What’s With All The Satanic Agendas?

What’s With All The Satanic Agendas?

Consciousness Trumps Satanic Agendas


While it might seem reasonable to see the division and hatred stirred up by the US election as disturbing – with many believing the violence and protests have been engineered – this situation Is actually a stunning gift to the best in the country.  And the build up to what is billed as the largest protest in US history at the inauguration only adds to its immense value.
For this is a time when the country’s and the world’s attention will be riveted on a massive gathering of Americans.  And this is happening when many are concerned about the state of the country, about a possible coup, about a possible assassination, about possible martial law, even about a possible fake alien landing.  And meanwhile the country is being ruled from behind the scenes by a deeply corrupt 1% while socially becoming more and more unmoored from morality and decency.


There is awareness growing among some of the public that those who are controlling things in the US and globally are involved in occult rituals.  Among those people, it’s unclear whether there is also an awareness that their attention and emotions, via the media, are being used by those controllers, to accomplish their goals.

A few examples are given below, so that as we think about what is happening in the US and about the immense attention that will be focused on the inauguration, we consider more deeply what may have gone on around events we took at face value and even think about energy itself, especially our own emotional energy and consciousness in relation to those events, and how it (that is, we) may be playing an unconscious and thus involuntary part in furthering world events that we abhor or even that harm us.

The opening ceremonies of the London Olympics offers one instance of a public event to look at more closely.  It was quite bizarre and  may have been used for something other than its publicly stated purpose, a celebration of sports.  One billion people’s attention was trained on a gigantic demonic figure looming over scores of children in hospital beds, in what may very well have been a Satanic ritual.  In such rituals (for whatever negative purpose), the point would be to boost its power by hijacking other people’s emotions (energy).  And the larger the number of people and the more synchronized the energy, the greater the impact.

John Hagelin, a nuclear physicist, says that consciousness is millions of times stronger than the nuclear force and affects things over huge distances. 

The HeartMath Institute provides research showing how we are interconnected through the magnetic field and it is through that field that we can affect things with our consciousness, including helping those who have known for ages how to use people’s energy to support the evil they were doing.


While it is not difficult to conceive that life forms existing within the earth’s magnetic field could be affected by modulations in this field, it is a more far-reaching proposition to suggest that the earth’s field connects all living systems and carries and distributes biologically relevant information. Nevertheless, GCI researchers hypothesize that when large numbers of humans respond to a global event with common emotional feeling, the collective response can affect the information distributed in the earth’s field. In cases where the event evokes negative responses, this can be thought of as a planetary stress wave (of information) …

A more recent example of an occult ritual and with Merkel and Hollande in attendance, is another opening ceremony, this time of a tunnel near CERN.  The audience asked the essential question.

From RT:

“Soon after the elaborate performance began, viewers took to Twitter to ask the question on viewers’ lips: what is actually going on here?”

The concern about occult rituals extends beyond performances, or erhaps a better way to put it, what have we been watching that we took as political events, that may have been arranged in a ritualistic and occult form?  There are reports of occult ceremonies prior to Kennedy’s assassination to further it, and endless Masonic and occult connections surrounding the assassination itself.

Some believe 9/11 was arranged as a satanic ritual.  Certainly, when Bush did not react in any way on hearing what had just happened in NYC but continued listening to children doing a reading lesson instead, that was odd, but what the children were given to read was strange as well and full of occult meaning.

And the destruction of the two towers is full of occult symbolism as well as having satanic significance in Biblical terms.

The 9/11 One World Trade Center also has occult symbolism as well, with an antenna at the top almost straight out of ghostbusters, as a means to open a portal to evil, and there is a connection to CERN.  Start at 1:18 – 2:50.

What does this have to do with the inauguration?

Most Americans – white, black, gay, straight, Hispanic, Asian, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic, etc. – want to have happy and healthy families and live good lives and they care about what happens to others and to the planet.  They want criminals to be prosecuted and corruption ended so ordinary people are not cheated and used.  They may differ in details on how to get there but they all strongly share these common goals.

At the same time, people have been living at one level of reality, believing that politicians and world leader share these basic human dreams, not imagining that it’s even possible that the 1% who have so much control over things on the planet could be psychopathic and involved in occult rituals involving murders.   Perhaps the public might come to grasp that horror, that these psychopaths are the cause of assassinations and the 9/11 attacks and other terrorists attacks – that’s overwhelming enough.  But to go even further and take in that these maniacs broadcast these gruesome events to use our deeply felt human emotions as massive energy to boost their satanic rituals in order to help accomplish plans for a global totalitarian “New World Order” called for by GHW Bush (and Hitler before him) is so grotesque, so un-human, it’s almost impossible to conceive of.

And thus our own humanity – our goodness and caring – leaves us unable to believe in such depths of evil, and has kept us from being able to locate the source of the highly profitable wars, poverty, diseases, austerity, drugs, terrorism, child trafficking, and destruction of our world.  And our wanting good for ourselves and others has made it beyond impossible to imagine we are part of the opposite – that by paying attention and reacting emotionally to their media projected nightmarish actions, we are giving them immense energy to accomplish their hellish plans, even for us.

It’s important to think about these things because we know these are threatening times for Americans and the US and nothing seems normal.  In knowing how we have been used, we can see how violent protests leading up to the inauguration sets up for one of the biggest media events in history, and this suggests the inauguration may be used for a global satanic ritual.  If 9/11 was used as an occult ritual feeding off the world’s hooror, and kicked off the endless wars of the War on Terror, millions of deaths since, the insane financial debt of the US, and so much more, what might happen at the inauguration to generate immense human horror to let the globalists blow the door fully open to their NWO and a brutal take over the US, with FEMA camps and forced vaccines and the whole nightmare they have denied but is quite real?  With they do an attack on DC to rival 9/11 and blame ISIS which the CIA trains?  Will they assassinate Trump?  Is this their means into a coup that  suspends the Constitution as per Bush’s orders and then Obama’s and ends the US as a sovereign country?

This is not meant to scare anyone.  It’s meant to do the exact opposite.  It’s meant to let people know we have immense power through our consciousness and our power has been hijacked.  Once we take this seriously, we have found the key to freeing ourselves and the world and can finally be rid of those who have brought such evil into the world.

The effects of the Paris atrocities felt throughout the world, and no greater than with the relatives and friends of the murdered people, serve as a warning to the intent of world psychopaths. I totally accept that those that committed the atrocities had a religious/fundamental agenda but who was in their minds?  Who was manipulating them? I do not for one moment believe that they were aware of the important planetary alignment [useful to support satanic rituals] at the very moment they started the terrible crimes.

The situation in Paris was one big sacrifice designed to release traumatic energy which combined with the hadron collider [CERN] at full power might well have removed humanity from its connection to source. I know when I have said this previously some have laughed saying that no force can break our connection to the creator. But do we really want to put that to the test?“No sacrifice is a good thing, the sacrifice in Paris from a magical perspective was tainted with evil intent. The crime was so great that source itself entered the hadron collider and a ‘pushing contest’ ensued with unbelievable amounts of energy being expended. Source manifested itself within the colliding tubes of the device, the operators of the device ramped up the power in an effort to expel what they perceive to be a foreign body. Source matched this energy output until finally extensive damage was caused to the whole installation. American security services who are not part of the Cabal estimate that it will take 10 years to repair the collider, my own information is it’s more like 5 years. The Cabal can either pretend that nothing has occurred or that they will mothball the device because in their words it has achieved what they set out to achieve. We know these will be lies for why else would the Chinese have just announced that they themselves will build a collider larger than Cern.”

For atheists who find it impossible to consider there may be a creator or a negative counter force (a demonic force), it might be interesting to notice that the CERN emblem is 666, the well known satanic symbol for “mark of the beast” mentioned in the bible as associated with devil.  Those responsible for CERN either do not mind this biblical reference to Satan or have adopted it.

CERN Update With Kali Projection


In addition, this statue of Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction, stands at the entrance to CERN.


MASS SHOOTINGS: "Senseless Murder" - Nine People Dead In Mass Killing ...


Simon Parkes warned that CERN  is a weapon, a means to keep open a portal to evil entities, and a time machine.  The
ceremony included vague entities coming through the machine, (start at 3:00 and  go to the horned goat) and a giant clock running backwards (start at 56:45).

To hear Simon Parkes talk about CERN and the Global Meditation that occurred to protect humanity from it, start at 10:49.  Parkes shows proof that this relatively group of people, using only their consciousness, got the CERN collider to break down.

In watching what happened to CERN, we can see that the power of our consciousness offers a means to deal with the inauguration.  A special kind of prayer is definitely another.  If we recognize the possibility that those running things may create another gigantic, frightening drama at the inauguration (or any time) to once again hijack the world’s attention and emotional energy, to serve their satanic purposes, and understand how we have been used, we can, first, deny them our power by removing our attention, but second, we can use our loving power to protect ourselves, our country, and the world.

John Hagelin in saying that consciousness is millions of times stronger than the nuclear force is telling us how powerful we are evenover huge distances (which is how Parkes’ consciousness group did what they did).

The HeartMath Institute’s research is also saying showing we are interconnected through the magnetic field and affect things with our consciousness.  They are both saying we have the means and power to achieve peace and goodness.


” …. when large numbers of humans respond to a global event with common emotional feeling, the collective response can affect the information distributed in the earth’s field. In cases where the event evokes negative responses, this can be thought of as a planetary stress wave (of information), …. [BUT] in cases where a positive wave is created, it could create a global coherence wave.

Whether people mention speaking from the heart, connecting with the heart, or following the heart, there is an increased energetic awareness of the importance of the heart’s intelligent input in life’s discernments and choices. It’s being experienced by millions who are coming into expanded global awareness and feel an inner need for the deeper resonance and nurturing of spirit that comes from heart-based connections. These connections can be between a person’s own heart and mind, or between people trying to build community through cooperative interaction.

HeartMath’s commitment is to help make these critical couplings possible. As these connections are established, the world we live in will be transformed. Coherent, heart-centered interactions will generate a higher vibrational consciousness field globally, increasing individual, social and global coherence and resonance

That is, love has power to transform the world.  This is not a hope or something weak.  It is real and immensely powerful – millions of time stronger than the nuclear force.

These are very challenging ideas to take in – from satanic rituals to our power to affect things over great distances just using our consciousness (or using a special kind of prayer) but there is urgency in grasping both the evil and our own power to end it.  And yet, in a way, for Americans, it’s not a lot to grasp.  We feel how wrong things are, and we sense a threat to our country.  But at the same time, the idea of praying for our country and its people is completely natural.  And for those who meditate already and think in terms of consciousness, the idea of focusing their consciousness along with others for the benefit of the country and everyone, is also very natural.
What is different is describing the threat and the occult trickery undergirding it, letting people take in for the first time that we have the power to make this country (or the world) what we want, and religious and non-religious Americans coming together to get it done – ideally with people around the world supporting them.
Parkes says if just 100,000 people in Trafalgar Square were to focus consciousness together, it would be enough to be done with the evil people controlling the world.

The inauguration and the violent protests are a stunning gift to us because it gives us, too, a moment of concentrated attention to use for good.  We won’t save our country by having it handed to us on a platter by any “leader.”  We have to do it.  We have to be good enough and strong enough to deserve it,We have to do it from the deepest place in our hearts.  We have to have courage to get past by the threatening things out there,  past the lure of hatred, past the easiness of not bothering, and past any inability to picture the glorious life we want because of having so constantly been fed doom and hopelessness.  We have to be the wonderful big-hearted, caring Americans we have always been and hold the American dream safe within us, despite what we hear or see.

It’s like a mythic story in which the hero and heroine must go through the severe challenges that test their souls and past so many obstacles they didn’t think they had strength to overcome, to reach the good they sought, and at every point they might give up, or be faced with monsters or chimeras of monsters, fear might overcome them.  But if they are brave and have love in their hearts, they get there, and they are transformed through the effort.

If we can understand who we are in our souls (and consciousness), we have a chance to save our country and those we love.

What is most at stake?  The children.  For the psychopaths controlling the world, children are a multi-trillion dollar business.  Children from infants on up are trafficked, raped, tortured, mind-controlled, and used and even killed in satanic rituals.  Children are central to those in power in the UK, the US, the Vatican, the UN, and more..

Simon Parkes’ Project Avalon interview.

Here is a small excerpt from 43:37 to 48:50 but the whole interview is valuable.

Project Avalon:  “Seeking change in one’s mind seems like a great idea.  Can you elaborate on that?  Is it as simple as reaching for a thought that feels better than the current reality?”

Parkes:  “You really have got to believe that you can make a change.  You also have to practice.  Some people go into deep breathing, some people do meditation, other people just don’t seem to need to do any of that, they can just do it.  It depends on where you are in the developmental process.  If you know something is wrong, you have to wish and think and believe, not just I want something, but “I will make it better.  This is going to happen.  I going to make this happen.”  And you’re going to make it happen out of love and for the right reasons.  And if you believe in that strong enough, and others across the planet are joining you in that, you can affect change.”

Project Avalon:  “If the United States is the major influence in the determination of the planet’s freedom or slavery, what are our most significant assets, and what are our most significant weaknesses?”

Parkes:  “I’ve always made it clear everywhere, that don’t say people need to create violence, to prevent this,  And a lot of people cannot understand that because even people who are awake, they live in a physical world and they don’t understand the full imports of the ability to change a physical situation by your own mental thought, you own mental processes, linked into your soul.  …. [Here Parkes talks Obama ordering 3 generals to detonate a nuclear bomb and their refusing.  That is omitted here.]
“People don’t understand the consciousness level of an individual, when matched with many, many, many thousands of individuals, can actually change reality.  And I keep saying to people, you don’t have to get a gun and barricade yourself in because that’s what a lot of these questions are about, what do I have to do, and I don’t want people to go out there and put themselves in danger because then you are fighting fire with fire.  And that’s not going to work.

Project Avalon:  “You’ve mentioned that “we don’t know we are creators.” But many of us do know.  Yet here we all are in the mix.  Why??”

Parkes:  “When humanity was first kicked off, very, very few people remembered who they were.  Now we are at 2013, there are quite a lot of people over the planet who have woken up and remembered who they are, become aware of who they are.  And it’s that tipping point.  It’s about those people projecting their vision, their reality, and others who are not yet awake, picking up on that.  So these people are …. um, it’s like if you put, if you have a barrel full of  let’s just say red colored balls and you put a blue one in and one of the red ones turn blue and over a period of time the color change is perceptible, so the larger group begin to change its dynamic.  That’s what’s happening with the people over the earth who are imprinting is a good word to use values and ideals which force others to change.  And I say force, I don’t mean force as in force with a gun, but force, they look in themselves and they’ll look to see what is around them and say I choose not to do this but I choose to do that.  That’s what’s happening.  So, “in the mix,” yes it is – that’s a very good word, yes, we are in the mix but people are doing a good job.”
We must first of all fully deny these psychopaths our attention and emotions.  Turn off the TV.  Do not get your news from Facebook or social media.   Focus on your heart and put your attention on your family, your neighbors, on being happy and on staying emotionally steady not matter what.  And believe in your own immense power.

From Thanksgiving on through to the Inauguration, and then beyond, we become the America we want.

We call on all Americans of conscience and good will, from every caring religious denomination and from all those with loving spiritual beliefs and from all those who hold loving moral beliefs, to join us in praying for or focusing consciousness on the happiness of our wonderful country and its good people and for the earth that supports life.

We call on all people of conscience and good will in the world, from every caring religious denomination and from all those with loving spiritual beliefs and from all those who hold loving moral beliefs, to join us in praying for or focusing consciousness on the happiness of your own wonderful country and its good people and the earth that supports life.

We pray for the health and well-being of every man, woman and child, and for the health and well-being of all the creatures and plants, and for the health and well-being of the land itself and of all the waters.

We pray for love and understanding between all our people.  We pray for abundance and for joy for all.  And we pray for justice for the innocent and justice for the corrupt and criminal.

We pray for the good and beautiful world we all deserve.
People can put together prayer groups and consciousness groups across the country and the world, focused on the US, holding in our hearts what we all want for humanity and our planet.  There can be 1000s of people in cities across the US, and around the world, synchronizing their emotions and love in huge numbers.  That’s exponential power.  Even if the psychopaths plan to go after the US first, theirs is an unfathomably evil global agenda that must be stopped.

And together, we will.