MARK OF THE BEAST Makes Its Debut in 2020…



MARK OF THE BEAST Makes Its Debut in 2020…

…as the Untested, Toxic and Unsafe
COVID-19 Vaccine Bioengineered by
the Big Pharma, the Premier Huckster
of the “Super-Vaccination Agenda”.

State of the Nation

There’s a very good reason (actually very BAD reason) why THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC, THE GREAT RESET and THE GREAT STEALECTION were all carried out by the New World Order globalist cabal in 2020.  It’s the very same reason why 2019 saw the military deployment of 5G in key power centers around the globe.

The amount and degree of sheer chaos and confusion, distraction and diversion, which have been generated by these three “GREATs”, has permitted the power elite to both execute the military deployment of 5G worldwide and roll out a dangerously untested COVID-19 vaccine with very little scrutiny.

The Powers That Be have long planned to roll out both 5G and the COVID-19 vaccine during the same time frame because they function as a highly coordinated weapon system. See: QUATERNARY WEAPON SYSTEM Activated Before Each Coronavirus Cluster Explosion

What the world community of nations has been undergoing since January of 2019 is an immense beta test involving a highly sophisticated bioweapon — COVID-19 — which has been quite stealthily launch at primarily urban targets where 5G roll-outs occurred (e.g. Wuhan, Milan, Tehran, New York City, Seattle and Guayaquil, Ecuador).

Then, against all odds and contrary to what science says is even possible, the COVID-19 vaccine has been rolled out first in Russia and then in other guinea pig nations such as the United Kingdom and United States.

How could such a highly suspect and unproven vaccine even be safely administered in the same year that the coronavirus pandemic first began?!

That’s right, it can’t be! Not with any degree of safety or effectiveness.

And, the only way Big Pharma was able to introduce any type of Covid vaccine in 2020 is because it had been undergoing years of painstaking development and advanced bioengineering in secret labs across the planet.


With this crucial understanding, every inhabitant on Earth needs to be aware that the COVID-19 vaccine is not what they say it is.  And, that it is dangerous to the extreme with a nefarious agenda behind it that should scare the bejesus out of everyone.

In fact, everything now points to a Covid vaccine that not only functions as the long anticipated MARK OF THE BEAST, it’s also a means by which TPTB will implement their high-priority agenda of transhumanism. See: COVID-19 Vaccine Utilizes Nano Tech to Greatly Advance Transhuman Agenda

Perhaps the central pillar of that agenda is to remove any tendency on the part of a normal human being to pursue spiritual advancement or religious endeavors.  This is where the COVID-19 vaccine comes in because its primary function is to permanently turn off the famous GOD gene.  This will be accomplished through the systematic vaccination of humanity using the FunVax jab, also known as the COVID-19 vaccine.  As follows:

The FunVax bioweapon system is using at least 4 different modalities. The perpetrators are (i) using chemtrails to spray flu viruses and aerosol vaccines, (ii) administering adult flu shot programs and childhood vaccination schedules, (iii) releasing several variants of the COVID-19 bioweapon in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities (and on cruise ships when they were operating), and (iv) utilizing the intensive 5G roll-outs to weaken the immune system as well as amplify the electromagnetic frequencies and microwave transmissions that facilitate the clandestine FunVax vaccination process. Also, the perps have planned a fifth component whereby they are (v) formulating a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine which will ensure that every individual receives the VMAT2 ‘immunization’ that will be enforced via an immunity certificate.
(Source: Here’s the main reason why the NWO globalist cabal is dead set on mandating a universal COVID-19 vaccination program.)

One of the unique features of the MARK OF THE BEAST is Luciferase.

Bill Gates is building something that we call the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System, and it is composed of multiple things. I want to draw your attention to one component, the quantum dot microneedles that will deliver the vaccines, and a very, very unique biochemical that makes it all work. If you’re standing up while reading this, you might want to sit down. Today we bring you ‘near infrared bioluminescence enzyme luciferase’ which is the chemical that will make the quantum dot vaccination readable through a special mobile device app. That’s right, the enzyme that will light up Bill Gates Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System is called Luciferase, that’s what makes the vaccination readable long after the victim has been injected. Luciferase.(Source: SHOCK AS IT’S REVEALED AN ENZYME CALLED LUCIFERASE IS WHAT MAKES BILL GATES IMPLANTABLE QUANTUM DOT MICRONEEDLE VACCINE DELIVERY SYSTEM WORK)

COVID-19 Vaccine Compliance

The highly organized global criminal enterprise to vaccinate every human being has been in the works for decades.  It’s why vax super-pitchman Bill Gates was made king of Microsoft and then the world’s richest billionaire. See: Yes, Bill Gates’ invention really is an injectable, permanent, under-the-skin, biochip sensor?

In point of fact, Gates’ carefully guided transition from covertly constructing back doors for computer viruses to deceitfully creating back doors for corona viruses took place with highly purposeful design.

MARK OF THE BEAST: Brought to you by everyone’s
Big Brother—BILL GATES

However, it’s one thing to fabricate a coronavirus pandemic out of nowhere as a means to justify a new mandatory COVID-19 vaccine … and … another thing to enforce the administration of that untested jab on every inhabitant of planet Earth.

This is where things are about to get very challenging in view of the fact that two-thirds of voters say they won’t get coronavirus vaccine right away or at all.

The psychopathic perpetrators of OPERATION COVID-19 know full well that many folks are extremely leery of a Covid vaccination.  So many Americans are suspicious of the COVID-19 vaccine because of the association it has with the MARK OF THE BEAST (MOTB).  This poses a great obstacle which has already been thought through by the likes of Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, Deborah Birx, Robert Redfield, Tedros Adhanom & Company.

That “Company” is, of course, Big Pharma.  And Big Pharma is the key corporate player in the all-powerful Government-Corporate Complex That Took Complete Control Of The USA.

What’s the critical point?

Every U.S. citizen will soon need a COVID-19 vaccine to live a normal life in America… … … unless We the People terminate this steamrolling juggernaut post-haste.

Slowly but surely both Corporate America and the U.S. Federal Government are floating different proposals about how an immunity certificate will soon be required.

For example, if you want to work for any Fortune 1000 company, proof of vaccination will be requested if the perps get their way.  Eventually every publicly traded corporation will be coerced into this pen of vaccine compliance.  So will small companies that need a public health inspection and/or certification to ‘legally’ operate in a city, county or state.

Retail stores may begin to require that all customers produce proof of Covid immunity to buy their goods.  So might every service business such as medical, dental, mental health and other healthcare delivery offices both allopathic and alternative.

Then there are workout gyms and sport clubs, yoga and Pilates studios, massage parlors and hair salons.  Getting in any of these is already quite difficult without a mask.

Then there are the calls for all school children to be vaccinated in order to enter kindergarten, elementary school and junior high.  Teenagers will be vaxxed first to enroll in high schools and young adults will be required to present an immunity certificate to even apply to any American college of university.

The list of organizations throughout civil society as well as governmental institutions is even longer, as are all the globalist NGOs that will eventually demand a Covid vax to be employed by them.

SPECIAL NOTE: People, the gravity of this swiftly developing predicament whereby proof of a COVID-19 vaccination will soon be required to “buy and sell’ anything cannot be overstated.  Just consider where the Coviteers are ultimately taking this: A Covid immunity certificate will soon be required to enter any establishment; attend any event; matriculate in any program; fly, train or bus to any destination; be treated by any hospital, clinic, physician or other healthcare practitioner, etc.  They named it Operation Warp Speed for a reason; they want all 50 states operating in strict COVID-19 vaccine compliance as a precursor to legislating mandatory vaccines for every citizen and non-citizen alike.  The sheer speed and intensity with which the perpetrators of OPERATION COVID-19 are rolling over the American people with their Covid juggernaut is as incomprehensible as it is staggering.  Hence, every individual needs to be on guard like never before.  Blindly complying with all of the illicit orders and other Covid dictates ought to be vigilantly avoided.  The more folks bend to the will of the Plandemic tyrants, the more easily it will be for them to implement their pre-planned compulsory COVID-19 vaccination programs that will inject the dreaded MOTB.  Most importantly, this insidious vaccination scheme will be ever-so-gradually carried out so that very few even understand that it will eventually be necessary to live your life.  That’s how they always introduce destructive, dangerous and deadly programs into society.

This is exactly why the authorities are demanding masks and social distancing with such a vengeance: so they can eventually offer relief from these terribly oppressive measures after everyone has been ‘properly’ vaccinated.

This is their PLAN!

And it ain’t good.  Not good at all.

These perfidious perps are quite cunningly choreographing and staging every phase of this transparently manufactured manmade Plandemic in the interest of implementing various mandates and measures which, they hope, will eventually push every person in the pen of vaccine compliance.  As always, the Mainstream Media is used to hype every phase of naked fear-mongering in order to stampede the unaware and uneducated over the cliff of inevitable vaccine injury and permanent transhumanistic alteration.

The government knows it cannot force vaccines on everyone; but they have confidence that a critical mass of the citizenry will demand them; and to the extent that the overwhelming peer pressure exerted by the insane pro-vax crowd will compel even the most ardent anti-vaxxers into a receiving their annual Covid vaccination.

KEY POINT: Big Pharma is being used by the Central Banking Cartel and International Banking Crime Syndicate to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine under the governmental rubric of Operation Warp Speed.  At “warp speed” because the power elite are so desperate to vaccinate the global population in order to effectively neutralize them because of the rapidly emerging context defined by the ongoing and raging war between the 1% and 99%.  See: So this is what they mean by “WARP SPEED”!


The NWO globalists are on a serious mission to vaccinate every American with all deliberate speed.  The US government will employ the 4 major branches of the Armed Forces to accomplish this mission.

TPTB know that when a sufficient number of Americans are regularly vaccinated, they will no longer be a threat to their kleptocratic oligarchy that intends to rule over the entire planetary civilization via a One World Government and Global Security Superstate.

This New World Order is fundamentally defined by a world community of nations, each of which is run by totalitarian communist government.  That’s why the despotic Democrats are so determined to steal the 2020 election and that this RED ALERT has been issued:



The globalists also know that all resistance to such a totalitarian tyranny will be removed once the MARK OF THE BEAST is put into full operation, where no one can buy or sell without it.

COVID-19 Vaccine is the “Mark of the Beast”

Warning: There is now a HUGE vaccination campaign going on across the USA within the Christian churches.  It’s being craftily spearheaded by none other than Dr. Fauci’s boss at the NIH.  This particular government-religious initiative is being deceptively conducted to corral the entire Christian community into the pen of vaccine compliance because they pose the greatest impediment to the communist scheme to collapse the American Republic.  Those Bible-reading folks also know more about the MARK OF THE BEAST than any other group in the country  See:  HUGE COVID SCANDAL AT THE NIH: Why has no one investigated Fauci’s boss?

State of the Nation
December 13, 202o


Is the COVID-19 vaccine really the “Mark Of The Beast”?

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