Greece crisis: Emergency summit could be called off as Athens criticised after proposals fail to make grade

Greece deal in turmoil as emergency summit will not lead to agreement tonight

Finance ministers dash hopes for a deal to be agreed as clock ticks on country’s bail-out

The Telegraph

• Leaders’ summit will go ahead after Greeks send late proposals

• Emergency liquidity extended by ECB as deposit flight due to hit €1bn today

Reports: Greek plan includes rise to pensions age; reforms to VAT

Schaeuble: “There are no new proposals”

• Greeks deny sending wrong list of proposals last night

• Special report: Why the state of Greek hospitals tell us the drachma could be coming
• Special report:
The fight to end Greece’s Great Euro Depression

If walls could talk… they would probably say very little, as there’s not much hope of anything being done at tonight’s Eurozone leaders’ emergency summit.

Some euro finance ministers want capital controls

An intriguing development courtesy of the Belgian finance minister, who claims that some participants of the earlier Eurogroup meeting were arguing for the imposition of capital controls now.

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