JULY 2018: Pedogate Goes Prime Time, Workplace Sexual Abuse Exposed Like Never Before



JULY 2018: Pedogate Goes Prime Time, Workplace Sexual Abuse Exposed Like Never Before

Pedophilia Update: Three Big Mainstream Stories

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Well, we did it. We brought satanic pedophilia out into the open and forced the mainstream media to deal with it. Congratulations to the Truth Media. Every day we get stories of prosecutions, arrests, rescues, and confessions.

There’s no way they can stuff this genie back in the bottle. The new world order pedophiles and pedovores are going down.

Pedophilia is not normal, nor acceptable, and it’s criminal. No matter how they try to justify their disgusting predatory practices, we will never accept it. Folks will eventually have to come to terms with the other deviant behaviour they engage in, like cannibalism and human sacrifice.

Keven Annett of the ITCCS tells us there are more locations opening across the globe, including Ottawa, Canada, to take the sickos to task. The Pope is due in Ireland for an August 26th ceremony and the ITCCS sheriffs are working with Irish law enforcement to carry out the arrest—if the Pope is still on this plane by that time. He’s becoming quite a liability for the El-ites. We understand they erased 2,000 of their own minions in the past month for “poor job performance”. They won’t be missed.

To illustrate just how hard they try to discredit Kevin and his work, a search on ITCCS yields this unrelated site. When I tried to access Kevin’s ITCCS.org site I got a notification that his bandwidth had been exceeded and “try again later.” RationalWiki has a scathing overview of Kevin and his work. He’s the pedos’ arch enemy.

David Zublick makes frequent videos on the latest pedophilia-related stories and has two strikes against his channel from YouTube so he has migrated much of his work to other platforms, but it’s all indicative of the massive efforts to prevent the truth from getting out to the public.

If you listened to the interview with Ben Szemkus that he did shortly before he disappeared, you heard names. People who attended a NXIVM “recruitment mixer”.  BIG names like Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, Stormy Daniels, and I do believe he also mentioned Eric Schneiderman. It was a very revealing interview, and we hope Ben is alright and just laying low until things cool off like Ben Swann did so he doesn’t end up like Michael Hastings.  ~ BP

I’d like to know if 60 Minutes is going to interview Mike Wallace about his stellar reputation as an El-ite massager of the truth to cover up real investigations and mislead the public.

PEDOGATE: 60 Minutes Airs Blockbuster Exposé on Pedophilia Crimes by Top-Level British Establishment (Video)

Nuns in Chile Go Public on National Television with Their Stories of Abuse by Priests and Other Nuns

Les Moonves, Chairman and President of CBS, Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Six Women