PIZZAGATE: The Most Important VIDEO Transcript to Date




PIZZAGATE: The Most Important VIDEO Transcript to Date


The following transcript has been taken from the single most important video on the Internet today regarding PIZZAGATE.  It has been prepared by listening to the following video: The Most Important Video Exposé on the Internet Today

Prepared by SOTN Investigative Unit



James Comey: why did he call up Hillary’s investigation again? James wasn’t serious about Hillary’s case at all. The whole thing was a façade, a lie meant to distract from what really happened the night of November 6. All that ran across media headlines was that Hillary was exonerated from her email scandal again, that Anthony Wiener and Huma’s 650,000 emails revealed nothing substantial but as it turns out the whole story was a distraction.

Comey sent a note to congress on Nov. 6 telling them that he had closed Hillary’s case. CNN subsequently ran huge headlines celebrating this decision. At nearly the same time on Nov. 06 something else happened. WikiLeaks posted a link to a new batch of files, thousands of them. They called this the DNC2Leak and it quickly began trending on Twitter but not a hint of it was ever heard on the mainstream media. There was a blackout. This was followed by a DDOS attack for the first time in years on WikiLeaks’ website.

It went down in the morning hours of Nov 7. Other websites that repost WikiLeaks, including Twitter, 4chan, and Reddit also went down. When Twitter was eventually restored DNC2 was taken off the trending hashtags, as though somebody had manipulated it. This led a technology contributor to the website to suggest that Twitter was in on the DDOS; a clear attempt to stop DNC2. Remember just a week before the election WikiLeaks promised to release phase three of their campaign exposing Hillary Clinton.

3:13 Intelligence emails suggest that Hillary was behind the murders of Vince Foster and others. Some background: WikiLeaks has revealed more than 5 million files that were hacked from a global intelligence firm called Stratfor. Stratfor has been called a shadow CIA, with close ties to Hillary Clinton. In this post, a journalist and intelligence expert Wayne Madsen, claims that Hillary’s private server was the tip of a huge iceberg, that her email scandal was only the beginning of uncovering a huge international criminal operation with multiple entities. The news post names Stratfor as a major figure in the inner workings of Hillary’s syndicate. Since 2012 the highly cryptic language of the Stratfor files has not been well understood but some clarity has come to light after the Podesta emails were released, showing an identical use of terminology. For some reason Stratfor often uses keywords like ‘pizza’ and ‘hot docs’ in their secret emails. They use these words in odd context for example this email exchange between top Stratfor executives is called quote, “Get ready for the Chicago hot dog Friday.’ It reads, “If we get the same ‘waitresses’ I’m all for it!”

4:42 The person puts ‘waitresses’ in quotes. I will be revisiting this word later in the video. The exchange continues quote, ”I think Obama spent about 65,000 dollars of the taxpayers money flying in the pizza/dogs from Chicago for a private party at the White House not long ago.” Assume we are using the same channels, the president of Stratfor responds quote, “To celebrate all you hot dogs out there, Eric you can participate as well.”

Similar keywords were found in the Podesta files; pizza, hot dog, pasta, and cheese, are recurrent words that appear. There is compelling evidence that these words could make up a code of child trafficking.

5:55  Something very evil is going on. It is an international trafficking operation among the elites. They leave their secrets in plain sight. Back to the Stratfor intelligence group. Here is another email where Stratfor officials discuss a quote, hot waitress index using highly sexualized language. In one paragraph a Stratfor official quote, “Somebody he talks to about recruiting Eastern European women for sex work.” The Stratfor official refers to these women as waitresses and discusses how much they plan to pay for them. This sounds like the language of human sex trafficking. The term waitress is used to refer to a female slave. It is well known among trafficking organizations that women in Eastern Europe are recruited to the west often with a promise of jobs as waitresses, and so ask the question. What on earth is an agency like Stratfor? Is it a global intelligence firm or is it a global trafficking network? And why do they have such close connections to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation?

7:19  Now that we have a background for Stratfor let’s explore a strange email that suggests without a doubt that Hillary killed Vince Foster and Ron Brown. These intelligence officers discuss Hillary’s method of assassination for Ron Brown who died in a plane crash. They also claim that Brown was quote ‘inconveniently talkative’. This suggests that Brown had something to share about Hillary but was murdered before he could speak. This was likely the situation with Foster as well who many believed was ready to leak highly criminal records that link to Whitewater. Donald Trump tried to mention Vince Foster several months ago and this brought a firestorm of criticism against him. The worst came from Megan Kelly on FOX News.

9:20 Megan Kelly states: Vince Foster worked with the Clintons. He worked for the Clintons. He helped her become a partner at the Rose law firm. They were friends and then he killed himself leaving behind a widow and three kids. I’ve heard this rumor before that somehow she’s responsible for his death or she had him murdered. The internet says one thing and 6 investigations, including one by Ken Star say something very different, which is that the man took his own life, and murder had nothing to do with it.

10:08 And murder had nothing to do with it says Megan Kelly? Unfortunately for Megan DNC2 tells us a very different story. A stunning admission from the intelligence community that Hillary was guilty of murdering Vince Foster. Of course you heard none of this on Fox News, CNN, or Politico. The Obama administration tried desperately to keep it from the public by ordering a DDOS attack on Wikileaks just before the election began. DNC2 was appropriately named. DNC1 was the result of Seth Rich. Julian Assange never openly acknowledged that Rich was the man behind the Leaks, but Assange did very much hint that he was. DNC2 was about Vince Foster whose death has eerie parallels to Seth Rich. Both appear to be whistleblowers attempting to expose a large-scale corruption involving Hillary. Both died while they were alone, and both were murdered. In Seth’s case they tried to claim that he was a victim of a robbery yet nothing was stolen from him, and in Foster’s case they tried to claim that he killed himself yet the lead prosecutor Miguel Rodriguez claimed that Foster showed evidence of neck injuries that were inconsistent with a suicide narrative. 

11:36 And the media. The media shamed both of these men. They refused to acknowledge their deaths, and the clear link to Hillary. Perhaps they too live in fear of the Clintons, for we know what happens to those who leak confidential evidence tied to Bill or Hillary. According to John Podesta those who leak must be made an example of. If anything, DNC2 provides us with a glimpse of the truth. The intelligence community knew who was behind Vince Foster’s death as I’m sure they know who’s behind Seth’s, and they’re not the only two. Others have died trying to expose Hillary, for example Dr. Molly McCauley, one of the foremost space policy and energy experts in the world with ties to the DNC and the Clinton Foundation, was killed just two days before Seth Rich died on July 10, 2016. This WikiLeak could establish a missing link between Macaulay’s death and the Clinton campaign. In it, John Podesta discusses extraterrestrial intelligence coming out of a parallel universe. He discusses something called zero point energy being brought to earth, and he discusses space war. These are subjects that Dr. McCauley would have been an expert in. Just days before she was killed, Max Spiers a British researcher considered an authority on extraterrestrial life, was killed in Warsaw. There is evidence that Spires was afraid for his life. Some people believe that Spires was planning to divulge confidential information about Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, and their knowledge of extraterrestrial life. The family of Spires however claimed that his secret information wasn’t about aliens but about an international black magic ring. We have later found out that John and Tony Podesta actively practiced spirit cooking. The MSM tried to protect Hillary by declaring that Marina Abramovic is an artist but the artist herself claims her cooking is much more than art. This is high-level initiation into a world of occult black magic.

14:00 Could it be that Hillary’s missing 33,000 emails wasn’t just about Benghazi but about a crime syndicate involved in murder, trafficking, and pedophilia? Some may believe this is a ridiculous notion but recall what Wayne Madsen implied: Hillary’s server is the tip of an iceberg, one that goes very deep into an abyss. There are thousands of people involved in this. If one person goes down it has the potential to bring down all the others as well. Is this the election surprise that Julian left for us? He has given the world so much evidence how is it that the people can continue to ignore it?


Please disseminate this video and transcript far and wide.  The super sleuths are dissecting the PIZZAGATE scandal with a high level of dexterity and integrity.   Our deepest gratitude and respect to C. Ervana for her great exercise in connecting all the dots. 

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November 29, 2016