WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC BIOENGINEERED: Who’s behind it, why now and why China?



WUHAN CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC BIOENGINEERED: Who’s behind it, why now and why China?

A Complex Psyop Perpetrated
to Distract, Enforce Mandatory
Vaccinations and Coerce China to Comply with American Demands

Everything Points to Biowarfare Being Used Against
China by the Western Powers Which Seek to Contain
Her Growing Power and Influence in the World

State of the Nation

IMPORTANT UPDATE: CORONAVIRUS BIOWEAPON UPDATE: Unique HIV-1 Signatures Confirmed by Team of Indian Scientists

Given the multiple and serious woes that China has suffered from during 2019, it comes as no surprise that the Western powers would now resort to full-scale biowarfare.

WEAPONIZED CORONAVIRUS: “Bioengineered as a self-replicating weapon system”

If there’s one last hit to the economy that China doesn’t need right now, it’s a global pandemic that ‘supposedly’ originated in Wuhan, the sprawling capital of Central China’s Hubei province (see map below with the red marker identifying Wuhan).

See how Wuhan is located right in the center of China’s highly productive southeast region—the economic powerhouse of the nation. This strategic location was selected for the biological attack because of the easily engineered vectors of disease dissemination as depicted by the map above. Paralyzing China’s economic and financial sectors is, after all, a primary goal of this essentially Anglo-American black operation. See: Why the coronavirus is a real threat to China’s economy

In light of the US-staged Hong Kong protests, U.S. tariff regime against China, threat of economic sanctions against nations working with Huawei, CIA-inflamed Xinjiang conflict involving the Muslim Uyghurs, provocative sailing of US Navy warships through the Taiwan Strait, transparent political prosecution of Huawei’s CFO, ravaging of China’s pig farms by another DARPA-bioengineered virus, FedEx thwarting multiple sensitive deliveries to China in 2019, etc. the Chinese government has been under withering attack since 2018.

When so many debilitating assaults are suspiciously happening at once, what can China do except deal with them in a manner so as to expose the true culprits. However, China is not likely to do that in the case of this intensifying bio-war being waged by the West.

SARS conspiracy theory

The original SARS pandemic that took place in China after the turn of the millennium was also well-known in bio-medical circles as a naked act of biowarfare. Like this year’s coronavirus bio-attack in Wuhan, the bioengineered SARS outbreak also involved a highly coordinated campaign of propaganda and disinformation. See: Is the new ‘deadly China virus’ a covert operation?

However, the administration of Xi Jinping is much too concerned about the panic that would inevitably result if the populace was informed of a full-blown bioweapon attack. The precipitating chaos would simply overwhelm the government in Beijing which is already on serious overload because of the endless interference by the Anglo-American Axis.

The SARS outbreak that occurred from 2002 to 2003 has already shown that China is not willing to release the hard scientific evidence that proves the premeditated release of a bioengineered coronavirus.

The following excerpt from Wikipedia explains some of the background of SARS—the Severe acute respiratory syndrome epidemic that took place primarily in mainland China and Hong Kong, but also in Canada and other countries.

Wuhan Coronavirus of 2020

The rapidly spreading Wuhan coronavirus, also known as Novel coronavirus, that was first reported in 2019 has all the hallmarks of yet another bioengineered virus in a U.S. Military laboratory to hit China.

What follows is a short description form Wikipedia of this Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Time will tell whether this deadly coronavirus was released into the Chinese population with the intent to kill and sicken, scare and intimidate. The current intimidation phase of such an ongoing black operation is certainly aimed at the government in Beijing which refuses to be coerced and threatened by the Trump administration.

Because the highly disruptive, Western-backed Hong Kong protests have yet to yield the result desired by the U.S. State Department, it was only a matter of time before the C.I.A. implemented Plan B…or is this Plan C or D? Nothing delivers a such a loud and clear message from the Anglo-America imperium like a highly infectious and often fatal plague. Such odious techniques have been used with efficacy since the Black Plague was deliberately let loose on Europe in the 14th century.

KEY POINT: The replication process (see diagram above) of this particular coronavirus, and how quickly it mutates and/or adapts to various pharmaceutical treatment regimens, will reveal exactly how this pathogenic microorganism was bioengineered by U.S. bioweapon labs.

Why China?

The $64,000 question here is: Why is China always the epicenter for so many strains and variations of coronaviruses, influenzas, pneumonia viruses and other highly contagious infection agents that strike the major commercial centers on southeastern Chinese mainland. (Remember, the British owned and operated Hong Kong from 1841 to 1997 while setting up a city-wide intelligence apparatus and shadow government infrastructure that remains intact today.)

What’s particularly suspicious about all of these outbreaks in China is that they are each described by the Mainstream Media (MSM) as quite dangerous to human health. The mortality rate in the beginning of these eventual pandemics is especially high, as if by purposeful design of the bioengineers. In this way, the whole world is eventually drawn into a pandemic melodrama that’s certainly designed to fear-monger. Hence, more of these endless distractions serve the specific purpose of taking the attention away from real problems caused by governments the world over. But it’s the numerous criminal conspiracies at work and shocking scandals which have recently come to light which the elites seek to cover up by this ongoing and super-distraction event.

You know it’s a distraction when Drudge hypes it like this.There are relatively few military bioweaponry labs in the world that have the capability to create such a contagious and fatal virus as the coronavirus. Thus, when the truth is confirmed about the Wuhan flu, there will be only a few state actors who could have been behind these acts of biowarfare against the Chinese people. In reality, should this Wuhan coronavirus outbreak become a full-blown epidemic in China it could represent an attempt to commit genocide. Likewise, if it becomes a bona fide pandemic, it could ultimately be labeled a crime against humanity, perhaps even humanity-wide genocide (also known as a depopulation event).

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

It’s of paramount importance to understand that there really is a vast and highly organized New World Order conspiracy to foist a One World Government on the world community of nations. See: Is this Bill Gates’ long-awaited excuse to usher in global governance?

There are several main pillars of this New World Order agenda, one of which is being stealthily put into place by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Likewise, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are insidiously erecting one of the primary social media pillars of this NWO agenda as is Tony Dorsey at Twitter and Susan Wojcicki at YouTube. Bill and Hillary Clinton are using the Clinton Foundation to take advantage of poor countries around the world while surreptitiously laying the foundation for future exploitation on a mass scale just as George Soros & Sons are deceitfully creating new societies via geoengineered climate change, multiculturalism and cultural marxism. The crucial point is that all of these high-paid globalists are intimately connected to each other and covertly working to advance the same nation-destroying U.N. agendas. See: PEDOGATE: Epstein cofounded Clinton Global Initiative, Bill Gates hung out with Epstein AFTER conviction

Fabricating global crises is at the very core of these various NWO sub-agendas. Two of the ‘scariest’ manufactured catastrophes are those that severely impact the biosphere (e.g. global warming) and undermine human health (e.g. deadly pandemics). In this way, false pretexts are being cunningly constructed to justify the establishment of an all-powerful One World Government. Toward that end, the NWO globalist cabal knows that they must first sufficiently manufacture consent so that the people demand a totalitarian form of global governance to manage these public health disasters and environmental catastrophes.

KEY POINT: The basic MO for foisting exceedingly dangerous vaccination schedules upon the whole human race uses the Problem~Reaction~Solution strategy.  First, the perps furtively engineer an infectious disease outbreak (Problem); next, they hype the emerging epidemic or pandemic or plague in order to manufacture consent for the pre-planned solution (Reaction); then, they roll-out the new vaccine that’s misrepresented as a life-saver when it actually spreads the infection/disease and substantially exacerbates the problem (Solution).  See: Bill Gates Accused Of Starting Ebola Outbreak In African Village By Putin

Multi-billionaires such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros were all given their fortunes mostly through exorbitant corporate compensation plans, insider trading, currency manipulations, off-shore tax evasion schemes, and other forms of criminal unconscionable enrichment. Once they received those ill-gotten gains, they were completely own by the International Banking Cartel (IBC).

The IBC then directs the expenditures of every single dollar given to these made tycoons, most of which are allocated toward carrying out the NWO implementation plan. The pet projects listed on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website are examples of that nefarious plan. Of course, the whole world now knows that their primary pet project is their worldwide Super-Vaccination Agenda, where every single person is vaccinated every year, on time, and micro-chipped accordingly. What better way to completely control the global population? See: India To Prosecute Bill Gates For Using Tribal Children To Conduct Illegal Vaccine Test

There is no better way to enforce a mandatory global vaccination schedule than to engineer a frightening pandemic with an exceedingly high mortality rate. Billions of people will then demand the newly formulated vaccine necessary to protect them from such a fatal infection and/or debilitating disease. Hence, before anyone receives such a vaccine, it’s important to know that the process REQUIRED to produce such an effective immunization can be a year-long period of intensive experimentation, if one is possible at all because of how intricately this coronavirus was bio-engineered to elude proper analysis and the necessary experimentation.

“It’s really quite easy for any of the various U.S. military bioweapon labs to bioengineer a deadly super-virus and then release it in a city as large as Wuhan, China. Acts of bioterrorism like this are carried out all the time. As a matter of historical fact, the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 actually originated at Fort Riley, Kansas where soldiers reported to the Army’s largest training facility during World War I. The soldiers who were [DELIBERATELY] infected with the H1N1 influenza virus then served as countless vectors of dissemination for the pandemic that ultimately killed as many as 100 million people worldwide. That single US-executed biowarfare operation against humanity was arguably the deadliest depopulation event in human history.” (See: Spanish Flu of 1918 Was Really a Bioterror Attack on Humanity)

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Army Officer


There’s no better way to compel a populace to comply with draconian vaccination regimens than to scare them with the prospect of a deadly pandemic. Governments around the world are constantly under pressure from the New World Order globalist cabal to implement the Super-Vaccination Agenda.

Toward that end, the world community of nations has been repeatedly victimized by manufactured measles outbreaks and ever-worsening flu seasons, so they tell us. See: Annual Flu Shot Programs and Staged Measles Outbreaks Are the Central Pillars of the Super-Vaccination Agenda

However, there really is much more to this story than meets the eye. Not only was the Wuhan coronavirus surreptitiously disseminated to serve as a major distraction from a rapidly collapsing Global Economic & Financial System, this state-sponsored black operation also represents the worst of predatory capitalism conducted as a means of generating revenue. Much more significantly, this staged pandemic will be furtively used to exert oppressive international controls on travel as well as impose draconian medical measures which greatly advance the Super-Vaccination Agenda.

Lastly, the timing of the deadly virus that ravaged China’s pig farms last year quite predictably triggered a call for the development of a preventative vaccine. What the following news report neglected to state was that the mass slaughter of pigs, in a society that demands LOTS of pork, was cynically planned to manufacture the urgent need for yet another vaccine. See: China’s Pig Farms Decimated by Virus—Was it bioengineered and spread on purpose?

The bottom line here is that the Wuhan coronavirus is likely another race-targeting bioweapon strategically unleashed throughout China by U.S. military labs

Special Note: People, everything points to this bio-terror attack being the BIG ONE (also known as the global depopulation scheme we’ve all been waiting for). This coronavirus is moving around the globe so fast, and being hyped by the Mainstream Media with such a vengeance, it’s as though this will be their primary tool for total global lockdown. If the infection rate continues to proliferate into a full-blown pandemic, like The Powers That Be did with the Spanish flu, then this really is the depopulation event many of us have warned about. This highly misguided and naked act of bio-terrorism could even evolve into an ELE, God forbid. There’s no question that 2020 promises to be a year of pervasive and profound transformation. The current state of affairs throughout the world cannot continue; it’s far too unstable and explosive. Hence, it’s quite likely that there will be a series of global catalysts that will prompt the necessary changes. While some of these apocalyptic calamities may seem terrifying at first, ultimately they will serve to contribute to the ongoing planetary catharsis. Whereas many folks will see all of these End-time crises as being intentionally manufactured by the power elite to save their own skins, REMEMBER, even the Dark Side can only act as the Highest Power permits. Also remember that, ultimately, “all things work together toward good”.

Lastly, the highly suspicious timing of this biological attack really is a dead giveaway. It was conspicuously carried out with great deliberation during the December of 2019 so that it could be greatly exacerbated throughout the week just prior to the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The New Year is by far the biggest nationwide holiday when festivities shut down normal business for a week, if not longer in some locales. Clearly, the perpetrators chose this normally celebratory period to rain on their parade(s), dampen the spirit of the Chinese people and wreck China’s economy. See: Was the Wuhan coronavirus a well-planned hit job to disrupt the Chinese New Year? (Video)

SOTN Editor’s Note: This Alt Media platform has received a plethora of evidence that supports every single word in this scathing exposé. Some of that evidence is presented in the following numerous updates. As a U.S.-based intelligence-gathering website, SOTN extends our sincerest condolences to the people of China. We Americans know there is nothing that the U.S. Federal Government and UK Government, as well as their foreign proxies, will not do to maintain the worldwide US-UK Empire. While these culprits incessantly conduct extremely destructive black operations in our name and with our tax dollars, we staunchly disavow and robustly condemn this terrible assault on China.

State of the Nation
January 20, 2020

Author’s Note

The complex and devious Anglo-American plot behind this bio-attack against China is slowly exposing itself.  As time goes by, the general outlines of this criminal conspiracy are taking shape.  SOTN will soon present some of the main irrefutable details of this highly convoluted conspiratorial plot to wreck and ruin China’s economy in order to maintain the U.S dollar as the world’s sole reserve currency.  This series of CIA-MI6 black ops also constitutes a HUGE global psyop designed to considerably undermine China’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative.

Recommended Reading


Update 1

After seeing their whole country burned down by Operation Torch Australia, how could the Australian government possibly refuse globalist orders to develop a coronavirus vaccine. (See: Always obeying their NWO globalist masters, Australia swiftly develops coronavirus vaccine!) As it was previously stated, the typical Hegelian Dialectic Problem~Reaction~Solution strategy will now be used to foist a toxic vaccination regimen on the entire planetary civilization.

Update 2

The NWO globalist cabal knows that fastidiously bioengineered viruses, especially those which are hardwired to rapidly morph and mutate so as to elude an effective remedy, are the most effective depopulation weapons in their arsenal. See: The bioengineered Spanish flu that killed upwards of 100 MILLION people originated at Fort Riley, Kansas

Update 3

Even popular Alt Media platforms are being used to float planted propaganda and false narratives — PREEMPTIVELY — in order to deflect any and all attention from this transparent bio-terror attack by the West. See this purposeful headline, which is usually issued by the CIA’s Mockingbird Media, as an example of such a diversionary tactic and strategic misdirection: The Real Umbrella Corp: Wuhan Ultra Biohazard Lab Was Studying “The World’s Most Dangerous Pathogens”.

Update 4

Fear-mongering headlines about China such as this one will only intensify until President Xi Jinping bends to the will of the Trump administration regarding the “trade deal from hell”: China On Edge Of Chaos: “7 Cities, 23 Million People Under Quarantine”. Oh, and by the way, the headlines now read like this today: “Beijing Calls In Military As Virus Overwhelms Wuhan Hospitals”. Who, pray tell, will travel to China in 2020 in view of these swiftly deteriorating conditions?! Who will want to do business there? Exactly—NO ONE. Which is exactly what the real perps wanted to achieve.

Update 5

Will the utter panic being fueled by social media in China be used as a pretext to shut down vast swaths of the Internet? Both Big Tech and Big Social Media have been frenetically looking for ways to terminate the Alt Media. Here’s what the ever-prevaricating New York Times featured today: Panic and Criticism Spread on Chinese Social Media Over Coronavirus. We’re not saying it didn’t happen; only that the Mainstream Media will do whatever is necessary to destroy the emerging Fifth Estate. See: Fifth Estate Looms Larger Than Ever as Alt Media Exposes NWO Agenda and Deep State Treason

Update 6

There’s an extremely malevolent aspect to this bio-terror operation: WEAPONIZED CORONAVIRUS: “Bioengineered as a self-replicating weapon system”

Update 7

Why didn’t the U.S. implement the same type of border screenings as Russia and India? (See: Deadly Chinese coronavirus arrives in US as Russia, India & others boost border screenings) The southern border, especially in California, is so porous and vulnerable to illegal aliens with deadly contagious diseases crossing over that any enemy could send infected Trojan horses into the Southwest all day long.

Update 8

The United States Government is already notorious for recklessly releasing dangerous infection agents and contagious viruses into the national environment, as well as in foreign countries. One of the worst of these bio-terror operations unleashed in the 50 states concerns the multi-decade epidemic known as Lyme disease. For the unaware, the following video exposé spells it out in graphic detail: The Officially Ignored Link Between Bioengineered Lyme Disease and the Plum Island Bioweapon Laboratory

Update 9

As suspected, the NWO perps are taking this bioengineered pandemic global very, VERY quickly. The United States now has 3 confirmed cases and 63 suspected ones. See: 46 Million Chinese Are Now Under Quarantine, More Than All Of California; Virus Jumps To Europe

Update 10

‘SPREADS THROUGH EYES’: Coronavirus vectors of transmission increasing

Update 11

They know how to time these terror operations: A ‘High-Level Exercise’ Conducted 3 Months Ago Showed That A Coronavirus Pandemic Could Kill 65 Million People

Update 12

More and more Alt Media sites are calling this a hoax. While there may be aspects and details that are proven to be fake, that does not mean the entire psyop / black op is a hoax. As the perps often do, they blend grim realities with obvious falsehoods in order to confuse investigative journalists who then promote their own fictitious narrative. This tendency must be resisted until we see how this factually evolves. See: It’s way too early for the Alt Media to call this developing pandemic a hoax.

Update 13

And along comes a PhD Toxicologist who really knows what he’s talking about regarding this particular coronavirus. Despite a degree from Duke University’s Department of Pathology, this trained scientist has left the reservation of political correctness and breaks it all down in this informative video: Coronavirus Is Worse Than You’ve Been Told.

Update 14

Every bioengineered pandemic, especially those that have gone unidentified and/or unacknowledged, have a specific purpose for the targeted populations and bloodlines. Whereas the Spanish flu was as a full-scale depopulation event, the Epstein-Barr virus released during the 1960s was a stealthy bio-terror attack with a highly hidden agenda. The rebellious Beatniks and Baby Boomers were the explicit target of the EBV stealth virus as their health has greatly suffered since those original bouts of Mononucleosis. Likewise, everything now points to the great likelihood that the present act of bio-terrorism in China was conducted to expose as many people as possible in order to degrade the overall health status and undermine the immune systems of the susceptible populations. This is why the Chinese bloodlines were specifically targeted; they have been set up to suffer a similar fate as those who still suffer from EBV Stage IV some 50 years after that bio-crime. This analysis certainly does not preclude the distinct possibility that the Wuhan bio-attack could end up morphing into a major depop event. Only time will tell.

Update 15

An essential revisiting of the Spanish flu genocide reveals that it was the prescribed aspirin which turned that influenza into such a mass killer. Therefore, it’s imperative that every person who contracts Wuhan coronavirus understands their treatment plan and is not taking any medicine(s) that can worsen it. Certain drug interactions, in particular, can significantly increase the severity of certain types of flu and their various symptoms. See: BEWARE: Spanish Flu Mortality Rate Soared Because of Doctor-prescribed Medicines Especially Aspirin

Update 16

‘The Father of the Coronavirus Virus is the CDC’, Planted in China by the C.I.A.

Update 17

What’s vital to correctly comprehend throughout this unfolding global drama is that there are multiple scenarios developing in different parts of the world as various covert schemes are being executed by the perpetrators. None of these scenarios are necessarily mutually exclusive. While some of them described in these updates may even appear to contradict each other, they can all be true and/or operative at the same time. For instance, it has been reported that Man Who Pushed SARS Dud Now Pushing New Chinese Virus. That factoid might lead many to believe that the current outbreak is a media-generated hoax, when in reality it could be much worse than what is represented by the MSM. In other words, this complex conspiracy was made quite complicated and confusing on purpose to confound both medical researchers and scientific investigators alike.

Update 18

What makes Wuhan coronavirus so challenging to closely monitor and potentially decimating is this: Coronavirus Stealth Strain Bioengineered to Avoid Detection in Carriers Who Present No Symptoms The U.S. military labs have been hard at work over decades perfecting their newfangled bioweapons. What that means is that a previous pandemic — known or silent — is craftily utilized to lay the foundation for a future one that, when overlaid, triggers a whole new multi-infection syndrome which is both deadly and difficult to identify, much less treat successfully. There are also multiple chemtrail aerosol formulations that are used to activate different flu pathogens that line the respiratory tract. That’s why so many now complain of both Chemtrail Flu and Chemtrail Syndrome. See: CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

Update 19

Now we know: Why are these 80 scientists now dead? And, why are they all microbiologists?

Update 20

This critical update is arguably the most important of all because of the revised history that is presents: Spanish Flu Genocide Was Really Caused by Vaccinations. Hence, the Chinese medial authorities had better look closely at the vaccines being administered throughout the Wuhan greater metro area. As is often the case, the steady application of Occam’s razor will likely solve the primordial cause mystery. This HUGE revelation does not mean that the Spanish flu “aspirin theory” is not relevant; for that ‘medical mistake’ served to put the influenza outbreak on super steroids ON PURPOSE.

Update 21

If these photos and testimonies coming out of Wuhan China are true, then the degree of media censorship occurring right now is quite extraordinary by any standard. The following link contains GRAPHIC photos and shocking testimony that were posted by an ex-FBI agent: A Former FBI Agent with the Terrorism Task Force Posted Smuggled Photos and Videos of China Chaos.

Update 22

Ever since SARS first appeared on the scene in China, it was as though there was a fierce competition heating up between the United States and China. The basic dynamic is that the Chinese are always trying to stay a step ahead of the latest act of bio-terrorism perpetrated on the mainland. So, as the U.S. military bioweapon labs forever create new biological weapons that are race-targeting, the Chinese labs are developing various antidotes and vaccines to prevent an overwhelming epidemic like we see today. See: Are these coronavirus patents being acquired to weaponize the virus, develop profitable vaccines, or both?!

Update 23

Was the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic deliberately blown up as a major distraction just a few days before the planned January 25th 5G global protest? “YES ! ! !”

Update 24

There is some serious speculation about the secret strategy of fabricating a stealth virus that scares the heck out of everyone in order to compel and coerce citizenries around the world to get the soon-to-be-developed vaccine. In view of the severe pushback by parents everywhere to the pernicious childhood vaccination schedules, The Powers That Be had to come up with a plan. Only a mandatory vaccination campaign to address a deadly virus like the Wuhan coronavirus could reverse the rising tide of anger and rebelliousness against those institutionalized crimes known as medical rape and medicide by vaccine. Hence, the Wuhan coronavirus was likely bioengineered to meet all the most concerning criteria whereby the people will soon be demanding a vaccine, just the way the perps designed it. The more crucial point here is that any vaccine the bioweapon labs concoct will inevitably cause an infection in a significant segment of the vaccinated population, which will only keep this pandemic going ad infinitum. Even more significantly is the fact that such a vaccine will contain undisclosed ingredients which will produce even worse symptoms and/or disease for the vaccine victim in the future (e.g. Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Allergies, MCS, EI Syndrome).

Update 25

Another Graphic Insider Report on China’s Coronavirus Crisis: Coronavirus in China: 23 Million QUARANTINED, 2.8 Million Infected; 112,000 DEAD

Update 26

There is an intimate connection between the recent 5G roll-out in Wuhan City and the explosion of the coronavirus in the same geographic area. Several of the primary symptoms of this virus can also be caused by exposure to 5G radio-frequency signal ranges and microwave radiation. The millimeter waves associated with 5G are especially harmful and proven to undermine the human immune system. As follows:

Update 27

Let’s not forget that this bio-terror attack was calculated to take place during the week of the Chinese New Year, perhaps the biggest holiday of the year. Not only that, but this year — 2020 — celebrates the Year of the Rat, the first year of the 12-year cycle which sets the pace for the time ahead. Such meticulous timing for a biological attack could only have been set by China’s arch enemies. This event has not only destroyed any hope of economic recovery in the wake of the Trump tariffs, it has greatly demoralized the citizenry. (See: Doing business in China just got a LOT harder—Was it planned that way? ) . As the Drudge Report quite disrespectfully posted, the perps sent a big ugly “Happy Flu Year”. What they failed to realize, however, is that there will be blowback.

Update 28

What cannot be overlooked is the suspicious timing of the Wuhan bio-attack relative to the formal announcement of President Trump’s ‘peace plan’ on Tuesday, January 28, 2020 (that’s today). Not only is this not a peace plan, the Palestinians had no part in its formulation and negotiation. What Trump is really offering is an Israeli annexation scheme designed to coerce the State of Palestine into a very bad deal. How does anything good come out of a deal put together by Benjamin Netanyahu, Benny Gantz, Donald Trump and Jared Kushner where it concerns the future of the Palestinians? That’s right—nothing but more pain and suffering will come from this transparent scam. Which is why the timing of its official presentation to the world-at-large is quite suspect taking place in the midst of the ongoing pandemic scare (and impeachment trial). Are the other world power expected to endorse the “crazy peace plan” under threat of a coronavirus bio-terror attack?! See: Trump’s ‘peace plan’ is theater of the absurd

Update 29

There are several ridiculous narratives circulating throughout the Alt Media that suggest this whole pandemic scare is a hoax. Surely, a city with over 11 million people — Wuhan, China — would not look like this if this strain of coronavirus was not a very serious health hazard: Inside Wuhan: Daily life in China’s coronavirus quarantine zone (Video). Furthermore, Chinese doctors would not risk their lives to put out dire warnings such as this one: Infected Chinese Doctor Warns N95 Masks Do Not Protect Against Coronavirus. There is also this brave resident of Wuhan who risked his life to provide a reality check via YouTube: Wuhan citizen risks his life to tell what’s really happening with coronavirus crisis (Video)

Update 30

Definitive proof that Coronavirus is a globalist bioweapon

Update 31

Any ongoing global event of this enormity and gravity demands an answer to the question: Qui bono? There is one answer in particular that prominently stands out which is addressed in this link: BIOTERRORISM: Is this why the bioengineered coronavirus was released in Wuhan, China?!

Update 32

Ever since the devastating Opium Wars, the British have shown their total disregard for the Chinese people. Hence, it comes as no surprise that UK-based universities would be a publicly debating the “snakes vs bats” source of the Wuhan coronavirus. What better way to deflect from the real cause of this emerging pandemic—an Anglo-American bioengineered stealth virus developed in a DARPA laboratory. (See: How the coronavirus was traced back to the British Crown) No one does naked propaganda like the Brits; they’ve already successfully orchestrated a worldwide drama around “snakes vs bats” that will stick only because of the meticulously timed Tavistock meme that it is. That such a technologically advanced and rapidly mutating bioweapon such as the Wuhan coronavirus came from either animal could be viewed as either another Shakespearean comedy or tragedy or both (“Crown” is derived from the Latin word “corona”).

Update 33

What is likely to be the subject of endless debate in the future is whether the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic caused the Second Great Depression by a quirk of fate (i.e. bad timing) or by intentional design (i.e. MIHOP = TPTB made it happen on purpose). The NWO globalist cabal knows that if they execute a controlled demolition of the GE&FS via the FED, they will be held responsible as never before. On the other hand, if they use this unfolding pandemic to trigger a market crash, they have an out … … … so they think. See PANDEMIConium: If January market trends, economic data and financials are any indication, 2020 is gonna get ugly—REAL UGLY!

Update 34

There’s always a LOT of confusion within the Alt Media when global apocalyptic events like this take place. What eventually happens is that various camps of belief form, regarding both the facts of the conspiratorial plot as well as its ultimate goal, which often rigidify into opposing groups. During the ensuing debates, people get totally lost in the fog of disinformation, misinformation and false information. Instead of watching the actual results on the ground closely, they debate about hypotheticals and trivia. The key point is that most of the well-thought-out perspectives may be entirely true concerning the NWO objectives, as they are rarely mutually exclusive. For example, we see this analysis as being both plausible and probable: Coronavirus Virus: Is Motive Profit or Depopulation (or both)?

Update 35

CORONAVIRUS REALITY CHECK: China’s Response Has Not Been Accurately Represented by the Western Media

Update 36

HUGE scientific development that proves the coronavirus was bioengineered as a weapon: “Indian scientists have just found HIV (AIDS) virus-like insertions in the 2019-nCov virus” — PROOF WUHAN CORONAVIRUS A BIOENGINEERED WEAPON!

Not only that, this investigative journalism platform suspected that the Harvard Chemistry Chair, who was recently arrested for smuggling “biological material”, was really taken out because of the needed assistance he was giving the Chinese medical scientists. He may have had the experience and knowhow to identify the HIV-like gene insertions among making other valuable contributions. See: Was the Harvard Chemistry Chair really arrested because he had the expertise to prove the Wuhan coronavirus was a US-engineered bioweapon?

Update 37

CORONAVIRUS HEALTH GUIDANCE: How to successfully manage viral infections and avoid their serious consequences

Update 38

URGENT! Practical Advice for Coronavirus Prevention and Holistic Remediation

Update 39

FRANKENVIRUS! The Bioengineered Wuhan Coronavirus Responds Favorably to ‘Powerful AIDS Drugs’

Offering some more evidence that this wasn’t just some fluke, a team of Thai doctors told the Bangkok Post that the use of anti-flu and AIDS drugs has been a huge success as the country with the largest number of infected patients tries to contain the outbreak within its own borders.

Two doctors from Rajavithi Hospital in Bangkok (Dr. Kriangsak Atipornwanich and Associate Professor Dr. Subsai Kongsangdao) decided to use oseltamivir, an anti-flu drug used to treat MERS along with lopinavir and ritonavir, two AIDS drugs that had been used with some success in Beijing, to treat a female patient whose condition was rapidly deteriorating.
(Source: Thai Doctors “Cure” Coronavirus Patient Using Powerful AIDS Drugs)

Update 40

CORONAVIRUS: “Now That It’s A National Emergency, Is It ‘Too Late’? — PhD in Neurotoxicology

Update 41

There have been all sorts of propaganda pieces circulated about the Wuhan coronavirus since even before the outbreak first started.  In fact, the highly organized disinformation campaign has been quite successful because so many Alt Media sites have both wittingly and unwittingly disseminated the false narratives.  Whereas the Left has been mind-control programmed to hate Russia, the Right has been conditioned to detest all things China.  The current administration is feeding the current smear campaign against China at every turn by putting out hit pieces like this: Scientist Who Drafted the Biological Weapons Act States that ‘Coronavirus Is Biological Warfare Weapon’—Does he blame China because he was told to by the DARPA bioweapon lab responsible for the outbreak?.  (Why did this expert decide to go public right after this coronavirus was confirmed as a bioweapon?  To deflect rightful blame from the Anglo-American perps, that’s why!)  That’s not to say that the content found in this link is not factual; rather, that the deeper truths, which were deliberately not disclosed, point directly to a biological attack stealthily launched by the U.S.  Not only was that bio-attack carefully covered up, it has been twisted out of reality to appear as a strictly Chinese mishap.  No one blames the victim so shamelessly like the “Fric & Frac” of the Western powers—the United States & United Kingdom.

Update 42

By all appearances, it seems that the Trump administration has given very little quality time to responding to the coronavirus outbreak stateside.  Given the rapidly increasing number of cases which have occurred throughout the USA thus far, the government’s response has been highly suspect.  It’s almost as though the White House is manufacturing a real crisis by way of willful negligence in order to end the Democrat madness which has been on full display since Trump was first elected.  Perhaps Trump’s limp reaction is because of the very tenuous state of the GE&FS as a real pandemic will serve as a politically plausible explanation for when it does crash and burn.  There has also been an eerie silence inside the Beltway about this potentially catastrophic pandemic, as though they are all guilty as criminal co-conspirators.  With that correct understanding, the following video will make much more sense: CORONAVIRUS: “Now That It’s A National Emergency, Is It ‘Too Late’? — PhD in Neurotoxicology.

Update 43

It should be noted that this biological attack was a fastidiously coordinated operation among several major institutions and state actors. See (CORONAVIRUS BACK STORY: Starring DARPA, UK, EU, WHO, UN, BILL GATES, SERCO & WELLCOME TRUST) . While these various entities exist on both sides of the Atlantic, it should be clear that the United States has been set up to take all the blame.  The Brits are consummate manipulators and would never be caught anywhere near the Wuhan crime scene; however, that doesn’t mean their fingerprints haven’t been found all over the place. See: CROWN VIRUS FALSE FLAG UPDATE

Update 44

Here’s the official United States Patent for the Coronavirus—Patent No.: US 7,220,852 B1

Update 45

Everything points to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic being used to significantly advance the malevolent Super-Vaccination Agenda.  A major prong of Big Pharma’s multi-pronged strategy is to demonize the anti-vaxxers.  Both the Anti-Vax Movement and Health Freedom Movement have enjoyed great success in waking up parents across America to the highly toxic, often harmful and sometimes deadly childhood vaccination schedules. Those vested interests who are aggressively pushing the Super-Vaccination Agenda could only respond with reckless threats of prosecution and jail for those who refuse to vaccinate their children.  This quickly escalating coronavirus pandemic provides the perfect pretext to foist mandatory vaccines ON THE ENTIRE POPULACE, which can then be used to vilify the anti-vaxxers who will be blamed for spreading the extremely contagious HIV-laced virus. See: New Proposed Law To Jail ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ & CDC Fear-Based Talking Points To Media Revealed (Video)

Update 46

There is an increasing amount of evidence that the Chinese government is intentionally reporting coronavirus statistics, regarding both the infection rate and mortality rate, in the interest of not sparking a full-blown panic.  If this is true, folks throughout the rest of the world need to respond accordingly and really take preventative measures post-haste. See: Did China’s Tencent Accidentally Leak The True Terrifying Coronavirus Statistics

Update 47

If these new coronavirus numbers are accurate, it needs to be treated as a full-blown pandemic!

Update 48

With each passing day, evidence is mounting which indicates a highly strategic and well-planned bio-attack against China as a means of crippling her economy.  This act of bio-terrorism gives the U.S. much-needed leverage in the thorny negotiation process of the monumental trade deal.  The Trump administration has shown no reluctance to threaten or intimidate Beijing from day one.  Now that the world is waking up to the reality of this bio-warfare against China (See: Western Bio-warfare Targets the Chinese, China Bashing Employed to ‘Blame the Victim’), the U.S. is working triple-time to avoid any blame.  While it’s extremely unlikely that President Trump had any foreknowledge of this closely coordinated US-UK biological attack in the sprawling capital of Central China’s Hubei province, he is now being used by his handlers to communicate a vastly different message than his fellow China-bashing Republicans who have been spewing falsehoods like this.  The real Anglo-American bio-terrorists know that they will eventually be found out so a new narrative is being issued by the White House as follows:
White House Asks Scientists To Investigate Whether 2019-nCoV Was Bio-Engineered
Trump says Xi’s ‘sharp’ leadership will defeat coronavirus in U-turn on harsh anti-China rhetoric

Update 49

The stark reality is that Wuhan 2020 will forever be remembered as China’s 9/11 … only infinitely much worse.  As a matter of fact, the very same forces who executed the 9/11 terrorist attacks are behind the current bio-terrorist attack(s) in China.  As always, the prime mover of such a highly consequential cataclysm is the Zionist leadership in Tel Aviv.  Which makes this Western-manufactured pandemic a decidedly Zio-Anglo-American operation.  Although Israeli fingerprints have yet to be found at the Wuhan crime scene, their military intelligence apparatus is busy disseminating patently false information to BLAME THE VICTIM as only Zionists do with such reprehensible recklessness. See China Slams Israeli Claim That Coronavirus Came From Bioweapon Lab

Update 50

Only now are people waking up to the fact that the Wuhan bio-terrorist attack is on an order much greater than the terrorist attacks conducted on September 11, 2001 in New York City and Washington, D.C.  Even the real perpetrators responsible for both terror operations are from the same tribe of warmongers as follows: Wuhan Coronavirus Bio-attack Is China’s 9/11, Same Perps Behind Both

Special Message from The Health Coach

To: Any individual who wishes to guard against exposure to, or remediate symptoms caused by, the Wuhan coronavirus.

The Health Coach has provided coaching and consultation services for clients with the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, COPD, asthma, emphysema, lung cancer, cystic fibrosis, as well as the whole range of both upper and lower respiratory infections and diseases. Every flu season brings its own unique set of symptoms and challenges which are met as quickly and successfully as possible with our highly individualized protocols. Our experience with SARS, MERS and other contagious coronavirus infections has well prepared us to assist our clients who have been infected or are vulnerable to the Wuhan coronavirus infection. Our primary approach is holistic and preventative, natural and alternative. However, when medical interventions are necessary, we are quick to refer and recommend the best specialists. A strong immune system and healthy body are the best guarantee against infection and manifesting symptoms of the Wuhan coronavirus (2019-nCoV). Because this strain is “at least 70 percent similar in genome sequence to SARS-CoV”, much of what we learned about SARS as far as treatment is concerned will be applicable. However, new approaches will also be necessary which The Health Coach is prepared to share on a case-by-case basis depending on the presenting symptoms, overall health profile and the individual’s established body types. See: The Health Coach website for additional health information and treatment updates on the Wuhan coronavirus.

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