syndicate has been instigating wars for centuries.  They know the wedge issues that, when driven deeply into the heart of the body politic, have the potential to start civil wars and revolutions, insurrections and coup d’états.  They’re also well aware of how combustible racial tensions can be when they are deliberately inflamed.  In this manner, the perfidious Democrats and Deep State are working in tandem with the ever-propagandizing and prevaricating mainstream media to foster a hate-filled environment of vengeance and retribution for any and all injuries born out of racism, both real and perceived.

No one can avoid looking at the history of slavery in America, as well as the structured racism against blacks that has existed long after the Emancipation Proclamation.  Given all of the many complex and harsh racial realities, there is a prevailing atmosphere of enmity and revenge that many blacks have grown up within.  How easy is it, then, for the true instigators of these wholly engineered race riots to throw even more fuel on this raging racism fire?

Racial tensions are even being incited by the U.S. Federal Government.  The highly provocative and deceptive “Critical Race Theory” has been promoted by the US government for many years and is responsible for creating a whole generation of brainwashed civil service workers and their families and friends.

Critical Race Theory is the Greatest Threat to Western Civilization (Video)

The Critical Race Theory has been so aggressively foisted on various organs of the federal government that some knowledgeable employees have been pushing back lately.  For example, there was this recent endeavor by a brave  employee: Sandia Labs Electrical Engineer Sets Record Straight About Critical Race Theory (Video).

What is of paramount importance to understand is that there has been a highly organized conspiratorial plot being carried out over several decades, the purpose of which has been to manufacture an all-out race war in America as a prelude to triggering Civil war 2.0. This treasonous conspiracy to collapse the American Republic effectively began with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, so it’s obvious the Central Banking Cartel is funding it.

Likewise, the International Banking Crime Syndicate that is headquartered out of the Financial District in the City of London is also a major backer as evidenced by Rothschild bagman George Soros.  Having been handed his massive stolen wealth by the Rothschild Crime Family, Soros has proven to be the primary ostensible funding agent for the ongoing race war throughout the USA.  When anyone is given billions of dollars in ill-gotten gains to serve as the frontman for a crime syndicate, they are easily coerced to hand out their money to any globalist cause in need of cash.

Not only do numerous Open Society Foundations’ NGOs financially support, both directly and indirectly, Black Lives Matter, AntiFa and the SUNRISE Movement, Soros also allocates a vast amount of campaign donations to ultra-liberal judges and district attorneys in all 50 states.  This is why so many BLM, AntiFa and SUNRISE terrorists are immediately released from jail after being arrested for horrendous crimes committed during the staged riots and violent protests.  The Democrat DAs, prosecutors and state attorneys are purposefully creating lawless environments in Democrat-controlled cities so that BLM and AntiFa can run their carefully veiled terror operations without fear of prosecution.

Of course, there is much more perfidious planning going on by the leftist elite not only in preparation for a nationwide race war, but also in anticipation of a Joe Biden election loss.  From now until November 3rd the nation can expect to see many race riots and/or destructive protests jump off, especially on the Left Coast, throughout the liberal bastions of the Northeast, as well as in other progressive pockets of utter devastation such as Chicago and Detroit. (Cities like Denver and Atlanta will also be inflicted with sensational damage.)

Bottom Line: Should Trump prevail at the POTUS ballot, the Democrats have already telegraphed their adamant refusal to acknowledge his victory.  Riots, arson, looting and violence will be their way of shutting down the country — AGAIN — while the third wave of COVID-19 overwhelms many of the same mismanaged cities.

Back to the assassination of Patriots

The last thing the Left will permit to happen at this advanced stage of their Purple Revolution is for impressive Patriot leaders to emerge.  Cultural Marxism cannot tolerate a strong conservative voice to be heard anywhere near any of their painstakingly established “Sodom and Gomorrahs”.  This is why both New York City and Philadelphia are now virtually Patriot-free zones in 2020.  The limousine liberals so control those metro areas that any high-profile Patriots can easily be taken out without so much as an investigation.

It’s critical to understand that character assassination is also a big piece of the cultural marxist agenda to forever destroy the United States of America.  By relentlessly denigrating a sitting POTUS, they are also weakening the highest office in the land as well as profoundly undermining the foundation of this constitutional republic.  Just consider the reckless and baseless defamation of character that President Trump has been the target of since June of 2015.  See: Steve Job’s Widow Uses Her ‘Atlantic’ Magazine to Disparage Trump with Patently Fake Story

One of the key objectives of this type of unrelenting character assassination of Trump is to send a message to all of his supporters, and especially to the high-level appointees in his administration.  The slander and libel used to attack Trump are also victimizing those who are closest to him—family, friends and business acquaintances alike.  The scandalous liberal agenda here is to intimidate and threaten the entire Patriot Movement via a continuous fusillade of personal and professional attacks on Trump.  In this fashion, they are also accomplishing the larger goal of irreparably tearing the fabric of American society.

Special Note: At the end of the day, when the radical Left unleashed their terrorists and assassins to perpetrate cold-blooded murder against the heroes of the Right, the whole battlefield changed dramatically.  Therefore, it’s really crucial for every Patriot to correctly comprehend the necessity, from this point forward, to stay away from the Democrat-controlled cities, autonomous zones, protest areas, riot regions and terrorist operations.  These people are not only mentally debilitated because of severe Trump Derangement Syndrome, some of these bolshevik killers have been pre-programmed via MK-ULTRA Monarch mind-control programming techniques.  The use of extremely powerful psychotropic drugs is prominently configured into creating these murderous henchmen.  Hence, where it concerns any well-intentioned Patriot who enters their crazy space, they can be subjected to any type of malevolent behavior.  That includes premeditated murder as we saw here: Here’s how the highly planned murder of Aaron Danielson was executed by the AntiFa-BLM assassination team (Video)

Perhaps the most significant component of this Deep State operation to overthrow the Republic is the direct involvement of the mainstream media.  Each of the 6 largest corporate media platforms has been intimately involved with this stealthy implementation plan to dissolve the USA.  For instance, what follows is a graphic illustration of how the assassination of Aaron Danielson was intentionally covered up by the treacherous MSM. See how the shameless mainstream media was used to whitewash the cold-blooded murder of Patriot Aaron Danielson by the AntiFa assassin (Video)

KEY POINT: In light of the AntiFa assassination squad being exposed, it appears that the lead assassin had to be removed from the scene post-haste.  That every aspect of the hit was videoed in astonishingly detail made it impossible for the murderer to submit any explanation except premeditated murder.  Hence, Everything Points to a Premeditated Killing of AntiFa Assassin Michael Reinoehl by Law Enforcement to Keep Him Quiet After Danielson Murder Plot was Exposed.  It may even be that Michael Forest Reinoehl was not killed by the sheriffs; rather, that a crisis actor played dead after the shots were allegedly fired.  Of course, there were witnesses — real or fake, who knows — who offered their testimony to hearing loud firecrackers, so we’re all supposed to believe the murder suspect was neutralized and can no longer stand trial.


Very few folks really know what’s going on today.  In fact, there is an elaborate scheme to overthrow the American Republic that includes multifarious strategies and tactics, most of which are being employed completely below the radar.

KEY POINTS: Operation Gladio uses the open borders to sneak across terrorists cells who will then carry out false flag terrorist attacks upon being triggered by their CIA handlers. Gladio is steadily and stealthily building a secret army of foreign mercenaries, criminals, terrorists and other soldiers-of-fortune in every major city in America. Just as Syria was overwhelmed by Gladio-directed terrorist groups practically overnight, these strategically positioned terror cells are being readied to spring into action once the traitors push the button on CIVIL WAR 2.0. See: OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA

*Operation Gladio is the terrorist arm of NATO often known as the “North Atlantic Terrorist Organization”

Given this stark reality, every Patriot needs to know who the true leaders are of this calamitous communist enterprise to set up a USSA where “A” stands for Amerika.

As a matter of historical fact, the very same tribe responsible for pulling the 9/11 false flag terror operation, as well as conducting OPERATION COVID-19, is also squarely behind the controlled demolition of the American Republic. See: Nothing changes until those who secretly rule US are prosecuted for 9/11, JFK, OK City, 5G, Chemtrails, Vaccines, COVID-19….

The good news is that real perpetraitors of this mass treason against the Republic cannot help but expose themselves. (See: 600-plus Jewish groups sign full-page ad supporting Black Lives Matter) Bear in mind that Black Lives Matter has repeatedly distinguished itself as a full-blown terrorist organization.

State of the Nation
September 7, 2020

CAVEAT: At the risk of sounding redundant, it’s strongly advised that all Patriots stay away from any event put on by the radical Left.  Everyone should know the deal by now: the hyper-liberal Left has collectively gone stark raving mad with Trump Derangement Syndrome; hence, they will do whatever is necessary to remove him from office or prevent his re-election.  Fighting a totally irrational race war is now quite easy for them, no matter what the cost in terms of death and destruction even in their own communities.  In truth, these deluded souls have been socially engineered over decades to zealously participate in their own subjugation and/or extermination.