Lots of official data here regarding the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell




Lots of official data here regarding the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell

Get Maxwell… Just as I Suspected.


I think I may be showing my age with that intro header; but here are all of the available data-points I can find on the Ghislaine Maxwell case as it relates to the court docs, hideout and the flight data:

First up – The Federal Bureau of Prisons has a website by which you can look up inmates – this database goes all the way back to the 80’s and for the most part with few exceptions contains anyone that has ever been incarcerated in their system.

Currently, she is showing at Brooklyn MDC and all visitors have been suspended until further notice – I suspect that is due to COVID and not her. However, I am not fully convinced she is actually in there given the lack of security and situation that happened with Epstein. I am also finding a lot of holes in the reporting relative to the arrest date, the take-down as well as the supposed house she was in. Time will tell; but let me share my findings and let you decide for yourself.


The House – Part Number Deuce.

Remember when I said she was likely taken down the previous week and NOT July 3rd as stated? My hunch just based on the flight activity as I saw very similar things happening when Epstein didn’t kill himself. There were a flurry of flights down to close proximity “International” locations – some of which are published and known agency black sites from previously outed rendition flight stories. Upon researching the court documents – I find them to support this theory.

According to the court documents, it was four days earlier on the 29th in which she was taken into custody.

She was indeed in New Hampshire; but the story about the FBI rolling up the driveway 15 deep in the morning to arrest a woman who was on the lamb just sitting in here living room wearing sweats and reading her book while having a coffee – I am not buying – as they do not want this lady to escape under any circumstances and 15 federal Chevy Suburbans rolling up your driveway are going to get your attention in the country – just ask Nate Cain. As you can see from the aerial shot(s), that house is surrounded by dense woods. Out the back door and 50 feet, she would be out of sight for any supposed airplane circling the area. (Not to mention the obvious floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the road where the feds supposedly drove up).

More than likely, the take-down would have been a very early morning op around 0300-0400 hrs (with a near full moon on the 29th) and teams would have come in around the entire house through the woods, full gear with NVGs, and they would have breached, flash-banged and had her apprehended within 15-20 seconds. They would have then exfilled her immediately with a clean-up team to gather additional evidence after she and the operators was already down the road.

Let’s take a closer look at this million dollar home. According to the “The Insider” and Zillow, this million dollar home had an address of 338 E Washington Road, Bradford NH. They show pictures of very nice home up on a little hill surrounded by woods. However, looking at the Zillow listing and google maps shot, this house JUST sold in 8 months ago in December 2019 doesn’t look anything like the pictures. I will chalk that up as being an old google satellite image (pre 2017) and assume this house was built in recent years around 2017. The more perplexing question becomes how does a person who is running from the law hide out in a house that someone just bought in 2019? The house, according to several realtor and news sources was bought by Granite Realty, LLC. and they paid cash. Clearly she was receiving help to stay off radar.


As for the arrest date, I have a PACER account and was able to pull the records. According to the two case filings, she was taken into custody June 29 in New Hampshire; and while in custody she was officially arrested July 2 via a court order by a NYC Judge and transferred into the Southern District of New York system via a US Marshal.

These are the two cases – the one on June 29, was unsealed because they had her in custody in New Hampshire, it was then officially filed as you will see from the dates below.

Then, while she was still in custody in New Hampshire, the NYC Judge ordered the above arrest warrant to have her transferred into New York custody – thus the July 2nd arrest and case file.


This is the 18 page sealed indictment that was filed – note the header confirming the file date. This thing was ready to go, all they needed was to find her, unseal it and make the arrest.

As you can see below the first filing was June 29 and the 2nd filing was July 2 as her status was changed from in custody to arrested. Proof she was already in custody in New Hampshire on June 29th.


THE FLIGHTS – Part Number 3

Now look closely at the June 29 date where the aircraft in question we tagged in Monmouth New Jersey – where it went VFR direct from there to Fort Lauderdale International. That same aircraft went to GTMO a few days later. This is also the same aircraft that we saw heading to Haiti and Nassau (black sites?) a few days before where the MAGMA89 Spec Ops aircraft was also spotted.


My theory as you will see in a minute, is that she was under the direction and custody of New Hampshire; but in hands of the Federal Marshals. I am willing to bet she was exfilled immediately from New Hampshire to Monmouth via a 40 minute flight under federal protection, while the Judge in NYC issued the transfer paperwork officially to the US Marshals – who btw have no boundaries on jurisdiction.

From there she was flown directly to Fort Lauderdale under witness protection and then to GTMO where she would appear before the NYC judge via video.

Notice below her hearing on July 2 is 3:30PM EST via video. Note the arrival time at GTMO on July 2nd – 10:34AM. Are you tracking?


A quick look at the NY Court Districts Rules 32 and 40 confirming the use of video conferencing. You can also see that she knowingly waived her right to appear in court.

Part Number 4 – These are the charges and what I am not clear on is what exactly the term “Terminated” means. I will have to defer to the legal eagles for this one.



I cannot say for sure she is at GTMO; but what a coincidence we see flight activity, just like Epstein, where an out of sequence aircraft comes down the East Coast from the same general direction and makes its way to GTMO around the exact time of her arrest?

Monkey out.