Trump has only ONE option regarding Rosenstein and Sessions



Trump has only ONE option regarding Rosenstein and Sessions

Either accept Rosenstein’s resignation or fire him for treason, before Trump fires Sessions after the midterms

This scenario is the only path that avoids a Senate confirmation hearing for either the AG or Deputy AG (because the Democrats will not permit a crime-fighting AG to take office), and allows Trump allies to occupy both critical positions for the rest of his term.

SOTN Editor’s Note: President Trump has only one way forward IF HE REALLY WANTS TO DRAIN THE SWAMP.

*This analysis is based on the premise that Trump will not run for POTUS again
either out of his own volition or because Deep State issues a back-channeled
ultimatum which he is forced to take very seriously. However, if he does run in
2020 in spite of the very real threats, Trump will not — cannot win — for various
reasons, some of which will become self-evident between now and Election Day
(e.g. establishment Republicans will have had 4 years to make sure that Trump
does not receive the GOP nomination).

In light of the preceding premise, Trump has only two years remaining to drain the swamp.  He can only do that with an extremely cooperative Attorney General working together like JFK and RFK did.

Therefore, AG Jeff Sessions has to go right after the midterm elections.  However, Dep. AG Rod Rosenstein must first be compelled to resign immediately for insubordination and sedition. See: How is Rosenstein still there after 25th Amendment scheme and secret plot to record Trump?

After Rosenstein goes, a Trump-friendly Noel Francisco can be appointed as Deputy AG.  Once Sessions is ignominiously fired, Francisco can be appointed Acting Attorney General.  He can then elevate another Trump-friendly Associate Attorney General to the Deputy AG post.

Scalia Protege and Solicitor General Noel Francisco Would Take Over Supervision of Mueller When Rosenstein Leaves DOJ

Should Trump not follow through in this or a very similar manner, he will NOT be draining the swamp.  On the contrary, the swamp creatures will continue to make his life miserable thereby thwarting his MAGA agenda.

Sessions is a traitor

It’s now obvious to Trump that Jeff Sessions was a turncoat from the very start.  Trump got played—BIG TIME!  Hence, Sessions must go if the Mueller witch-hunt is to be stopped.  Moreover, Sessions represents the single biggest threat to the POTUS because he has proven to be an exceedingly stealthy agent of Deep State. See: JEFF SESSIONS: A Bush plant, SES pawn and agent of Deep State

In view of these facts, any talk of Trump keeping Rosenstein is absolute folly.  Did the New York Times set up the pretext for Rosenstein’s immediate termination?  Who cares?  Rosenstein needs to go this week if this crucial DOJ staffing implementation plan is to be executed expeditiously.  And it must be, for the sake of Trump’s political survival.

Rosenstein will meet his fate sooner than later

One last key point is that Rosenstein has reached the point whereby he can no longer answer to two masters.  Because of his many serious transgressions, his job hangs by a thread if that.  Even the House plans to impeach him should Rosenstein not comply with their demands, which he won’t. See: We Will Vote to Impeach Rosenstein if We Don’t Get Answers from Rosenstein Under Oath


Closet globalists Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein are both swamp rats who do not report to the POTUS; they are Deep State operatives who follow the dictates of the Rothschild Crime Syndicate.  The political power and pervasive influence of that international banking cartel is all controlling throughout the West.  Hence, Trump’s response to this highly consequential personnel situation at the DOJ will speak volumes about his true intentions.

State of the Nation
September 26, 2018

N.B. What follows is a perspective on the current situation at the DOJ.

Deputy AG Rosenstein Not Fired As Expected So Far

by Stephen Lendman

Rosenstein has been involved with an undemocratic Dems/US intelligence community plot to impeach and oust Trump from office for the wrong reasons – ignoring the right ones.

He’s been targeted by coup d’etat plotting throughout his tenure. Following a NYT report, claiming Rosenstein wanted to secretly wiretap Trump for information to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office for being unfit, his sacking appears likely.

He and Trump officials spoke at the White House on Monday. According to DLT’s press secretary Sarah Sanders, they had “an extended conversation to discuss the recent news stories,” referring to the NYT’s report. 

Ahead of their Monday meeting, media reports were mixed – ranging from Rosenstein resigning on Monday, refusing to resign, or expecting to be sacked.

He remains deputy AG so far. He and Trump will meet on Thursday after DJT’s return from the UN General Assembly session.

Rosenstein denied what the Times reported. Former deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe reportedly confirmed the Times’ report.

Last Friday, Trump vowed to eliminate “a lingering stench,” cleaning out “really bad (Justice Department) people,” without naming names.

The deputy AG is a sworn DJT enemy, a fifth column threat to an elected president, overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s diabolical Russiagate witch-hunt to delegitimize Trump for the wrong reasons, along with continuing unjustifiable Russia bashing.

DJT has ample just cause to sack  Rosenstein for insubordination or conspiracy against a sitting president, a decision he hasn’t taken so far. 

He could replace him with an ally, someone to succeed Jeff Sessions as AG, a figure he was once close to and now strongly criticizes – likely intending his removal after the November midterm elections.

A DJT loyalist replacing Rosenstein (overseeing Mueller) would succeed Sessions at Justice if Trump sacks him, likely before yearend.

Both AG and deputy AG positions require Senate confirmation, not likely an issue as long as Republicans remain control of the upper house.

Another option is appointing an acting AG while the Senate is in recess. Trump is free to replace any members of his administration. 

Confirmation of the AG, deputy AG, and other key administration positions is a Senate prerogative.

A DJT loyalist AG or acting one could set a timeline for ending Mueller’s witch-hunt probe. 

Otherwise it could continue throughout Trump’s tenure, part of the plot to remove him from office – even though Mueller found no evidence of improper or illegal Trump team collusion with Russia, or Kremlin US election interference, despite a near-year-and-a half of trying.