The Last Clinton Scandal



The Last Clinton Scandal

by Patrick J. McShay

“If they send a signal that we’re going to be like some dictatorship, like some authoritarian regime, where political opponents are going to be unfairly and fraudulently investigated, that rips at the fabric of the contract we have, that we can trust the justice system. It will be incredibly demoralizing to the people at the Justice Department, both Democrat, and Republican, but it will also send a terrible signal to our Country and the World that we have given up on the kind of values that we use to live by.”

* Hillary Clinton explaining to Mother Jones why looking into her alleged criminality is a big waste of time.

“It’s time for Jeff Sessions to name a Special Counsel and get answers for the American people. If not he should step down”. Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio)

“The Uranium One deal is not a national security scandal, it is a corruption scandal involving Clinton family self-dealing.” Former Federal Prosecutor Andy McCarthy

The Trump Administration is pushing for a real investigation and the appointment of a special counsel to look into Bill and Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One deal that sold the rights of 20% of America’s Uranium to the Russians. The funny thing is that all of the people involved are “never Trumpers” who have been trying to prove Trump colluded with Russia.  They also want to know why the Clinton Foundation benefited to the tune of $145 million on the deal. Hillary, not pleased at all with this spotlight on another of her shady deals, told Mother Jones that this is “old news” and a new investigation would be a “disastrous step into politicizing the Justice Department.”

Hillary whined that any further investigation into this obviously dirty deal would have devastating consequences for the justice system in America. The Clinton’s decades of lies and complete disregard for decency and the rule of law make Hillary’s pleas for justice laughable and extremely sad if anyone takes this career criminal seriously.

Spirit cooker and Hillary Campaign Manager John Podesta recently wrote in the Washington Post that Trump’s investigating criminal activity by Hillary and her cronies would “upend 230 years of Constitutional history and principle to run the Justice Department like a banana republic”. Dripping with hyperbole and hypocrisy, Podesta’s tirade and taunts are an insult to anyone with a pea-sized brain and are as childish and nuanced as the age-old playground taunt,”I know you are, but what am I”. Bold talk from a guy who was doing business in Russia long before Trump ran for president. Bill and Hillary orchestrated the Uranium one deal and now, like many of her other scams, pretends that she was out of the loop. This looks like this could be the Clinton’s last scandal.

Far from having already been investigated and adjudicated satisfactorily, the main witness in the case is a nuclear energy consultant named William Campbell, who was recruited by the FBI to work undercover as a confidential source in a bribery and kickback investigation involving Rosatom, the Russian State-owned nuclear energy company. It appears the FBI has been withholding documents and are covering up important aspects of the case. Had Trump not been elected would we be talking about any of this? Campbell is set to testify this week and up until a couple of weeks ago was effectively gagged by a Loretta Lynch non-disclosure agreement, with threats of prison time, he was forced to sign several years ago.

It is unconscionable, given the number of witnesses to Clinton criminality that have been murdered or died mysteriously to silence their testimony, that Campbell’s name would be released before he testifies. Campbell’s attorney, Victoria Toensing, has been tight-lipped about what he knows but indicated his testimony could contain some bombshells. This is the Russian pay to play and collusion scandal the American people wanted to see investigated, not the phony Russian/Trump collusion fantasy dreamed up by the criminal Clinton cult.

It came to light this week that there is a system in place in Washington to pay off victims of sexual assault and harassment claims made against randy Congressmen and Senators who can’t keep it in their pants. In the last 17 years, $15.2 million has been paid out to over 250 victims using taxpayer dollars. This is an outrageous abuse of public trust not to mention stealing taxpayer funds to pay off victims of their abuse. The entire process set up to deal with congressional wrongdoing was set up to be as discouraging and secretive as possible. This secrecy needs to end. CNN reports that staffers on the Hill maintain an unofficial “Creep list” of Congressmen to avoid.

Who are these men that pay off their victims of Congressional sexual abuse and harassment claims using taxpayer dollars? These men should be named immediately. Are any of these Congressional abusers now calling for Roy Moore to step aside in the very important Senate race in Alabama? Will these allegations against Roy Moore and Al Franken move the discussion back to the 17 women who accused President Trump of inappropriate behavior?

Gideon Litchfield, writing for Quartz said,”there’s one man in America who continues to be safe from sexual harassment allegations, and that man is Trump.” the recent comment by Kirsten Gillibrand that Bill Clinton should have resigned over the Monica Lewinsky affair a signal that Trump’s old accusers will be back in the news now that the Russian collusion story has completely fallen apart and more importantly the public never believed it.

On Friday American Majority founder Ned Ryan sat down with Breitbart’s Executive Chairman, Steve Bannon and Sirius XM’s host Raheem Kassam. Ryan called Gloria Allred, the attorney for the women accusing Roy Moore of sexual impropriety, a human Vulture. Ryan says he has no hard facts, but strongly suspects this Roy Moore story was planted by the Mitch McConnell camp. Once Moore goes down will the “Never Trump” traitor then go after a weakened Trump?

The Mother of Lee Corfman, the accuser who says she was 14 when Roy Moore fondled her, has contradicted details of her daughter’s story, which Moore vehemently denies, Darrel Nelson, the step-son of Beverly Young Nelson, has said she is lying about the charge that Moore fondled her 40 years ago and the claim that Moore signed her yearbook is being called a forgery by the Moore camp. Another accuser, Gloria Deason, says at the age of 18 she went on a few dates with Roy Moore that went no further than hugging and kissing. Despite the fact that the age of consent in Alabama is 16, she now claims to be the victim of abuse. The worst news Mitch McConnell got this week was when Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced she would cast her vote for Roy Moore.

While America is fed a steady diet of Roy Moore’s accusers, the debate on a tax plan that will likely help no one in the Middle Class, or the latest false flag attack, no one notices what our legislators are up to while we are distracted by the latest so-called breaking news. A good example of this is a recent Bill quietly passed by Congress and signed into law by Donald Trump on August 22, 2017, with no media coverage and very little fanfare, that allows police searches and seizure without a warrant. The USA Liberty Act is a Bill proposed to address concerns about the unconstitutional National Defense Authorization Act.  The Orwellian named Liberty Act is supposed to address concerns about the government spying on Americans but this Bill offers little substantive change to speak of as usual.

Will Rogers said, “All I know is what I read in the papers”. Unfortunately, The important stories don’t make papers or the mainstream news, not in Will Rogers day and certainly not today. In a scene from the movie “Three Days Of The Condor,” CIA boss Cliff Robertson meets with Robert Redford’s CIA Agent character, who the agency had been trying to kill the whole movie. When Redford threatens to blow the whistle on an illegal CIA operation and send the story to the New York Times, Robertson asks, “What if they don’t print it? How far will you get if they don’t print it? It left you thinking he was going to be OK.

In the real world, we would have seen the “No Country For Old Men” ending. They wouldn’t have printed the story, the media would have covered it up and Redford and everybody he cares about would have been unceremoniously whacked.

According to the Daily Mail in London, author Ed Klein is reporting that Bill Clinton, the nation’s worst abuser of women, and rumored to have AIDS, is facing new accusations from 4 women who claim the former president assaulted them in the early 2000’s when Clinton was working with playboy billionaire Ron Burkle. The women worked in low-level positions and were teenagers at the time of these assaults. Hillary, who has been on her high horse railing about Trump’s indiscretions will not be pleased with these new allegations.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media today only gives us the news that has been approved by our controllers, and they have no interest in the public finding out that our rights are being stolen and soon freedom and privacy in America will be a thing of the past. The bottom line is, Selective programming is social engineering. We aren’t being governed, we are being handled through mind control and government approved propaganda.

We live in a country where a recent CDC report, detailed in Reuters, revealed that the water in over 3800 water supplies across America contain twice as much Lead as the toxic water in Flint Michigan, and in half of those cities it was 4 times as bad. So far no one’s gone to prison. Do you think they don’t know it’s that bad? Of course, they do. They were hoping you wouldn’t find out. Why isn’t that breaking news on Fox?

If we don’t demand clean water they won’t provide it. If we don’t demand they stop illegally spying on us they never will. If we don’t demand our God-given rights protected by the Constitution are preserved they will take them. If we don’t demand to be heard soon it’s going to be too late