ELECTION 2016: Can it get any crazier? Yes, and here’s why.




ELECTION 2016: Can it get any crazier? Yes, and here’s why.

SOTN Editor’s Note:
The real problem with the 2016 campaign season does not lie with the candidates, it lies with the voters.

In fact the root causes of such a dysfunctional election cycle can be found deep within the collective psyche of the electorate.  The candidates are merely a reflection of the societal malaise and political dysfunction which abound everywhere.

The 2016 presidential campaigns have become distinguished by the many voting blocs which are well known variously as the Trumpsters, the Clintonistas, the Berniacs and the Cruzopaths.  Each of these fanatical groups of fans and devotees has exhibited signature behaviors and extreme conduct which have only intensified as election day comes closer.

Addicted to deception

There is a significant common denominator among all four of these zealous followers. Each one represents an extremely deep-seated mental illness that began with the primordial affliction known as the addiction to deception. The long term and deepening of this imbalanced state of mind will ultimately lead to Political bipolar complex (PBC).  That’s exactly where most Americans find themselves at this critical moment of U.S. history.

Consequently, the USA finds itself in the throes of a national affliction—Political bipolar complex.  And everyone’s got it … to some degree.  You simply can’t grow up in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” without developing such a disorder.  As a matter of fact, the disorder has been slowly evolving into a full-blown syndrome.  This is where the likes of a Barack Obama and Donald Trump come into the picture.
(Source: Donald Trump Now Has 2 Huge Problems and Is Unelectable)

Because both the addiction to deception and Political bipolar complex have become endemic throughout American society, the candidate crazymakers have appeared on the scene.  Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Ted Cruz are all deeply flawed characters, as well as highly defective leaders, who embody different aspirations of the body politic.  They have been meticulously positioned to appeal to the different biases and prejudices, fears and phobias, desires and needs of the American voter.

Who would have ever thought that the plutocratic oligarchy would take such great pains to create four flavors to satisfy the main four political palates?  Well, that’s precisely what they have done.  And very few even know they’re being played like a fiddle and dancing to the music of their chosen snake charmer.

“The Greatest CON In U.S. Electoral History”

When, pray tell, will the American people finally wake up from their stupor?  That a Hillary and The Donald are even candidates for the highest office in the land is inconceivable.  The following essay explains why this is so: 2016 Presidential Election: The Greatest CON In U.S. Electoral History.

It is quite well known inside the beltway that Hillary is literally running for office to keep herself out of prison.  She has so much baggage in her political closet that many have said that she will go the way of Nixon if she gets elected.  However, until she gets impeached or prosecuted for high crimes and misdemeanors, she will be relentlessly manipulated into doing whatever her NWO masters want her to do.  Isn’t this how they control every politician under the sun … threaten them prosecution or public humiliation of some kind?

Trump is running for office so as to score another BIG deal.  He has also been profoundly co-opted by the neocon cabal who are using him to further impose Pax Americana on the world-at-large.  He is quite easily controlled by his very own ego, as those who are very close to him now take advantage of 24/7.  They do this by practicing the secret campaign mantra—“Let Trump be Trump”.  This is how his handlers intend to assist the neocon cabal to “Make America Great Again!”  Yeah, right, so that Israel can rule the world from Tel Aviv.

The bottom line here is that either of them, as well as either Sanders or Cruz, can only work their crazymaking from the Oval Office with the explicit CONsent of the voters.  Only because enough voters do show up at the polls are the NWO ruling elites able to get away with this ruse every four years.  Yes, quite obviously the election results are fixed in every poll booth practically forever, but then why even go along with this pre-selection ruse? Because the vast majority of voters are hopelessly addicted to deception, that’s why!

Why are Americans so addicted to deception?


Let’s face it, these United States of America have big problems.  And only We the People can solve them.  The political class is both incorrigibly clueless and willfully incompetent. Because they are controlled (as the people are ruled) by a kleptocratic oligarchy, their hands are tied with knots of bribery and blackmail.  The same plutocratic oligarchy knows that if they don’t preselect their presidential frontrunners, they will be staring down the rifle barrels owned by the 99% … before, that is, they go to the gallows.

Now the reader knows why the current campaign season is full of so many thrills and fireworks, spectacles and sideshows, extravaganzas and blockbusters.  The article posted below provides additional insight into this unfolding electoral Melodrama of the Millennium.

State of the Nation
March 30, 2016


The crazymakers always reflect the craziness of the crazies who inhabit the asylum.


Trump, Sanders, & The Deep State Darling

by Charles Hugh-Smith

Always remember who’s selling whom, and who’s in charge.

Everyone who isn’t willfully blind knows that the Corporate (mainstream) Media doesn’t give the same coverage to Bernie Sanders as it does to his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Bernie’s rallies go unmentioned, his victories are given short shrift and his personal narrative–practically ideal for media glorification–is mentioned in passing, if at all.

A media professional clued me into why the Corporate Media hates Bernie and will move Heaven and Earth to defeat him: Sanders is the only candidate who is seriously promoting campaign finance reform.

When a Super-PAC raises $100 million for Hillary, Jeb, et al., where does 90% of that money go? To the Corporate Media. Corporate Media gorges on political media buys every two years, and increasingly depends on this feasting on Super-PAC money for its outsized profits.

As more and more advertising dollars flow to digital media (online search, Facebook, etc.), traditional media dominated by a handful of corporate giants needs the massive influx of campaign dollars to offset its stagnating revenue model.

My source notes that there are rarely any discounts for campaign media buys–the super-PACs and candidate’s campaigns pay full pop, and typically pay in cash: no 90 days receivables for campaigns.

Political campaign buys are almost pure profit, as there is minimal sales effort required and the campaign/super-PAC is paying full freight.

Real campaign finance reform would gut Corporate Media’s profits. No wonder the Corporate Media downplays Sanders’ campaign, his personal integrity and his chances to become president.

As for the firewall that supposedly divides editorial from advertising: it’s there for show, of course, and everyone in the business solemnly declares it’s a Great Wall that is never breached, but the reality is the editorial staff know very well who butters their bread–and it sure isn’t the folks getting free media coverage when their competitors are buying tens of millions of dollars in advertising.

Nobody has to openly state that big advertisers are not going to get negative coverage; editorial staff know better than to even propose such a self-destructive notion. Stories are either buried (“this one needs more research”) or they are never proposed due to self-censorship by editorial staff worried that their head will roll in the next downsizing.

The Corporate Media has a love/hate thing going with Trump: the editorial side (i.e. the newsroom) loves Trump, because readers /viewers /listeners will tune in just to see what new outrageous, offensive verbiage Trump has blurted in the last 12 hours, but the advert-revenue side hates him with a passion because thanks to his non-stop media coverage, he doesn’t need to advertise much in the Corporate Media.

According to this estimate, Trump spent $10 million on advertising and received $1.89 billion in free coverage. Deep State Darling Hillary Clinton spent $28 million (is that all?) on adverts and skimmed $746 million in free coverage; Bernie Sanders also spent $28 million and received less than half of Hillary’s free coverage ($321 million)–no bias here, folks, everything is fair and unbiased–and drop-out Jeb Bush spent $82 million and scored $214 million in free coverage.

Measuring Donald Trump’s Mammoth Advantage in Free Media

So the editorial side concerned with attracting eyeballs loves loose-cannon Trump, but the real ruler of the media, the revenue side, hates him most passionately: this skinflint spends almost nothing and gets more free coverage than the rest of the candidates put together.

As you consume the coverage and the advertising this election cycle, always remember that 1) the mainstream media in the U.S. is all corporate-owned, 2) corporations exist to maximize profits, 3) profits flow from advertising, not free coverage, and 4) real campaign finance reform will negatively impact Corporate Media profits.

Always remember who’s selling whom, and who’s in charge: who is the Deep State selling? Who is the Corporate Media selling? Recall that the Deep State gives the Corporate Media its marching orders: Hillary regains the momentum (New York Times, et al.)