Global Pedogate Network Explained in Remarkable Detail



Global Pedogate Network Explained in Remarkable Detail



Forty year Monarch mind control sex and spy slave survivor, longtime CIA insider whose job title was “Special Operations Advisor to the Director of Central Intelligence,” and also a medical doctor, the remarkable Sue Arrigo provides a compelling firsthand account of her tortuous life inside the CIA [i]. Her exposé uncovering the infamous agency’s central role in global child sex trafficking, as incredible as it may sound, is feasibly corroborated by tons of supplemental verifiable evidence. And though her own sister, a psychologist in Taiwan, claims Sue is a paranoid schizophrenic whose stories are not to be believed, coming from a military family and father whose career was in military intelligence, discrediting Sue as mentally ill falls clearly in the self serving interest of both the sister protecting her own professional reputation as well as the US government. In the same open forum, Dr. Sue refutes her sister’s allegations making the cogent point that they separated in youth when the sister moved with her father to Taiwan and has had next to no contact ever since and that Sue’s long involvement in the CIA by requirement forced her to keep that confidentially hidden even from her own mother [ii]. So with that caveat out of the way, here are some of Dr. Arrigo’s extraordinary, yet highly disturbing revelations.

As a gifted young child of three she became a trauma induced multiple and by age 12, Sue Arrigo was sent to have sex with General Westmoreland as a means of learning why he wasn’t winning the Vietnam War. Arrigo was a child sex slave servicing presidents starting from LBJ, then Nixon, Ford, VP Rockefeller (as well as his brother David), Reagan, Bush senior, Clinton to Bush junior as well as every Director of Central Intelligence from Richard Helms to George Tenant [iii]. The only president that she was not forcibly intimate with was Jimmy Carter during her forty years as a government slave. Her psychic abilities made her a highly skilled asset as a remote viewer. Thus her unique talent and expertise placed her in constant demand for four decades. From 1993 to 2004 Sue worked in the Office of Naval Intelligence training naval officers in remote viewing. She states that she was able to work with the US Navy brass to keep our naval fleets from participating in the booming global sex slave trade.

Children in war zones susceptibly fall prey to abduction and trafficking every single day. Women are customarily raped in combat zones all the time, often abandoning their babies at birth. Never missing an opportunity, the predatory CIA quickly moves in helping to finance children’s orphanages in US Empire war ravaged nations, tapping the fresh supply of “cute” parentless kids for the pedo pipeline [iv]. Dr. Sue Arrigo maintains that masquerading as “humanitarian relief,” the CIA funds major orphanages, often working jointly with UNESCO, along with the Rockefeller Foundation and other front organizations to set up in effect concentration camps for homeless kids in nations where the US and CIA provoke Wars. In the early 1990’s as a CIA operative, Sue witnessed in the former Yugoslavian Republic the CIA construction of three orphanages and Rockefeller money pouring in for four more [v]. A week after the Rockefeller reps left, in came the wave of CIA “talent scouts,” explaining to the nuns that they were setting up a comprehensive program with large adoption agencies in the United States to find good homes for children at orphanages bursting at the seams from so many rape babies and dead parents caused by US – NATO bombing raids. Pulled from the rubble, many kids were still suffering from trauma shock, making the job of CIA mind control torturers that much easier and quicker for developing multiple personalities.

CIA scouts would bring along a psychologist to test the orphaned children using the excuse that they were testing for postwar adaptability when they were tapping for special trauma based skills like their capacity to dissociate, their intelligence, photographic memory, psychic abilities, and sex kitten charm. The CIA would take kids out on “special outings” so they could assess how much charm children displayed while forced to give blow jobs to local officials on the pretext that they might “win” a trip to America  as a sex slave of course [vi]. They’d grab dozens and even scores at a time, another tip off they were up to no good. Under the guise of charity foundations posing as CIA trafficking fronts, in cahoots with corrupt officials at the UN, Girl Scouts of America and the Catholic Church, the predatory CIA aggressively recruit victims for their child trafficking rings in the US.

Those that shined in this system are and were groomed to later return to their native lands and take over as readymade puppet leaders of foreign governments. [vii] This long term investment has been going on for some time. The OSS and CIA toward the end of World War II and afterwards were pulling Jewish and Slavic kids out of war zone camps even when they had parents just to be mind control guinea pigs in America. The self-replicating, Luciferian system has been built to last for centuries.

Having personal access to CIA archive records, Dr. Arrigo learned of the CIA’s long history starting right after WWII training foreign children to be spies. First as dissociative mind controlled child musical prodigies sent back to Eastern Bloc nations to spy on cold war embassies, then pushed out of airplanes over North Korea and onto infiltrating North Vietnam and back to full circle in the Balkans [viii]. Once sent behind enemy lines, these poor kids were never heard from again and because in every instance the CIA cover had already been blown, the enemy quickly scooped them up and killed them. Yet in each case even after the CIA knew their covert operation had been detected, the agency continued sending wave after wave of these expendable children to their sure deaths. The Luciferian controllers wouldn’t want their coldblooded private army any other way. And for all their blood soaked failures, these worthless espionage programs produced zero information, just like CIA’s ineffective worldwide black site torture operations still going on [ix].

As a CIA operative Sue Arrigo was initially dispatched to Yugoslavia before the war to purchase a plot of land near railroad tracks that would become the Balkan War’s Auschwitz for children. She knew it would merely be a holding tank for thousands of kids to be shipped off around the globe as CIA sex slaves, so she purposely returned to the States emptyhanded [x]. A month later her replacement was sent and of course he purchased a 14 acre tract of land where dorm after dorm was built to house 5,000 kids. The brand new facility just sat empty for six months waiting for the CIA to light the match that would ignite the bloody conflict pitting mostly Muslim against Muslim. During the ensuing war, Sue learned that it swelled to holding 12,000 young children. It really was a concentration camp, complete with barbed wire fences and control towers armed with machine gun toting guards. So the big CIA moneymaker for pedophile kingpins like the Bushes and the Clintons became a smashing success. From 1992 to 1999 over a million kids were processed into an international sex ring and sent by rail to the sea where they were packed in inhumane conditions on slave ships sailing to America to their child raping slave owners. Because they were so abused and neglected, some children would succumb en route across the ocean, reminiscent of the horrific tragedy of the African slaves, except these are thousands of traumatized kids suffering and dying in modern times right up to today. Right now this despicable shit’s still going on! It’s imperative we must come together and stop this brutal human affliction.

Sue Arrigo explains how upon reaching harbor ports, ships carrying human cargo use the code word phrase “by the way” to signal to dockworkers which ships to inspect and which not. Ships illicitly transporting human slaves are customarily unloaded first. US port authorities across the nation of course have all been bought off to play their accommodating, look the other way role to ensure that child slaves discreetly get unloaded as quickly as possible from cargo containers into dock warehouses, a distance away from the regular cargo traffic loading and unloading areas mainly due to the intense foul stench of urine and feces that are the giveaway to this heinous criminal operation. [xi] “Spoiled goods” is code word for dead bodies on board. An expected percentage of child slave deaths is routinely calculated and accounted for, intended to further traumatize surviving children. Most often a few miles out from port child corpses are dumped overboard, often weighed to sink to the bottom of the sea, out of sight, out of mind.

Powerful pedo slave owners have specially built vans waiting at the ports, all Chevrolet manufactured with special specifications in Atlanta to include easy drainage capacity and soundproof insulation. Each vehicle transports anywhere from 20 to 100 children [xii]. Kids are routinely drugged before disembarking ships so they can be quietly herded like cattle, transferred and contained from one from one closed off prison to the next, except once on dry land, in transit cattle have the luxury of vents, windows and breathing space on the way to their slaughterhouse.

Arrigo states that the CIA and UN regularly work together in war zones like Bosnia all over the world to “enslave the children and not rescue them.” Because the first assigned UN Peacekeeping Force Commander in Bosnia, Canadian General Lewis MacKenzie, actually was there to try and keep peace, the CIA trained about 30 child soldiers to attack his headquarters [xiii]. But Sue Arrigo called the general and forewarned him, and because the CIA recorded their conversation, it was called off. Sue was then sent to the CIA basement for a severe beating as her punishment. MacKenzie was complicit in his failure to report the CIA’s criminal operation, cowardly taking the easy way out. When Sue attempted to report what the CIA was doing to kids to the UN herself, they wouldn’t listen, claiming that the protocol required the general to report such illicit activity. Just like the kids she tried to save, Sue was hopelessly trapped and surrounded by evildoers.

Under the fake, overused pretense of “humanitarian intervention,” the CIA – MI  NATO led breakup of the Balkan nation bloodily erupted as the Bosnian (1992 – 1995) and Kosovo (1997  1998) Wars with deployment of CIA – Saudi jointly financed US proxy war ally Osama bin Laden’s Mujahedeen terrorists (soon to be relabeled al Qaeda) [xiv]. Fresh off the victorious battlefields against the Soviet army in opium rich Afghanistan, the CIA created Islamic jihadists were then teamed up with CIA backed Kosovo Liberation Army to help move drugs through war torn Eastern Europe to Western EUrope and onto America. [xv] Together with the drug trafficking, the fellow criminal enterprises of child sex trafficking and organ harvested trafficking [xvi] was soon flourishing throughout the Balkan region as coveted moneymaking spoils of war. As another partner in crime in this Clinton – NATO Balkan operation was the private military contractor, the notorious DynCorp. Joined by key corrupt State Department personnel, the United Nations peacekeeping forces and organized crime, this unholiest alliance trafficked in young women and as underage girls and boys from Eastern EUrope, Russia and EUrasia. The DynCorp – UN collaboration and cover up in the 1990’s CIA sex trade is covered in thorough detail in the next chapter.

To corroborate what Dr. Sue Arrigo maintains the CIA was doing in the 1990’s  supplying the elite with child sex slaves, CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou who served two years in prison for spilling the beans on the illegal Bush  Cheney – CIA enhanced torture methods, just publicly disclosed how as a CIA agent it was his duty to deliver child sex slaves to pedophile VIP’s [xvii]. So multiple sources are all saying the same thing. Just as with drugs, arms and body parts, the CIA is the main dealer in selling children as well.

Once the new millennium White House shift took over, the Bush 2 – Cheney neo cons proved “same as the old boss” Bush 1 and Clinton. Right after their preplanned 9/11US Empire was at it again, exploiting their “new Pearl Harbor” [xviii] to full advantage using their war machine on steroids to simultaneously invade Afghanistan and Iraq while (per General Wesley Clark) “taking down 7 countries in 5 years” [xix]. As those costly quagmire wars dragged right into the seamless Obama regime, the CIA and Soros’ color revolutions (otherwise known as Arab Spring) began popping up to spark yet more regime change proxy wars [xx], murdering and displacing millions of mostly Muslims from ravaged homelands in Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and beyond [xxi].

In Libya in 2011 the same pattern that “balkanized” Yugoslavia was brutally replicated by the same prime suspects with virtually the same results. [xxiiAn aggressive NATO  US bombing intervention, again unleashing al Qaeda terrorists to wreak further havoc [xxiii] to destroy Gaddafi’s plan to unite Africa under his gold backed dinar instead of the US petrodollar, plunging once prosperous, oil-rich, emerging independent regional leader of a nation overnight into violently plundered failed state status (…) [xxivas Luciferian Hillary’s mission accomplished. [xxv] Evidence of collusion involving al Qaeda and ISIS, [xxvi] the Vatican, various “humanitarian” NGO’s like USAID and CIA again resurfaced, forcing exploited Libyan migrants into human trafficking rings. [xxvii] George Soros, the global kingpin of US hedge fund speculators, uses his massive billions to fund NGO’s that are now directly involved in human sex trafficking as well as financing terrorism [xxviii].

And the latest bombshell is Soros’ top hedge fund manager in the US finance capital New York City has been running a sex slave operation from his own Manhattan penthouse sex dungeon. According to a $ 27 million lawsuit filed by three Florida models, two of whom were former Playboy bunnies, 62 year old Howard “Howie” Rubin lured the women to New York through two female employees also named in the lawsuit who’d make initial contact on Instagram and Whatsapp [xxix]. Rubin purchased his $ 8 million penthouse apartment for the special purpose of raping and beating beautiful women as his very own sex slaves and then go back home to his wife and kids on the Upper East Side. The sexual predator had his two model type employees do his bidding, both similarly roughed up before being hired to act as his slave procurers. The same brutal tactics are deployed as in any large scale sex trafficking operation, using procurers, money and a high rolling good time as bait and switch to entice and trap the preyed upon, drugged and powerless victims.

Once the slaves were flown to the Big Apple, they’d taxi to the penthouse where one of his accomplices would suddenly confront the women needing to sign non-disclosure agreements [xxx]. Next Rubin would wine and dine them with polite, respectful conversation at a posh Manhattan restaurant. But once they returned to Rubin’s apartment, he’d slip a drug into their drink, gag and bound them and then violently assault them in his secret sex dungeon. Similar to the audio recording making the internet rounds several months ago of a voice identical to alleged pedophile John Podesta screaming at the top of his lungs at a poor traumatized little kid to call him “daddy,” [xxxi] one of the Rubin plaintiffs was so severely beaten by Howie demanding that she call him “daddy” that she passed out [xxxii]. Another sick quote while continuing to punch the woman was, “Howie is the daddy. The daddy has to beat his baby.” Just before attacking them, two of the three victims state that Rubin yelled, “I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter.” One of the woman maintains she was raped with a cattle prod. Again, many of the same methods Rubin used to torture his victims come straight out of the CIA Monarch mind control playbook, strongly suggesting the possibility that the billionaire’s secret dark side may be rooted in Illuminati upbringing or MK ULTRA brainwash programming.

Rubin managed to cover up his reprehensible crimes by paying them $ 5,000 each time in hush money along with whatever medical expenses were accrued. [xxxiii] Though thus far only three women have filed suit, Rubin likely victimized others as well. This alleged sex slave violence that began in 2016 must have occurred just months after Rubin left Soros’ Mortgage Back Securities Fund that he’d been managing during the seven years prior to 2015. Following a few short weeks on the heels of a fellow rapist’s colossal downfall in Hollywood, Harvey Weinstein’s years of sadistically misusing his raw, brutish power to also humiliate, terrorize, degrade and control his female victims brought about his own self-undoing. [xxxiv] And then just days ago perennial A list actor Kevin Spacey suddenly got brave enough to cowardly hide behind the normative status of homosexuality to come out in his feeble attempt to escape judgment as yet another predatory pedophile [xxxv]. And just like Harvey before him, Spacey’s “House of Cards” has fallen as a parade of more victims are emerging from the shadows. [xxxvi] Turns out his Spacey Foundation mentoring young children hungry for acting careers may be a cover for his boy toy trafficking gig [xxxvii]. Recall that Kevin was also a Lolita Express frequent flyer down to Epstein’s sex slave island. The rapists’ days of ruling Hollywood are over as the parade of sexual predators become “flavor of the week” karmic payback.

The days when these kind of crimes and atrocities historically perpetrated by violently aggressive oppressors regularly hurting and violating others with lesser power are finally being exposed. This heinous behavior will no longer be tolerated or accepted like it has for so long. Unlike before, those who willfully harm others because they’ve always gotten away with it will now begin paying a far more serious consequence. And as the wake up call of truth descends upon the barbarians, the new day that’s dawning is empowering the meek and less powerful to come forth and speak up, seeking long overdue justice and accountability, regardless of life position, station or power differential. And this dynamic is no more embodied than in the systematic rape, torture and murder of kids.

But we still have a long ways to go. Victims of US wars fleeing for their lives often wind up as refugees in nearby surrounding nations  especially Turkey (with 2.8 homeless Syrians), Lebanon (over 1 million Syrians) and Jordan (two thirds of a million), [xxxviii] but also Egypt, Italy, Greece and the Balkans as massive migratory transit zones. These countries in recent years have absorbed millions of Middle Eastern and African refugees, the largest human migration since history’s deadliest War – WWII, and at 65.6 million, currently more people on earth are displaced than any prior time in human history [xxxix]. These desperate, extreme conditions manufactured by the elite are ideal for their hired vultures to have “easy pickings” separating children from their parents. [xl] The CIAUS Military Intelligence, Mossad and MI6 typically coordinate these large scale child procurement black ops worldwide. From off the street, the seediest, low life abductors from various NGO’s and CIA front company operatives parasitically converge on hundreds of overcrowded, inhumane refugee camps and, for the right price, the predators pluck children from the chaotic crowds and funnel them straight into the sex slave pipeline [xli]. Or destitute parents fall victim to the con game that selling their daughters as child brides promises a better life for them [xlii]. The Islamic State terrorists, also created by elitist CIA design, routinely kidnap and enslave women and children for their brutal debauchery and sadistic torture as well [xliii]. Rich Gulf State predators openly shop for sex slaves in Syria, Egypt and Turkey. Abduction for child soldiers is another common practice [xliv]. Nations in south central Asia are nearly just as bad, in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal [xlv]. Tourism for pedophiles protected and sanctioned by US State Department and CIA is covered next as another big business taking place in Asia where children forced into sex slavery are servicing scummy foreigners, especially in Myanmar, Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand [xlvi].

2004’s day after Christmas tsunami in the Indian Ocean, so catastrophic killing nearly a quarter million people, was seized upon by soulless pedophiles preying on defenseless children. Relief workers reported that an inordinate number of young Swedish boys mysteriously went missing in Thailand’s southern Phuket Province, especially known for sex tourism and human trafficking [xlvii]. Meanwhile, in places like India, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates blue eyed blonde boys are a most sought after preference. In Indonesia’s Aceh Province where the tsunami damage was most severe, police believe orphaned and separated children were abducted and moved by traffickers to other islands and nearby Malaysia. Nearly 100 out of the 565 total people missing were under 13. Similarly, right after Bali’s 2002 car bombing, a sudden spike in missing orphaned children again occurred due to suspected foreign pedophiles. Former naval intelligence officer and veteran investigative journalist Wayne Madsen wrote a series of scathing articles examining this phenomenon of missing Asian children amidst an infestation of foreign child sex predators that regularly travel or have taken up residence in the Far East [xlviii].

Many of these pedophiles from America, EUrope and Australia are public servants working within their national government agencies. An official from Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade was recalled back to Australia after an incident with an Indonesian boy in 1984, but remained an employee with diplomatic immunity and passport for almost another dozen years before he resigned [xlix]. After leaving his government post, he returned to Indonesia and was openly living with underage boys when he was busted yet again, but this time his government tenure wasn’t there to bail him out of trouble. After receiving a 13 year prison sentence the day before, he hung himself in his Bali jail cell. Two Australian teachers who were child rapists were allowed passports to flee Cambodia and Thailand to escape justice. The Australian embassy in Cambodia has a reputation for regularly covering up cases of accused diplomats raping local children.

In his first term in office pedo boy George W. Bush signed into law tough anti trafficking legislation only to pay lip service to it thereafter. The get tough on pedo peddling was merely an excuse to pour money into making it easier for child rapists to rape. The State Department embassy in Bangkok, second largest in Asia to Tokyo, has long held a scandalous reputation protecting their predators posing as State Department employees. The CIA station in Bangkok is also second to Tokyo in size, and closely works together to maintain overseas pedo operations. A 2007 Madsen article profiles the then current US ambassador to Thailand Ralph (“Skip”) Boyce, a career State Department diplomat stationed in many Asian countries including serving as the former ambassador to Indonesia.[l] Wherever he was, Boyce repeatedly allowed pedophiles to thrive under his watch despite coming under heat for willfully placing Thai children in harm’s way to known predators. Both his consul general and his American Citizens Services chief squelched pedophile investigations of the Bangkok embassy by Thai police. After a multiple decade career, Boyce finally retired in December 2007. But the pedophilia problem in the State Department and US government remains systemic.

Robert Finnegan, former Jakarta Post English editor, maintains he was physically threatened on embassy premises by security officers for asking questions regarding then Indonesian Ambassador Boyce’s apparent tolerance towards pedophilia. Finnegan revealed that Boyce hired two Indonesian nationals, one a CIA asset, to procure underage children for sex with embassy personnel. [li] For outing him, Boyce had Finnegan’s journalist visa revoked, forcing him to return to the States despite having an Indonesian wife. The State Department uses diplomatic immunity as carte blanche license to break laws raping children all over the world. Jakarta embassy sources anonymously confirmed Finnegan’s revelations that State Department policy keeps circulating pedophiles throughout Asian countries. One embassy worker in Phnom Penh openly living with a young boy from Cambodia and another from Laos was transferred to the small Muslim nation Brunei. When the government discovered his living arrangement, the US shipped him off to Dhaka, Bangladesh, another pedo-magnet. Meanwhile, per SOP the CIA maintains pedo dossiers on hundreds if not thousands of State Department personnel for blackmail purposes.

Chief procurer of little boys in Bangkok for the embassy diplomatic corps was John Mark Karr, an American schoolteacher once married to a 13 year old and busted in 2001 for child pornography back in the States, but jumped bail to evade the law and for the next several years floated from pedo haven to pedo haven – Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Honduras, South Korea, until he wound up in Bangkok teaching English at several international schools to foreign and wealthy Thai children. [lii] But it appeared his sexual improprieties with children had finally caught up to him when the Bangkok police arrested him in 2006. Then a most bizarre twist of events suddenly, suspiciously freed Karr. The pedophile was sent back flying unhandcuffed on business class to the United States greeted by huge headlines that he was the admitted killer of little 6 year old Jon Benet Ramsey back in 1996 Colorado. In retrospect, it appears that was simply a contrived federal ploy to extricate him from his Thai jail cell but more importantly distance him from the pedophiles he was running amuck with at the Bangkok embassy that Karr was alleged to be supplying with small children. Then in October 2006 since no DNA evidence matched Karr’s, he was set free yet again, despite his “false confession” and despite the child porn charges a half decade earlier that made him a fugitive. Miraculously those charges were thrown out because his old porn filled computer confiscated back in 2001 had suspiciously grown legs and disappeared from the Sonoma County, California evidence room.

In 2008 Karr was allegedly arrested for domestic violence toward a supposed girlfriend at his parent’s Atlanta home. Then in 2010 he resurfaced as a transgendered woman with a wacky Jon Benet cult he called the Immaculates, cyberstalking and threatening to kill one of 30 alleged procurers of his Jon Benet lookalikes [liii]. These days the unpunished serial pedophile is allegedly a woman in order to make for easier access to 6-year old girls as his potential cult recruits. All of this could be smoke and mirrors to obscure the bottom line that Karr back in Thailand was living in a very upscale Bangkok neighborhood (despite foreign media claims he lived in seedy, pimp and drug dealing squalor) in extreme close proximity to the Danish and Austrian embassies, the Thai German Cultural Center and Goethe Institute and Joint US Thai Military Assistance Group. Wayne Madsen tracked Karr’s residence down and found that he was living amongst foreign diplomats, cultural mission staff and US Special Forces personnel, and most likely being wined and dined by fellow residents that shared his hankering for little kids [liv]. Under the auspices of both the CIA and State Department, it’s been confirmed that Karr provided children for sexual liaisons with visiting American VIP’s that included Congress members. [lv] Because John Mark Karr had the damaging goods on so many of his elite clientele, he was whisked away out of Thailand using the Jon Benet lie.

While the CIA, State Department and NGO’s are all paid big bucks to ostensibly fight pedophilia and child trafficking, they along with a complicit MSM actually protect child rapists like Karr and engage in character assassination and slander against good people who actually dedicate their lives to protecting at risk children. Madsen extensively covered what happens to the true child advocates on a mission to rid these safe havens from pedophiles when they become too successful, showcasing two American crusaders independently working in pedo infested Pattaya, an infamous sex resort on the Thai south coast. Each child advocate – Sean Parlaman and Father Ray Brennan were heroes who paid with their lives after being maliciously targeted by the pro-pedophile establishment [lvi]. Peril befalls the righteous do good’ers including truth tellers from the press wanting to expose this pervasive criminality in the pedophilia empire.

While Wayne Madsen was investigating this story, former editor of the Japan Times Weekly, longtime respected journalist and child activist in Asia as well, Yoichi Shimatsu told him:

Reporters asking too many questions about pedophiles in Southeast Asia are likely to end up with a bullet in their head [lvii].

Because so much money is generated through child sex enslavement, the strategy of powerful child raping profiteers is and was accusing activists actually saving children of being pedophiles. This diabolical scheme has tragically proven all too effective. So the elite goes out of its way to protect the guilty slime while destroying the saints most dedicated to protecting children. Though the devil’s earthly dominion may seemingly reward the Luciferians, the tables are turning.

But then there’s Howard Gutman, Hillary’s ambassador to Belgium in Brussels, another pedo paradise, allowed to repeatedly act out engaging in sex with underage boys. But his pedophile boss squelched the investigation of Gutman and his security detail involving 8 separate cases, consistently shielding them from further exposure and arrest, keeping the ambassador on his job till the end of his term. [lviii] Of course this should come as no surprise, considering word has it Hillary Clinton’s sex video with her lover Huma Abedin both engaging in a lesbo threesome with an underage girl at Epstein’s Sex Slave Island discovered last fall on the pedo jailbird Anthony Weiner’s laptop [lix] is now about to go public via WikiLeaks [lx]. For many decades this kind of flagrant government debauchery and cover-ups have been so rampant throughout the world, only confirming a much wider pedophilia trafficking network long held in place by the Washington  London  Rome  Brussels axis of evil ensuring child rapists in powerful places continue getting away with destroying children’s lives. But it appears those days may be over.

Russian intelligence sources just released breakthrough news that three months ago Trump made a deal with the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to help remove money laundering backers of terrorism as part of the Bush  Clinton crime family pedophilia scourge purge currently underway [lxi]. Already 10 Saudi princes and 38 ministers have been arrested, among them one of the richest men in the world Prince Bin Talal [lxii]. During last month’s visit to Russia, Saudi King Abdulaziz is alleged to have informed Putin that Trump ordered the NSA controlled by the US military faithful to Trump and America to gather all evidence against the treasonous deep state that of course includes the likes of the Bushes, Clintons, Obama and George Soros so they can all be rounded up and charged with sedition, plotting to overthrow the sitting US president. Special Forces have allegedly been contacting pedophiles in Hollywood and Washington informing them that their victims are coming forth and will be protected. Thus, we’ve already seen the first dominos falling, Weinstein, Spacey, perhaps Hillary is next. John Podesta’s brother Tony is rumored to be in US marshals’ custody after attempting to leave the country [lxiii]. Mass arrests of major Luciferian players may finally be coming. But don’t start celebrating “ding dong the witch is dead” quite yet.

Whereas millions of tax paid dollars are allocated annually to the State Department to combat child sex trafficking, its consistent track record only shows that no action is ever taken to uphold and enforce sodomy laws, apprehend child sex offenders nor protect children [lxiv]. Another big recipient for anti-trafficking funds is the US Agency for International Development (USAID), a longtime notorious cover for the CIA [lxv]. The watchdog group Judicial Watch just sued to uncover how US tax dollars have been misappropriated by USAID financing multi billionaire George Soros’ initiatives whose cultural Marxist agenda and trademark is inciting global insurrection and destabilization [lxvi]. It’s hardly a secret that Soros and the CIA represent New World Order wrecking balls covertly promoting Luciferian sodomy against children.

The 1976 founder of longtime favorite USAID NGO Chermonics International, Gerald Murphy, in 1993 was quoted in the New York Times boasting:

I’ve always wanted a way to do two things: one, have my own CIA., and two, be helpful to people. [lxvii]

Though USAID awarded him a half million bucks to support its field missions, Wayne Madsen rightly points out that nothing says it went for its intended purpose to combat trafficking child sex slaves.

A privately owned NGO called Creative Associates working near Soros’ old stomping grounds Albania received close to a million and a half from Soros linked USAID, granting almost another half million ($ 443,000) to a Swiss charity agency called Terre Des Hommes to also fight against trafficking in Albania [lxviii]. Yet this same outfit was busted for running a children’s village in famine stricken Ethiopia that for years attracted and enabled pedophile employees to abuse their positions of power and trust [lxix]. Another benefactor of the CIA  USAID funding pipeline, the Asia Foundation, has an anti trafficking program operating in five pedo infested Vietnamese provinces. What does it tell you when “following the money” only leads to where pedophilia’s actually gotten worse?

A case in point will illustrate how members of the rich and powerful pedo club gravitate to child trafficking havens set up by the CIAUS State Department and USAID programs, and then if busted get bailed out. Wealthy Russian businessman Alexander Trofimov was caught by Cambodian police on his joint US invested Snake Island resort in Sihanoukville Province in possession of more a dozen child sex slaves, becoming the largest pedophilia case in the nation’s history [lxx]. Domaines Barons de Rothschild owns a Sokha Beach playground down the street on this same island so notorious for child trafficking. Having gained a reputation as the pedophilia hub of Southeast Asia, since 2004 Cambodia’s been attempting to clean up its act.

Convicted of raping 15 girls, Trofimov was sentenced to 17 years. But at the behest of the Cambodian king acting on behalf of the Phnom Penh government and increasing pedo club pressure, the child raping slave owner was released from jail after serving only a 4 year slap on the hand. Wanted for serial raping underage girls as young as 8 back in Russia during 2003 2004, Cambodia [and the pedo club] then proceeded to ignore Moscow’s extradition requests.

After being spotted still slithering on and around Snake Island, the Russian pedophile was arrested again living with another 11 year old girl’s family in June 2012. Only under immense public pressure mounting internationally did the Phnom Penh government finally acquiesce, realizing it had no choice but to deport the serial predator [lxxi]. The actual Stanislav Molodyakov, having used Trofimov as his fake name in Cambodia, was subsequently tried and convicted in Russia for luring and raping dozens of schoolgirls in his Moscow mansion promising them modeling careers. In 2015 he finally was sentenced to 11 years in prison [lxxii] .If anything, this lurid tale shows that Cambodia has hardly cleaned up its act, no doubt succumbing to Washington’s “all talk, no action” lead. It also shows that in the secret Luciferian world, the elite goes out of its way to protect its own.

After years of “killing field” terror and War under Cambodian Pol Pot’s genocidal regime during the 1970’s, the poorest nation in Southeast Asia was again victimized by an invasion of foreign national sharks during an 18 month period devouring near half (45%) of Cambodia’s entire land mass in 2007  2008 [lxxiii]. One of these sharks was Stanislav Molodyakov who established his elitist pedo resort on Snake Island. Predatory Russian developers literally burnt the homes of the native islanders to the ground, violently forcing them off their property to construct the Russian rapist’s $ 300 million palace as part of a sprawling $ 1 billion joint US resort investment. Where have we heard that before? A la Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean sex slave island. Such wholesale raping and pillaging of their homeland had 150,000 Cambodians facing eviction.

While Cambodia was being carved up for sale on a platter to powerful foreign interests, many being rich foreign pedophiles, a telling, very much related incident occurred on November 9th, 2008. A helicopter crash in southern Cambodia in nearby Svay Rieng Province took place killing all occupants on board including the pilot, co-pilot, a Cambodian army general and General Hok Lundy, the nation’s police chief [lxxiv]. This “accident” occurred just after General Lundy had told Deputy US Secretary of State John Negroponte that he was no longer welcomed in Cambodia. On the heels of the worst pedophile case in nation’s history, the wife of the former king and mother of current king had pressured Cambodia’s police chief to start cracking down on the rampant child sex trafficking ravaging their country. Up till then the general himself had long been steeped in the human smuggling business. Just 5 days prior to the crash, the Wayne Madsen Report acknowledged that both US and French intelligence operating out of their respective Phnom Penh embassies were aiding and abetting the systemic rape of preteens by foreign pedophile traffickers.

Current special prosecutor, 9/11 cover-up conspirator and NWO stooge [lxxv] investigating the bogus Trump  Russian collusion, Robert Mueller as then FBI director made a late January 2008 trip to Phnom Penh to open up a brand new FBI office in the capital and discuss Cambodia’s cooperation with America’s fake “war on terror,” meeting with his counterpart General Lundy [lxxvi]. Previously Lundy had repeatedly been refused US visas for his known participation in trafficking young Cambodian children. But after the FBI director’s trip to Cambodia’s capital and meeting with Lundy in person, suddenly the general was granted his visa as a VIP Washington guest. No doubt the visa came as a reward for cooperating with USA’s rampant pedophile abuse, most notably operating out of the Phnom Penh Embassy by CIA and State Department personnel.

George W. Bush’s then Deputy Secretary of the US State Department John Negroponte has a brother named Nicholas Negroponte who is the head of MIT’s Media Lab, another CIA front responsible for installing a computer for each child and a satellite link tower at one of the nearby orphanages. US dollars were flowing into the orphanage as long as staff looked the other way when its boys and girls aged 8 – 14 were made available for sex parties for Negroponte’s diplomatic and VIP visiting pedophiles. But when the staff began complaining about the abuse, all funds were suddenly withdrawn and the pedophiles made sure the computers were erased once the money stopped [lxxvii].

The Negropontes in fact were using the orphanage kids for child pornography, uplinking photos and video files through deep encryption back to the US for wider elite distribution. A teacher at the orphanage said:

Nick [Negroponte] was a frequent visitor and one of the orphanage sponsors who arranged the weekend pajama parties in the city whenever foreign VIP’s arrived [lxxviii].

These sick fucks heading our government are raping and exploiting in the worst ways children all over the world. The MIT Media LabCIA and State Department are deep in child pornography, sodomizing children and trafficking.

Yoichi Shimatsu asked whether 26 year old computer whiz kid info activist Aaron Swartz’ hacking of MIT files and potentially discovering Nicholas Negroponte’s child porn and worldwide pedophilia operations in Africa and Asia might have been the actual cause of Aaron’s death, or murder, and not the narrative standby “suicide.” [lxxix] Certainly it would explain why the feds were gunning for such overkill punishment that didn’t fit the crime  35 years behind bars for simply trying to make information free to everyone in the world. Of course the permanency of the old “suicided” muzzle as a “cleaner” means of preventing the world from finding out about a sick pedo Empire’s pussy, demonic Achilles heel seems a far more plausible explanation with what’s at stake than suicide.

Yoichi has this to say to MIT’s Media monster Nicholas:

Nicholas Negroponte, you have no place to hide in Southeast Asia or Africa, not any longer. You are under watch and will be relentlessly tracked down, not just for child porn and pimping children but now as an accomplice to murder. Your only way out is to turn over the video files along with the entire list of names, and you had better do it sooner than later because the powerful pedophiles on that list are going to silence you to cover their own tracks [lxxx].

To keep their Luciferian operations going, the CIA actively pressures local media in this case Southeast Asia to not dare mention, much less publicize, the pedophilia epidemic against their children perpetrated by the US government, even using the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) to provide hush money [lxxxi]. As long as the Cambodian orphanages were working with General Lundy in procuring sex slaves for the US Empire’s trafficking network, everything was fine, but once they balked, grave consequences followed. When the corrupt, pro pedophilia cop Lundy suddenly switched gears and did a 180 while the US – Cambodian sex industry was booming, upsetting the US pedophilia applecart led directly to the general’s November 2008 “accidental” demise, sending a clear message to all in Cambodia they better not mess with Empire’s multibillion dollar sex trade.

As the main perpetrators and protectors of global pedophilia, time and time again both the State Department and CIA have been designated to “fight” against it. The CIA that principally runs child trafficking operations worldwide, the Balkans and Pacific Asia just two blatant examples, is allotted an unlimited funding stream of black ops bucks to “stop” the very crime it most egregiously commits on an epic scale.

How the global pedo network operates is the classic Hegelian Dialectic in action [lxxxii]. The Bushes and Clintons took turns publicly acknowledging how the lawlessness of the jungle is out of control and we need to get tougher on crime as their identified problem. Then comes the predictable reaction to their identified problem, the discovery that an increasing number of runaway, missing and unsupervised children falling through the cracks as victim to predators and killers alike. But always the seedy derelicts off the street, local drug pushers and violent gang members are the targeted culprits – not the CIA or State Department  lurking and lingering around America’s bus stops, railway and bus stations, schools and playgrounds. The all too obvious solution is passing even tougher new anti crime laws and expanding and militarizing police forces to adequately address this urgent crisis needing to “protect our children.” So behind catchy slogans like “leave no child behind” and shitloads of boondoggle programs come hundreds of newly built privatized prisons filled up with persons of color from the barrios and ghettos on nonviolent drug offenses [lxxxiii] .Additionally, billions of our taxpayer dollars are poured into beefing up law enforcement, violent crime task forces and enacting unprecedented comprehensive anti-trafficking measures and policies, all with the hidden agenda to expand and conceal their raping and trafficking of millions of children.

Following Bush’s anti trafficking law, one among hundreds of bureaucratic creations is the Human Smuggling and Trafficking Center (HSTC). In May 2008 Bush’s US Attorney General Michael Mukasey described HSTC as a:

Joint venture of government experts from the prosecutorial, law enforcement, policy, intelligence, and diplomatic areas teamed to combat trafficking in persons, migrant smuggling, and clandestine terrorist travel [lxxxiv].

This state sponsored Hegelian “solution” was designed on paper to appear so righteous as a constructive, much needed intervention to help reduce global child sex trafficking rings. Yet Wayne Madsen explains how its actual purpose is just the opposite – setting up an impenetrable, walled off apparatchik to facilitate expansion of the elite’s child sodomy operations, spending ever more tax dollars to effectively safeguard and conceal their already in-place trafficking network from exposure and accountability. After all, Bush junior didn’t want on his hands another Franklin scandal that exposed papa Bush as a flaming pedophile. In Wayne’s words:

This center combines US foreign service personnel with CIA agents, the deadly combination that has seen US diplomatic outposts, particularly in Southeast and South Asia, used to provide cover for pedophile VIP visits for purposes of sex tourism and pedophile US diplomats [lxxxv].

An entire boondoggle cottage industry has bureaucratically mushroomed in the last decade and a half at tax paid expense to include not just the Defense and State Departments using CIA fronts, but even the US Health and Human Services, Homeland Security and the Justice Departments all going global, milking the “save our children” gravy train, like a cancer wasting our tax dollars on fine tuning their child trafficking infrastructure through “networking” in nations where enslaved children predominantly originate and transit. Madsen details this massive expanding operation specifically networking with Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Malawi, Tanzania, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Nepal, Indonesia, China, Georgia, Latvia, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Nigeria, Gabon, Gambia, Uganda, Madagascar and Malaysia [lxxxvi]. With our hard earned bucks, in the name of stopping trafficking and sodomizing children, their Satanic tentacles have only spread further and deeper to every corner of the globe to increase and strengthen the efficiency and insular impunity of their global child killing machine.

The same CIA covers and USAID recipients keep showing up over and over again with the same dubious players that expose their close-knit system of cronyism, nepotism and criminal corruption. Health and Human Services funds a 24 hour hotline called the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) [lxxxvii]. Its prime contractor is Lockheed Martin, the suspected Vegas child trafficking shooter’s old employer that’s the number one US defense contractor and its subcontractor is the Covenant House. Remember Bush senior and Reagan’s favorite charity? The Covenant House run by convicted pedophile former Catholic priest Bruce Ritter was heavily active in Central America procuring children for the pedo pipeline (covered earlier in Chapter 5). CEO’s linked to CIA activities in Asia from such Fortun500 heavyweights as Lockheed and insurance giant AIG (that US taxpayers bailed out) typically end up board directors of charities like the infamous Covenant House and notorious CIA linked, “faith based” aid organization World Hope International (WHI), [lxxxviii] a $ 1.3 million recipient of USAID funds for its “anti trafficking” efforts in Cambodia. The CIA linked WHI was also granted $ 300,000 from USAID for its “traffic busting” in Laos. WHI is also connected to the infamous Jim Jones and the Jonestown, Guyana tragedy, [lxxxix] Cuban refugee camps in the US as well as the Sabra and Chatila Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon where in 1982 Israeli led forces massacred yet more Palestinian victims [xc] with its never ending genocidal apartheid policy [xci]. UK’s Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn just ruined Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s dinner celebration of the Balfour Declaration centennial, snubbing the war criminal as the latest indicator that despite US Empire complicity Israel is fast becoming a nation pariah within the world community [xcii].

Direct links also exist between World Vision and two known CIA Monarch mind control assassins – John Lennon’s Mark David Chapman and Reagan’s would-be John W. Hinkley, Jr. Mark Chapman once worked at a World Vision refugee camp in Arkansas while Hinkley’s dad was WHI’s chairman of the board [xciii]. And the same day Reagan was shot Hinkley’s brother was scheduled to dine with another of George HW’s sons Neil Bush and his wife [xciv]. After all, the Bush and Hinkley families go way back as indelible ties that bind both friendship and joint business together. You see in Luciferian circles, it’s a very small world.

Though numerous small humanitarian organizations perform admirable work assisting victims in disaster stricken nations around the globe, virtually all the biggest NGO’s and USAID programs, including the Red Cross, AmeriCares (another pedo procurer covered in the earlier Malta chapter), Covenant House, World Vision, Knights of Malta (whose malfeasance earned an entire chapter 5), Catholic Relief Services, CARE International, Save the Children, UNICEF, any UN presence as well as the infamously criminal Clinton Global Initiative are guilty of contributing to the pedo epidemic’s global trafficking network [xcv].

The parasitic gougers in Haiti after the January 2010 7.0 earthquake while Secretary of State Hillary was busily selling off 20% of America’s uranium deposits to Russia [xcvi] and $ 29 billion worth of advanced fighter jets to Saudi Arabia [xcvii] destined to murder over 12,000 Yemeni civilians (mostly women and children), [xcviii] Bill led the UN Haitian humanitarian relief campaign that made $ 13.5 billion disappear, lining the Clinton Foundation and friends’ coffers while less than 1% actually went to the shattered, poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere [xcix]. Hillary’s US ambassador to Haiti wrote a revealing post quake assessment declaring “The Gold Rush is on!” [c].

The cash grabbing Clintons mined the desperate impoverished nation for not only dollars but children as well. A year after the earthquake, Bill and Hillary were further incriminated when in 2011 Hillary went out of her way to protect convicted child kidnapper Laura Silsby, caught red handed attempting to cross the border into Dominican Republic with 33 Haitian kids she tried passing off as orphans that actually had parents [ci]. The Clintons immediately retained “a lawyer” for Silsby who turned out to be wanted in Costa Rica and El Salvador for child trafficking himself, freely admitting he’d worked with US Army intelligence, the DEA and Homeland Security. Then while the Pizzagate scandal was blasting the internet world just following Hillary’s epic defeat last November, researcher Monica Petersen in her late 20’s investigating the Clinton’s child trafficking involvement in Haiti, suddenly showed up “suicided” as yet another potential Clinton graveyard casualty [cii]. Needless to say, Hillary’s State Department and her over 10,000 NGOs in a feeding frenzy struck gold in Haiti harvesting their bumper crop of little kids to defile.

Over 300,000 Haitians died in the killer quake, placing 32,000 kids in 760 orphanages on the island [ciii]. Yet 4 out of 5 Haitian children living in an orphanage have at least one of their parents still alive. But poverty, discrimination, disability and lack of social services cause most of the 8 million children in orphanages worldwide to not be united with their living parents, along with Empire’s pedo agenda. Making matters worse is the fact that orphanages are a magnet for pedophiles and trafficking operations. As alluded to earlier, the State Department, CIAUSAID and thousands of NGO “charities” are crawling with child predators that exploit these vulnerable children for obscene profits and perversions. Chief Executive Georgette Mulheir of the London based charity Lumos told Reuters:

When people hear the word ‘orphanage’, they imagine that it’s a good thing or they imagine that it’s necessary. They do not imagine that so many orphanages are actually trafficking, beating, sexually abusing and starving children [civ].

A case in point in Haiti of another pedophile still at large protected by a corrupt system is Michael Geilenfeld, founder and executive director since the 1985 of St. Joseph Family Homes for Boys in Port-au-Prince. His “calling” had him drifting from one pedo haven to the next in the name of “helping” [himself to] little boys – India, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, California, El Salvador. The man leaves a trail of accusations dating back to 1987 in Boston, 1990 in both US and Haiti, 1995 in Detroit, 1997 in UK and Haiti, 1999 in Haiti, 2006  2007 in Haiti and US, [cv] and in Haiti in 2014 and again in 2015. He finally was detained for 237 days in September 2014 but a judge in April 2015 without even victims’ testimony dismissed charges and released him yet again [cvi]. Based on the latest 2015 allegations, a warrant for his arrest was once again issued in late October that year. A week later in November Haitian authorities closed his 30 year old orphanage and two other of his facilities [cvii]. But the slippery former brother from the Order of St. Teresa apparently evaded the law and has been nowhere to be found ever since. Despite an army of victims spilling a trail of tears over three decades long alleging Geilenfeld’s guilt, the man seems immune from any real consequence, which begs the question who is helping him.

In 2011 Hillary’s “Gold Rush” ambassador was given formal notice of Michael Geilenfeld’s lengthy checkered past which by authority of the Protect Act of 2003 makes suspected sex crimes committed in foreign countries prosecutable by law in the United States. Yet Geilenfeld was allowed to travel freely back and forth, even coordinating several dance tours across America featuring his Haitian boys, generating additional popular and financial support [cviii]. Legally appearing to possess nine lives, in 2013 this alleged pedophile even successfully sued and was awarded a $ 14.5 million settlement by a federal jury in 2015 in a defamation suit brought against a Maine child advocate activist who drew public attention on the internet to the gross injustice of him remaining free [cix]. In 2016 the Maine defendant was able to win on appeal that overturned the earlier decision for lacking federal jurisdiction. But with the 65 year old Geilenfeld now a two year fugitive still at large dodging justice and extradition back to Haiti, based on his First Amendment rights being violated, the Maine activist is now seeking to dismiss the lawsuit refiled against him in lower state court [cx].

For years Geilenfeld’s primary funding source has been another deep pocketed, faith based non profit NGO out of North Carolina calling itself Hearts with Haiti, also a co plaintiff in the defamation suit. Despite three decades of accusations and Haiti’s pending extradition orders, Hearts with Haiti chooses to stand by its pedophile fugitive rather than the dozens if not hundreds of his Haitian victims. Hearts with Haiti has as much heart for Haiti as the take the money and run Clintons. What a twisted, pathetic world we live in when a chronic serial child rapist not only remains free but nearly became a millionaire as well, while a child advocate having researched the case and interviewed Geilenfeld victims is the one on trial.

Thousands of these slimeballs are out there globally hunting and hurting children leaving lifetime emotional scars and trauma. And because they’re high on the predatory food chain, their sins go unpunished. One more case of another American pedophile that raked in lots of dough before getting caught from a location rivaling Thailand as the pedo sex tourism capital of the world  Brazil [cxi]. Meet Rick Schair from Atlanta who ran a business called “Wet-A-Line,” advertising “ecological fishing expeditions” in the Amazon jungle near Manaus [cxii]. He catered to the pedophile elite amongst the top tier masonic Royal Order of Jesters, hooking them up with indigenous child sex slaves. Just to show you how entrepreneurial this guy is, Rick has an hour long infomercial video on featuring his yacht Amazon Santana and his 20 pound “Amazon Peacock Bass” [cxiii].

In July 2011 a Brazilian police sting operation busted Schair when he and 20 of his pedo patrons, all but one Jesters that included a New York Supreme Court judge and a police chief, were caught with girls as young as 12. Jester molesters had been investigated for running a child trafficking ring in New York State with Brazilian links [cxiv]. One of Schair’s defense witnesses at his trial happened to be the federal prosecutor Larry Mackey [cxv] of MK Ultra patsy Timothy McVeigh from the Oklahoma City false flag bombing [cxvi]. It takes little dot connecting to realize the unholy trinity between the Jesters, their child sex tourism opportunist, and their link to the elite’s global child trafficking operation that they share in common with an OKC inside job insider. And there lies Lucifer’s lair.

All of this human tragedy from wars to migration crises to setting up pedo sanctuaries through CIA and NGO’s is diabolically planned years in advance by the controllers. Manufacturing Zionist US Empire Wars in conjunction with the likes of George Soros, the CIA and their myriad of on the ground supporting players directed from the Washington War room, supported by both City of London’s financial control center and Rome’s “religious” advisement and vast global resource tentacles, all covertly intersect to make the globalized child sex slavery network their fine tuned, well oiled Luciferian machine turned standard international protocol, it’s built in, entrenched foxes guarding the predatory henhouse that permeate all levels of government, military, courts, law enforcement, entertainment and news media, corporate global finance and education. With pedophile puppet masters controlling the pedophile puppet strings of blackmailed, compromised and controlled Western politicians, courts and law enforcement, their diabolical infrastructure has afforded them living above the law continuing to rape and kill our innocents for centuries. Now that they’ve been exposed like never before, it’s past time we finally hold them accountable.

Once a child is kidnapped, abducted or sold, while in transit each financial exchange brings a series of destinations and slave ownerships, some temporary, others longer term, but each abusive station along the way extracts an increasingly devastating toll on the child’s health and well being. Meanwhile, both the price of the child and the price to the child continue to rise. Using drugs, cages, and methods of psychological and physical torture, handlers and owners brutally rape and torment their child victims into robotic, semi-despondent submission and malleable compliance, [cxvii] a loose facsimile to CIA trauma induced mind control torture programs operating in North America. But a broken spirit and will is the tragic result with death never far behind.

According to former longtime slave Dr. Sue Arrigo:

A child in the sex slave system has a useful expected lifetime of two years. They fail to thrive in that setting. They die of disease, neglect, abuse and giving up. The kids are killed if they are seriously hurt, refuse to work, or become too jaded to attract customers. They are almost never freed by their owners because they could talk. It is a dead end occupation usually [cxviii].

If a child lasts two years, from a decade old statistic in a large US city like New York, an owner of a child sex slave can net profit on average about $ 300,000 per child. The going price in 2007 for a sick, used kid as most expendable damaged goods on the auction block could sell for $ 500 but a fresh healthy blue-eyed virgin for $ 50,000.[cxix] A child picked up by scum artists in war zones runs about $ 2,000 USD. The fee for buyers just for admittance into these underground auction houses cost $ 10,000Similar to its drug peddling business, the CIA level of involvement as pipeline coordinators only deals in the boatloads and trainloads, enormously large volumes for a fast turnover business. The CIA also has long term interests, owning and operating thousands of “safe house” brothels around the globe, pimping millions of child sex slaves for obscene profits. As a sex slave CIA operative with a conscience, courage and finesse, Sue Arrigo would often risk her life shutting down the large volume auction houses. But Sue would have to wait till after the CIA sold the children off to the auction houses before she could intercede in busting their operation because had she dared shortchange the CIA out of its cut, she would’ve promptly been killed. Dr. Arrigo explains that the CIA and its “corporate bosses like the Rockefellers and the Bushes” make about $ 1,000 off each child’s head sold to auctioneers, $ 300 allocated to the CIA and $ 700 to their corporate bosses, about twice their profit share from selling drugs.

Arrigo adds that the kids with the most smarts and or looks, about 5% are skimmed off the top by the Luciferians in charge like the Bushes and used as either spies or corporate sex slaves or both [cxx]. They’re typically pimped out on high priced loans to influential politicians as house boy and girls to ensure the puppets in Congress are happy and blackmail able for control. Congressional house slaves also become convenient spies keeping tabs on the political puppets for the likes of the Bushes and Clintons and their bosses the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. At the highest echelons of power, gifted child sex slaves that possess remote viewing capability and can accurately forecast stock prices can earn their bloodline bosses up to $ 1 million a day. The high stakes of oil deals worth billions can easily have Saudi sheiks and princes forking over a million bucks for a night with a young presidential model. It’s a status thing knowing their child slave for a night is being regularly shared by US presidents. These kids on the upper rung are the “lucky ones” as they’ve a halfway decent shot at reaching adulthood, though their emotional scars and baggage are typically lifelong.

At the age of three, Dr. Sue Arrigo’s violent father, a career military intelligence officer, allegedly sold his daughter into the CIA Monarch mind control program [cxxi]. Similar to intergenerational iLLUMiNATi families, fathers who are career military officers often subject their own children to the horrific abuse of mind control. Military brats are viewed as prized commodities mined for their pedigree status as ideal mind control candidates at age two or three. This fact speaks volumes that a favorite crème de la crème source for slave harvesting is military officer families, since they’re engrained with a dementedly skewed sense of duty and hierarchical discipline that apparently absolve fathers of guilt and misgivings despite knowing they’re inflicting systematic torture and rape on their own sons and daughters. But then when they are often their kids’ first pedophile owner and master, it’s no different from the iLLUMiNATi breeding operation. Presidential models often are/were recruited from the “fine upstanding” homes and families of military commanders, examples being Brice Taylor and Cisco Wheeler. It’s all pretty sick shit but then Satanism has found a receptive home in the United States armed forces. Just ask the Luciferian maestro himself Michael Aquino. Thank God 98% of our servicemen and women are decent folk stuck in a diabolical system.

By sinister design, the planetary rulers have used Empire Wars to overrun and flood EUrope (and to lesser extent North America) with millions upon millions of refugees, fomenting religious and race war tensions as part of its control agenda to create such extreme havoc and global upheaval in order to systematically take down the West as a precondition to their one world government totalitarianism [cxxii]. The influx of 50,000 unescorted Latin American children suddenly flocking to Obama’s open border doorstep [cxxiii] a couple years ago was also the result of a covert CIA  DHS globalist operation for the same purpose, ultimately to stir up ethnic divisions within America and reap the bountiful harvest of thousands of helpless, vulnerable children sucked into the pedophile pipeline. Border Patrol agents were ordered to stand down while constitutional states’ rights in Texas and Arizona were usurped and rendered powerless to police their own borders.

An unending cycle, a schematic flow of unfolding events is unleashed  CIA engineered wars beget engineered migration crises beget engineered spikes in child trafficking beget engineered ritualized orgies of Luciferian sodomy beget engineered earthly demonic takeover  all part of the elite’s arsenal of weaponized tools turned spoils of War serving the dual function of child flesh and blood supply and demand while through non stop crises and war tightening the tyrannical grip of absolute control over a haplessly trapped world population. This is their endgame and it’s up to us to spoil it by making their end our endgame for them.

In each of the Empire’s military occupied countries, major interlocking child sex trafficking rings form the global network supplying the pedophile elite with fresh shipments of foreign child slaves in addition to the homegrown, “test tubed,” Monarch bred iLLUMiNATi type already locked and loaded inside North America. By the way, around the globe 2 to 4 million kids each year are trafficked internally within a nation’s border [cxxiv]. This colossal system is structurally held together and maintained by every integral working part, from the crucial intergovernmental to the inter military to the legal, financial, religious, educational to the media, transportation and organized crime components, all are actively participating in this massive planet-wide Luciferian operation. A relative small handful of demonic psychopaths in charge of each of these interlocking spheres of international power, wealth and control are actually running this massive day to day global trafficking network that serves children on a platter to an even smaller number of ruling puppet masters sitting atop this planet’s predatory food chain.

Again it periodically bears reminding that there are good guys within the intelligence services, the military ranks and even a few sprinkled across governments and Hollywood, though few to none are found at or near the top of this power pyramid. Clearly not everyone in the CIAFBI or Pentagon is a serial pedophile killer or complicit enabler and supporter, though the higher up on the pecking order, the more they are. All these hierarchical organizations are purposely structured to compartmentalize to the nth degree, so that the bigger picture and information flow is only privy and disseminated to those on a strict need to know basis. Just as there are lower level Catholic priests and Freemasons who are good, decent people, same applies across the boards to those in government, the military, intelligence and law enforcement communities. No doubt many in these professions caught in bad situations suffer cognitive dissonance whenever they encounter reality that contradicts their own conscience, internal belief system or schemas. They’ll either repress ensuing internal conflicts, deny reality or gradually come to realize continuing to work in settings where they’re merely a complicit cog in the Luciferian wheel can no longer be acceptable. The lower one is on the power pole, the easier it becomes to remove oneself. The corollary makes it extremely difficult with far more at stake. Whistleblowers bravely take their own life into their hands.

The next chapter will continue the overview analysis of the CIA military end of pedophilia and the child trafficking network that includes exposing private US civilian contractors’ and the UN’s supplementary but critical roles in this gargantuan planet-wide criminal operation.

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