Are the California earthquakes being geoengineered by the NWO globalists to implement U.N. Agendas 21 and 2030?



Are the California earthquakes being geoengineered by the NWO globalists to implement U.N. Agendas 21 and 2030?

What better way to move the people off their land than to geoengineer droughts and deluges, earthquakes and mudslides, wildfires and firestorms ON A REGULAR BASIS?

State of the Nation

Who would disagree with the historical fact that the once “Golden State” of California is being transformed into a blackened, post-apocalyptic, dystopian wasteland? And, on so many levels.

After all, most of the Armageddon-genre movies were filmed there over the past few decades. It’s as though numerous self-fulfilling prophecies are manifesting before our collective eyes.

Given the extremely negative influence that both Hollywood and Silicon Valley have had on the planetary civilization, is it any wonder that the gods are angry—VERY ANGRY?!

Let’s face it, no Pedogate party goes on forever. The Bacchanalian bash now known as Hollyweird must come to an end sooner than later, if not for the sake of protecting humanity from so much moral depravity and social degeneracy.

Big Tech and Big Social Media have proven to be even more dangerous to the well-being of the global village now that the Internet has so shrunk the world.

U.N. Agendas

It’s essential to understand that the Higher Power can use any agency to effectuate major changes on the planet. God often writes straight with crooked lines, yes? Well, the Illuminati-controlled globalists are the “crooked lines”, but little do they know it.

The U.N. Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development are perfect examples of where the New World Order globalist cabal is systematically using powerful geoengineering techniques to carry out highly destructive agendas. While the dark side thinks it’s accomplishing it’s perverse objectives, The Powers That Be are really being used for their agency to destroy.

In point of fact, what the American people have been witnessing for decades now is the stealthy outworking of the land-vacating schemes carried out up and down the state of California. For years, Ground Zero for the most dramatic and apocalyptic events in the USA has been California. And, for very specific reasons.

Whatever type of social engineering program the power elite want to experiment with, they almost always try it out first in California. It’s always been the pacesetter which all the other liberal states follow like clockwork right over the cliff. The entire Democrat-controlled government in Sacramento is so corrupt and compromised via Pedogate that they can be easily compelled to go along with virtually any nefarious plot. And so they have.

2017 California firestorm named the Zaca Fire in Santa Barbara County (Credit: U.S. Forest Service, photo by John Newman)

For example, there have been several wildfire seasons over the past decade that have each been devastating to the extreme by purposeful design. The two exposés below flesh out the skeleton of that ongoing NWO conspiracy to force residents statewide from their homes, their farms, their businesses and other properties.

OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation

SMOKING GUN: Hard Evidence Shows Camp Fire Was Manmade, Genocide and Mass Destruction of Paradise Carefully Planned

With this critical understanding, it’s much easier to comprehend how the very same perps can use their highly advanced earthquake-triggering weaponry to create swarms of tremors leading to major quakes. See SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH PAPER: Super Energy Weapons Triggering Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Other Earth Movements

California Earthquakes

Yes, there have been earthquakes in California as long as the United States has been in existence and before. However, that is precisely the crucial point. (Largest earthquake in nearly 20 years rattles Southern California) We’ve all been conditioned to expect to see THE BIG ONE in our lifetime, just as we have been socially engineered to react to such outcomes.

Just like wildfires have been a seasonal fixture in the Golden State, so have weekly tremors and major earthquakes. These are the common circumstances the globalists take advantage of so as to escape suspicion when they aim their HAARP-like weaponry at the various fault lines.

KEY POINT: Some Alt Media investigators have identified China Lake — home to the Naval Air Weapons Station — as the true epicenter of the recent California earthquakes, not Ridgecrest as it has been reported by the mainstream media. See: Are they detonating nuclear explosions at China Lake to trigger the California earthquakes?

This deliberate strategy of environmental destruction allows officialdom to utilize plausible deniability should a credible allegation ever surface. Basically we are talking about a false flag operation blamed on Mother Earth. And it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!

What the news cycle has seen over the past several years is an ever-increasing amount of reporting on the likelihood of THE BIG ONE hitting California sooner than later. This messaging alone is enough to scare many folks out of the state. And so it has.

When you add two major earthquakes in the same week, these wholly manufactured predictions take on much more authenticity whether the earth movements are natural, or manmade, or both.

Of course, there’s always a point-person who leads the public campaign specifically designed to influence as many people as possible to believe both the official narrative disseminated by the mainstream media, as well as the hype that follows throughout the Alt Media. See who that is at: California Declares State of Emergency After Second Major Earthquake (Photos)

That’s not to say that the geoengineers will not recklessly generate a calamitous 12.0. The clinically insane globalist psychopaths have already demonstrated they will do anything to advance their NWO agenda; for they operate completely without conscience or moral code.

Given this stark reality, it’s imperative for California residents to know where things stand with respect to the primacy of the U.N. agendas. Regardless of whether these cataclysmic events are fastidiously engineered, of natural origin, or a combination of both is irrelevant at this point. For the crazies are totally in charge of the Kalifornia insane asylum and will do just about anything they want to in order to fulfill their fundamentally communist political goals and cultural marxist objectives.

Because California is located on the Ring of Fire, it’s much easier for the geoengineers to triggers earthquakes for quite cynical reasons.

Special Note: California has also been the primary staging area over decades for the global warming hoax. Yes, there is climate change happening everywhere but primarily because it’s being geoengineered. (See: Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2) The many weather-related disasters that have been geoengineered in California were perpetrated so that the Democrat globalists can use them to deceitfully support their fraudulent CO2-driven climate change narrative. Governor Jerry Brown was particularly deceptive in this regard by signing so much spurious tax revenue generating legislation. Read: Was the California drought geoengineered to pass future ‘climate change’ legislation?


At this late date, it’s vital to understand that California has been chosen to feature the scariest ‘horror flicks’ in motion picture history; only these NWO productions are the real deal. Isn’t this how the perps get everyone’s attention worldwide? They continually beam out their succession of California catastrophes via TV and computer screens, smartphones and tablets, laptops and desktops. Who’s not watching these very real horror flicks at this crucial point of human history?

Again, who doesn’t know that California sits squarely on the earthquake-prone Ring of Fire? However, that doesn’t mean the globalist-directed geoengineers won’t throw gasoline on that fire whenever it serves their malevolent purposes. Then they blame the false flag weather warfare or manufactured earthquake on the Earth, especially in disaster-prone California.

The bottom line here is that, as ground zero, California is no longer a safe place to live, work or play. The state plays a much too prominent role in the multi-decade plot to take over the planet where all natural resources and weather are ultimately controlled by a One World Government. See: NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

State of the Nation
July 6, 2019


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