How 5G Greatly Advances the Covert Transhumanism Agenda



How 5G Greatly Advances the Covert Transhumanism Agenda

5G’s role and its Trans-human Agenda

by Renee Parsons

The telecom industry’s pr campaign describes 5G as the next generation of ’ultra fast wireless technology that has the potential to connect everything from smart phones to self driving cars to virtual worlds” as if the added amenities will make a benign contribution to American life or that the American public has been in eager anticipation of its arrival – neither of which is true.

There is, however, a far more sinister side to 5G that is being driven by a weapons-grade millimeter wave radiation that remains hidden from the American public as all the basic 5G components (especially the AIs and Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) are totally dependent on the electro magnetic Spectrum. What is new to the American public is 5Gs connection with the menacing MK Ultra and Dews as examples of the nefarious radio frequency weapons which were in experimental stages since at least 1985. All of the US radio frequency projects have been based on Nikola Tesla’s research utilizing an abundant supply of free wireless energy on the EM Spectrum. In other words, 5G’s speedier mode is the window dressing in order to expand its current stock and expedite a new generation of sophisticated radio frequency weapons, presumably for interstellar military application.
It was Tesla’s famed Coil which provided the first awareness of an unlimited potent source of energy that exists within the radio frequency range of the Spectrum and that that energy could be utilized to create radio frequency weapons. In 1934, Tesla revealed the first particle beam projector that he referred to as the ‘peace ray’, a defensive weapon generating an intense targeted beam of energy to take down any enemy airplane. Today those weapons are known as Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) and MK Ultra, all of which rely on electro magnetic waves.

Since 5G is dependent on the electro magnetic Spectrum for functioning and as details of 5G’s more comprehensive agenda eke out, the need for a particular radio frequency is indicative of 5G’s most essential priorities. As the Spectrum is broken into bands, each bandwidth and its physical characteristics differentiate the low and mid band from the higher, more specialized millimeter band. It is the specific location on the Spectrum that makes each band suitable for a different purpose as they move up the scale of radio frequency.

For instance, 4G networks use frequencies below 6 GHz while 5G will use extremely high wave frequencies from 24 GHz and up to 90 GHz known as millimeter wave bands with some predictions up to the 300 GHz range. The millimeter bands are required for the Massive Internet of Things (MIOT), Artificial Intelligence and Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), all of which require the highest end of the Spectrum scale which also represents increasingly higher levels of radiation exposure.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has already held two auctions in the 24 GHz – 28 GHz range with Auction 102 in the 24 GHz range arousing much controversy regarding the deleterious effects on NASA and NOAA’s weather prediction and forecasting ability. Auction 103 (37 GHz, 39 GHz and 47 GHz) is scheduled for December, 2019 as the largest amount of Spectrum ever auctioned. All three auctions will utilize the millimeter band of Spectrum thereby allowing for accelerated development of those 5G specialized elements previously mentioned.

It is only a demented mind that can conceive of an experimental, dangerous technology like 5G with no independent safety or health analysis that threatens the biosphere and all its living creatures. Instead the public is being presented with a new era of useless, high-tech harmful gadgetry as the end product from a generation of crazed scientists and feeble politicians who have lost their grip on reality.

With a pervasive radio frequency and electromagnetic radiation defined as progress, inanimate objects like artificial intelligence are deliberately confused with humanity as if trans-human robots offer a new paradigm of deep evolutionary consciousness.

In what now seems like an eerily prescient documentary, a 1985 CNN Special Report on “Electromagnetic Frequency Weapons,” described the state of US military experiments on DEWs and mind control weaponry utilizing the electro magnetic field.

The following was from CNN Special Assignment reporter Chuck deCaro in the 1985 video:

Imagine the implications of a weapon with no visible trace. A weapon that could knock out ships, tanks and planes as fast as the speed of lightand ”Scientists have succeeded in creating limited types of artificial lightening and some think these could be the forerunner of a new type of directed energy weapon; part of a family of weapons which operate within the radio frequency segment of electro magnetic spectrum and are thus referred to as radio frequency weapons.”

“Highly computerized planes and even new models of cars might be enough to force a plane out of sky or cause an auto to crash.

Dr, Larissa Vilenskaya, a Russian research scientist working in the US said I was surprised after coming here that the (health) influence of electro magnetic fields was almost completely ignored here with deCaro inquiring whether the US military was working in the field of electronic mind control.

deCaro: Over the past year, CNN has repeatedly asked the Department of Defense and Air Force about radio frequency weapons. After much resistance, DOD finally said the subject was “too sensitive to discuss.”

“Dr. Robert Bass, a physicist and PhD in mathematics is working on US weapons research said “We are behind the Soviet Union in directed energy weapons based on 60 GHz microwave beams.” Bass described Soviet weaponry as high powered microwaves (HPM) similar to a “focused ultra high intensity radar beam” that would literally cook humans, knock out computers, electronic surveillance and communications gear. An operational radio frequency weapon, reasonably cheap and reusable, could devastate sophisticated and expensive war machinery.”

Bass citedThe $20 million F16 fighter for example is totally controlled by electronic sensors and computers, with no manual flight controls, the plane would literally fall out of the sky after being hit with a high intensity pulse of microwave radiation which sounds eerily like one of the Malaysian flights. “Scientists say that micro wave or other types of radio frequency pulses operating at specific frequency can be transmitted with little or no loss of power.

De Caro reported on his participation in a “real life experiment of a prototype device designed to project images into the mind without electrodes” not unlike what became known as MK Ultra. “The prototype machine developed from Soviet scientific data could have a profound effect as a weapon of war. Electronic mind control research is not new.

In the 1960s, Dr. Jose Delgado demonstrated remote control over a charging bull by connecting a radio antenna to electrodes inserted in the bull’s brain which proved that the animal’s aggressive impulses could be thwarted by electronically manipulating the bull‘s muscle reflexes.” Delgado said “do you realize fantastic possibility if on the outside, we could modify the inside…could we give messages to the inside. but the beauty is that we are not using electrodes.” Delgado explained that by using low pulsating magnetic fields “any functions in the brain, emotions, intellect, personality could be perhaps modified by this noninvasive technology.”

DeCaro further reported on a scientist employed by the US government who refused to be identified and has done secret radio frequency weapon research stating that tests prove humans are susceptible to remote alteration of mood and awareness.Certain kinds of weak electro magnetic signals work exactly like drugs. So the promise is that anything you can do with drugs, you could do with the right electro magnetic signals. Apparently there are specific sites involved, specific functions involved, it is a matter of matching up just like a pill or a drug to cause and effect. You could have a cause and effect relationship between a magnetic field and a biological function.”

In 2004, the Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence and Security confirmed the role of radio frequency weapons (also known as DEWs) and HPM weapons in their ability to disrupt plane or vehicle safety systems. In addition, scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory developed an HPM weapon for the Department of Justice aimed at a moving vehicle: the HPM could shut off the electronic ignition, thus bringing a high-speed car chase to an abrupt end.

In summation, it is no secret that there is an all-pervasive, out-of-control element within our government that no one in authority, not any President, not any Member of Congress can limit or control their power and influence – we now know that 5G will provide them with the ultimate neural remote-control weapons to sublimate the population.

Renee Parsons has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and president of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter. She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist with Friends of the Earth and staff member of the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. She can be found on Twitter @reneedove31