World War III: The Globalists vs. the Nationalists




World War III: The Globalists vs. the Nationalists

The Final War of the Millennium: Nationalism versus Globalism

The Cold Phase of World War III Heats Up

The Hot Phase Can Only Be Averted By We The People

The Millennium Report

TMR Editor’s Note:
The following link lays bare the greatest conflict of the age currently raging across the entire planetary civilization.  The global geopolitical chessboard is now mired in the cold phase of World War III.  It is, in fact, only the latest of many wars which have been fought between two diametrically opposed camps.  One cabal of ruling elites, known as the Globalists, has become quite well known for the New World Order (NWO) that they have tried to foist onto every square of the planet Earth.  The second group, referred to as the Nationalists, is distinguished for its unwavering defense of the Indigenous Peoples, their lands and their cultures.

WAR OF THE TITANS: Globalists vs Nationalists

While the Globalists are only ‘successful’ when promoting a perpetual war economy, the Nationalists earnestly seek a durable world peace.  Whereas the Globalists have forever longed for taking over the whole planet and controlling every aspect of life through a One World Government, the Nationalists are more about preserving national sovereignty and territorial integrity.   The Globalists want to own every natural resource in sight and control every level of government either directly or indirectly.  The Nationalists take a much more decentralized view of governance and recognize that people everywhere are best served at the local level; they do however think globally for the sake of preserving of the biosphere.

The Final War of the Iron Age

These vast differences in both principle and practice have produced a number of irreconcilable differences, as well as a quite dangerous dichotomy.   The rapidly devolving state of the world today represents the intensifying battlegrounds where agents of the Globalists are meeting head on the leaders of the Nationalists.  The whole Middle East is a glaring example of the dystopian, apocalyptic wasteland which inevitably occurs in the wake of this War of the Titans.

There is one important aspect to this multi-millennial war which is rarely acknowledged or effectively addressed.  That while the Globalists are almost always tyrannical who utilize state-sponsored terrorism to get their way, Nationalists are often forced into a military posture to simply protect their people and territories.  In other words, the Globalists routinely initiate unprovoked wars of aggression against a Nationalist leader such as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  Then, his legitimate Syrian Government is compelled to utilize forceful means to repel the military attacks  and other destructive assaults against the nation.

The Globalists then seize upon completely legitimate acts of self defense and spin them as some type of war crime that never occurred.  It is virtually always the Globalists who are committing the actual war crimes when they do occur, as well as the shocking crimes against humanity in other countries around the world.  They then use the many false flag bombings and shootings and assassinations to frame the Nationalists.  In the aftermath they invariably ramp up the false media reports which unjustly vilify the Nationalists as war criminals when it is the Globalists who are really the criminally insane psychopaths.


The Syrian War reflects just how highly consequential the Globalist‘s MO can be displacing millions of war refugees and killing hundreds of thousands of people throughout the Northern Levant.  The Libyan War demonstrated how quickly the Globalists can ruin a well-run nation in just a few months.  Likewise, the Ukraine Civil War shows how efficiently the Globalists can inflame religious differences and cultural disparities, as well as destroy a national economy.

With this crucial knowledge the back story to this ongoing “War of the Titans” will be much easier to understand.  It will also be easier to accurately analyze and comprehend the many earth-shaking events which occur by the day now.   Wherever anyone lives, it will become important to correctly assess this unfolding and final World War III in order to stay out of harm’s way.  After all, war zones are only suitable places for combat warriors, especially when they have Armageddon signposts written all over them. Hence, there’s no reason to stay around a place that is destined to become another Globalist battlefield.

Above all, each person is challenged to become his or her own warrior who will be prepared to speak truth to power whenever necessary. For the time is truly upon us and it has never been more important to translate the words into action.  Only We the People can avert the hot phase of World War III.  Only a critical mass of collective consciousness demanding peace can pose the necessary countervailing force to thwart the Globalist warmongers.

The Millennium Report
June 14, 2016

Author’s Note

The following insightful references have been posted for those who have any doubt about the current war between the Globalists and the Nationalists.  This is in fact the “The Final War of the Millennium” where everyone living on Planet Earth will be forced to take a side. If you don’t know which side to take,  it would be wise to read up—quickly, as the time is getting very short.


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