International Body of Scientists Issues Threat of Imminent Earthquake to Trump Admimistration



International Body of Scientists Issues Threat of Imminent Earthquake to Trump Administration

International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center

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Imminent Earthquake Threat to US Nuclear Facilities

May 12, 2017                                                                                                              Press Release 01-2017
9:30 AM

The International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (IEVPC) announces today that it has notified the Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, of an imminent threat to US nuclear facilities from a wave of catastrophic earthquakes that is about to start.

The determination of the scope and scale of this threat is based on years of seismic and climate research by IEVPC scientists that has culminated in the recent publication of the book titled “Upheaval!  Why Catastrophic Earthquakes Will Soon Strike the United States.”

Co-authored by four scientists with extensive records of success in climate and earthquake prediction, the book “Upheaval!” lays out the case for an 80% chance or greater, of devastating earthquakes to hit the US between 2017 and 2038.

In this letter, emailed to Secretary Perry on May 9, 2017, IEVPC Chief Executive Officer, Mr. John L. Casey, a co-author of the research and book, explains that the researchers at the IEVPC have detected three categories of precursor earthquake activity that have led them to getting the word out about this imminent threat. They include strong correlations to historical quake patterns, solar activity linked to the worst earthquakes and climate change, and deep energy flows within the Earth’s crust that reach the surface in the form of large destructive quakes over M6.5.

The letter to the Secretary makes a strong warning of disastrous collateral damage to several regions of the United States as a result of earthquake shocks to existing nuclear facilities and power stations as well as to nuclear waste and spent fuel rod storage facilities.

The letter goes on to make important recommendations to mitigate the threat of catastrophic earthquakes to US nuclear facilities. They include a review of existing facilities to make sure they can withstand the new higher levels of quakes predicted and documented in “Upheaval!” In addition, the IEVPC letter recommends the immediate relocation of all spent nuclear fuel from power stations and related nuclear waste, to the Yucca Mountain, Nevada site or other earthquake-safe nuclear waste storage facilities.

This latest letter to Secretary Perry follows a similar warning issued by the IEVPC to the US government and all those states at high risk of catastrophic earthquakes. That June 6, 2016 notification was made prior to the release of the book, “Upheaval!” that contains all the research material and the new quake threat assessment by the IEVPC.

According to Dr. Dong Choi, Director of Research at the IEVPC, “The threat of highly destructive earthquakes from the west coast to the east coast of the USA is very real indeed. Our years of study show conclusively that now is the time when the US will be most at risk from these waves of record magnitude earthquakes that follow solar activity and energy flows on predictable cycles.”

Dr. Rich Swier, an online journalist, says on the cover of the book “Upheaval!” that it is “… a book that every American and every citizen of planet Earth should read and heed.”

Mr. John L. Casey, CEO of the IEVPC adds, “Our estimates of the damage that could strike as soon as tomorrow, indicates that many millions of Americans could experience earthquakes so large that whole states and regions of the country could be without water and power for weeks or months at a time. Dr. Thomas Jordan, one of the country’s most respected geologists has said for example, that the San Andreas is “…locked, loaded, and ready to roll.” Our research backs up his belief in a devastating quake, “the big one,” finally hitting California any day now. However, we believe the threat is much worse than the estimated tens of thousands of dead, widespread destruction and civil disturbances that are coming to both the Los Angeles or San Francisco areas.

“We are especially concerned for the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) in the center of our country and how an expected M7.0 to M 8.0 earthquake there will not only cause havoc in the eight states around the NMSZ, but will also shut off much of the northeast’s fuel and gas that goes through pipelines in the NMSZ. This letter to Secretary Perry is our latest attempt to raise red flags about the additional quake related threat to both energy supplies and to nuclear power stations and nuclear waste storage facilities. Loss of control over nuclear facilities from quake damage could add a whole new dangerous dimension to the expected massive loss of life and property we and others are forecasting.

“What we are saying is that our research demonstrates that multiple “big ones” are about to sweep across the US between 2017 and 2038 as history shows has happened before. We should begin immediate preparations across the board to safeguard the country for this new era of geophysical danger that has just begun.”

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