MAGAgate: The Hidden Agenda Behind Donald Trump



MAGAgate: The Hidden Agenda Behind Donald Trump

Trump has only ONE metric by which he measures his success…

… so when the stock market comes crashing down, and it will, his failed presidency will be exposed for the utter disaster it has truly been, not only for the American people but also for the world-at-large.

State of the Nation

Our readership surely knows by now that SOTN no longer supports President Trump. How could this Alt Media platform back the world’s premier pitchman for the exceedingly dangerous military deployment of 5G across the USA?

U.S. Government Has Known About the Serious Adverse Health Effects Associated with 5G for Decades, Hid the Scientific Research Reports from the Public

However, there are several other reasons for abandoning Trump. Some of them are much more serious than others, but they are all highly consequential. When considered in the aggregate, President Trump clearly poses a grave and present danger to the United States of America as well as to the entire planetary civilization.

First and foremost, it’s our studied opinion that Trump is not well. That he is sick—very sick …and on different levels of his being. Alarmingly, he probably does not even know what ails him. This is because Trump lacks even the slightest degree of self-examination or introspection or self inquiry.

What many of us have perceived in our network since his election is a slow-motion deterioration caused by perhaps early-onset dementia. Trump’s often provocative and inflammatory 3 AM tweets are a perfect example of this armchair diagnosis. His extremely offensive daytime tweets offer further evidence that Trump has gone off the rails in a permanent way.

In all likelihood Donald Trump is taking powerful pharmaceutical drugs for various health medical ailments and health conditions which are surely worsening the dementia. (This is just one reason why he has refused to release his medical records.) Just like other POTUSes before him, there’s also the great likelihood that he’s being secretly dosed with psychotropic drugs which make him more pliable, and especially vulnerable to various types of mind-control programming.

Of course, his notoriously bad diet further exacerbates this mental condition as does the accelerating aging process that inevitably occurs with such a super high stress job. Eating BIG MACs and aspartame-laced drinking diet sodas only contributes to his compromised psychological profile. See: Trump, Diet Coke and His HUGE Medical Issues

KEY POINT: A perceptive SOTN reader has rightly assessed Trump as a POTUS living in an altered reality because of his privileged and pampered lifestyle. He never wanted to be POTUS and therefore lived his life as though he wouldn’t be. That’s going to come back to haunt him—BIG TIME! Foolishly appointing Alex Acosta reflects just how dangerously detached from political reality he truly is. His Geminian mental tendencies to flip-flop and speak before he thinks only enhances his flamethrower propensity to throw fuel on fires of his own making. See: AOC ‘squad’ refers to Trump as ‘occupant’ of White House, condemns ‘racist’ remarks, as Trump fires back

With this critical knowledge, it has become increasingly clear that Trump thinks in stunningly simplistic terms. There’s no depth of understanding. There is very little empathy or otherness. He really doesn’t care that he is bankrupting the nation of Iran. Nor does he care that his vicious administration contributed considerably to the ruination of Venezuela. He cares not about that U.S. Armed Forces continue to illegally occupy Syria thereby thwarting the rebuilding of that the ravaged war-torn nation. (See: Why is the U.S. Military running a concentration camp in Syria?)  As for Russia, he throws sanctions around like he’s the emperor of the world personally nailing folks in the Kremlin like a schoolyard bully.

Trump has also insidiously morphed into a full-time meme machine that simply makes fun of his political adversaries and perceived enemies. While his pejorative labels may be right on target, who is he to denigrate the Office of the President in such a reckless, cavalier and disrespectful manner?

KEY POINT: The following exposé is a must read for anyone who really wants to know what we’re dealing with in the person and president of Donald J. Trump: A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was

Stock Market

Trump’s profound lack of comprehension of the U.S. economy and global commerce has backed him into a very dangerous corner of fallacious understanding.

He has reduced his version of a successful American economy to the DJIA. As long as the stock market indicators are reaching new heights, and they are, he feels he’s doing a ‘great job’.

*DJIA = Dow Jones Industrial Average

It’s really that simple for him. That the forever manipulated and artificially propped up stock market is the best metric to gauge his success as the CEO of the US CORPORATION.

It does not get more superficial than this. It does not get more perilous for the American people. Nor does it get more dangerous for the world community of nations; for any country that becomes the object of Trump’s scorn is quickly sanctioned out of existence.

This has never happened before.

Foreign Affairs

We now have a POTUS in the White House who will impetuously issue sanctions against any nation or corporation on Earth that is viewed as an impediment to American economic hegemony.

No matter what nation or corporation is falsely identified by Trump’s Neocon Mafia as a threat to American interests (really Israel’s), once they are targeted by his Treasury hitman — Steve Mnuchin — they will feel the brunt of the worst forms of economic sabotage and financial terrorism the world has ever witnessed.

Regarding Trump’s most draconian sanction regimes, just take a close look at Iran. Venezuela. Libya. Russia. North Korea. Cuba. Sudan.

There are actually 30 plus countries around the world whose citizens have varying types of economic and financial sanctions placed against them by the US government.

Trump’s Constant Economic Sanctions and Financial Assaults are Destabilizing the World Community of Nations

Then there are the supply chain-disruptive tariff wars initiated by Trump & Company.

Friends and foes alike have either tariffs issued against them by the Trump administration, or they have been seriously threatened with tariffs. China, once our biggest trading partner, will likely have all goods and services under U.S. tariff by the end of this year.

Even several nations throughout the European Union have been put on notice by Trump when they don’t bend to his tyrannical will. After sanctions, tariffs are the preferred U.S. weapon to escalate trade wars to unprecedented levels.

Because of this rapidly deteriorating situation, Trump has succeeded in plunging the global community into a catastrophic state of affairs. His many misguided official actions have served to inspire absolutely NO TRUST whatsoever in the United States as they have substantially undermined his credibility worldwide.

Really, who would ever trust this guy again? Not only did he unilaterally tear up a perfectly working Iran nuclear deal, he and his Zionist Neocon warmongers have worked overtime to provoke Tehran into an armed conflict. And, by using false flag attacks that the US, UK and Israel jointly execute.

Now remember, all of these calamitous foreign policy decisions are really being made to meet the demands of Israel. In other words, Trump’s MO decisively betrays his true intention to MIGA, not MAGA.

In other words, Trump is perfectly willing to waste American blood and treasure to “Make Israel Great Again”, not America. And, he’s apparently willing to do so in spite of making an enemy out of the whole world. He’s even turning our friends into arch-enemies (e.g. Russia).

What’s the point of this presidency except to show the world community of nations just how ugly American exceptionalism can be. To reveal how transparently fake Pax Americana truly is, as it always was.

Quite unfortunately for the prospects of world peace, the International Banking Cartel seems dead set on pushing the button on various civilization-altering schemes. The point-man for those highly destructive conspiracies appears to President Donald J. Trump. It’s the only way that The Powers That Be can implement THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3.


President Trump is in HUGE trouble, and he knows it. Which means that his naked instability, dangerous volatility and increasing unpredictability will only intensify until Election Day.

At this point, the ONLY reason that Trump is running for re-election is to stay out of prison, because the insane Left will do everything in their power to put him there — FOR LIFE — if they can finagle it.

There’s no better proof of this than the curiously timed resurrection of EPSTEINgate. It’s completely true that the recent arrest of Jeffrey Epstein has sent a “loud and clear” message to Trump about how to proceed … … … and how not to proceed in the future. He knows in his bones that Epstein’s fate will determine his fate, if he does not strictly comply with the orders of his hidden masters.

EPSTEINgate Blown Wide Open, Pedogate Control Mechanism Exposed Like Never Before (Major Updates)

As far as the crazy and absurd metric known as stock market performance is concerned, its roller-coaster-ride trajectory is artificially engineered every single day the NYSE is open for gambling. Trump owned casinos in both Vegas and Atlantic City so he knows that the whole bloody system has become a Global Gambling Casino* that does not reflect an iota of reality.

*Special Note: The stark reality is that the Global Economic & Financial System is nothing but a Global Gambling Casino. This is where the most powerful international crime syndicates steal and play with everyone else’s money. However, it’s the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) where all the big hitters play for keeps. When Donald Trump talks about “Making America Great Again”, he’s really saying that he wants to make the NYSE the greatest ever and keep it there (even though stock price does not reflect the true health of a company). As a former casino owner, The Donald knows that the house always wins, even when it appears that the bettors walk away from the tables with LOTs of cash still the house never loses. Trump was installed in the White House by his hidden master for this reason: to maintain the perpetual ascendancy of the NYSE over all the other major exchanges throughout the world. And so he has. One of the primary ways of doing this is by Trump zealously promoting the exceedingly dangerous 5G and the Internet of Things which together represent — BY FAR — the greatest commercial enterprise in world history (See: Why is the 5G freight train seemingly UNSTOPPABLE?). The mere prospect of the U.S. taking over the global 5G and IoT marketplace has created an undercurrent of irrational euphoria given the false promise of exorbitant profits to Wall Street investors. The unending economic sanctions and trade wars against countries big and small graphically reflect Trump’s bunker mentality. His handlers have convinced him that it’s now the U.S. vs. the world community of nations. However, Trump’s most important purpose(s) is yet to be fulfilled. His current main function is to oversee the greatest Sucker’s Rally OF ALL TIME. In spite of the fact that all the technical data (especially the few financial and economic indicators that are still accurate) reveal a market that is utterly fake and absurdly illusory, Trump tweets daily to push the stock market to ever new records. This “CON of the Millennium” will continue until the real controllers behind the curtain shut down the casino, once and for all. Then, the whole world will witness, once again, a controlled demolition of the markets way beyond what the same perps pulled off in the Fall of 2008 (See: The PRE-PLANNED Financial and Economic 9/11 of 2008)[1]. Shortly after that upcoming stock market crash and the subsequent global depression, President Trump will morph into the CEO and Presidential bankruptcy manager for the US CORPORATION.

Furthermore, the POTUS knows that the record highs for the stock market do not translate to real economic benefits to the middle class or the poverty-stricken. On the contrary, he knows that only the rich and powerful gain from these fake stock market records being broken every few months. This timeworn stock market dynamic is nothing but a highly deceitful, deliberate and ultimately disastrous redistribution of wealth from the hard working to the 1%.

How’s that for a massive CON game?! And guess who the power elite have running this age-old CON better than any previous POTUS in American history?

Now the reader understands the true meaning of:

BOTTOM LINE: Perhaps the single greatest consequence of MAGAgate is that Trump has been intentionally used to hijack the Right. The Patriot Movement, the Nationalist Movement, the Truth Movement have each been corralled into the pen of Trumpism; with Q set up as the Internet Pied Piper. In so doing, Trump presents the appearance of restoring the American Republic to its core U.S. Constitutional principles where in reality he’s stealthily transferring ownership of the US CORPORATION to Israel.  Not only that, but Trump was really installed TO MAKE SURE that his MAGA agenda was not implemented; this is the greatest scandal associated with MAGAgate. What’s truly unfortunate for the American people is that very few have awakened to this rapidly manifesting Zionist scheme to collapse the United States in order to steal the country. Just like the Bolshevik Revolution destroyed Russia to take its vast wealth, the Purple Revolution is being used to divide and conquer the USA for the same reasons.

State of the Nation
July 15, 2019

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[1] Trump Was Chosen To Implement The Nuclear Option—To Declare A US, Inc. Bankruptcy