OCASIO: A Communist Plot, Deep State Psyop and Soros-Funded Black Operation



OCASIO: A Communist Plot, Deep State Psyop and Soros-Funded Black Operation

Alexandria “Sandy” Ocasio-Cortez
The Female Obama
and Manchurian Candidate

State of the Nation

Has anyone really explained how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ever won — against all odds — in her historic victory that upset incumbent Democrat Joe Crowley?

KEY POINT: That kind of upset really doesn’t happen anymore unless it was planned that way by Deep State.

No, they haven’t!

That’s because her masters obviously first stole the election for her … and then floated an absurd narrative so fantastic that she was immediately deified as the darling of the ultra-progressive Left.

How, pray tell, did that happen — without a single accomplishment to her name — except by being a 28-year-old ex-bartender… … … as well as by the purposeful design of her Deep State handlers. See: Can you believe the Communist Party chose 28 year-old bartender and Cultural Marxist “Sandy” Ocasio to front their socialist agenda?!

Just like Barack Obama, who accomplished nothing as a junior senator from Illinois, and who then became POTUS, Ocasio was miraculously vaulted into the U.S. House of Representatives.

This is exactly how “Manchurian Candidates” are stealthily installed into positions of power at critical points of the Communist plot to take over America.

KEY POINT: Even Ocasio’s Democrat colleagues are afraid of her which is completely without precedent in the U.S. Congress.  That’s because she is being used as a cat’s paw to scare the Democrat caucus even further to the left. See: Ocasio is on the loose!

Of course, none of the many covert schemes to push her forward could have taken place without serious funding.  This is where ever-present Rothschild bagman George Soros comes in as he and his many NGOs fund every closet communist, flaming socialist and brazen bolshevik in American politics.

The Communist Conspiracy

Look it, there really are countless communist conspiracies afoot to overthrow the American Republic at this very moment.  Were we able to, we would document each and every one of them, but time is of the essence in 2019.

Surely the reader will get the picture regarding Ocasio without SOTN having to go into all the very gory details, yes?  If not, here’s some help:

If SOTN wasn’t so busy trying to stop the 5G roll-out here in Florida, we would gladly flesh out the skeleton of this furtive scheme to take over the House before the commies take over the Senate.

5G ROLL-OUT: An Ongoing National Emergency that Requires an Immediate Shutdown by the American People

So, we leave it to each armchair investigator to put the pieces of this Ocasio communist puzzle into place.  And feel free to send us any exposés that the wider audience ought to be aware of.   Thanking you super sleuths in advance!

Lastly, it’s of paramount importance to understand that there’s a tribe of these cultural marxists recently installed by Soros & Company who are a part of a much wider conspiracy. Ocasio-Cortez & Tlaib: Hardcore Cultural Marxists Enter the House of Representatives

So it’s not just Ocasio we need to track closely, it the whole crop of closet communists being surreptitiously led by none other than El Comandante Barack Hussein Obama.

State of the Nation
January 12, 2019