SONY hacking and ‘The Interview’ hype staged to distract from the Senate CIA ‘Torture Report’





Was the SONY hacking scandal a CIA-coordinated diversion from the Senate ‘Torture Report’?

State of the Nation

First it is important to understand that the CIA has effectively owned and operated the Mainstream Media (MSM) since the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was transitioned into the CIA back in the mid 1940s.

Secondly, under the rubric of National Security, not a single movie can be released by Hollywood before it is given the “OK” by the CIA.  Who doesn’t know that by now?

Thirdly, there have been numerous Hollywood productions — some major — over the years that were both initiated and managed through every part of the production process … by the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is often referred to as THE COMPANY for very good reason, especially in secret service and intelligence circles. That’s because it is intimately involved with every major corporation in US of A … in the name of national security.  Yes, the CIA effectively interpenetrates to varying degrees all the major U.S. companies, particularly those which make up the Military-Industrial Complex.  The MSM is equally infiltrated by CIA spooks and FBI agents at every single level, as became evident during the McCarthy Communism trials of the 1950s.

The damning Senate ‘Torture Report’ on the CIA doesn’t get any bigger!

In light of the overwhelming evidence that demonstrated that the CIA has engaged in outright torture over years, and then lied about it, THE COMPANY had a lot to loose with the publication of the Senate Torture report. It was therefore in their best interest to manufacture an extraordinarily dramatic countrywide (and international) distraction for when the Senate released their highly anticipated report. And so they did.

The very timing of the SONY hacking episode is simply too convenient for the CIA, as they were right in the midst defending their horrific torture practices and associated agency-wide policies. The whole country quickly became absorbed in reading so many personal and private, lurid and sordid details of what everyone already knows goes on in Hollyweird. Nothing grips a national audience like the very confidential email conversations between high level network executives, their producers and directors, actors and actresses, as well as their inappropriately involved spouses. Which is exactly the way the CIA planned it.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un was quite right when he said that his nation had nothing to do with the SONY hacking scandal. They were also probably right to point to Obama & Company, especially the CIA and FBI, the two agencies that have the resources and reason to pull off such a high tech and sophisticated hack of a major corporation.  The FBI was the agency that accused North Korea without providing any substantial evidence … or testimony.  According to the following four articles, it seems all but certain that North Korea was not responsible — in any way — for the SONY hacking.

North Korea was NOT behind the Sony hack according to multiple security experts

No, North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony

These Cybersecurity Experts Still Don’t Think North Korea Hacked Sony

UCSB Professor Examines Sony Hack

There is a very definite historical pattern of using North Korea as a red herring whenever there is something very serious about to go down. 

The public record, as presented on the internet, provides numerous instances where a big media distraction was badly need by the White House … or Congress … or the CIA, and then all of a sudden  — out of the blue — North Korea is threatening a nuclear strike on the US or some other alarming overture is allegedly blurted out by the leadership in Pyongyang.  Here is one such threat that was issued on August 8, 2014.

North Korea Threatens To Attack US With Nuclear Power Over Continuing Military Drills With South Korea

This type of obvious diversion has gone on for decades during the term of each U.S. Administration.  Every one has used North Korea as their boogeyman in times of political need or convenient media distraction.  North Korea dramatics have also been routinely utilized as part of US military strategy from time to time.

Were a statistician to conduct an in-depth research project on the correlation between USA-North Korean ‘provocations’ and ‘counter-provocations’ over the past 30 years the number of curiously timed events would be as compelling as they are improbable.

CIA has much to lose at home and abroad because of the ‘Torture Report’

Back to the infamous Senate ‘Torture Report’.  There is an unprecedented and HUGE battle going on in the background between the U.S. Senate and the CIA.  It all comes down to oversight, which the CIA perversely avoids.  They have successfully avoided necessary oversight since their very inception.  Hence, they have viewed the Senate report as being the most serious pretext in its history to justify reigning in the spy agency.

So desperate is THE COMPANY to avoid any and all changes to the current oversight policy (which is effectively nonexistent) that they not only hacked the Senate computers prior to the issuance of the torture report, and then blew it off; it appears that they also hacked SONY, perhaps in collusion with the FBI.  There have been confidential interviews with top-notch cyber-security experts and internet crackerjacks who have asserted that the SONY hack was far too sophisticated, and required too many technical and physical resources, not to have been conducted by a nation state with a very strong vested interest.

What other “nation state” in the world (that possesses all the right stuff) would want to hack SONY, except the US Federal Government and its various organs and contractors, surrogates and proxies?  Whether it was the CIA, NSA, or FBI that actually did the dirty work, many in the industry are now certain it was an inside job, as in inside the USA leadership.  By “inside job” it is also understood that, because of the depth and breadth of this black operation, a SONY employee(s) was working in collaboration with one of the alphabet soup agencies, perhaps even on ‘contract’ with the CIA, NSA or FBI.

“It was also reported that the firms’ investigations had uncovered one former Sony Entertainment employee and security officer referred to as “Lena”, who had high level admin access to the company’s IT system, and who has connections to the hacking group, ‘Guardians of Peace’(#GOP) who were blamed for the cyber attack.”[1]

Just like the CIA 9/11 false flag operation, there have been several components (and phases) and various layers (and levels) of this PSYOP.

From the very beginning there have been different phases interpenetrating each other of this classic false flag operation.
(i) First there was the SONY hacking scandal — the extraordinary company computer hack of numerous high level employees and contractors
(ii) Then there was the dissemination of private emails all over the internet by many MSM (Mainstream Media) outlets
(iii) This was followed by the violent threats to the movie theaters from the ‘Guardians of Peace’ that were planning on screening The Interview
(iv) Which was then followed by ALL the major movie theatre chains decision not to show the overly hyped movie
(iv) Which was followed by a very public, presidential accusation by Obama — without any substantive evidence — that NK was responsible
(v) Then Obama chastises both SONY and the theatre chains for not first consulting him before deciding not to show the movie as originally planned?
(vi) After North Korea’s earnest and staunch denial, North Korea’s internet is then shut down, not once, but three times and counting
(vii) During this last phase, of course, the movie is made available on both the internet, as well as in some selected major city theaters where attendance is likely to be high, and positive movie reviews can more easily be fabricated in order to tell the rest of us what we are missing
(viii) Lastly, there is the general consensus ‘on the internet’ that the whole charade was, to some extent, an elaborate publicity stunt on the part of SONY, US Gov’t … … … ?

“The false flagging of North Korea: CIA weaponizes Hollywood”

What follows is a quite sober and accurate analysis from Global Research under the same heading above that it appeared in their original article.

The campaign of aggression against North Korea, from the hacking of Sony and the crescendo of noise over the film, The Interview, bears all the markings of a CIA false flag operation.

The hacking and alleged threats to moviegoers has been blamed entirely on North Korea, without a shred of credible evidence beyond unsubstantiated accusations by the FBI. Pyongyang’s responsibility has not been proven. But it has already been officially endorsed, and publicly embraced as fact.

The idea of “America under attack by North Korea” is a lie.

The actual individuals of the mysterious group responsible for the hacking remain conveniently unidentified. A multitude of possibilities—Sony insiders, hackers-for-hire, generic Internet vandalism—have not been explored in earnest. The more plausible involvement of US spying agencies—the CIA, the NSA, etc. , their overwhelming technological capability and their peerless hacking and surveillance powers—remains studiously ignored.[2]

There appear to be different objectives of this false flag operation.  Cui bono?

In light of this complex and convoluted scheme by the US Federal Government, one is compelled to ask who really gains by all of the fastidiously engineered hacking chaos?  More importantly, who gains from all the hype and manufactured publicity surrounding an obvious propaganda movie like “The Interview”.  Not only was it an extremely low quality and crass movie, it contained the assassination of North Korea’s leader.  Satire or not, how would Americans view foreign films portraying the assassination of President Obama?  As well as depicting the US President in many other highly disrespectful ways?

In view of the timing of this whole affair, from start to finish, it is clear that the whole saga began just after the ‘Torture Report’ was released and gaining some traction.

Now some might point out the fact that the CIA must have known the timeline of both the movie release and the torture report release for this to be their doing.  That is correct, the CIA knows this and much, much more.  As it has been stated many times on this site, the most important function that the CIA performs over the course of each and every day is the complete command and control of all the major MSM outlets.  That’s why they’re called the Central Intelligence Agency.  Some of the content disseminated by every major organ of the MSM can be considered “soft intelligence“.  Depending on the sensitivity or classified nature of the information, some info can also be considered “hard intelligence“.

There is much more to the complete interpenetration between the CIA and the MSM than what’s been discussed here; nevertheless, it should be understood that THE COMPANY was in the position to initiate and manage each stage of the preceding 8-point breakdown of this false flag black operation.  Likewise, the CIA had the greatest incentive to make sure it was executed with precision so as to function as the perfect diversion/distration from the unprecedented and incriminating torture report.


Just like 9/11, another CIA-coordinated false flag operation, the SONY hacking scandal has all the marking of a classic PSYOP.  In fact there are now so many authoritative accounts which confirm that the official government story is patently false, the nation is once again left to piecing together the true story as the evidence presents itself.

At the end of the day, however, the American people will be still be confronted with the grisly details of the Senate ‘Torture Report”.  After all, it is the shocking content of that report that may have compelled the CIA to execute this scheme against a defenseless North Korea.  The results of such an institutionally damaging exposé ought to have been the immediate termination of every individual involved, as well as the criminal prosecution of those in the political realm who sanctioned and encouraged such heinous and illicit conduct.

At some point, every U.S. citizen must confront the specter of possibilities which accompanies the CIA torture tactics.  Torture, CIA-style, essentially constitutes illegal and repugnant institutional behavior that is conducted in their name, and with their tax dollars.  How each voter addresses such profound and critical issues as these will determine the moral trajectory of this nation, as well as the fate of the U.S. Government and future welfare of the citizenry.

Michael Thomas
December 29, 2014
State of the Nation

Author’s Note

Where it concerns the regular use of internationally outlawed torture techniques, extraordinary renditions and ‘black site’ prisons by the CIA, these institutional practices present a very thorny and grave problem for the entire nation.  Because various U.S. political leaders have blessed these tactics, and government attorneys have ‘legalized’ them, there is every reason to believe that the CIA has not discontinued their use.  Many have speculated that this odious conduct has simply been driven deeper ‘underground’, never to be mentioned in the MSM again.

In fact, there have been many news reports which point directly to a top secret program in which prisoners have been accused of terrorism so that they can be handed over to other countries where torture is routinely practiced.  Victimizing prisoners by unlawfully handing them over to the intelligence apparatus of those nations which have no such prohibitions against torture is also unacceptable and inhumane.

Each U.S. citizen will decide to either be a part of the necessary solution, or choose to continue to be a part of this very serious problem.  No matter what those individual choices are, the American people will surely reap the fruits of their collective decisions.  Likewise, any other destructive and/or harmful policies carried out in their name will produce equally karmic outcomes, unless they are addressed post haste.


[1] ‘The Interview’ Flops, FBI ‘North Korean Hack’ Story Also Debunked

[2] False Flagging the World towards War. The CIA Weaponizes Hollywood