The Relationship Between Bill Clinton And The NWO Ruling Cabal




The Relationship Between Bill Clinton And The NWO Ruling Cabal

The following excerpt is from: The Political Dominance of The Cabal by Mark Gorton

Bill Clinton’s relationship to the Cabal:

by Mark Gorton

Ambitious young Bill Clinton was recruited by CIA London station chief Cord Meyer as a CIA asset in 1968 when he was at Oxford. From the point of view of the CIA/Cabal, Clinton must have made an ideal target. He was smart, charismatic, ambitious, and he could not keep his dick in his pants. That combination of traits made him very controllable. I suspect that Clinton was completely compromised before he ever met Cord Meyer. The CIA funds Clinton’s trips around Europe and the Soviet Union at this time.

The Cabal is always on the look out for young talent to groom for the next generation. Bill fit all the qualifications that the Cabal looks for in prospective young members.

In 1974, 27-year-old Bill Clinton, only months out of Yale Law School, is back in Arkansas eager to run for congress. Despite being a relative unknown, Clinton quickly enjoys a 7 to 1 fund-raising advantage over his nearest Democratic rival and a 2 to 1 advantage over his well supported GOP opponent. Much of the early funding for his campaign comes from Arkansas organized crime figures prominent in the illegal gambling and drug money laundering businesses. Clinton loses this election, but his fund-raising prowess puts him on the map in Arkansas.

Clinton is elected governor of Arkansas in 1978, his tenure as governor is characterized by dealings with Arkansas criminal elements involved with drug money laundering and illegal gambling. Clinton is a very accommodating governor for the Dixie mafia. Money laundering and financial fraud prosper through Arkansas state bond issues. Most of this corruption is local, but Little Rock financier, Jackson Stephens is involved with national and international financial fraud.

By the early 1980’s, Arkansas, under the protection of Bill Clinton, becomes the number one drug transhipment point for the CIA pipeline bringing drugs to the US from Central and South America. George H.W. Bush runs the Cabal and the federal drug trafficking. Bill Clinton is the state level representative for CIA drug trafficking. By being a key figure protecting, organizing and allowing to prosper the CIA drug network, Bill Clinton earns his Cabal membership. Clinton’s own criminal involvement insure that he will not do anything to expose Federal government criminality.

As a Cabal member in good standing, Clinton is selected by George HW Bush as the Cabal representative for the democratic party, and his rise on the national level is supported and financed by the network of powerful interests that support the Cabal. The Cabal had the 1992 election wired with both Republican and Democratic candidates drawn from its ranks.

Although, Clinton is a member in good standing of the Cabal, he is never admitted to the inner circle of the gang. During Clinton’s time in public office, the Cabal had pretty much coalesced around the Bush family. However, the dark elements of the secret government are always happy to make themselves useful to the president of the United States, and during Clinton’s time as president dozens of people who had personal knowledge of Clinton’s criminal activity conveniently died while Clinton was President.

It is unclear to me whether Clinton or a very close associate order these deaths or whether elements of the secret government proactively took it upon themselves to kill people who posed a threat of exposing Clinton. It may be that by eliminating problems for Clinton, the secret government proved itself to be very useful to Clinton, and he was both thankful and in no position to question these killings. It is possible that by killing threats to Clinton, the secret government both proves its utility to Clinton and further binds him to the Cabal. The more Clinton is in the debt of the Cabal, the more freedom the Cabal has to operate within the Clinton administration.