Globalist Vs Nationalist=Clinton Vs Trump




Globalist Vs Nationalist=Clinton Vs Trump

Establishment, Corporate owned Politicians like Hillary Clinton have voted to remove the Country of origin from our meat. And they voted to ship our livestock over to China to be butchered and sent back here for consumption.
They voted to remove Country of origin labels from all products, both food and durable goods. So that you wont know where your head of lettuce was grown. Where the Chicken, Beef and Pork came from. Where Appliances where made. Or where those brakes you put on your car were made. Who, but a Globalist would vote for that? Welcome to the TPP trade deal and the push for Globalism. Brought to you by the Establishment Politicians.

Globalist vs Nationalist=Clinton vs Trump

The push for Globalism has been going on for well over 50 years. It involves Leaders from all around the World. Unfortunately for America, when George Bush Senior took over the oval office in 1988. The push began to accelerate as Bush proclaimed “There was a New World Order” in his speeches. And  continued to accelerate through the Clinton Administration after the NAFTA trade deal was enacted. Which we see the effects of with Ford, Nabisco, and Carrier moving to Mexico. Just to name a few. Now the final stage has begun as Globalist worldwide are trying to erase borders through mass immigration and forced multiculturalism. Even the Pope is calling for open borders and a one World Government. And as we hear him calling for more Refugee influx. We are witnessing the terrible effects of forced immigration and multiculturalism on Western Nations. The results are exactly how a logical mind would have predicted, and the results bad, very bad. Who but a Globalist would want to force this culture clash on their populations? On top of the Globalist push for open borders and the TPP trade deal. We have U.N. sanctioned Regime Change Wars on countless Countries over the past 30 years. Creating global instability on a mass scale. Now, Obama has agreed to, and signed, the U.N. small arms treaty with provisions for gun confiscation written into it. Obama also agreed to and signed, the U.N. Globalist Agenda 2030. Who, but a Globalist would sign over the Constitution to the U.N.?

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Then the Establishment tries to get your mind accustomed to hearing the word globalism by attaching it to everything. Sometimes with feel good phrases like global community, and other times with ominous implications like global warming. Then there’s global economy, global initiative, and the global coalition. However, the purpose of the term global coalition is to diminish and degrade our pride and standing as a world power. They make us look weak by saying things like “America can’t do this alone” or “We need a global coalition to combat Islam” It seems nowadays we need a global coalition and U.N. approval to combat anything. When did America become so dependent on other Countries to fight our own battles? If our Country spends more on defense than the next 10 Countries combined. Why do we even need NATO or global coalitions or for that matter the U.N.? Russia seems to be able to wage war on it’s own without begging for help from the global community or getting permission from the United Nations

I’m telling you. If you look at the big picture and you’re paying attention. You’ll see. It’s not about Far left vs. Far Right, Liberal vs. Conservative, or GOP vs. DNC. Those are all just labels used to divide, confuse, and misdirect from the real agenda….Globalization. In truth, there are only two labels that really matter at this point in our Country. You’re either a Nationalist or Globalist….

We’ve reached the crossroads. This will be the most important election in our lifetimes, and if we choose the wrong path, there will be no return. Donald Trump may be our last hope to stop the wholesale of our Country. The wholesale of our Future. If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency. The final nail will have been driven into our coffin. The Globalist will have won.