STORMING OF THE CAPITOL BUILDING: False Flag Operation Executed by Deep State to Crush the Patriot Movement



STORMING OF THE CAPITOL BUILDING: False Flag Operation Executed by Deep State to Crush the Patriot Movement


This Captivating D.C. Drama Was Staged
by the Left to Demonize the Right
and to Terminate GOP Objections to
the Electoral College Vote Fraud,
Which It Did in the Dead of the Night

SOTN Exclusive

The Democrats were desperate to shut down the congressional objections to the Electoral College votes.  Once various U.S. senators expressed their objections — battleground state by battleground state — the truth about the brazenly stolen election was televised for the first time since the steal occurred.  Deep State would not permit the evidence to be disseminated like this—way too damning!  The official record of the Joint Session of Congress on Jan. 6 would forever contain conclusive evidence of the stolen 2020 POTUS election.

So, they staged a dramatic swarming of The Capitol Building (TCB) in order to DISTRACT everyone’s attention.  This black operation was led by AntiFa anarchists disguised as Trump supporters.  That’s why the security at TCB was so lax—to permit the storming of the building so that Trumpsters would look bad.  It’s true that there were many MAGA protesters among those who entered TCB, but they were there to STOP THE STEAL.  Given the “soft coup by stolen ballot” that was being rubber-stamped by the U.S. Congress, the MAGA protesters have every right to shut down the unlawful, treasonous process.

The Democrats (and Deep State) had to do something quite scary in order to compel the Congressional Republicans to abandon their fight to decertify the Electoral College votes.  What better way that to orchestrate a fake takeover of The Capitol Building.  They even choreographed a number of photo-ops in Pelosi’s office (see this photo) and the well of the U.S. Senate chambers (see this photo).  Once these ‘shocking’ photographs make their way around the Congress, inside the Beltway and the Internet, the Left will use them as a false justification to crack down on the Right as never before.

The bottom line here is that the storming of TCB was a meticulously engineered false flag black operation overseen by the U.S. Intelligence Community to include the FBI, CIA, Capitol Police, etc.  Which is precisely why the protestors faced virtually no resistance from law enforcement as they breached what little security was quite intentionally set up.  In fact, the whole thing was an obvious set-up with several aims and purposes, some of which will become clear in the coming days.  In a phrase, this globalist-manufactured false flag event will be used as the “Reichstag fire” was used by Hitler to consolidate his power right after he was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany in 1933.  Biden was essentially installed as the Fuhrer of the Fourth Reich.

Sound familiar?!

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S Military Officer

SOTN Editor’s Note: As for the CIA’s meticulously stage-managed drama at The Capitol Building, here it is:

See how they do it?

Works like a charm every time!

JFK Assassination

Oklahoma City Bombing

Waco Siege & Massacre

9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Sandy Hook Mass Shooting

Mandalay Bay Massacre

Storming of The Capitol Building

Let’s be very clear that the “Storming of the Capitol” will be used by the communist Democrat Party, the seditious Deep State and the New World Order globalist cabal as a means to criminalize the Patriot Movement.  This state-sponsored false flag op was quite purposefully carried out as the “Reichstag fire of the Third Millennium”.

KEY POINT: At the core of it, this false flag black operation was fundamentally a Gladio operation known specifically as OPERATION GLADIO C.  Operation Gladio was established post World War II as the terrorist arm of NATO, also known as the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.

State of the Nation
January 7, 2021

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