There are way too many British and American VIPs joined at the hip (Video)



There are way too many British and American VIPs joined at the hip (Video)



A famous journalist has accused Trump of sexual assault, claiming he raped her in a department store dressing room in the 1990s.

E Jean Carroll, now 75, makes the claim in her new book.

Trump meets Carroll
Trump says: “I’ve never met this person (Carroll) in my life.”

Carroll wrote that Trump asked her help buy lingerie.

She joked that he should be the one trying it on.
Carroll says she kept quiet because she was intimidated by death threats.
At least 19 women had made sexual misconduct claims against Trump.

Jeremy Hunt – top left

Jeremy Hunt hopes to be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

Jeremy Hunt is the son of an admiral.

Jeremy Hunt is a descendant of Sir Streynsham Master, a pioneer of the East India Company.[10]

He is a distant relation of Elizabeth II and the fascist Sir Oswald Mosley.[12]

Hunt’s wife, Lucia Guo, comes from Xi’an in China.[209]

He campaigned for the UK to remain in Europe.

Certain defenders of the National Health Service have referred to Jeremy Hunt as ‘Jeremy Cunt’.

Hunt has supported the Saudi Arabian-led genocide in Yemen

Jeremy Hunt

Anonymous 21 June 2019 at 20:06 writes:

Jeremy Hunt is reportedly “Virginia Bottomley’s cousin”.

Virginia Bottomley’s husband, Peter Bottomley, was the subject of a recent Daily Mail article in which he warned he would sue anyone who alleges that he is a child abuser who visited the Elm Guest House boy brothel.

Peter Bottomley’s name appears on the ‘Mary Moss’ list of persons whom Moss claims visited the Elm Guest House.

The Secret of Hunt’s success: BOTTOMLEY
The Coincidental World of Jeremy Hunt 

Above – Jeremy Hunt’s friend – the UK Conservative government minister Mark Field, who once kissed Jeremy Hunt’s wife.

Anonymous 21 June 2019 at 14:59 writes:

How long before Joe and Jane Average figure it out?

That a great percentage of the world’s top politicians, VIPs and societal elites are mentally unbalanced individuals ‘with profound sociopathic / psychopathic tendencies’?

Boris Johnson, who hopes to become the next UK Prime Minister.

“When contacted by the Guardian, the police initially said they had no record of a domestic incident at this (Boris Johnson’s) address.”

Anonymous 21 June 2019 at 17:33 writes:

Did Michael Gove, or Gove’s supporter/s, have a hand in the sequence of events leading to Boris Johnson’s dramatic exposure as a domestic ‘thug’?

Did MI5/6, Mossad or the CIA have a hand in them?

What do we really know about Boris Johnson’s neighbour?

What caused this neighbour to decide to tape record Boris Johnson’s domestic dispute? Was making an audio recording of the alleged altercation a spur-of-the-moment decision, or had the neighbour pre-planned it?

Why did this neighbour submit her tape recording to MI6’s ‘house journal’, the Guardian newspaper, along with her own detailed account of what she claims she heard?

Initial reports suggested police were highly reluctant to confirm they had attended an alleged ‘domestic dispute’ – practically denying it when a journalist first put it to them.

Is it true that the police were initially protective of Boris Johnson’s privacy (even over-protective)? Or is this spin?

Boris Johnson and Greville Janner, alleged child abuser.. 

Police were called to the London home of Boris Johnson and his partner in the early hours of Friday 21 June 2019 after a neighbour reportedly heard a loud argument.

The Guardian said Carrie Symonds was heard telling the Conservative MP to “get off me” and “get out of my flat”.

The Guardian reported that a neighbour had told the newspaper they heard a woman screaming followed by “slamming and banging”.

The paper said the neighbour was inside their own flat when they recorded the alleged altercation.

“Officers initially try to cover-up the incident.”

Police call to Boris Johnson’s home after reports of domestic incident


Sir Leon Brittan took a strong interest in the lads at Medomsley. 

Carl Beech accused Sir Leon Brittan and Harvie Proctor of child abuse.

Leon Brittan and Harvey Proctor were Conservative Party politicians.

Carl Beech claimed that when he was a child of around 12, in 1980, Harvie Proctor demanded oral sex, abused him with a pen knife, and murdered two children, one after tying him to a table, raping, and stabbing him.

Proctor was also accused of murdering a third boy by beating him to death.

At the time, detectives referred to Mr Proctor’s accuser as ‘Nick’ and said the allegations were ‘credible’.