There’s No Stopping the 2nd American Revolution — It Can Be Peaceful If They Turn Themselves In


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There’s No Stopping the 2nd American Revolution — It Can Be Peaceful If They Turn Themselves In

2016 is to 1776,
as the First American Revolution
is to the Upcoming Second Revolution

There is no stopping the 2nd American Revolution; however, it can be carried out peacefully and without violence … if the criminally insane and psychopathic leaders voluntarily vacate their positions of power post haste.


State of the Nation

For those who are unaware, 2016 is the Year of the Fire Monkey the same Chinese year as 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was issued by the American Founding Fathers.  In fact the celestial alignments this year are strikingly similar to those of that Revolutionary War period.  For instance the last time the Year of the Fire Monkey occurred while Pluto was transiting through Capricorn, as it is now, was in 1776. This only happens every 240 years or so.

The Earth-Shaking Year of the Red Fire Monkey Begins On February 8, 2016

Therefore, it ought to be clearly understood that the stars are on the side of the American people, just as they were on the side of our colonist forebears.  The British Empire didn’t even have a chance against the nascent American Republic, although no London bookie would have ever seen it that way.  Likewise, 2016 presents an analogous set of circumstances which is by no means merely coincidental.

2016: A Year of Super Convergence and Awesome Consequence

What’s the point?

If ever destiny was on the side of We the People, it is now … RIGHT NOW. However, it still requires great courage and perseverance and intestinal fortitude to fight the good fight.  That fight, by the way, is with the U.S. Federal Government.   For Washington has become every bit as tyrannical and oppressive as the British Monarchy of old.  Even the U.S. military is heavily implicated in this ongoing war against the American people, as well as against many other nations around the world.

Four Star General Presents Indisputable Case for a Temporary Military Takeover of the U.S. Federal Government …

Here’s the real problem that the American people now face.  They are being assailed and assaulted daily in so many ways that the vast majority of the citizenry has been essentially incapacitated either in mind, body and/or spirit.  Each one of those carefully calculated assaults represents an unlawful transgression of each individual’s personal sovereignty.


Please click here for the: DECLARATION Of Personal Sovereignty

No one — no government or corporation, no person or party — has the legal right or valid authority to violate an individual’s personal sovereignty.  To do so is to transgress natural law and divine law, scriptural law and common law.  Such an offense is an offense against both man and Maker.  The following excerpt expresses the essence of this extremely important principle.

“No entity under the sun has the right or lawful authority to arrogate power unto itself to harm or injure, sicken or infect, paralyze or kill the people of this nation. Not only is such conduct by the state [or military] a serious breach of the social contract, it represents a profound violation of the public trust … thereby severing the inviolable bond between the citizenry and the government.”
(Source: ‘NATIONAL SECURITY’? No, we don’t think so!)

With this critical understanding, every citizen who participates in the upcoming 2nd American Revolution ought to be fully aware of the best strategies and most effective tactics to ensure victory over a terribly repressive and autocratic regime.  Each of the following strategies and tactics should be carefully studied and put into practice whenever necessary.   This is a war that will require each revolutionary to (i) cut a profile that is invisible, (ii) formulate responses that are asymmetric, (iii) react with the utmost unpredictability and (iv) always leverage their time and efforts, money and resources to the maximum degree possible.

Above all, each patriot is strongly encouraged to set up their own war room just like the CIA runs their color revolutions around the globe.  In other words your small tight-knit operation ought to be highly compartmentalized and all sensitive information shared on a strictly need-to-know basis.  Furthermore, every participant is compelled to become invisible as much as practically possible, never providing themselves as a target.  Every member of this invisible and nameless,  ill-defined and amorphous underground movement is critical to a successful outcome.  There is no need for any more martyrs.  JFK and LaVoy Finicun have already served that purpose.  We need every cyber-warrior available who can be enlisted in this truly existential cause.

The First Martyr of the Movement in 2016, The FEDs Arrest Burns Protest Leadership

Simply put, the odds have never been so stacked in favor of the U.S. Government and the NWO ruling cabal that furtively direct it.   They really do exert absolute control over the various battlefields found in every sphere of life. Hence, it’s imperative to create a whole new battlefield that is very foreign to them yet very familiar to us.  Above all, it is critical to understand how they unwittingly developed their Achilles’ heel is this final War on Consciousness.   As follows:

In the decades leading up to the Age of Information, as manifested by the Internet, the World Shadow Government (WSG) has to make a crucial decision.  They knew that by allowing the creation of the World Wide Web there would be a global forum and cyberspace in which to share an unprecedented amount of truth and information … about everything under the heavens.  They also knew that much of that secret information would be extremely detrimental to their plans for outright world domination.  The WSG was likewise aware that their personal reputations would suffer profoundly, as would the reputations of their many interlocking corporations and secret organizations.  However, they proceeded to develop the Internet with the understanding that they would completely control every single aspect to it.  Toward that end DARPA, the CIA, NSA, DIA as well as many other government alphabet soup agencies, are directly responsible for founding and funding all  the major IT companies.  In other words, the FEDs have — from the very beginning — owned and operated Microsoft and Apple, Google and Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter, Intel and Oracle, and every other major player in the Information Technology Industry.  In this way they have had the whole place locked down since day one.

GOOGLE: Conceived, Funded and Directed By The CIA — Part I

GOOGLE: Conceived, Funded and Directed By The CIA — Part II

With this valuable knowledge it should be easier to comprehend why they decided to advance the whole IT enterprise knowing that their standing in the world would suffer greatly.  They really didn’t care as they exert absolute control over everything, everywhere, all the time.  So they thought.


In spite of the fact that they have AI (Super-computing Artificial Intelligence) working in the background monitoring your every keystroke, they failed to recognize that correctly interpreting the massive amounts of data requires an extraordinary level of analysis and intuition.  AI is simply unfit to work in this manner, and their myriad hirelings (both human and alien human hybrids) are not of the right ilk to produce high integrity results or information.  Therefore, these folks — the entire WSG — have found themselves sitting in a humongous stew pot that is boiling away at this very moment.

The opening which has developed for We the People to exploit for the sake of self-preservation requires an intelligent and thoughtful approach, if we are to be successful in taking back the planet.  There is no time and energy to waste, and much to accomplish quickly while we still can.  Hence, the following strategies and tactics are some of the better ones which can be implemented with great effect.

Strategies and Tactics

I. Hold All Public Servants (Elected and Appointed Officials) Personally Accountable for their Criminal Actions

• Go directly after the governor, the mayor, the senator or the councilman who has betrayed the public
• Target the appointed official who has not served the citizens with integrity, conscientiousness and/or competence
• Wherever crimes have been committed, aggressively pursue them so as to set loud and unforgettable precedents

This particular strategy is GOLD.  It is always highly effective when used appropriately. However, it does require proper application and skillful execution.

It is based on the well-known fact that ALL elected officials and political leaders are MUCH more afraid of their actual masters than they are of their true master—We the People.

The underlying dynamic is based totally on fear.  Their real-time masters use fear to keep them on point, just as the WSG uses fear-based tactics to keep We the People enslaved. Through the constant threats of prosecution and persecution their hidden masters coerce and intimidate the elected officials to implement their narrow self-serving agenda, instead of carrying out the people’s agenda.  The cabal uses the mainstream media (MSM) at will to threaten directly and/or indirectly any leader in the political firmament.  The revelation of past illicit behavior hangs like the Sword of Damocles over every political leader in the land—24/7.  In many cases the ruling cabal will simply make up criminal (or civil) charges to keep their political pawns in check.

Therefore, the only way to break this hold on the leaders is for the people to pose an even greater fear to them.  It’s called people power—fierce and furious People Power.  The more people who sign on to a recall or a threat to expose the official’s criminal behavior, the more likely they will cave to the righteous demands for honorable leadership.  If the elected official has been sufficiently impressed by the resolve of the electorate, they KNOW that they will not be re-elected.  Hence, they will live under the double threat of a very unhappy constituency that wants them in PRISON for malfeasance … after they are successfully recalled, forced to resign from public office or prevented from ever running again for office.

The operative piece of this critical strategy is FEAR.  The bad leaders MUST learn to fear We the People more than their hidden masters.  When this becomes the case, the clandestine control matrix which runs the place will collapse overnight. 

By the way, there is another way to instill the fear of God into the hearts of so many treasonous and pervious political leaders. As follows:

“When 5 million Oathkeepers and armed militia surround the Capitol Building one day and force out the entire Congress, the place will change in a New York minute. When the American people install a provisional government, the White House will finally be taken back from those who misappropriated it.”
(Source: The United States of America Was Born
in the Year of the Fire Monkey)

Are we all now on the same page?  You, we — We the People — have got the power.  We are the POWER!  We’ve just forgotten how to use it.  So use it while you still can, or else you may lose it.

“If you will not fight when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”
—  Winston Churchill
(Source: 2016 — A Critical Year! The American People Must Act NOW … Or Face The Consequences Of Electing Treasonous Leadership)


II. Use “David and Goliath” Tactics … all day long when you have a legitimate fight with the System

This strategy is both fun and highly efficacious.  It works like this.  When you get on their battlefield know that they own it lock, stock and barrel.  You’ve heard a million times that “You can’t beat City Hall!”  Well it’s entirely true.  But you can play the game in such a manner that your cause is advocated so that City Hall fights the County Commission for you.  Or the County Courthouse fights the Statehouse for your cause.  Or the Statehouse fight the White House to further your mission on behalf of the body politic.

This exact dynamic is playing itself out across the USA because there has been an organically grown civil war percolating under the radar for many years now.  It greatly intensified in 2015 and will break out in the open in 2016.  Each of these wars can be strategically utilized to further a host of causes and missions which are being undertaken in the interest of We the People.  Just piggyback them whenever the occasion presents itself.  Or forge calculated collaborations which create a win-win opportunity.

These relationships can be forged with non-profits and corporations alike.  Community organizations and advocacy groups of every kind can also be formed to create the necessary synergies and show of force.  For instance, when the State of Texas challenges the U.S. Federal Government on a clearcut violation of state’s rights, the citizen groups can climb on board the lawsuits or even file an amicus curiae.  The much more serious issues such as the relentless chemtrail spraying can be addressed by teaming up with all the natural enemies of chemical geoengineering.  Farming associations, beekeepers, plant nurseries and the life are extremely opposed to wreaking havoc with the normal weather patterns.

Of course, there are those many predicaments wherein We the People will be compelled to become a “David” with no assistance except that which might be elicited from another “Goliath” on the battlefield.  Just how does that D&G strategy work?

As a David, you work to sling your shot at the most vulnerable Goliath … from the fringes of the battleground where you are NO WHERE IN SIGHT.  You actually try to do this to a couple of Goliaths, if possible.  When the Goliath gets back up on his feet, all he sees across the battlefield is another Goliath.  They will then do battle with each other thinking they are the assailant all the while keeping you out of harm’s way.  In this fashion can the Goliaths of the world be oriented toward each other so that they take each other down … for good.

This particular dynamic is being used with great success in the world of high finance and international economics.  Both Russia and China (along with the other BRICS nations) have been watching the snake of predatory capitalism eat it own tail, its own midsection and sometimes devouring its own head.[1]   The turbulent markets now reflect an institutional War of the Titans going on that will ultimately collapse the whole shell game.[2]  The banking Goliaths are going after nations and any other entities which possesses an abundance of wealth.  Likewise, various corporate behemoths are starting wars of aggression wherever there are still vulnerable resources (oil and gas) for the taking.  As a matter of fact, the Levant region of the Middle East is experiencing those cataclysms which reflect one group of Goliaths clashing with another.

For anyone who doubts the awesome efficacy of this particular D&G war strategy, it is being used throughout the Middle East all day long.  One country is set up against another country by the real power-brokers behind the scenes.  False flag operations are routinely used to pit one nation against another.  At the end of the day, all the Mideast nations will lie in ruins as the real perpetrators escape with the spoils of that apocalyptic regional war—oil and gas reserves.

In our case, however, we are not starting aggressive wars.  We are merely letting the real enemies duke it out with each other as they should be doing.  At the end of the war, the battleground will be littered with Goliaths … and nothing but Goliaths.  So, let’s use this strategy whenever it can be helpful.

III. Take back your power on a personal and practical level and “Starve the Beast”
• DON’T VOTE for the psychopaths — boycott every vote at every level of government
• Take your money out of the criminal banks that are TBTF (Too Big To Fail), open a credit union account or two
• Throw away your credit cards
• Only shop at the “Walmarts” of the world when absolutely necessary
• Heal yourself, Become your own lawyer, Pursue your own spiritual path
• Stop paying illegal taxes whenever they are levied, federal income tax is unlawful
• Turn off your TV except for wholesome and healthy programming
• Don’t support any type of U.S. military aggression overseas
• Don’t vaccinate, circumcise, or medicate your children
• Don’t drink fluoridated water, eat GMO food, drink aspartame-laced beverages, etc.
• Severely limit your consumer consumption and reduce your carbon footprint
• Barter whenever possible and practical
• Use gold, silver and cash as a store of wealth, disengage from the markets — all of them


IV. After you have taken back your power, stand in your own truth, and speak your truth to power as never before

This last piece of liberating advice is by far the toughest part for many patriots to do. That’s because they have been methodically tricked to give away their power to all the state and corporate entities in their life.  Likewise, they rely heavily on a whole cadre of professionals to do everything for them.   In this way the people have become overly dependent on a professional class that has become extremely predatory because they know function as an invincible monopoly.

After decades of existing in this way, many good people and patriots have lost their voice. They have permitted themselves to be stampeded into wars and herded into pens of political correctness.  Of course, this situation can only end up going from bad to worse, as it is doing throughout American society in 2016.

The best antidote to this deteriorating plight for every citizen is to systematically take back your power. Then, you can stand firmly in your own truth, which only grows firmer by the day through one’s highly instructive and felt experience.  Once you are firmly established in your own unshakeable truth, you can pick and choose those occasions where you are deeply compelled to speak truth to power.

The “perceived power structure” out there is not at all used to folks doing this, so when a critical mass of We the People find their voice, all heaven will break loose.   All that is necessary for such a radical sea change, in both national and global governance structures, is for people everywhere to wake up to their own inherent power.  This can only happen when their personal sovereignty is securely intact and protected.  Yes, it all comes down to realizing that we are all sovereign human beings—each of us is a royal monarch in our own right.  Now it’s time to start acting like it, yes?

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 2.22.20 PM


That’s it.  Now let’s get busy!  Before they get busy taking away more of our rights and freedoms, protections and safeguards, liberties and powers.

2016 in the USA : A 2nd American Revolution, Civil War, or Both

And don’t forget that: 2016 IS THE YEAR!  The wind is at our back like never before. And divine destiny is calling upon the brave and the free to rise to the occasion so that these United States of America can once again be called the “land of the free, home of the brave”.

State of the Nation
February 27, 2016

Author’s Note

This essay is the first in a series of three and represents the education piece of this Republic-saving advocacy.  The second essay will focus on enlightenment concerning the many topics contained herein.  The third will highlight the empowerment aspect as it does us no good to know these life-preserving measures unless we put these principles into everyday practice.

Editor’s Note

It is becoming more apparent by the day that the NWO ruling cabal made a gross miscalculation about the power of the Internet.  In reality information technology holds the key on the Earth plane of existence for the liberation of humanity from the World Shadow Government.  Many wonder how they could have suffered from such a lapse of judgment.  This HUGE mistake can best be explained by two words: hubris and arrogance.

The NWO crowd really thought they could control 7 billion people through their Internet-based spying and surveillance programs.  As it turns out, We the People are now able to spy on them and report it in real time.  How’s that for turning the tables on the six thousand year old patriarchal control matrix?!

Here’s one of their own caught in the very act of pronouncing a death sentence on Donald Trump.

VIDEO: George H.W. Bush Does Throat Cut Death Gesture on Trump at GOP Debate!

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[2] Global Economic And Financial System On The Verge Of Total Collapse