AMERICAN BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION: Here’s how you know when they’re crossing the Rubicon

BE AWARE! These are the two
primary drivers of the long-planned American Bolshevik Revolution.

Submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation


“All tyrannies rule through fraud and force,
but once the fraud is exposed they must rely
exclusively on force.”

— George Orwell

Which means that we are literally moments to midnight in light of all the naked fraud and outright criminality and brazen corruption that has been exposed throughout the U.S. Federal Government.  In point of fact , the American people have never seen so much proven government malfeasance and reckless grifting in U.S history. 


Only when elected representatives and government
officials fear We the People more than they fear their
NWO masters and Deep State handlers will the present tyranny collapse.

Which means that, as things are getting very tense especially at the local level, the hidden power structure is now having a very difficult time maintaining control.  While The Powers That Be do have various schemes and blackops and psyops to buy them time, they consider the American Bolshevik Revolution inevitable at this point because of so much resistance to their total government takeover and plan for a permanent collapse of the Republic.

Let’s elaborate more on #1.

Just click on any Youtube video that presents any hearing being conducted in either the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives.

What you will quickly witness is an exchange between the Right and the Left that will leave the viewer either spellbound or stunned with disbelief.  The level of raw and radioactive revelation — ABOUT EVERYTHING WRONG WITH GOVERNMENT — is simply unparalleled in American history.

Of course, these public cat fights are as fierce and full of rancor as ever seen on TV.  And, as you scroll down the right column of other YouTube videos covering similar hearings, every one captures a congressional clusterf*ck created by the Democrats (yes, the RINOs play their treacherous parts as well) the likes of which we never saw before.

What’s the point?

The Congress critters can no longer get away with their deceit and deception ABOUT EVERYTHING.  The Executive Branch can no longer avoid searing analysis and no-nonsense scrutiny regarding all of their brazen treason and willful negligence and other capital crime sprees committed against the American people.

It’s over.

The game is over…finally.

The jig is up—FOREVER!!!

And the traitorous perps know it.

Which means that they know they have no choice but to resort to brute force … … … or else they will all be HANGED LIVE ON THE INTERNET.

Now let’s elaborate more on #2.

Just take a close look at what’s going on at the local level across the USA today.

Many school board meetings, city council meetings, county commission meetings and board of supervisors meetings have all turned into serious brawls between the citizens and their leaders but without the fistfights.

For example, there was the recent case where the Maricopa Board of Supervisors was served with papers right during the meeting which caused all nine of them to walk out of the official forum.  That has never happened before. See: Here’s the description of the document that, when the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors were served, compelled all 9 members to run out of the meeting.

Who has not heard about school board meetings turning into ‘high school food fights’ over the past few years.  The intensity of the clashing between conservatives and liberals is simply unprecedented, and it’s only getting worse by the month.

Again, what’s the crucial point?

We are reaching a tipping point whereby elected representatives and government officials at every level are slowly becoming more afraid of the citizenry than they are of their well-concealed paymasters and handlers.

That, right there is a HUGE happening.  Because the power elite know they can no longer rule US as they have since the founding of the Republic.

The once potent fear factor is quickly losing its effect, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 biowar waged against the American people as well as the military deployment of the various weaponized Covid ‘vaccines’.

Now having been the victim of a transparent genocide via bioweaponry, the US citizenry is fast waking up to the grim reality that their government wants to kill them.


This rapidly evolving predicament is coming to a head swiftly in 2024 because of the pressures exerted by the POTUS election cycle.

Every voter on the Right knows in their bones that Biden & Company brashly stole the 2020 election, even without seeing the volumes of hard evidence that conclusively  proves that election theft.

Now here we are facing a fast approaching Election Day and the Democrats know they cannot lose or else so much criminality and corruption will be exposed AS NEVER BEFORE.

Which means that the bankster-controlled Uniparty, Deep State, U.S. Intelligence Community, Mockingbird Media and much of Corporate America is closer than ever to pushing the button on the long-planned American Bolshevik Revolution.

Second American Revolution Approaching
Most Dangerous ‘Bolshevik Phase’

And this is their ultimate goal:

The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation
March 3, 2024

SOTN Editor’s Note: SOTN reached out to a previous contributor who has deep experience and insider knowledge of this highly consequential matter, especially where it concerns the deliberately manufactured open border crisis.

While the NWO cabal is accomplishing several goals by flooding the USA with illegal aliens, there is one pivotal objective that reigns supreme.

By staging one border invasion of after another, the globalists are able to secret into the country millions of military-aged males under cover of being amnesty seekers, which they are not.  Many are even purposefully released violent criminals seeking their next crime spree in America.

Once these trained mercenaries, experienced soldiers of fortunes and paid terrorists are over the border, they’re ferried to the various 50 states to train for their next missions.

There are essentially 3 duties/destinations for those fighting aged men.

The trained terrorists will be transported to certain cities where they will join highly organized terrorists cells.  There they will await their future orders.

The paid mercenaries will be sent to extremely clandestine military training camps to be trained in urban and rural guerrilla warfare.  Again, they will await their future orders.

The willing and less dangerous economic immigrants are immediately registered into a “Accelerated Military Path to US Citizenship” program.  By volunteering to enter the U.S. Armed Forces, these future grunts are put on a fast-track to full-fledged citizenship with all kinds of perks.  However, these mercs are also put into specially trained regiments and squads who are stripped of any reservation about firing on Americans.  The communist-run DoD knows that the average US military service member would not kill their fellow citizens, so they run these foreign recruits through highly manipulative mind-control programs as preparation to man what are basically treasonous brigades.

Each of these three groupings of extreme enemies of the American Republic serve critical purposes in the staging of the long-planned American Bolshevik Revolution.  The Khazarian decision-makers at the very top of this CIA-coordinated color revolution scheme will use basically the same war plan that was utilized during both the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent Russian Civil War, if and when they launch this insurrection to save their necks. 

KEY POINT: Before many of these dangerous mercs even set foot inside the USA, they undergo a preliminary orientation at staging areas such as Darin Gap, Panama. (See: UN RUN TERRORIST TRAINING CAMP FOR INVASION OF AMERICA)

— A Veteran Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

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