Nationalism versus Globalism: Putin Takes on the West in Syria




Nationalism versus Globalism: Putin Takes on the West in Syria


There are moments in politics where it becomes clear that one party has successfully outmaneuvered another and there is no example more clear in current geopolitics than Russian President Vladimir Putin putting both the West and Israel on their back-foot by the recent changes in Syria. For four years now, a “civil war” has raged in Syria, a continuation of the CIA- and Mossad-backed “revolutions” throughout the Middle East.

While America has been arming, both on purpose and on accident, Syrian rebel groups and fighters from the Islamic State, President Putin has been a staunch defender of the legitimate leader of Syria, President Bashar al-Assad. This conflict that has drawn in jihadist fighters from around the globe, Lebanese freedom fighters from Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Troops is now having what could be the final deciding piece put on the board, members of the Russian Federations military. With the push from Russia both in the air and on the ground in a short period of time it looks like Islamic State fighters could be sent scurrying back to Iraq and President Assad and his regime left in control.

The Syrian civil war is not a civil war in the technical sense because most of the fighters on one side are not even Syrian. While some Western minded fighters in the Free Syrian Army actually have been fighting to take Damascus and put in place a new form of government, the majority of the anti-Assad forces come from various jihadists sects around the world. While many of these fighters come from Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia it is estimated that “nearly a fifth of fighters are residents or nationals of Western European countries.” Radical Islamist foreign fighters in Syria are estimated at a total thatnow exceeds 20,000” and is likely much higher.

To the members of the Islamic State the purpose of fighting Bashar al-Assad is not to depose him as a leader and create a new democratic or liberal Syria as #cuckservatives like Senator John McCain have said the rebels in Syria plan to do. The purpose of fighting as a member of ISIS is to create a global Islamic caliphate under their specific interpretation of Islam, subjugating fellow Muslims in the Middle East, Christians and all other religious faiths around the globe. ISIS is not an indicator of all Muslims though as shown by the fact that the majority of Bashar al-Assad’s army are Muslims and thousands of Muslims from Lebanon and Iran have joined the struggle against the Islamic State.

The number of Muslims joining against ISIS has also increased with the pronouncement by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov “the Russian people have rallied around their leader Vladimir Putin … Long live our great motherland Russia! Long live our national leader Vladimir Putin! Allah-u Akbar!” While there are Chechen’s fighting on the side of ISIS, predominantly those who left the region two decades ago after the last conflict in Chechnya, it looks as if the majority of the Chechen Islamic forces now stand poised to defend Russia and to begin waging a war against ISIS as soon as they are called by President Putin as shown by a recent comment by a Russian official that noted Kadyrov’s militias “can be useful in Russia’s fight against ISIS.

ISIS in comparison to many Islamic fundamentalist groups however is not anti-Zionist, something that should be a giant red flag to anyone who thinks ISIS was not at least in the beginning just another creation of the CIA and Mossad to use local Arabs to achieve the geopolitical aims of Tel Aviv and Washington DC. While the persecution of Muslims and Christians alike continues in Palestine, ISIS commanders say that their first objective is to build “a firm base for an Islamic state in Iraq, and using it as a springboard to wagewar in Syria and Lebanon” a war that will be waged primarily against fellow Muslims. ISIS is concerned with knocking out the Syrian and Lebanese governments, both of which are staunchly anti-Zionist and nationalistic.

One recent news article had the headlineISIS No Threat to Israel” which considering that if ISIS takes over Syria they will be a mere stones throw away from occupied Palestine should be a clear message that Israel is pulling the strings on ISIS if they have zero fear that ISIS will be a danger to the Zionist State. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said in an interview that based on intelligence his nation had gatheredthat theCIA and the Mossad stand behind these organizations,” while Iran’s deputy foreign minister echoed the same sentiment. Israel has actively used its Air Force to attack Syrian government targets and effectively become the air force for ISIS fighters.

The Israeli role in using ISIS to destabilize Assad cannot be understood without looking at long term Israeli policy of undermining any nationalist Arab governments in the Middle East. Nationalist leaders might have the potential to challenge the Zionist entity so they have to be done away with. After a recent attack on Syrian government targets the Jerusalem Post reported the attacks were against “targets in Syria which were launched on Thursday and Friday were a means to rally American Jewish public opinion against the Iran nuclear agreement.” The work to destabilize Assad is just part of an overarching policy of stirring up terrorism and disunity in the Arab world so Israel can remain the most powerful force in the region.

Islamic State militants driving in American purchased vehicles... nothing to see here Americans, just your tax dollars at work

Islamic State militants driving in American purchased vehicles… nothing to see here Americans, just your tax dollars at work

A victory for Assad is a defeat for Israel and Western globalist imperialism, which is why President Putin supporting Assad is a geopolitical game changer to end a solid decade of Israel and the West knocking out political rivals to the Zionist agenda.

While Russia has long been supportive of Assad, President Putin is ramping up direct military support for the regime in the past few weeks. The support is impressive with the Times saying that “Russia rapidly increased its aerial attack capabilities in Syria over the weekend, U.S. officials told AFP Monday, including 28 combat planes that have been sighted at a new Russian airbase in the Syrian province of Latakia.

The fleet includes 12 SU-24 attack aircraft, 12 SU-25 ground attack aircraft and four Flanker fighter jets, the officials told the news agency on condition of anonymity. An influx of new weaponry was also reported separately by the New York Times and CNN. One of the officials told AFP of the additional presence of around 20 combat helicopters and said Russian forces are flying surveillance drones over the Middle Eastern nation’s airspace.” The Syrian military has long been lacking modern military aircraft to be able to identify and neutralize ISIS militants so this added bonus will likely be able to begin turning the tide in Syria in favor of President Assad. As soon as Russian planes were on the ground in Syria ISIS launched a mortar attack against the Russian embassy in Damascus, a sign that ISIS understands that the war is about to turn against them.

Terrorist groups, the only thing still with a "made in America" stamp on it

Terrorist groups, the only thing still with a “made in America” stamp on it

The past four years of the Syrian civil war has had a seeming unending stream of Western money, military equipment and training being given to the Syrian rebels, almost all of whom have since defected to fight under the banner of ISIS. Just this past week it was found that “Syrian rebels trained by the United States gave some of their equipment to the al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front in exchange for safe passage.” After spending tens of millions of dollars in training rebels the United States Army was forced to admit that “only a handful of the rebels are still fighting in Syria” with many of them like Major Anas Obaid taking their training directly into becoming fighters and commanders in ISIS.

The Daily Beast ran a story about Major Anas Obaid that saidThe commander of Division 30, one of the Syrian rebel groups from which the U.S. recruits, has allegedly defected from the train-and-equip program, according to a message he posted on social media, amid rumors (and denials) that he may have actually gone over to Jabhat al-Nusra, the official al Qaeda franchise in his war-ravaged country.” There are no moderate rebels left in Syria, the only two forces are those on the side of ISIS and those on the side of President Bashar al-Assad. So called “moderate rebels” are going over to fight for ISIS in droves leaving the only decision for the world to decide is if they are going to support ISIS or if they are going to stand with the legitimate leader of Syria.

Western politicians refuse to back Assad and say that they are going to open negotiations with ISIS, a terrorist group that has the openly stated goal of world conquest under an Islamic caliphate. You cannot negotiate with fanatics or extremists, you can either fight them and kill them all or the fanatics will fight until they are victorious. The West has trained, funded and backed ISIS for four years now, the only way that the Islamic State can be controlled and vanquished is through good old fashioned Russian firepower.

While the West is backing ISIS, Putin is putting his crack troops–Spetsnaz–into Syria to help destroy ISIS forces. While Russian air power is smashing ISIS targets, military reports tell us that,

Spetsnaz and air-assault troops are not there to provide security to static objects, they are extremely aggressive and highly trained. They are there to mop up after air strikes, call in air strikes, go on extremely covert missions against rebels and ultimately wipe them outthey are there for one reason, to wipe out anyone threatening Assad. By any means.

The ideologically devoted but untrained ISIS fighters are looking at the possibility of a total rout in Syria as their communications centers and headquarters are bombed by Russian jets and Spetsnaz forces clear out ISIS controlled areas on the ground, pushing ISIS likely back into American-occupied Iraq.

Spetsnaz is on the way to take out ISIS

Spetsnaz is on the way to take out ISIS

If the only choice in Syria is fighting terrorism or supporting it, Russia is leading the way in fighting the terrorist threat of the Islamic State. Even mainstream publications understand that under the umbrella of  fighting terrorism, Vladimir Putin is positioning himself and Russia as not only being the saviors of a free Syria, but the vanquishers of the Islamic State. The Financial Times reported thatRussia has over the past fortnight surprised the US, outmaneuvered regional players such as Turkey, and positioned itself as a decisive player in any postwar regional order. However, Israel, the pre-eminent military power in the Levant, has arguably emerged as the biggest loser from the Kremlin’s Syrian gambit.” The Russian support for Assad has stopped the Zionist war hawks plans for the region, at least for the time being.

While President Obama says he is fighting terrorism, he is actively supporting it by continuing to flood money, training and arms to Syrian rebels. President Obama also says that he is working to topple Assad, the only force in Syria stopping the advance of the Islamic State. In response to the United States policy of enabling terrorism, President Putin said to the United Nations “There’s no other solution to the Syrian crisis other than strengthening the effective government structures and rendering them help in fighting terrorism.” 
The battle lines are drawn now between Putin and the West.

America and Israel want to take down the Assad government and prop up ISIS for their geopolitical interests but Putin has properly identified that the Islamic State is a terrorist organization and must be dealt with as such. Putin has also said he would work with the USA to stop ISIS, putting the ball in Obama’s court and making the American President look like a fool when he rejects a unified global approach to stopping the Islamic State. Stopping ISIS goes against the globalist plan so Obama cannot actually do anything to beat back ISIS, giving Putin a clear space to support Assad, handle ISIS and increase the Russian presence in the Middle East as a stabilizing force.

President Putin clarified in an interview that “We have no obsession that Russia must be a superpower. The only thing we do is protecting our vital interests,” a further nail in the propaganda coffin to the West attempting to portray Putin stopping Islamic extremism as an attempt to rebuild the Soviet Union. Putin wants to stop the turmoil in the Middle East and support nationalism against the globalist hydra, a policy he has had now for many years.

The United States and Israel are also watching Iraq fall into the Russian sphere of influence due to the battle against ISIS. News reports confirm thatIraq will begin sharing ‘security and intelligence’ information with Russia, Syria and Iran to help combat the advances of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS,) the Iraqi military announced Sunday. A statement issued by the Iraqi Joint Operations Command said the countries will ‘help and cooperate in collecting information about the terrorist Daesh group,’ using the Arabic acronym for ISIS.”

After America toppled nationalist leader Saddam Hussein in 2003 the hope of the elites was to turn Iraq into an American puppet State. After over a decade of a failed project to dominate and remake Iraq (after spending hundreds of American lives, over a million Iraqi lives and over a trillion US taxpayer dollars), as soon as American troops are headed out the door the Iraqis are looking towards Russia to be a leader in the Middle East. Putin is positioned to roll back the American imperialist efforts of the early 2000’s and reestablish nationalist principles in the Middle East.

The downfall of international Jewry is always that it is too greedy and thinks that it cannot be outfoxed but it looks like President Putin is poised to radically shift geopolitics in favor of nationalism against the powers of globalism and Zionism. If Putin stays the course in Syria he has the potential to be one of the greatest leaders and Statesmen of the 21st century. An empowered Iran, a free Syria and a liberated Iraq puts the Zionists on the defensive and will better the lives of Arabs and non-Arabs alike.

Hats off to you President Putin and may God help Russia destroy the Islamic State and secure the principles of self determination for the people of not only the Middle East, but the world.

Hail victory!