Blaseygate Bombshell: Here’s what really happened between Christine Blasey Ford and the C.I.A.



Blaseygate Bombshell: Here’s what really happened between Christine Blasey Ford and the C.I.A.

Was Christine Blasey Ford voluntarily programmed by the CIA to be an imaginary victim of Brett Kavanaugh…

…who was then triggered by the word “lodestar”?

SOTN Editor’s Note: From the very beginning the staff at State of the Nation believed intuitively that Christine Blasey Ford was either (i) projecting a personal sexual assault falsely onto Brett Kavanaugh or (ii) that she was somehow programmed by the CIA’s MK-ULTRA mind control program to believe she was attacked by him.

SOTN had no proof whatsoever of this narrative but we felt strongly that one of these 2 scenarios occurred.  Hence, we were pleased to come across the following article that fleshes out the skeleton of the latter scenario.  In light of Ford’s broad and deep family ties and experience with the C.I.A., it’s quite likely that she really was programmed to be a false accuser.

State of the Nation
October 4, 2018

Rick Wiles: Christine Blasey Ford’s CIA Brainwashing was Triggered by the Word ‘Lodestar’

By Kyle Mantyla
Right Wing Watch

On his “TruNews” program last week, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles speculated that Christine Blasey Ford, who testified that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when both were in high school, had been voluntarily brainwashed by the CIA so that she believed her allegations against Kavanaugh are true even though the assault never occurred, all as part of a wider effort to undermine President Trump.

Wiles returned to the topic on his program yesterday, suggesting that Blasey Ford may have been “triggered” to come forward with her accusations by the use of the word “lodestar” in a recent New York Times op-ed written by an anonymous senior Trump administration official about the efforts to prevent an impulsive and uninformed president from running this nation completely off the rails.

The use of the somewhat unusual word “lodestar” in the op-ed set off rampant speculation about the identity of its author, with many pointing out that Vice President Pence has been known to use that word with relative frequency. Wiles, for his part, was not interested in that question, as he focused rather on the idea that “lodestar” was a CIA “trigger word.”

After Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer used the word in a speech that he delivered about the Kavanaugh nomination yesterday, Wiles openly wondered whether its use will now cause other “MK-Ultra mind-controlled subjects” to come forward with more false allegations against Kavanaugh in the coming days.

“With mind-control, you have to have a trigger mechanism,” Wiles said. “It’s a word, a phrase, that triggers the hypnotic state so that whatever was planted in the mind of a person through hypnosis is triggered when they heard a trigger word … Maybe ‘lodestar’ is what triggered Dr. Ford and these other women to come forward with these wild, crazy accusations.”

“What happened today?” he continued. “Charles Schumer sticks the word ‘lodestar’ into a speech on the floor of the Senate. So, if we’re right, then in the next day or two, there is going to be a new flurry of accusations, there is going to be something bizarre coming out; something really bizarre is going to happen.”