by Jonathan Azaziah

BEWARE OF THE ISIS FLAGS IN OCCUPIED KASHMIR. Contrary to the propaganda across corporate Indian media, the Takfiri terrorist menace has NOT made inroads, nor does the Wahhabi Frankenstein of the US, ‘Israel’ and Al-Saud have any mosques, fighters or media presence anywhere in the Vale. Numerous brothers, who, due to the extensive crackdown launched by Modi in conjunction with Zionist-owned Facebook to cover up his ongoing massacre of Kashmiris, wish to remain unnamed at this time, have been kind and brave enough to contact me and reveal the scheme behind the recently emerged black banners in Jummah protests across the Valley. It all leads back to a circle of New Delhi-aligned Kashmiri businessmen, the chief of which is Manzoor Ahmed Wangnoo, who has direct ties to both ‘Israeli’ intelligence and the Clintons.

Wangnoo, who disgustingly portrays himself as a representative of the Kashmiri people and their righteous struggle, is nothing more than a classic colonized native who works with the oppressors to fatten his own pockets and also to integrate his homeland into their hegemonic system. In the case of Kashmir, Wangnoo sought the Clintons’ assistance in establishing an emporium overseen by the American regime that would have brought his brand of handcrafts as well as his business partners’ products into the US, thus enriching his own personal wealth whilst building a false reality of “economic growth” in the Vale, much like ‘Israeli’-IMF-backed Fayyadism in the occupied West Bank. Now, the Kashmiri House Muslim extraordinaire, playing the part of facilitator through his Mossad contacts in numerous outposts across Kashmir, is at the heart of a deadly conspiracy which involves CBI, CRPF and RAW seeking out youths in their early to mid teens, paying them a few hundred rupees with the promise of a bigger payday to come if they keep up the “good work”, and ordering them to hoist up ISIS’s flags during Azadi protests. It’s a classic CIA-Mossad subversion technique that has been used time and time again going back to the overthrow of Muhammad Mossadegh in Iran.

This subversive operation has three central goals that are Zionized in scope:

1) Misdirect international attention off India’s 68-year occupation and cornucopia of atrocities it has committed against Kashmiris then refocus the narrative on the threat of ‘Islamist militancy’ led by ISIS, especially in the wake of false flag events in Orlando, Nice, Munich, Istanbul and Normandy. New Delhi had run out of options and useful ideas in combatting its increasingly negative image worldwide not only because of the brutality in the Valley but in the Red Corridor where it murders the Naxalite people en masse as well.

2) Concretize a “gift that keeps on giving” pretext for Indian forces to use as a justification for every Kashmiri youth that they slaughter, every Kashmiri woman that they rape, every Kashmiri house that they invade and every patch of land that they steal. Coupled with the Orwellianism of the AFSPA and the PSA, all Hindutvadi forces have to do is slap an “anti-ISIS” label on all crimes that they commit and the carte blanche they already have expands.

3) Lay the foundation for an ISIS charter in Kashmir to actually come into being, for where there wasn’t an environment for the Takfiri bacteria to breed in Kashmir before, with the sudden appearance of the black flags, coupled with the Saudi petrodollars that have been steadily pumping into the Vale for the last five years and transforming many Kashmiri Sunnis into Wahhabi-Salafi fanatics, there now will be fertile ground for destructive Wahhabi terrorist organizations to take shape and begin wreaking havoc on Kashmiris as they have in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, etc. Such groups, whether they identify as ISIS, Al-Qaeda or some Deobandi TTP affiliate, will be unleashed to bury the Azadi struggle in a grave of Takfirism, allowing the Indian regime to move forward with a Zionist-style “forever occupation” maneuver, and, essentially, will turn the Vale into a base for Mossad-CIA-RAW-backed mercenaries to operate from as they engage in furthering the destabilization of Pakistan, Afghanistan and China, i.e. India’s Cold Start Doctrine and its final phase Operation Kurukshetra. Indian (read: US-‘Israeli’) hegemony over the subcontinent and Asia as a whole will then be ensured.

Anyone who knows even a little bit about occupied Kashmir is aware that sectarianism in this Paradise On Earth is virtually nonexistent. Sunnis, Shi’a, Sufis, Ahmadis and other Islamic schools of thought as well as Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) all get along rather swimmingly. The materialization of the black flags in recent months should’ve in fact been a RED FLAG for all informed and concerned observers. Especially since, as the aforementioned brothers who wish to remain nameless also revealed, notorious Deobandi terrorist Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and the Wahhabi nephews of equally infamous Deobandi terrorist Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar are back in the Vale–no doubt with the guidance of Mossad and RAW–and attempting to recruit youth.

So though Daesh may not have kicked off a division in Kashmir just yet, the Indian regime and its ‘Israeli’ partner are certainly trying their damnedest to bring forth the grand opening. Thus, while Al-Saud’s pernicious Wahahbism must be exposed as a threat to Kashmiris as well as the Ummah in its entirety, some things, like what’s been discussed here, really are just a Zionist plot. A Zionist, Hindutvadi, American plot indeed. To my Kashmiri brethren and all those who support their Azadi struggle, I repeat: BEWARE OF THE ISIS FLAGS IN OCCUPIED KASHMIR.