GLADIO: “The SWORD” Used By The North Atlantic Terrorist Organization Worldwide



GLADIO: “The SWORD” Used By The North Atlantic Terrorist Organization Worldwide

TMR Editor’s Note: The testimony posted below is provided by Marc Delantre, a former French undercover agent and MOSSAD asset.

The following narrative clearly explains a critical aspect of Operation Gladio as it is being implemented throughout the world today.  Because the current Gladio battlefield includes Europe, the United States and Russia, Delantre is able to draw upon his direct experience of investigating terrorist cells and terror operations especially in these nations.

This extraordinary exposé of how Gladio works is simply unparalleled in modern history.  That such a radioactive and highly consequential story can be uploaded to the Internet in 2018 shows us just how much things have changed in our post-modern society.

Therefore, every reader ought to do their best to disseminate this unfolding Gladio saga; for it will only intensify in the months ahead until something breaks.  Everyone should do whatever is necessary to alert the vulnerable public in order to avert these nonstop terror attacks occurring around the globe.

In light of these revelations, everyone ought to do their best to stay off and/or as far away from the Gladio battleground as possible.  After all, there’s a very good reason why the top decision-makers at the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization (also known as NATO) chose to name this massive terror operation Gladio; it means sword in Italian.

The Millennium Report
June 2, 2018

N.B. Although English is not his first language, Marc Delantre does a fine job of telling his story about Gladio.  He’s even better at imparting a crucial message that every resident on planet Earth needs to hear at this critical juncture in world history.

Testimony :  Gladio is behind the Annapolis shooting (evidence)

by Marc Delantre

I’m so sorry for this massive shooting in Annapolis and even more sorry to be linked to this tragedy. It is not the first time, and it will not be the last one.  Especially with the press, since I am at the origin because of the timing of a new shooting or a new terrorist operation. Indeed, 60 minutes before this shooter went inside the building I was sending an email to many journalists around the world. I told them that if they don’t care about posting my story, they will attack the press more and more.

I know that my screens and my emails are read 24/7 by this organization, since they use me as their forced messenger, and I know, like right now that they can immediately start a new attack that they have prepared before. I know, they are just waiting for that I click on the send button, to start a new operation somewhere. It is not reprisals; they want to give to all my attempts to warn the world, the weight of their terror and their power. Their unique language is terror, death, and blood. Their power is unlimited. PLEASE, read at least, this part of my story below, it’s the story leading to the Annapolis massacre.

This story began in reality, on April 20, 2018. You will understand its evolution. All hours below are in Belgian time because it’s the time of Gladio, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium near NATO headquarters.

  • Small reminder: Gladio belongs to NATO since 1947, (please, read my previous emails and posts to know more about it). In point of fact. Gladio is the secret terrorist Intelligence and the Devil’s hand of NATO? They are the masters of the false flags operations. They are involved in hundreds operations since 2015, including all terror attacks  in Europe, USA, Russia, Canada, Afghanistan and Indonesia particularly the mass shootings in the US.  Gladio is also responsible for the chemical attacks in Syria, the Skripal case, and dozens of false flag ‘accidental’ events, such like, plane crashes, fires, murders.  I have evidence for each one of all these events since Gladio records themselves, in real-time, as their operations are on my server (there’s a specific reason for this that will be explained).

There are two kinds of attacks.

  • (1) For most of these terror operations, Gladio receives the order to conduct an attack. This order is received from a government or a military authority. (Gladio has also a military structure, chain of command and organizational hierarchy.) The primary goal of these attacks, on command, is to put the blame and/or responsibility for these attacks on a specific organization (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban…) or on a country (Russia, Iran, Syria). Such attacks are often falsely claimed by the false culprits (ISIS, Taliban) and if necessary with the agreement of those who are quite happy to have a new successful attack on their name.
  • (2) If Gladio doesn’t receive an order to conduct an attack, it must be looked at as a means to confuse and distract, confound and misdirect.  Is it an attack or not ? Is it an accident ? In matters of crimes or massive shootings, and if Gladio did not receive the order to conduct an attack, some other motives will be found, or must be found. The overriding interest to have an apparent motive is to avoid other investigations and to give this version to the press and to the public. But such a scenario can only be decided by the authority. This is what all the evidence clearly indicates thus far observing hundreds of terror operations. It, of course, always depends of the specific circumstances.

On April 20, I uploaded my first video where I attempted to explain my position and the situation of the world vis-à-vis Gladio. That video was not easy to do for me, but I felt that I had to do it. The first version of this video was in French, and it’s very natural.

On April 20, 15h00, I see on my web server through the signal coming from Gladio (see the graph below) that a new operation is beginning. This operation finishes clearly on my screen at 11:00 on the day after. In the middle of this operation there is a typical peak, a mark of Gladio, for death. This peak matches perfectly with the bizarre death of the world famous deejay named AVICII. Before his death, the DJ AVICII let some messages out about some things that he knew. He seemed very disturbed by something but he was not very clear, and he then died under very strange circumstances.

There is another strange point. To put a video online is about the same as going on stage, and a long time ago in my country I was also a famous disc jockey (deejay).

But anyway, I knew at this time that for several weeks Gladio, which monitor my screens 24/7, was waiting for some actions from me in order for them to start immediately new operations which they already have a command to commence. So, I see that the upload of my video triggered the murder of the DJ AVICII. It’s only what I see. I don’t know the reasons.

On April 21, 12:00Gladio started a new operation. This operation clearly ends on my web server, 24 hours later, on April 22, at the very minute of a double bomb attack in Kabul. When we look at the signal of Gladio, there’s no doubt; I’m digitally linked to this double bomb attack in Kabul.

On April 23, I begin an email to the authorities about what I know about this story in Kabul. I do that for each significant event, even if nobody answers me. Immediately, I see on my web server that a new operation is beginning and I continue. When I have finished my email, I add the recipients, and since this email is in French, and I chose to add some Afghan embassies in French countries, and the last one is in Ottawa, Canada.

On April 23, 19h27, there is an important attack in Toronto. The terrorist drives on the pedestrian and kills ten persons. When he goes out of his van, he makes two movements toward taking a gun to shoot the police officer in front of him. But this gun is fake, and the police officer does a good job; he doesn’t fire. He slowly approaches the terrorist, and the terrorist asks him several times to be killed. Later, the authority says that the killer posted some message on his Facebook that he did this attack on behalf of “Incels,” all  the mad single men. Everybody believes that!

When I discover this attack on the news, I understand immediately that the terrorist got the order to attack 7 hours before that attack exactly when I added the email of the Afghan embassy in Ottawa. I know this precisely because I record on my computer all my actions with snapshots through the application of “Manic Time”. So, I know the exact time of all my activities. But I also understand that Gladio took precisely as a reference an example of the attack explained in details in my video to orchestrate their attack in Ottawa. Even, the number of deaths is virtually the same. The fake weapon and the terrorist’s request for the police officer to kill him… everything is in my video! There is no doubt. The time of the attack and the country match with my email and the modus operandi match with my video!

On April, 23, 22h05, I call the Toronto police. I get a special agent, a woman. I explain everything, and she is very enthusiastic about my story. She writes everything down; tells me many thank you because she is too much happy to know the back story of the attack. But I say to her to take care because usually when the police hierarchy learns of my story, they will ask her to never talk about that anymore. And, indeed, I have never received an answer.

Quite the opposite, the press and the authority will always maintain the official reasons for all of the attacks, and never deviate. This guy supposedly did this attack in Toronto because he was a single mad man!?!?

Horrified by the lack of response, I contact the press in Toronto. I write to many of them, with the same explanations that you have here, but in other words. Nobody answers me, even if I get the acknowledgment of received of dozens of journalists. Only one video-journalist in Toronto answered me. We exchange several emails, and she tells me that my story answered the questions that all her investigations were concerned with for several years. Like every Alt Press, they felt that there was something wrong behind the terror attacks and I arrived just in time with the answers as my story was 100% factually correct. For her, it was like a dream, the super scoop. She proposed to me an interview with other journalists on May 1st. Of course, I accepted, and I see that Gladio is very enthusiastic also according to their signals on my server.

In the next days, we continue to talk, but there are some new terror events; one massive stabbing attack against kids in China, and strangely, this attack, is recorded by Gladio on my server.  There is also a new plane crash at takeoff in Libya. I’m also digitally linked to this crash, and I write to the Libyan authorities as well as the petroleum company related to this plane. I also write all this to the video-journalist of Toronto, but for some days, she doesn’t answer anymore. Gladio saw to it that I did not get any more answers and this made them very upset. Indeed, they want to blow up this story. Finally, she changes her mind and cancels the interview.

On April 30, there is a triple attack in Afghanistan. The first one was ordered to attack the journalists, the second one is to kill 10 of them by a video-journalist, and the third one targets kids.

Gladio is very upset with this video journalist and with all journalists. They orchestrate attacks with a huge signature to my story, to confirm what I will write after about the attack, and the press silences it! Gladio is a terrorist organization, more precisely it’s state-sponsored terrorism. So, the press definitively shares a part of the responsibility for these crimes against humanity! The press cannot say that they don’t know. They really know it, but they participate in some ways by allowing Gladio to kill their readers, the population, the ones who believe in reading the truth. This press doesn’t do its job, they are paid to inform about a certain narrative, not to report the facts. I don’t talk about the freedom of the press, but the press cannot lie, because it’s hiding crimes. They actively participate in these false flag since they hide the truth and they provide cover for the real brains. It is almost complicity because they don’t investigate and fail to publish the truth. They hide behind the official versions, even if they don’t believe it…even if they have another version in their hands.

Many events occur…

In MayGladio is upset against the Netherlands which just blamed Russia about their responsibility in the MH17 crash. Russia is not responsible, and I wrote it and explained why, with the evidence I have given to the authorities and the Dutch press. Again, they don’t take seriously what I write.

On May 25, Gladio begins a new series and a new kind of attacks. They start an arson fire at the second most important kid entertainment park in Europe, the Europa-Park. They do it with reciprocity for the arson fire started at the Winter Cherry Mall in Russia (41 kids dead), that they conducted because of the Skripal case in the UK. This operation is recorded on my web server.

It was the first fire of a very long series of fire attacks over several weeks in the UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Germany.

Many events have occurred which were connected with this ongoing operation…

On June 26, Gladio started the fire at the newspaper, the Telegraaf, in the Netherlands because they wouldn’t print the truth about Gladio and the MH17 tragedy. And also, because I just wrote to them that if they don’t tell the truth, Gladio will continue to attack the press and to burn them down.  After all, “paper” is good for starting fires.

I write immediately to the Telegraaf, to the authorities, and to the press to explain the attack against the Telegraaf. Again, nobody pays attention to my email. No answer. Just the opposite, immediately, the Dutch authorities say this attack is coming from drug gang! Again, the press lie, even with my credible report in their possession.

On June 28, I sent a new report about all this to all the emails that I have for the press, everywhere, including in the UK and the USA. In this email, I repeat again and again, that if the press doesn’t tell the truth there will be more Gladio attacks against the press.

60 minutes after this email, there is a massive shooting in a newsroom in Annapolis, in the USA! The killer has flammable liquid with him to start a fire in the building, but he doesn’t do it.  Gladio chose someone, white, not Muslim, to not create any confusion, and above all, because this guy wanted to and could attack the newspaper.  They know it because this guy has old records about that and Gladio searched for potential candidates in the police and legal records! So, this guy then received contacts from people who he did not know, who manipulated him — it is the same with all terrorists incidentally — and then lead him to making the attack after Gladio decided the right time for it take place.

This newsroom was also a good target for Gladio. Indeed, imagine, that they did the same with the NYTimes or any national newspaper. First, their security is much better and second, it will be more difficult to give a fake motive, and the mass shooting will be understood as a terrorist attack. It cannot because, more than likely, Gladio did not receive all personal cooperation and “agreements” necessary to conduct the attack.

I’m not sure yet how Gladio can do that but I have dozens of attacks matching with the Gladio signal on my server. They probably do it through some sort of psychotronic weaponry. Such weapons installed in the apartment of the candidate terrorist can trigger any violent action from any individual, such as if Gladio has a button to start the attack. It’s the same kind of technology used against the American Embassy in Cuba and more recently in China. Again, immediately, the USA said these sonic attacks are coming from Russia and Russia answered them that they would look into “our” agencies for an answer. Since Russia knew it was not them, they knew also it was somebody else on the other side running false flag sonic operations.

These sonic wave psychotronic weapons are not SciFi, but the intelligence agencies usually uses them since the origin of these attacks cannot be found. It’s a very effective weapon for Gladio operations. Practically, such weapon can be hidden in a house, and they are remotely controlled. When such weapons are running, the target can be easily manipulated, without understanding that he/she is manipulated, like a puppet. In the very recent weeks, Gladio orchestrated several attacks and events only “for me,” to demonstrate that they have this weapon. These two demo’s, including a hostage-taking in Paris, did not have casualties, but nobody understood, what this guy did there. At the opposite end, in one week, there were in several countries, some parents, becoming suddenly totally crazy and killing their kids with hammer/knife/ax/gun and wanting to fight the police when they arrived. Each of these incredible attacks, from almost ordinary people, has been recorded on my web server, by Gladio, in real time. So, I’m almost convinced that they use such weapon to manipulate their puppets.

Eleven bodies, 10 hanging, found at home in India

The attack in Annapolis was precisely executed like this, and the same situation exists dozens and dozens of times in this unfolding story. There is no other scenario to explain how it’s possible that the Gladio signal on my server follows minute per minute many attacks, and even anticipates them. Most of the Gladio terrorists arrested are described as disconnected, or crazy, or as a puppet. It occurred about the same with the taxi in Moscow. He runs out of his cab shouting that it was not him… Yes, it was not him, it was Gladio and Gladio also recorded this operation on my web server.

Did I call the FBI for this case? NO.

  • I called them for the Las Vegas shooting, because I got a triple signature on my web server for this massive shooting. Gladio was so satisfied with their operation, required by an authority, that in the next days, they gave to AMAQ, the ISIS agency, a Belgian domain name—— in order to claim all attacks that they orchestrate themselves… all over the world.
  • I called the authorities for the Manhattan car-ramming attack because I got three signatures again in real time for that attack. This attack is about the same as the one in Toronto. He used fake weapons and asked to be killed. Do you see that all these terrorists in Toronto, Manhattan, or Annapolis seemed disconnected, like puppets manipulated by Gladio?
  • I called for the massive shooting, in a church in Texas. This guy was a former U.S. Army service member and was known to Gladio as he had a problem with his ex-wife and ready to commit a mass shooting against her family… in that church in Sutherland, Texas, but they were not there. The same as Annapolis, right? Do you really think it’s by chance that we find the same situation? For this mass shooting, I got a huge signature on my web server too.
  • I called the authorities for the shooter in Tehama in California and the very last mass shooting (Santa Fe) in Texas

All these Gladio operations have been recorded on my web server before and when they occurred. Immediately, I called the FBI, and I wrote to them, since I also have direct connections with some of them, because of this Gladio signal on my server. Yes, they know this signal well (another long story).

This is what happened during my phone calls with the FBI:

I call, and of course, they ask my name and everything, and of course, I give them my real name, and I begin to explain my story. All the time, I’m scared to give the name of Gladio, so I start to tell everything else. Of course, they cannot wait and finally, they asked me the name of this organization, and I must give it. But usually, they don’t know the name of Gladio, and I explain what Gladio is. But finally, they asked me the name of the guy that I know at the top of Gladio, and the reason why I have this current position. There is not one line about him on Google, but when I give his name to the FBI… some seconds after, they immediately hang up. I cannot even utter any more words. They wrote his name on their screen and in seconds, I was out. I’m not sure, but I guess, that the FBI operators suddenly found on their screen an order to stop the call, with something like:


So, even if you don’t believe in these sonic/wave/psychotronic weapons, you clearly see that many attacks and/or their circumstances are identical. Moreover, all these terrorists could easily be selected by Gladio, since they have access to all relevant records every justice/police/intelligence/state jurisdiction. Who else can systematically choose such perfect terrorist candidates in such databases? Moreover, you see that all these attacks are like an episode, like a piece of a puzzle, in my story. Indeed, it is the only story which can give you a real reason for all this.

You can find a summary of my story in English here: ; a video in English, with my head, here: (including the example of the situation whereby Gladio copied to orchestrate the attack in Toronto) and the website where Gladio records and signs itself for all operations since the terror attack in Manchester on May 22, 2017 (about 150 operations and 2000 deaths).

Marc Delantre
Very short resume
56yo, Computer scientist, Webmaster (from always).
2008, Undercover agent for DNEF Paris
2009-2012, Protected agent for Mossad
2013-2018, Informing agent for the Belgian Justice, Belgian/French Secret Service and Ministers
2017-2018, Informing agent for other agencies including FBI (450 emails exchanged, including 150 received).
2014-2018, Forced agent for Gladio.


Gladio is derived from the Latin word “gladius”.