Hurricane Irma Strengthens to Category 3 Over Eastern Atlantic


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Hurricane Irma Strengthens to Category 3 Over Eastern Atlantic

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Hurricane Irma has strengthened into a category 3 storm as it moves over the eastern Atlantic toward the eastern Caribbean islands, according to the Nation Hurricane Center.

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WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Hurricane Irma has strengthened into a category 3 storm as it moves over the eastern Atlantic toward the eastern Caribbean islands, the Nation Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida said in an advisory.”Irma is category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale… Irma is expected to remain a powerful hurricane for several days,” the advisory said on Thursday.

Hurricane Irma winds have increased to 115 miles per hour with stronger gusts, the advisory said.

The hurricane is currently located 720 miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands and is headed toward Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti, according to an illustration from the Hurricane Center.

There are no coastal watches or warnings in effects, the advisory said.