Who is really behind the Baltimore and Ferguson ‘race’ riots?






Who is really behind the Baltimore and Ferguson ‘race’ riots?

Are the Baltimore riots being staged to distract the American people from the real cause of discontent?

State of the Nation

From the very beginning the riots in Baltimore have been developing in a very scripted manner. It’s almost as though someone is pulling the strings before and during each successively worse conflagration. Just like the obviously manufactured violence in Ferguson, Baltimore is even more carefully engineered and coordinated to captivate (and distract) the attention of the nation.

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Who, but agents of the government, would have the time and money, personnel and plots to conduct such an ongoing, covert black operation?  With Jade Helm gearing up to take the southwestern states by storm this summer, it would appear that something is in store for each quadrant of the USA between now and the middle of September.

Here is the way it was put by the SOTN editor in a previous post titled:
Are government agent provocateurs inciting violence in Baltimore?

The evolving conflagration in Baltimore is neither spontaneous nor unplanned. Every stage of the build-up of tensions and anger has been carefully orchestrated by forces behind the scenes … just like Ferguson.

The only question that remains then is: “Who are those forces?”

All the circumstantial evidence points directly to government agent provocateurs acting directly at the scenes of the crimes to incite violence against law enforcement and property.  They are also obviously working “fast and furiously” behind the scenes engineering the next explosive event.

This is how government (as well as its hidden proxies and covert agents) have always utilized both hard and soft power to trigger the enraged populace anyway they can toward full-scale riots.  It’s a formula used in virtually every race riot in American history.  In this way the attention of the citizenry is diverted from the real causes of discontent.

See what the mayor of Baltimore herself is guilty of in contributing to the manufactured lawlessness … and in broad daylight, with no attempt to hide her responsibility for the recent destruction!


Are crisis actors being employed to put on the staged riots?

A very observant social commentator has produced a quite convincing video which illustrates that we are now witnessing yet another group of amateur (but well paid) crisis actors.  The LIFE Magazine quality photos and CNN level video, which are now being disseminated by the Mainstream Media (MSM) to inflame the general population are so ‘perfect’ that they must have been perfectly staged from start to finish.  As follows:

BUSTED! Crisis Actor Caught Staging “Victim” Scenes at Freddy Gray Protests In Baltimore
[youtube_sc url= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_e3sa3rFt0&w=560&h=315]

What is the real cause of discontent throughout all of American society?

No one is understating or downplaying here the ungodly amount and horrible degree of police brutality committed against minority populations all over the nation on a daily basis.  The completely unnecessary and unjustifiable lethal force being used by police departments — in all 50 states — is totally out of control.  Militarized law enforcement departments have obviously declared war on the U.S. citizenry in order to intimidate and threaten them on behalf of their true masters.

Just who are those true masters?

The real war is not between the poor blacks and the police.  It’s not between all minorities and all whites.  Nor is it a race war of any kind.  It is actually a class conflict between those who have systematically stolen the wealth of this nation over many decades … and those who have been relentlessly fleeced up to this very day.  Throughout the perpetration of this multi-decade crime spree the 1% has stealthily effectuated the redistribution of wealth from the poorest and middle classes to the richest among us.

That is the real cause of the discontent on the street.  Yes, the police are indiscriminately and cruelly killing innocent people for no good reason, but that’s only because they have been trained to do so by their governments, who only answer to their true masters — the 1%.

The true economic conditions and financial status of U.S. cities and counties, towns and villages is much, much worse than the MSM has reported.  Because the MSM answers to the very same masters as government, they do not present the accurate negative news about Main Street; they only disseminate the false positive news about Wall Street.  In this way a profoundly false portrayal has been depicted by the press which gives the impression of a ‘great economic recovery’ and increasing abundance across the country.

Yeah, there is a ‘resurgent’ prosperity, but it is only being experienced by a very few at the top of the financial pyramid.  That’s because it is a bogus Ponzi-Pyramid scheme that they are running on the people — depositors and investors, blue collar and white collar workers, and everyone in between — 24/7.


Why is the rioting and violence always concentrated in the urban ghettoes?

Because that is where the poorest and blackest segments of the population converge and intersect with law enforcement officers the most frequently.  With each confrontation comes an opportunity for the police to assert themselves on behalf of the 1%.  The only thing that stands between the 1% and the 99% are the various law enforcement agencies of this nation.  Therefore, a dramatic show of force is periodically used, even though it may be utterly without merit, in order to keep the unruly and discontented in check.

If the urban jungles were populated by whites, they would likewise be the victims of so many unjustified taser assaults, mace assaults and gunshots from the police.  However, the 1% is systematically using these rapidly occurring events to send a bold message:


In this way the 1% feels confident that they will be protected from the American people when the economic system and financial markets crash. They know that it is only a matter of when, not if, at this point in time. The 1% also knows that when the USA does default on its national debt, the petrodollar will collapse, just as it has been since Black Monday (September 15th) of 2008. On that very day began the conspicuous diminishment of faith and confidence in the U.S. Federal Government’s capacity to endlessly service its unsustainable and forever growing federal debt.


The 1% have grown inconceivably rich off the government; and, therefore, off the people (especially the taxpayer), as they always have. The pigs at the public trough, however, will soon have no place to go to feed at the expense of the tax-paying public. Nor will there be so much political pork to serve up to the beneficiaries of the current prevailing form of corrupt, corporate, crony capitalism — an unconscionably predatory kind of capitalism.

As the bona fide economic picture comes into greater clarity, people everywhere will be expressing their discontent and anger at the system which burned and betrayed them.  The 1% knows this and is sponsoring a whole set of law enforcement and military initiatives (e.g. Jade Helm) designed to scare the populace into compliance.

Ferguson and Baltimore were both governmental black operations choreographed to falsely dramatize a race war rather than the much more accurate class war that has been brewing for many years.  It is much more advantageous for the 1% to frame the conflict in this very limited context because it diverts the attention from their direct culpability in the deliberate destruction of America … especially the economy.

Simply put, when blacks are fighting whites or the police, and Hispanics are rumbling with blacks, and Asians are tussling with Latinos and blacks, the 1% is content to sit back and watch the show … free from unwanted attention or scrutiny. In the face of an inevitable class war, they are incessantly instigating a race war.

State of the Nation
April 28, 2015


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