Al “Buttman” Franken, NFL Misconduct, And Secret Congressional Sexual Settlements”


PHOTO CREDIT: Lorie Shaull


Al “Buttman” Franken, NFL Misconduct, And Secret Congressional Sexual Settlements”

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.” — Author, Mark Twain

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out..without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable.” – Author- Mark Twain

by Patrick J. McShay

I read an article a while back by a guy who said he saw Al Franken and his partner in comedy Tom Davis perform at a small town bar in the midwest in 1979 at the height of their Saturday night live fame. At some point toward the end of the show some music started playing and both Franken and Davis stepped into the crowd and picked two teenage girls to come onto the Dance floor and began slow dancing.

Soon after they began dancing with Franken and Davis, almost on cue started fondling the girl’s butts to the delight of the crowd. When the girls moved their unwelcome hands off of their posteriors, seconds later the comedians would move them back and proceed with their butt massage. This went on the entire length of the song and fondling teen butts appeared to be the point of the unfunny bit. Was this a part of all of their shows?

This week a young woman named Lindsay Mentz came forward and accused Franken of fondling her butt while her husband took a picture of she and the Senator at the Minnesota State Fair. She said she still can’t believe what he did and was so shocked by the brazen move that she relates the details like it just happened yesterday.

I guess it’s not surprising that Buttman doesn’t remember this encounter. He probably has been doing this sort of thing for decades. Two more women with similar accusations just came forward today. Perhaps he believes this is the price the ladies need to pay to get a picture with fish lips Franken.

Every time an NFL player is arrested, there is renewed discussion about the high crime rate among NFL rosters. There are 1696 players in the NFL and since the year 2000 there have been 855 total player arrests for crimes that include 96 for domestic violence, 215 DUI’s, 99 minor Drug charges and 71 assault charges. The average NFL career lasts 3.3 years, so in that period of time tens of thousands of players have been on an NFL roster.

There are 535 members of Congress, 84 of which are women. 68 members have been arrested over the years which seems like a lot since Congress members get away with a lot more petty crime than the average football player, much less the average citizen. Members of Congress only get a DUI when they crash into something and. Rats like Franken have always used their fame to take advantage of women who feel they have little power in these situations, and that won’t likely change anytime soon.

It was revealed this week that during the same period of time (2000-2017) there is evidence that 265 complaints of sexual assault and harassment claims of US Congressmen have been secretly settled to the tune of over $17 million dollars using taxpayer funds and hiding the identities of the offending politicians.

John Conyers was just outed as one such member of Congress whose staff accused him of repeated sexual harassment and unwanted touching. Nearly $30,000 was paid out by taxpayers on Conyers behalf that we know about. Conyers once summoned ethics attorney Melanie Slone to his office. She relates that when she got their he was in his underwear. She turned and left and for some reason didn’t sue him. Conyers assistant also said that he used taxpayer funds to pay for his girlfriend’s airfare on visits to the Capitol while his wife was in prison.