2016 Election Mystery Solved, “Hidden Hand” Reveals Itself, Secret Plot Against Russia Exposed



2016 Election Mystery Solved, “Hidden Hand” Reveals Itself, Secret Plot Against Russia Exposed

Staged U.S. Presidential Selection of 2016:
Who did it and why?

The concealed back story that the conservative Right will refuse to believe, and the Alt Right will begrudgingly acknowledge

State of the Nation

There has never been, and there will never be, another campaign season like the 2016 presidential election cycle.

That factoid alone ought to give many people good reason to pause and ask: Why, really, did the American people recently experience the wildest and wackiest election in U.S. history?

The following statement made by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which was uttered in a moment of extraordinary candor, is quite instructive:

 “In politics, nothing ever happens by accident.
If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Given this political reality, there is every reason to believe that the very same MO is still operative today… and much more so than ever.

World Shadow Government decided in favor of a Trump presidency

But why?

Why did The Powers That Be (TPTB) decide to derisively dump the Clinton crime family, after ignominiously dethroning the Bush political dynasty, during the 2016 campaign season?  Even the Obama legacy has been irreparably tainted by WiretapGate, Emailgate and Syriagate, all of which were blown wide open by The Donald.

Additionally, Candidate Trump was permitted to forever wreck and ruin the credibility of the Mainstream Media (MSM) with the searingly accurate label of “fake news”.  He also took his wrecking ball to both the Republican Party establishment and the Soros-hijacked Democratic Party.  By exposing them both as thoroughly fraudulent institutions that do not work for the American people, he completely wrecked both political brands.

Simply put, this kind of profound and pervasive political destruction doesn’t take place except by purposeful design.  How could any candidate ever acquire such a high and sustained media platform unless it is deliberately provided by the “hidden hand” of global governance (i.e. World Shadow Government).  After all, TPTB own and operate the entire MSM.  Nothing makes it onto the evening news or front pages of the newspapers unless it was “planned that way”.

Who sponsored the Trump vs. Clinton “political heavyweight match of the millennium”?

There is only one answer to this question.  That answer clarifies the real purpose behind the Trump presidency.  The recent and very radical shift in Trump’s foreign policy is, incidentally, a dead giveaway. That shift blatantly favors Israel, and especially the advancement of the Great Israel project.  As follows:

Israel’s House of Kushner Now Runs the Trump Administration for the NWO Globalists

Every move that Trump is now making on the worldwide Monopoly board is being directed by the Zionist Neocon cabal who significantly staff every level of his administration.  As the preceding article makes quite clear, son-in-law Jared Kushner (frontman for the NWO globalists) is really running the whole show for Zionist Israel with Trump merely acting as presidential pitchman.

It’s now obvious that both Kushner and his wife Ivanka are acting on orders from the globalist cabal, which is really calling the shots from this point forward. Husband and wife have been hardcore New York City liberal Democrats throughout their entire adult lives, so why would they change their political affiliation when they could simply co-opt (read: take over) the Trump Presidency? And so they have!

Divide and Rule

There is, however, something much bigger that occurred during the 2015/2016 campaign season. TPTB who control the whole “divide and rule” election process quite purposefully and craftily fielded the two most hated presidential candidates in U.S. history.  In fact, the single most important reason why citizens (and non-citizens) voted on Election Day 2016 was to ensure that the opposing candidate lost.  The unprecedented animosity on both sides was so intense that the post-election after-effects continue to occur with great consequence to this very day, as they will continue to.

Why, exactly, did TPTB do this?

Because they are methodically setting up the nation for war, and lots of it–both civil and foreign.  They are also preparing the USA for another real estate collapse and stock market crash like those that occurred in 2007 and 2008 respectively, as well as a pension breakdown.  In the aggregate, these fastidiously engineered events will lead to such widespread financial hardship that a global economic depression will ensue. This is just the setup, however, for a more crucial part of the NWO scheme being executed toward a One World Government.

“The current Zio-Anglo-American Empire is no different, except that the fiat currency of today’s Global Economic & Financial System has no backing whatsoever. Such an unwieldy and untenable predicament has necessitated a controlled demolition of the GE&FS via an unparalleled bankruptcy proceeding.  Which is essentially why the banksters chose The Donald—he’s a well-known and experienced bankruptcy artist.”
(Source: TRUMP: The NWO Cabal’s Nuclear Option—To Declare A US, Inc. Bankruptcy)

Read this closely:
The ongoing series of MSM fake news stories about Russia hacking the election solidified the Left’s hatred of Putin’s Russia.  The Democrats in general already detested the Kremlin’s strong stance on the thoroughly depraved LGBT agenda aggressively promoted by Obama, Clinton, Soros & Company.  The false accusation that Russia was responsible for Hillary’s loss only inflamed the Left’s irrational hatred and hostility. With much of the leftwing of the American electorate corralled into this pen of manufactured enmity, TPTB are now one step closer to their planned war with Russia. What’s really behind all the fake anti-Russia hysteria?

In order to manipulate the other side of this counterfeit coin known as the American two-party system, TPTB needed to stampede the Right into the various railroad cars of the Trump Train.  Trump’s strong positions on the Mexican border wall, Muslim ban, Obamacare repeal, illegal immigration, no foreign wars (e.g. Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan), Iran deal, trade agreements (e.g. NAFTA and TTIP), and tax cuts each played into the demands and/or desires of key voting blocs on the Right.  By roping them all into the same pen via numerous campaign promises and packing them into different cars on the Trump Train, the Alt Right, in particular, was painstakingly set up for another day. How so?

Because American voters are generally NIMBY’s at heart, the vast majority really do not care about foreign wars being waged in their name and with their tax dollars. Especially when their most pressing political concerns are being stealthily catered to, TPTB knows that many on the Right will either support, or not protest, Trump’s reckless warmongering.  However, in the context of this political quid pro quo, Trump must deliver — successfully — on his many promises lest he lose the critical support of the Alt Right.  There is now an emerging movement of very angry and vocal Alt Right truth-seekers who see right through the Trump deception.

DANGEROUS DEVELOPMENT: Incremental U.S. Militarism Accelerated by Trump in Undeclared War on Syria

These extremely cynical moves and maneuvers by Trump’s handlers were made in order to manipulate both the Left and the Right into supporting an unprovoked war of aggression against Russia.  Such a transparently engineered and illegal war is merely the prelude to triggering the hot phase of World War III.  Just as the clandestine Zionist cabal set Germany against Russia during World War II, the same clan of international banksters wants a replay using the United States and her allies to conquer the Russian Motherland.

The Neocons know that this war plan cannot be accomplished without the traditionally Christian, conservative and patriotic elements of the American political spectrum behind it.  This is where Donald Trump — the super-salesman — comes in.  Wittingly or unwittingly, he is being used to round up the Right in the cause of prosecuting yet another unrighteous war — and ultimately an apocalyptic world war — where blood and treasure will be needlessly squandered.  Nevertheless, there are still many on the Right who have fallen into the trap of justifying Trump’s outrageous warmongering and unacceptable acts of betrayal.

The Alt Right Performs
Herculean Mental Gymnastics
to Justify Warmonger Trump’s
Growing List of Unprovoked Attacks
and Audacious War Crimes

Putin’s Russia is not happy

So, while Commander-in-Chief Trump attempts to play Neocon checkers on the global geopolitical chessboard, President Vladimir Putin is playing Kremlin 5D chess.  In fact, every checkers move that Team Trump makes on behalf of their Zionist Neocon sponsors is immediately cancelled out or taken advantage of by the consummate chess players in Moscow.  The Russian military has already blown up the Zionist’s Greater Israel project in Syria once, and are fully prepared to do it again with finality.  Putin’s Russia Blows Up Scheme For ‘Greater Israel’

Russia has situated technologically advanced air defense artillery and electronic warfare systems across Syria as seen when they neutralized 37 of the U.S. Tomahawk missiles unlawfully launched at Syria on April 6th.  Not only will Russia never vacate their only Mediterranean naval base located in Tartus, Syria’s second largest port, they have also fortified considerably the Khmeimim Air Base for the long haul.  Hence, Putin’s Russia has made it clear that they are totally committed to the present Syrian government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Khibiny Electronic Warfare System: Russia Employs “Super Weapon” To Neutralize Entire U.S. Navy

The leaders of Russia (and China) know precisely who put Trump into the White House. Russians, in general, while they are a forgiving people, do have a long memory.  And they know full well that the same clan of banksters, who funded and financed the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, is also responsible for Trump’s threatening displays of militarism toward Russia and their BRICS allies.  They also know that he was selected in the first place to be POTUS for his over-the-top and juvenile showmanship.  Perhaps that’s why TPTB first had him star in The Apprentice — to hone his dubious executive skills during prime time in prep for the Oval Office.

Nevertheless, Putin et al. have seen it all, heard it all, particularly where it concerns U.S. government duplicity and deception.  The Kremlin will certainly not be duped by a guy who fired 60 missiles at a war-torn country based on a false flag gas attack and other contrived allegations that were not even investigated.  The Trump administration has irreversibly lost all credibility with Russia after that “misguided missile attack” on Syria. By conducting himself as POTUS in such an untrustworthy manner, Trump may have doomed any hope of reconciliation between the two superpowers.  However, as the following expose makes clear, there’s a LOT more going on in Syria than anyone knows.

TRUMPAGEDDON: The Real Back Story Behind U.S. Missile Attack On Syria

Political Bipolar Syndrome

How did they do it?  How did they pull off another election scam on the American people?

The entire American political process has been designed from its earliest beginnings to take advantage of the natural Right-Left, Conservative-Liberal, Republican-Democrat, Traditional-Progressive polarities which have always been present throughout the body politic.
(Source: The Hidden Powers and Dubious Money Behind Donald Trump)

TPTB simply took advantage of what they easily exploit every campaign season; they appealed to the primal desires and base emotions of the electorate.  After 8 long catastrophic years of Obama, the voters demanded change.  That was after 8 long disastrous years of Bush who was at the other end of the political spectrum.  The pendulum is always being deliberately swung further in the opposite direction with each subsequent presidential election.  Trump’s shoehorned victory was sheer negative reaction to anything connected to Obama, and especially to the naked career criminality of Hillary Clinton.

Because the body politic is so hopelessly addicted to deception, they can be systematically swung from one political pole to the other every 4 years.  With each successive election, the “hidden hand” is swinging the pendulum further to the right, and then further to the left. Obama obviously represented an extreme swing to the left, whereas Trump is an extreme swing back to the right.  Of course, what Trump actually does remains to be seen. However, his foreign policy has already taken a hard right toward Neocon war-making territory. Clearly, the Zionist Neocons have taken over the Trump administration as the intensifying warmongering reflects.

Special Note:
TPTB are masters of illusion when it regards creating the cult of personality.  The Obamabots still worship Obama as their political messiah, and will probably do so for all time.  The Clintonistas could watch live video of Hillary strafing school children at 42nd and Broadway — in broad daylight — and still vote for her.  Donald Trump, on the other hand, was cast as the patriot’s hero, the conservative’s advocate and the Christian’s defender of the faith who would save the day from the socialists, the communists and the cultural marxists. He was carefully manicured and coiffed (see photo above) as the political televangelist that the rapidly expanding Alt Right has been desperately waiting for.  Trump even cut the profile of the all-American, self-made golden boy (see photo above) who seemed determined to Make America Great Again.  However, what the cult creators neglected to disclose was that, first and foremost, Israel would be made great again … and again and again … via U.S. military intervention in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, etc.  Whether Trump’s cult of personality will be strong enough to hide this exceedingly inconvenient truth remains to be seen.  For there are many in the Alt Right who have since understood these hard truth(s), and who will vacate the various “campaign promise” cattle cars as quickly as they were herded onto the Trump Train.  Many of these same folks who have seen the light also now know that Donald Trump signed an ultra-secret contract prior to Inauguration Day (see Addendum below).  That highly classified agreement basically makes him the President and CEO of the U.S. Government, Inc. answerable ONLY to its unnamed Board of Directors, NOT to the American people.


The sooner the Alt Right understands that they’ve been played — BIG TIME — the sooner they can begin to respond to the Zionist Neocon coup which occurred in the Trump White House.  Zionist Neocons Completely Take Over Trump Administration

The final point here is that U.S. presidential elections are ALWAYS staged to ensure that the selected candidate is installed in the White House.  Both pre-chosen candidates have proven to their masters that they will compliantly wage the wars that are planned by Deep State and conducted by the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC).  This ‘presidential duty’ is by far the primary responsibility of the POTUS ever since the USA became the military arm of the New World Order.  After all, the POTUS is commander-in-chief first; president and statesman second and third in the eyes of the WSG.

President Trump fits this pattern of MIC pitchman and Deep State agent to the “T”.  He has shown that he will wage war for Israel without hesitation or regret.[1]  Every major foreign policy decision Trump has made thus far toward the Middle East has somehow advanced the Greater Israel project.[2]  His first 100 days in office now stands as a testament to the reality that he will govern as a dyed-in-the-wool Israel Firster.  Some have even opined that, with the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, the nation has elected its first Jewish president.  Is Trump the first Jewish POTUS?

State of the Nation
April 25, 2016

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[1] Trump Bombed Syria For Israel

[2] Why Did Trump Really Go Ballistic And Commit A War Crime In Syria?


The following excerpt is from an SOTN article that was published on October 13, 2015 under the title: Donald Trump Is In Serious Trouble…If He Really Is His Own Man

They will even go so far as to make Trump sign a confidential contract, which they can, and will, enforce in any number of ways.  That contract includes a strict promise not to prosecute any former president for war crimes or any other high crimes and misdemeanors.  As a matter of fact, every single president since JFK has been forced to sign such a contract which is broken on pain of death. Furthermore, according to his contract, Donald Trump would essentially agree to following the dictates of the World Shadow Government so that the compromises as president would start to come fast and furiously … and fairly soon after his inauguration.  
In other words, his biggest campaign promises will be broken and forgotten as though he never made them.