KAMALA HARRIS: Deep State’s Secret Weapon Against Trump



Deep State’s Secret Weapon Against Trump

Kamala Harris is not only Hillary Clinton on Super Steroids

Sen. Harris is also the ‘Chosen One’ as she was created to be a “female Obama”

SOTN Editor’s Note: For those political analysts who are not yet aware, California Senator Kamala Harris is yet another Democrat Manchurian Candidate formed in a similar mold as Barack Hussein Obama. Her forged and fabricated history, as well as her MK-Ultra programming, have set her up to be a “female Obama”.

However, Harris’ political MO is totally unlike Obama’s.  If there was a picture in the dictionary of a “bat out of hell”, it would be a photo of KamalA Harris.  Yes, she is that bad and was created to be the “Chief Feminazi” by her CIA handlers.  Many in her home state know her as an utterly fake feminist who uses her political battle axe to get whatever she wants.  By the way, even Kamala Harris’ father doesn’t like her! (Video).

Not only was Harris mentored to be the perfect ultra-liberal, super-progressive Democrat foil to Trump, and she is, she’s also Deep State’s secret weapon on multiple battlefields.  It’s even quite likely that she will build an åç bigger and faster than BHO did, should she get elected installed in the Oval Office.  Clearly, Harris, as the de facto leader of the Left Coast’s LGBT Mafia, will promote the LGBT agenda — WORLDWIDE — much more aggressively than Obama did.  She will also continue to significantly advance the devastating blueprint of Cultural Marxism across the USA as she has successfully done in Kalifornia.

Not in the history of the U.S. Senate has any senator deeply offended so many Congressional peers and government officials and other elected representatives as Kamala Harris has.  She morphs into the “prosecutor from hell” whenever she sits on any committee that’s investigating, well, anything.  And she’s only been in the Senate for a short period of time.  And here’s a video that proves it: The Worst of Kamala Harris (Video).

If Kamala Harris does have an Achilles’ heel, however, it’s that she’s joined at the hip with fake hate criminal Jussie Smollett.  This is where her presidential prospects will get very interesting and complicated indeed.  Also known as “Crafty Beaver“, it’s been alleged that Harris was essentially a central co-conspirator in a scheme to start a race war.  Fortunately for the American people, that stealthy Deep State black operation had to be aborted when the CPD inexplicably turned on prime suspect—Chicago native Jussie Smollett.

OPERATION CRAFTY BEAVER: Deep State attempts to start a race war before stealing the 2020 POTUS election

Surely, the Jussie Smollett hoax will not help Harris during this extremely competitive campaign season, particularly in light of recent developments putting that highly consequential crime spree back under the judicial spotlight.  Hence, the more she rises in the Democrat polls, the more her opponents will expose her as a key part of that Deep State-directed hoax. See: Was Kamala Harris part of the Jussie Smollett hoax?

As the CNN article below explains, Harris’ wholly unjustified and very public beating of Joe Biden during the second debate has put a huge target on her back.  The other Democrat candidates who feel vulnerable to her thrashings will also exploit SMOLLETTgate as a means to keep her on the defensive, because she’s dangerous as hell when she’s on the offensive. See: Kamala Harris’ Jussie and Illegal Wiretapping Scandals Are Not Going Away

KEY POINT: Quite inexplicably, Kamala Harris was given extraordinary consideration during the second Democrat debate.  So much leeway was she unfairly granted by the Mockingbird Media moderators, that her bashing of Biden occurred during time stolen from the debate schedule.  This type of preferential treatment only occurs with the blessing of Deep State.  Clearly, TPTB want Kamal Harris to be the Hillary Clinton of 2020, regardless of how it ultimately works out.  And, yes, the winner is already predetermined but the show must go on to deceive the electorate.

There’s also the exceedingly corrupt history of Harris’ career in public service.  In every capacity, whether as District Attorney, Attorney General or U.S. Senator, Harris has betrayed the public trust in ways both brazen and shocking.  It’s as though her Deep State masters have conferred upon her complete impunity to officially act however she wishes to.  A close reading of the countless exposés about her on the Internet reveals so much official misconduct, serial corruption and unprosecuted criminality, it’s truly a wonder she’s not in prison for life.  For example, there is this ongoing and naked cover-up of SMOLLETTgate: Deep State’s Futile Attempt to Cover-up Operation “Crafty Beaver”.

Of course, the 64-thousand dollar question here is: What exactly does the New World Order globalist cabal have in mind with a Harris presidency?  After all, not only is Kamala Harris a “Hillary Clinton on Super Steroids”, she’s also a stone-cold Obama-like Manchurian Candidate willing to carry out the Democrat’s communist agenda with the vengeance of an SJW-driven, LGBT-obsessed feminazi.  Her cultural marxist track record proves she will not hesitate to surreptitiously use the violent tactics of the Soros-sponsored extreme left-wing bolsheviks.  WOW!  The perfect Democrat choice for 2020.

The good news is this: BAD OMEN FOR 2020 CANDIDACY: If it’s not over for Jussie Smollett, it’s not over for Kamala Harris.

Trump’s perfect foil

If there’s one opponent who Trump needs to look out for, it’s Kamala Harris.

She is perhaps the only politician in America today who can out-Trump Trump.

It’s as though Harris has been in serious training for many years to do just that.

Even a cursory viewing of any of her Senate committee appearances will show that she, like Trump, will say anything, do anything, to inflict damage on her target.

Kamala Harris is one of the very few American politicians in history who really doesn’t care how she’s perceived by the public. It’s like there’s no conscience there whatsoever. Her masters have given her complete freedom to project her vitriol and venom any way she chooses.

With this critical understanding, the electorate can expect campaign season fireworks like NEVER before, Harris receives the democrat nomination.

Truly, the 2020 election cycle may shape up to be “The Greatest Show on Earth”, and with highly purposeful design, folks. Now think about that as The Communist Plot to Take Over America Proceeds Unimpeded Even Under Trump.

Oh, and by the way, this ‘lady’ knows when to pull out the race card like nobody else in Congress. She also knows how to use the gender card like a stiletto—you don’t even know you’ve been slashed.  For example, Joe Biden was VP to the first ‘black’ POTUS.  He was always a good Democrat in his methodical cultivation of his all-inclusive image.  Then Kamala Harris got a hold of him at the last debate and this happened:


If it isn’t clear already, Kamala Harris has been fastidiously set up as the “avatar of the anti-Trump Left“. “Hell on wheels” doesn’t even begin to describe Deep State’s secret weapon of political destruction. See: Strong evidence that NWO globalist Kamal Harris has been anointed by Deep State

State of the Nation
June 29, 2019

N.B. Whenever CNN publishes an article like the one below about a POTUS candidate, you know they’ve been anointed by Deep State.  Not only are they trying to push Joe Biden out of the race (which is quite positive), they’re using a wild mustang from California brush country to do it.  Watch for more circular firing squads like this in the near future.

Harris dropped a bomb on Biden that’s bigger than politics