The Final Conflict Between East and West, Stage Being Set for the Hot Phase of WW3



The Final Conflict Between East and West, Stage Being Set for the Hot Phase of WW3

Trump being set up as the “Adolf Hitler” of the 21st Century

The Millennium Report

First some vital historical context

Just as the Sun moves over the face of the Earth from east to west, so, too, does the locus of global power slowly migrate over the millennia from the East to the West.

A close study of antiquity shows that all the great mundane powers and dominant spiritual traditions originated in the East before marking their path westward. For example, the moral code of Buddhism, as promulgated by Siddhārtha Gautama during the 6th century BCE in India, predated Christianity in the Middle East by over 500 years.

The Egyptian Dynasties, Alexandrian Conquests, Roman Empire, Spanish Empire, British Empire and Pax Americana each reflect this inexorable movement of global power and influence from east to west.

Once again, the great shift of the ages is now rapidly occurring as the established Asian powers — China, Russia, and India — slowly emerge from their slumber and flex their muscles. Each passing day sees the mantle of global leadership come to rest on their collective shoulders.

We are literally watching history in the making as the West loses it power by the year and the East quietly gains it. Nonetheless, this inescapable fact of life for the Anglo-American Axis (AAA) is being resisted every step of the way. And the more the Euro-centered power elite, who are the heirs to the Black Nobility, kick and scream, the more they drive the Asian powerhouses together thereby hastening the downfall of the AAA.

The Global Hegemon

Nevertheless, the United States is still experiencing the last gasps of its downfall with the failed presidency of Donald Trump. His futile attempts to maintain American hegemony are being witnessed by the entire world community of nations. Extremely desperate are Trump’s many despotic and misguided endeavors to continue the USA’s artificially propped up ascendancy.

The Trump administration’s intensifying trade war with China, numerous economic sanctions levied against Russia, relentless persecution of Iran, ongoing initiatives to MIGA, military support of Saudi Arabia against Yemen, illegal blockade of Venezuela, unlawful U.S. troop presence in Syria, backing of Libya strongman, continuing prosecution of the Afghanistan War, unprecedented alienation of Europe, and increasing diplomatic tensions with India, etc. all reflect the imminent decline of American influence and power. The remaining Western superpower — the USA — is thrashing about to and fro as the reign of the once Almighty Dollar comes to an end. In fact, the US petrodollar will very soon no longer function as the world’s reserve currency.

Whereas the Eastern powers have accumulated an immense storehouse of gold far beyond what is officially reported, their true even greater financial strength will become known after the final collapse of the Zio-Anglo-American Axis.

This defining moment will transpire after the various fraudulent markets propped up by Wall Street and the Financial District in the City of London start to crash like falling dominoes. Each of the major markets — equity and bond, currency and commodity, real estate and insurance, derivatives and carbon — are now teetering on the edge of the fiscal abyss. The notorious Global Gambling Casino is about to close its doors—forever!

Trump deception

President Trump was cynically and stealthily installed into the Oval Office by his hidden masters in order to temporarily forestall the free-fall collapse of those markets, as well as that of Western civilization.

Quite surreptitiously, both MAGA and KAG are really about ensuring the fastidious execution of the controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System.

The International Banking Cartel quite deliberately chose Trump over Candidate Clinton because of her very public breakdown, and because of his deep experience as a bankruptcy artist.

Just as the Black Nobility has controlled both sides of the counterfeit coin of national politics of every country on Earth since the 13th century, they have essentially owned and operated the U.S. Federal Government since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, and before.

Both the Republican and Democrat parties function, in reality, as America’s Uniparty. There is no real difference between them and both serve their furtive foreign powers not the American people.

In point of fact, a covert One World Government had been in place from the very beginning of the age but has worked in complete secrecy and with awesome stealth. After all, whoever controls the money controls the world and that can be easily accomplished under the cloak of darkness as they have.

This is how the original banksters of the Babylonian Brotherhood have ruled the planet practically forever—through clandestine networks of moneychangers and merchants, monopolies and cartels, mobs and mafias.

The ever-nefarious New World Order has, in fact, been with us since time immemorial (it’s really the Old World Order) as the whole world has been effectively run by a Shadow Government directly overseeing all the major powers for centuries.

The aforementioned list of empires of the West eventually assumed different roles in the implementation of the NWO agenda worldwide with the 3 city-states taking on the prominent tasks as follows: (i) the Vatican became the religious capital, (ii) London became the financial and economic center and (iii) Washington, D.C. became the political and military headquarters of the Global Control Matrix.

*Tel Aviv represents the capstone of the New World Order since this is where the globalist cabal directs all spying and surveillance, as well as conducts the all-important intelligence gathering operations which are used as the primary control mechanism. See: EPSTEINgate Blown Wide Open, Pedogate Control Mechanism Exposed Like Never Before

Khazarian Mafia

President Trump is merely the latest frontman for the reigning Khazarian Mafia that runs its closeted tyranny everywhere and anywhere.

The seemingly all-powerful, all-pervasive Khazarian Mafia (KM) currently terrorizes the planetary civilization at will (via Operation Gladio of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization), which is why President Trump has never once made a move to expose them. How can he, they put him in the White House.

Even so, it’s critical to understand that the Khazarian Mafia answers to a MUCH higher power. As the lowly enforcement arm, the KM reports to the ultra-secret dark forces who reside at the very peak of the pinnacle of the pyramid of worldly power.

KEY POINT: Unless the reader has correct knowledge about the super-sinister Cahilla, they have very little understanding about how the world is really run. This exceptionally tight and highly organized group of malevolent Talmudic, Freemasonic, Ashkenazi banksters and Khazarian mobsters have transformed every square inch of the planet into well-defined territories each run by various crime syndicates and families. The Cahilla is perhaps the least known secret society within the global power structure that oversees the administration of world affairs. See: THE CAHILLA: You don’t know, what you don’t know!

Trump: the Hitler of the Third Millennium

In light of the historical background provided above, it ought to be easy to comprehend how President Trump has been cunningly set up to be the “Adolf Hitler” of the 21st century.

With extraordinary parallels, Nazi Germany’s Führer was put into power to “Make Germany Great Again”, which he really did during the 1930s. This turnaround after the desolation caused by World War I permitted a massive military buildup by Germany funded by London and New York City banksters as a necessary prep for World War II.

Similarly, Trump was slyly installed as the POTUS to “Make America Great Again”, except that he really isn’t. Trump is actually destroying the USA one day at a time, not like Obama did; rather, in a much more insidious way.

What Trump is doing quite expeditiously and with extreme efficiency is allocating massive funding to the American war machine.

There has never been such an effective presidential promoter for the Military-Industrial Complex as Trump. Truly, Trump is their man! And they will see to it that he stays right where he is now that the DoD has received so much taxpayer revenue.

Breaking every international arms treaty in sight is just one way Trump has significantly exacerbated the arms race. He singlehandedly set back arms control and peace-making by 70 years. All the gains in this regard were just thrown out the window in the interest of making America’s military great again. For what?

To get ready for the purposefully planned World War III that’s been on the globalist agenda for the past 150 years (See the preceding graphic). Carefully read Freemason Albert Pike’s quote above and then consider how Donald Trump has advanced that covert scheme better than anyone else in recent history. Also read this crucial exposé: THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

Just as Adolf Hitler accommodated the hardcore Jewish Zionists who populated the highest levels of the Third Reich, Trump has turned over his entire administration to Neocon Zionists. These are the same war hawks who have destroyed the Middle East with so many unprovoked wars of naked aggression. Who doesn’t know that these same Neocon warmongers used General Wesley Clark to disseminate the final piece of their Greater Israel project? See: General Wesley Clark: “The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years” (Video)

Very few are aware but Hitler’s Final Solution was not about exterminating the Jews, it was strictly about scaring all Jewish people out of Europe and over to Palestine. That was the primary purpose of staging World War II—for the Zionists to establish the Modern State of Israel. And besides, the Nazis desperately need the Jews housed in their concentration camps to work as slave labor for the war effort. Killing them was unheard of in Nazi Germany when their war machine was in such need of manpower. See: Did 70 Million Die So The Jews Could Have Palestine?

As an aside, the extraordinary and swift destruction of the European Union was carried out this past decade by the very same NWO forces in order to make the Continent less safe for European Jewry. The random terrorism against Jews has gone a long way to create that dangerous environment. And, once again, the United States will be made a safe haven as seen by Trump’s flagrant demonization of Muslims from the start of his public declamations in June of 2015.

Trump’s whole persona has been carefully cultivated by his Zionist masters so as to appeal to the Right, the home of the highly mind-controlled Christian Zionists. The main reason why his handlers have always “let Trump be Trump” is because he learned all his Yiddish lines well in his various NYC haunts and could be trusted to deliver them exactly when he was told to by Tel Aviv. Roy Cohn was just one of his different mentors in this particular regard.

Of course, Bibi Netanyahu is able to send any and all messages to Trump via his very own boy messenger in the White House–Court Jew Kushner. They even made sure Kushner bought the most expensive building in NYC real estate history (for a then-record $1.8 billion) — 666 5th Avenue — a property he couldn’t afford so as to keep him on a very short financial leash.

Any accurate portrayal of the Third Reich’s hierarchy indicates an inordinately strong influence of high-ranking Jewish Zionists throughout Hitler’s leadership. These duplicitous members of Ashekenazi Jewry cared nothing for their fellow Jews who they had shipped off to concentration camps all over German-occupied Europe. All they were concerned with was fear-mongering their fellow Jews to Palestine, which they did with great success.

Now fast forward again to Trump: It ought to be crystal clear that his major moves to “Make Israel Great Again” have each been made to provide Jews everywhere with the false hope and/or expectation that Israel is the safest place in the world to live, work and play. It’s not; far from it!

Bombing Syria twice for Netanyahu, canceling the Iran deal, blessing Israel’s theft of the Golan Heights, moving the American embassy to Jerusalem, establishing the first U.S. military base in Israel and substantially increasing financial aid are just a few instances of Trump’s tremendous largesse given to the apartheid state of Israel. Perhaps the worst case against Trump is his zealous salesmanship for the exceedingly dangerous military deployment of 5G ON BEHALF OF ISRAEL. Truly, his presidency has been more about MIGA than MAGA.

KEY POINT: The illicit 5G roll-out is basically an Israeli enterprise. This HUGE unlawful undertaking will permit Israel to gain even greater control over all wireless communications, cybersecurity infrastructure and Internet connections in the USA. Such a total lockdown will provide Tel Aviv with a back door that rivals the NSA, CIA and FBI put together. And guess what: Here’s why 5G is NOT allowed in Israel where it was developed.


Trump is directly responsible for what is perhaps one of the greatest scandals in U.S. history—MAGAgate. His entire MAGA and KAG platforms are nothing but a HUGE fraud perpetrated on his trusting and naive base. See MAGAgate: The Hidden Agenda Behind Donald Trump

There’s only one way to correctly understand the secret back story of Donald J. Trump. That he was born into a crypto-Jewish family and raised as a hardcore Christian Zionist explains his gushing love for all things Israel. See A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was

Just like the highly insecure and narcissistic Adolf Hitler, Trump presents the psychological profile of an easily manipulated puppet leader who is the face of the Khazarian Mafia and Neocon Zionist camarilla.

Because their ultimate goal is the crafty engineering of World War III, they chose an avowed ‘peacemaker’ to trigger it. No one has done more to sow seeds of chaos and conflict throughout the world like President Trump. As a matter of historical fact, his administration has committed more acts of blatant financial terrorism and economic sabotage than any other since the founding of the Republic. See Trump’s foreign policies have caused a recession which will trigger a global depression!

Trump has taken his wrecking ball to the four corners of the Earth … even now to resource-rich and strategically located Greenland. One really wonders if Trump will sanction them or bomb them if they reject his offer to buy the largest island on the planet.

Only the Khazarian Mafia has the chutzpah to act with such unbridled audacity and stone-cold impunity!

The bottom line is that the radioactive Truth About Trump Will Bring Down the Whole System.

The Millennium Report
August 20, 2019