Did the MOSSAD just reveal the true reason for the staged false flag terror attacks in Brussels?




Did the MOSSAD just reveal the true reason for the staged false flag terror attacks in Brussels?

The 3/22 Brussels Bombings Could Only Have Occurred With The Full Support Of  MOSSAD, CIA, MI6 And DGSE

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It looks like the MOSSAD just sent a very strong message as to why Brussels was bombed on March 22nd.  What most geopolitical analysts and alternative commentators fail to realize is that the goals of the Modern State of Israel reign supreme for the NWO ruling cabal that is steering the destiny of both the Middle East and Europe.  That particular piece of the New World Order agenda will not be tampered with since it represents the cornerstone of the upcoming One World Government.

False Flag Terror Operations are frequently executed in order to achieve several goals at once.  The accomplishment of various and seemingly unrelated objectives are by no means mutually exclusive. Sometimes the actual effects of a false flag attack appear to work at cross-purposes with each other.  This is often by design so as to confuse the public and distract them from the most important goal(s) of all.  It is especially important to understand this crucial point in the case of Brussels 3/22 blasts.  Just like the staged Paris 11/13 terrorist attacks, there are several key items on the NWO agenda that are being advanced; however, the advancement of the Greater Israel Project is always of the highest priority.  Subsequent essays will explain the significance of the vital timing of this rapidly unfolding scheme, as well as why the Middle East component is so integral to their overall plan.   

There is one critical piece of information necessary to understand the high likelihood that Israel just warned the European Union by way of the Brussels terror blasts.  The sentiments throughout Europe have been running high against further illegal settlement building on Palestine territory.  Several member nations have expressed total support for the labelling of Israeli goods produced in settlements in Palestine.  Hence, the Israeli Government has tried to spin EU legislation as a prejudicial economic crime being committed against Israel, forever the ‘victim’.

Israel has never been a nation that was reluctant to use naked terrorism to carry out its objectives.  Many World War II revisionist historians have even gone so far as to write that: 70 Million Died So The Jews Could Have Palestine.  Therefore, if WW2 really was staged in order to move the Jewish people from Europe to Palestine, then what won’t TPTB do to complete the final stages of their multi-millennial plan?

Where it concerns the recent Brussels black op, it ought to be quite obvious that only the CIA, MOSSAD and MI6 have the joint capability to pull off such audacious twin attacks. That the Brussels city center is home to NATO headquarters, as well as three major governmental organs of the European Union, makes such a bomb attack all the more calculated and orchestrated by the TPTB.

Who else, but the MOSSAD, would (and could) perpetrate such a dramatic attack made for global prime time? What follows are a few other articles which provide additional perspective on the role of MOSSAD and the CIA in Brussels.

Brussels Terror Attacks: Israel Again Targets Europe

CIA-Mossad behind Brussels twin terrorist attacks


Twittersphere implicates Mossad in Brussels attacks | The Jerusalem Post

One would think that by now the MOSSAD, CIA, and MI6 would get the message that the world community of nations is totally on to them. Their false flag terror MO is so easy to identify it’s become their signature.  All three rogue agencies are now reflexively blamed for every terrorist attack across the planet before while some the black operations are still being conducted in real time!

The Millennium Report


srael had strongly lobbied European countries and leaders, arguing against the labelling of Israeli products [Reuters]

Israel had strongly lobbied European countries and leaders, arguing against the labelling of Israeli products [Reuters]

Israel Blames Brussels Bombing on EU Imposed “Labelling of Goods” Produced in Israeli Settlements in Palestine

By alaraby.co.uk
Global Research

Ofir Akunis

An Israeli minister has said that a recent European Union law regarding the labelling of goods produced in Israeli settlements illegally built in the occupied Palestinian West Bank was a factor behind Tuesday’s bombing in the Belgium capital.

Ofir Akunis (see image above), minister of science, technology and space, said that Europeans had lost sight of “terrorism of extremist Islam” by focusing on boycotting Israeli goods instead.

This supposed letting down of Europe’s guard had allowed an armed gang to strike at the heart of Europe with three bombings in Brussels, which killed at least 26 people, he inferred.

“Many in Europe have preferred to occupy themselves with the folly of condemning Israel, labelling products, and boycotts. In this time, underneath the nose of the continent’s citizens, thousands of extremist Islamic terror cells have grown,” Akunis wrote on Facebook.

“There were those who repressed and mocked whoever tried to give warning. There were those who underestimated. To our sorrow, the reality has struck the lives of dozens of innocent people.”

His reference to EU boycotts follows a decision by European MPs in Brussels for new guidelines regarding the labelling of products from Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Israel has said that labelling the “origin of goods” from illegal settlements from occupied Palestinian territories was “unacceptable discrimination”.

“The terrorism of extremist Islam strikes all those who do not accept its authority,” Akunis added.

(Sincere condolences to the Belgian people and the families of the murdered, and a speedy recovery to the wounded. The terrorism of extremist Islam strikes all those who do not accept its authority)

He suggested Europeand refocused their attention on “Islamic extremism” to prevent further attacks.

His comments have been met with scorn on social media.