Will an American Spring take place in 2017? If so, the Trump Movement needs to lead the way.



Will an American Spring take place in 2017? If so, the Trump Movement needs to lead the way.

The Purple Revolution Must Be Exposed

Seditious Conspiracy to overthrow President Trump via an American Spring now in the works

George Soros & Sons, Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, John Brennan, James Clapper, Michael Morrell and other Democratic traitors scheme against President Donald Trump and the American Republic

State of the Nation

BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America…
…Courtesy of George Soros,
the Clinton Crime Family,
and the former Obama Administration

Make no mistake about it, there is a Purple Revolution being carried out under cover of extreme stealth and secrecy.  Highly consequential events now occur daily, all under the radar and in the shadows across America.

This extremely furtive revolution against the Trump Administration is also being waged against the United States of America and We the People.  Without question, it represents the primary New World Order agenda and Neocon plan for the complete takeover of the U.S. Federal Government.

Agents of this Neocon cabal such as George Soros and Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton are only the faces of this seditious movement to overthrow President Donald J. Trump. In fact, the levels of complex conspiracy go much deeper into Deep State than anyone will ever know.  If you hear them or see them, they are not the true power or money behind this fundamentally communist movement.

The Liberal American Spring 

At this critical stage of development of the ongoing Purple Revolution, everything points to the great likelihood of an American Spring modeled loosely after the Arab Spring.  The nation is currently witnessing an incomparable barrage of mainstream media attacks, intelligence agency assaults and political offensives inside the Beltway being leveled against the Trump Administration.

This unparalleled projection of soft power against a sitting president is a part of a much larger plot to permanently remove Trump from power.  Not only will the agents of Deep State not let Trump govern in the present, they are doing everything possible to terminate his presidency in the future.

If all else should fail in the execution of the Purple Revolution playbook, it is clear that the NWO ruling cabal will attempt a full-blown American Spring.  Such a move not only reveals the sheer desperation of the wealthy elites to maintain the status quo at all costs, it also demonstrates their unwavering commitment to topple Trump by any means necessary.

Barack Hussein Obama: De Facto Leader of the Purple Revolution

There are very symbolic reasons why the former POTUS has rented a headquarters (he calls it his new home) in Washington, D.C. not very far from the White House.  Such a brazen and offensive move is simply unprecedented in U.S. history.  And it reflects the sheer chutzpah of the Soros-funded campaign to unseat President Trump.  However, there is much more to this clandestine plot to implement what is effectively a coup d’état by stealth and treachery.

The best place to start to understand the overwhelming deceit and deception associated with Barack Hussein Obama is the following video: The Hidden Life History of Barack Hussein Obama.  It shows that Obama was purposefully selected in the first place because his roots were sunk quite deeply into Cultural Marxism. ‘Community organizing’ is the benign name given to those who surreptitiously advance Cultural Marxism.

Obama’s early training was grounded in the works of socialist community organizer Saul Alinsky.  He was also mentored by communist Frank Marshall Davis.  The many twists and turns of his life clearly reflect an individual who was meticulously groomed to lead a societal revolution across America and beyond.  As POTUS, Obama secretly put to work his highly destructive ‘community organizing’ skills to a degree never seen before.  And, he did so utilizing Saul Alinsky’s rules and the Cloward-Piven strategy.  As follows:

Obama’s Secret Socialism Formula: Alinsky’s Rules + Cloward-Piven

Is The Cloward-Piven Strategy Being Used To Destroy America?

Obama’s Shadow Government

In the wake of the ignominious defeat of Hillary Clinton, Obama’s anticipated successor, everything has changed. There is now much evidence which indicates that Obama has rebelliously set up a shadow government with the explicit purpose of executing a soft coup. In the absence of success, Soros & Company will undoubtedly attempt a violent coup d’état.

The massive amount and intensity of interference that is being run 24/7 against Team Trump is specifically designed to impede the appointments of many key players in the Trump Administration. By thwarting so many critical appointments throughout the Executive Branch, Team Obama hopes to keep his people in power long enough to stage their coup(s).  Trump himself has complained mightily about the slowness by which his many nominees are being ushered through their respective Senate confirmation processes. This continuing success of this sole political dynamic by the Democrats is the greatest threat to the Trump residency and the American Republic.

By every major disruptive event in the USA since Inauguration Day (and even since the November 8th election), Obama is — to this very day — covertly commanding his loyal troops within the U.S. Federal Government in a highly subversive manner.  His supposed trips to the gay married couple in Palm Springs California, and then to billionaire Richard Branson’s private island in the BVI, were carefully orchestrated to falsely present the fake image of an ex-President who was completely disengaged … when in fact he was leading the Purple Revolution from behind.

The following 3 links quite accurately depict the true level of engagement that Obama the undercover revolutionary currently has inside the Beltway, as well as throughout the political sphere of American society.  Yes, both DEMs and REPs are now vastly arrayed against the POTUS.

Obamas and Clintons: Partners in Crime with Soros

The good news is that this CIA-directed, Soros-financed Purple Revolution is heavily reliant on damaged goods.  Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have been outed as career criminals of the highest order.  Her shocking loss at the polls was primarily due to her multi-decade crime spree which was exposed in stunning detail for the whole world to see. The Obama’s are likewise guilty of so many crimes it boggles the mind.  That the U.S. Congress did not impeach him for high treason, genocide, war crimes, extrajudicial drone assassinations, crimes against humanity, etc. has set them up for an eventual and lawful removal by Trump.

The real good news is that all of these bad actors are on the cusp of criminal prosecution. With the life imprisonment of the only leaders of the Purple Revolution, who will function as the figurehead of such a doomed insurrection?  Quite fortunately for the American people, the NWO globalists put all of their rotten eggs in the Obama basket.  By grossly miscalculating in this way they are left with a completely headless revolution.  Not only is the reviled Obama now hated by huge and growing groups of Americans, he is detested by the world community of nations for his naked warmongering as a fraudulent Nobel Peace Prize winner.

As for the mortally wounded Clinton Crime Family, they are now so old and feeble, sick and ineffective that their political dynasty is finished—FOREVER.  The entire Clinton clan will be long remembered for their unrivaled criminality in high office, and especially their unconscionable personal enrichment at the expense of the public.  Such unbridled malfeasance had never been witnessed before as it occurred in real time.

All that’s left of this motley crew, which quite obviously commandeers the Purple Revolution, is George Soros & Sons.  Soros is now the most hated man in America with even Russia looking to prosecute him for similar acts of insurrection.  Not only has he committed crimes of sedition and treason against the USA, but against many other nations around the world as well.  At the end of the day, Soros will literally have no place to go, much less run his trips of chaos and war, genocide and mass exodus on the planetary civilization.

Special Note:
It’s no accident of fate that Barack Obama attended Columbia University, the American home of the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism.  This exceedingly dangerous intellectual movement is directly responsible for the wholesale destruction of Western society.  Obama was most likely tutored in the philosophical applications of Cultural Marxism by those specialists in the field while at Columbia. The following article well explains the relevant history and critical back story of the Frankfurt School, which will also inform one’s understanding of the ongoing devastation in Merkel’s Germany and Hollande’s France. However, there is no better illustration of Cultural Marxism at work than the present national disaster known as the Obamanation, which occurred after 8 catastrophic years of Obama et el.
How the Frankfurt School Changed American Culture

The Trump American Spring 

Perhaps one of the best ways to short-circuit this treasonous connivance to undermine the American Republic is for the Trump Movement to pre-empt the liberal  American Spring. By staging a much larger show of overwhelming force and support in Washington, D.C. for President Trump, the nation’s “Patriots of the Right” can neutralize the “Bolsheviks of the Left”.  In so doing the Democratic Party and it’s many affiliated groups will be revealed for the hardcore traitors they truly are.

What might a Trump American Spring look like in 2017?

It would be the largest assemblage of American patriots in U.S. history in Washington, D.C.  Surrounding the Capitol Building and forcing the immediate resignation of the entire Congress might be a good start.  as follows:

“That’s when 5 or 10 or 15 million Oathkeepers, NRA members, Libertarians, Independents, Tea Partiers, Conservatives, Christians, real Republicans, militiamen and gun owners, bikers and hunters, farmers and factory workers, former Democrats and ex-liberals all show up in Washington, D.C. and converge on the Capitol—mad as hell!”
(Source: Trump Has Only One Alternative)


Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton must be arrested and jailed without bail as soon as the Trump Administration has filled all of the essential positions.  Both of these traitors must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law post haste.  They are categorically guilty of Class A felonies and other much more serious capital offenses than what has been written about even by the alternative news media.

The primary reason why it is so very imperative to remove these two crime families from public life is because they continue to wield so much influence with their fanatical constituencies.  It only takes one bad apple to ruin a bushel; imagine how many bad apples have been created by Obama and Clinton.  It’s now well known that Obamabots and Clintonistas are some of the most dangerous insurgents and agents provocateur causing the violent riots and protests around the country.

In a word, these dyed-in-the-wool Bolsheviks are DANGEROUS.  Before the many small campfires of protest and riots they have quite deliberately started throughout urban America turn into raging wildfires which spread and merge with each other, President Trump would be well advised to arrest their secret leaders.  When their false prophets of political correctness have been revealed as an incorrigible cabal of clinically insane psychopaths, the Democratic snowflakes and cupcakes will forever leave the ultra-liberal, overly permissive, fake progressive reservation of Cultural Marxism.

State of the Nation
February 17, 2017

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