The Stages of the Ongoing Color Revolution in the USA are Following the Soros Serbian Playbook (MUST READ!)

The Stages of the Ongoing Color Revolution in the USA are Following the Soros Serbian Playbook (MUST READ!)


Srdan Nogo

As I have anticipated in the article I wrote on the eve of the election, Donald Trump will win the US Presidential election convincingly, but the key events will play out after the election because the deep state will try to steal the election and overthrow Trump in the streets (

The aforementioned scenario is happening right now. Election fraud on a massive scale has been tried before the eyes of the entire world public and street riots are yet to fall upon America. In the aforementioned article, I have precisely anticipated the events that will happen in USA:

Srdjan Nogo Author is a Serbian politician
and a former Member of Parliament

“Everything that the US is dealing with now, we the Serbs have been through, twice. We are familiar with Soros’s global criminal network better than anyone else due to the fact that we are victims of it for the last more than 30 years. The American people should look carefully at our experience because they are in great danger. The plan is clear and simple.

The deep state will try to steal the election and if that doesn’t work, they will try to overthrow Trump in the streets. If that also doesn’t work out and they can’t install their own government, the next step in the plan will be the dissolution of the United States. Some federal states will declare their independence from the country. It’s going to take a lot of courage, wisdom and trust in Trump and in themselves for the American people to avoid the fate that befell the Serbian people in the 90s.

Instructors from Canvas trained activists of these terrorist organizations and they are in charge of organising and coordinating actions in the US, all with a goal of staging a coup and overthrowing the legally and legitimately elected  executive branch of government. The method is always the same. They take part in the elections and then they do not acknowledge the election results. They claim that the government that was elected is a dictatorship and then they try to overthrow it in the street. This is their modus operandi. All of the events that took place in America since the death of George Floyd up until today are representing a form of preparations for what’s to come after the election. It is already clear that Trump will win by a landslide. However, the goal of deep state is not winning in the election, it’s overthrowing the victor on the street. They have prepared good for this scenario. This whole operation is lasting for a few months now.

The deep state was shocked by Trump’s victory in 2016 and they simply didn’t have the time to organise a violent overthrow of a newly elected President, but now they are most certainly well prepared. In 2016 they have stolen 11 million votes, but it simply wasn’t enough. Now, they are prepared to steal much more; 30 million fake IDs were manufactured, mostly in China, the rest in Balkan countries. All the evidence corroborating this and precise locations I will publish on another occasion.”

And what we are witnessing is indeed, a massive election fraud. Donald Trump had a substantial lead in all of the swing states before some of the most unusual events in the history of the elections began to happen. Vote counts were stopped, and after they were resumed a hundreds of thousand new ballots appeared, allegedly arrived by mail, and they were all in favour of candidate Joe Biden. Biden mysteriously took the lead in the number of states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc. And soon the media have declared him (so-called media ‘’projection”) the winner of this election.

Donald Trump and his election headquarters immediately began to point to numerous instances of irregularities and inconsistencies and soon enough the evidence of massive election fraud have started to surface.


Officials in Michigan have admitted that 6,000 of votes cast to Trump were counted to Biden due to “software glitch”. This same software was brought into connection with “glitches” that occurred in the state of Georgia.

The company that produced voting machine which switched these votes from Biden to Trump due to “glitch” in Michigan is called Dominion Voting Systems (DVS). This company was established and has its international headquarters in Toronto while its US headquarters are in Denver, Colorado. Its voting machines are currently being used in 33 states in USA and one-third of Americans are casting their votes through the use of DVS voting machines. Since 2019 these machines were instated in Georgia, so now every swing state that determines the outcome of US Presidential election use Dominion machines to record or tally votes. Coincidentally, in this election, many irregularities occurred in all of these states during the vote counting process.

The aforementioned company conducts its internal software development by itself for all its buyers in USA, Canada and in, what is particularly interesting for us, Serbia. It is important to mention that Dominion Voting Systems was even before this election faced with serious accusations of election irregularities. One of the bigger controversies concerning Dominion was related to the theft of census data in India.

The following example is particularly interesting in regards to US Presidential Election 2020. In 2009 Dominion has concluded a contract with Smartmatic concerning the elections in the Philippines in 2010 and early elections in 2013. After these elections numerous lawsuits were launched due to allegations of omissions and fraud. Independent review of source codes that were used in Dominion’s machines discovered many problems and quality and security of its software were disputed. The Chairman of Smartmatic is Mark Malloch Brown, member of the British House of Lords and former Vice-President of the World Bank. He was also United Nations Deputy Secretary-General in 2006 and UK Minister (2007–2009).

However, the most interesting thing about Malloch Brown is the fact that he is one of more important officials of Soros’s network. Cooperation between these two goes way back, even since the war in the former Yugoslav Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1993-1994). Malloch Brown was the Vice-President of the most important Soros’s organizations – the Quantum Fund and the Open Society Foundations and now he is a member of the Global Board. He is also one of the people most responsible for the creating of the infamous International Crisis Group and he is a member of its Executive Committee and Co-Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Thanks to Soros, Dominion’s voting machines are being used in the elections to the European Parliament since 2014. Dominion’s servers in which all of the data are stored are located in Frankfurt, wherein is also the head office of the European Central Bank. Dominion shares an office floor in Toronto with the Tides Foundation which is connected to George Soros (Dominion Voting Systems Shares Floor Space With Soros Group, Partnered With Soros’ Friendgroup-partnered-with-soros-friend).

Next to its associations with George Soros, Dominion Voting Systems has numerous connections to the Democratic Party in the USA. The company hired Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP, a lobbying firm. One of the directors of this lobbying firm is Nadeam Elshami, former chief of staff to Democratic Leader and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi. Elshami is officially registered as a lobbyist for Dominion.

Another well-known Democrat who is connected to this election software is Richard Blum, husband of influential United States Senator Dianne Feinstein who has been a US Senator since 1992. According to the allegations made by lawyer Sidney Powell, Blum is a majority shareholder in a company that produced voting software that were used in the elections. Mainstream media have tried to deny these allegations by claiming that the only company in which Blum has made any investments is Avid which deals with graphic and video software. However, this is not exactly true. Avid did produce software that were used in these elections, including the elections in the state of Michigan. Avid advertises its own election software called LeaderPlus Election Management system and Blum is one of its investors – Blum i Avid

It is worth mentioning that Blum has lucrative financial affairs with China as well as ties to Chinese Communist Party which goes a long way to explain some of his wife’s political agenda and her voting policy in the Senate. This influential political couple was also connected to human organ trafficking. The use of the video software in elections can be best observed in reports made by American mainstream media which use this video applications to follow the election process. Take a look at this video and notice how, during the process of entering new results, the number of votes that were cast for Trump is decreasing. Not the percentage, but the number of votes! This video is constantly being censored and removed from YouTube and social networks.

The Clinton Foundation is also connected to Dominion Voting Systems. In 2014 Dominion has made a donation to The Clinton Foundation to be used for the DELIAN Project.

What is interesting about American elections of 2020 is the fact that roughly 20 percent of all of hardware and software components of voting machines, made by every single manufacturer that were used in these elections came from China.

The information that is particularly interesting to us is that the software for these voting machines was written in SERBIA which has been confirmed by the representative of Dominion’s branch in Serbia Bojan Djordjevic.

This Bojan Djordjevic, although not active on Twitter, has a Twitter account and he has been intensively following my tweets concerning US Presidential election 2020.

So, immediately after I have published the information that this software was written in representation of Dominion in Serbia and that he is its representative, he got scared so first, he blocked me, then he unblocked me, and then he tried to deny his connection to Dominion software claiming that he left the company two years ago and moved to Munich. This of course is not true. The data we can find at the official site of Serbian Business Registers Agency (APR) confirms that Djordjevic is still the legal representative and a responsible person in Serbian branch of the company Dominion Voting Systems.

Visibly scared Djordjevic then deleted his tweets and locked his twitter account.

He will get his opportunity to present his defense in front of American investigative and judicial authorities, provided of course that he’s lucky, considering the fact that he now represents a problematic witness and a weak link to his employers and they will certainly have an interest to eliminate him.

In the eve of the US Presidential election 2016, Vice President and one of the shareholders of Dominion Voting Systems, Goran Obradovic commented on the company for Serbian media, praising the work of Serbian IT experts in the article titled “Smart people from Serbia are Counting Votes for Hillary and Trump” (

 To our great regret, in the US Presidential election 2020 during their vote counting, Serbian IT experts who are working on behalf of the globalists have indeed disregarded the electoral will of the American people. The aforementioned case is not the only instance of foreign interference in US elections that came from Serbia. This is only logical, considering the fact that Serbia has been a colony of Soros and the globalists for more than 20 years. Our country and whole of the Balkans is their greatest stronghold.

According to the claims of one of the creators of these election software, the owners of voting machines intentionally programmed the voting machines’ operating program to use decimal numbers when tallying votes, and to allow external remote access to the voting machines through a Remote Software Interface.

Since 2005 Dominion Voting Software has a representation in Serbia and it is a part of implementation of globalist agenda. The quality of the software written by “the experts” from Dominion’s Belgrade office is best illustrated by the software “glitch” that was discovered in Antrim County in northern Michigan. The aforementioned county is traditionally Republican. In the last 32 out of 34 elections, Republicans came out victorious while Trump himself won the county in 2016 taking 62 percent of the votes. In this Presidential election, at first, the winner was Biden, but then during first routine control it was discovered that due to a “software glitch” 6.000 votes were misallocated to Biden, instead of Trump. After the correction of this mistake, Trump won the county. Voting equipment produced by Dominion Voting systems is being used in 69 out of 83 counties in Michigan. The fact that this isn’t some kind of mistake is confirmed by the information that the voting machines in another Michigan county, Wayne County, were hooked up on internet in the time of vote counting, on November 3, 2020 at 11 pm, configured to the Serbian IP address, and thousands of votes given by the voters to Trump were from Serbia transferred to Biden.

The example in Michigan shows that a computer algorithm was in place to lover Trump’s votes as a function of percentage of Republicans in a precinct. This is how we came to completely illogical and false data that support to Trump has decreased in Republican dominant precincts.

Right from the beginning, the program has been set up in such a way that every time Trump receives 3 votes, 1 vote is added to Biden. A number of mistakes and malwares were added to the software and additional manipulation were done over the internet, from Serbian IP address.

Dominion software’s external network is configured to the Serbian IP address. The internet network being used by that IP address is SBB. The IP address leads us to a location in Belgrade, Zoran Djindjic Boulevard. In the building located at the aforementioned address we can find multiple companies – Opportunity Bank Serbia, internet provider EUnet, but also the headquarters of the leading Serbian cable and internet provider SBB. SBB is owned by an American fund called KKR and George Soros. The chairman of KKR is David Petraeus, former Head of CIA. Petraeus began working for Soros in 2000, at the time when he was stationed within IFOR forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was also the director of Soros’s organization called MoveOn. He was the director of CIA during Presidential administration of one Barrack Obama, from 2008 to 2010. SBB owns the television channel called N1 which is a branch of CNN for Balkans and the television channel Nova S. SBB also acquired the license for the television channel Newsmax Adria. Even though this channel in the US is inclined towards President Trump, in Serbia it follows the lead of other Soros’s media. Its editor-in-chief is one of the most active Biden’s supporters on Twitter Slobodan Georgiev. Minority partners in SBB are Dragan Solak, who manages the field work of the company and Dragan Djilas, a politician from opposition and former Mayor of Belgrade.

Djilas, Serbian President Vucic and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic are directly involved in foreign interference in US elections. All of Serbian governments in the last 20 years are directly subordinated to George Soros. He appoints them and he dissolves them. Djilas’s and Vucic’s partner is Nenad Kovac AKA Nesa Roaming, one of the biggest Serbian oligarchs. He controls the entire IT industry of Serbia and he is directly connected to the Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE and to the South Korean Samsung.

American authorities are conducting several investigations against him, such as the investigation for money laundering through USAID, financing of terrorism in the US, violation of sanctions imposed on Iran and cryptocurrency scams. He will soon be under investigation due to his interference in the election process in the US.

The investigation is yet to show us the full size of the election fraud that was carried out through this software. At the time of this writing (November 11, 2020) it has been established that the number of fraudulent votes amounts to 3,899,947 in 8 states alone. Some of those were transferred from Trump to Biden and some were simply erased.

It is also worth mentioning that the use of Dominion’s voting machines and software was rejected in the state of Texas 3 times, due to the fact that 2 state commissions have  concluded that this system poses many and great security risks in relation to both hardware and software.

The latest news that appeared during the writing of this article is an announcement made by the member of Trump’s legal team, lawyer Rudy Giuliani who said that Dominion insider is willing to go public and describe the election fraud in detail. He already gave a statement and he is willing to testify.


Globalists and Democrats are fully aware that they are caught in these acts of election fraud and that the investigation will soon be opened, so they have already started damage control and distancing themselves from Dominion. They know very well what all this means and what is the penalty in the US for treason and coup d’état attempt. They know that the US Army will be involved in conducting the arrests and that many of them will end up on the electric chair. This is why they have already commissioned articles in which they deny their culpability and also any connection between Soros, Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons, Senator Feinstein and the aforementioned software company (Posts falsify ties between election tech firm and Democrats).

They are not denying the existence of election fraud or the fact that the software counted the votes falsely, no. They are only denying their connection to Dominion Voting Systems. Someone will have to answer so they are trying to get themselves of the hook and to shift the culpability to the weakest link. The role of the weakest link will obviously be played by Serbia. The software was written in Serbia, software engineers are Serbs, the AP address voting machines were configured to in order to change the election results is located in Serbia. These are all evidence of direct foreign interference in US election and Serbia will not be able to escape the consequences. Our government, our media, our politicians, they are all trying to ignore this problem. This is why not a single one of all the media in Serbia has reported a word about the problems occurred during vote counting and the software from Serbia, which is strikingly odd. Not a single politician except me has mentioned this serious affair our country is implicated in, although there are a great number of posts concerning this on social networks. How is it possible that this is not a topic?

They are inventing all sorts of fake news and false affairs, from the newest example of a case concerning Aca Lukas to the fake interview with the President of Higher Court in Belgrade judge Aleksandar Stepanovic, in order to keep the public occupied and to prevent the role of Serbia in election fraud in America to become the topic. Software from Serbia and the greatest fraud in the history of elections – this is not the topic to our media and to our politicians. It is just that this affair is so big that it would take the hanging of Aleksandar Vucic and Ana Brnabic in prominent Belgrade street of Terazije alongside 20,000 of their accomplices for the attention of public to be finally concentrated on this affair. Digitalization process that Prime Minister Ana Brnabic is pushing for will revert us back to stone age. Digitalization is Soros’s agenda and it is being conducted in his interest. After all, he is the one who has brought Ana Brnabic into her government position. It is because of these people that we will become the target of the USA and to make matters worse, we will come into conflict with the administration friendly to us with which we could have establish common ground and mutual interest and correct injustices that were done against Serbian people in the last 3 decades.

Clearly, everyone inside the government as well as everyone in the so-called opposition and all of the media are working together and are subordinated to the same Center. This is why Vucic can casually say that he will have a good cooperation with Biden, because he knows what he is been doing and that he helped Biden steal the election. He doesn’t even give a second thought to the possibility that the situation could reverse and that Trump could win, which is exactly what will happen. At the same time, main leaders of the opposition, who are also heavily involved in this affair are betraying Vucic to Soros and Biden saying that Vucic was the one who ratted on this operation before the elections. The globalists now have serious doubts that Vucic indeed was the one who betrayed the whole operation. And so they keep messing around with us and they keep dealing with nonsense and they will keep doing so even when American marines start to descend, shoot and make arrests in Serbia in the course of their actions.

The worst part of this all is that Serbia is working against Trump. Trump is fighting against our primordial enemies, against the people who have killed us, banished us from our homes; against the ones who have robbed, destroyed and occupied us. And our government is helping our enemies in their fight against Trump. Trump is on the side of goodness and righteousness, he is fighting against evil. He is fighting for the same values we are fighting for. Over 80 percent of Serbs support Trump. Only the alienated liberals that despise their own people, destroy their country and are directly tied to Soros’s finances are against him. It is indisputable that the government and the political and business elite of Serbia have been interfering in political situation in USA for the last 4 years including this election.  They are doing so on behalf of their masters, on behalf of Soros and the other globalists. Serbia is their colony and Serbian people are their victims. The last thing we want is for our people and our country to build a bad reputation and suffer serious consequences. What we want is that the persons responsible for all of this be prosecuted and punished so we could finally break free from the claws of Soros, Clinton, Biden and other worldwide criminals.

We must clearly disclose all evidence concerning criminal ties and subordination of our leading politicians to Soros, Clinton, Biden and other globalist hoodlums so that the world will know that we are occupied and that they are the ones who have been installing our governments. It suffices to give two examples, one example of current and one of former government, that show that Serbian politicians are servants and traitors and that they are a part of criminal activities together with the globalists to whom they are subordinated to.

Early in March 2020 Aleksandar Vucic attended a meeting in Washington with the United States National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien. During this meeting Vucic asked O’Brien to urge Trump’s support for Vucic’s plan to populate Serbia with 1,2 million migrants, predominantly Islamic State fighters. This is the deal that Vucic made with Soros, who is behind the behind the migrant wave and migrant crisis. As a part of this deal Vucic gets 25 thousand dollars for each migrant he receives in Serbia. O’Brien was in shock. Firstly, he couldn’t believe that there is a madman willing to receive the terrorists and destroy his own country. Secondly, he was even more shocked that this madman is asking him for Trump’s support for this kind of plan, knowing full well that Trump is a primordial enemy of George Soros and that he is strongly opposed to migrants and to the Islamic State. Naturally, O’Brien thought that Vucic is setting him up so he asked Vucic did he spoke to anyone about this. Vucic underestimated the person he was speaking to so he lied and told O’Brien that he spoke to Grenell and Kushner. O’Brien immediately called for Grenell and Kushner to come to the White House and sure enough, Vucic was caught lying. Vucic began to squirm and tried to get himself out of this mess by implicating Hashim Thaci in all of this. Since Thaci was in Washington at the same time, he was immediately summoned to the White House and Vucic and Thaci were forced to admit what they were doing with Soros. Grenell can say even more about Vucic. Grenell was appalled when Vucic openly told him to ignore all the statements that he is giving to Serbian media because he has to lie to his own people. As the mediator for Belgrade and Pristina negotiations Grenell was able to see how hard Vucic is trying to give Kosovo its independence, which is why Soros brought him into power in the first place.

The second example concerns the former government, the current Serbian opposition. At the end of March Robert O’Brien had a meeting with former Serbian President Boris Tadic. The topic was Iraqi debt, that is the claim that companies from former Yugoslavia had towards Iraq. All the businesses were concluded through Belgrade based company SDPR and Iraq owed this company amount of 3 billion US dollars. Iraq was occupied by US Army. Tadic have sold a debt claim in a sum amounting to 3 billion US dollars for only 280 million US dollars to a company owned by the US Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s son. In return, Tadic was fully politically supported by Biden in his ruling of Serbia. These are the kind of scumbags the globalists are constantly bringing into power in Serbia.

Due to the actions of small group of traitors and corrupt idiots we will suffer serious consequences that will impact every one of us. Digitalization process, a Soros’s project that Prime Minister Ana Brnabic is pushing for will revert us back to stone age.

That is why we have to raise our voices and distance ourselves from these people for they have nothing in common with Serbian people except the fact that they are biological Serbs. On the contrary, they are doing everything in their power to destroy their own people. This is why it is so important that the thousands of people are raising their voices and fighting on social networks. Serbian people were on the right side and came out victorious in both WWI and WWII alongside their allies. In this third one, which is being fought by other means, we are also on the right side and we will win again. We must revolt as soon as possible and tear down this system that has been imposed on us and we must bring down the politicians that are serving the common enemy.


The election fraud is not limited only on stealing votes through the use of the aforementioned software and voting machines. The whole range of resources to conduct this fraud has been used. Of course, this article can only state some parts of the election theft and provide us with few examples that prove the existence of this vast and complicated fraud. Mail voting was a big fraud that was allowed in order to steal millions of votes. The deep state have stolen but they knew they were going to need to steal a large number of votes. In 2016 Presidential election Hillary Clinton stole 11 million votes and that still wasn’t enough for her to win. This year they knew they were going to need to steal 3 times as many. So they have waited to see how many votes will go to Trump so they could know how many more votes they need to manufacture for Biden. After the election was finished in numerous states, including all swing states, vote counting was stopped and then resumed the next day, the occurrence of which was never seen before in the history of US elections, probably worldwide. Polling workers have even taken the voting materials to their homes. In some states, such as Pennsylvania and North Carolina, ballots were received after the Election Day was finished which is contrary to the American law.

The ways in which this election fraud by mail-in ballots was conducted is best illustrated by following examples from Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Trump had a substantial lead in all of these 3 states, and then the situation turned around. The morning after the election around 130,000 new ballots were found in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and around 140,000 new ballots in Detroit, Michigan. They all allegedly arrived by mail and by some miracle every single one was in favour of Biden. This, of course is not possible.

Also, two and a half million mail-in ballots which mostly arrived after the Election Day were accepted in Pennsylvania. Proportion of votes in these ballots was 3 to 1 in favor of Biden which enabled Biden to overtake Trump’s lead. Before these mail-in ballots arrived, Trump had a lead of 750,000 votes. Former Democratic Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich during his appearance on Newsmax TV said that the Democrats were stealing votes for years (Rod Blagojevich to Newsmax TV: Election Fraud Is a ‘Time-Honored Tradition’ in Dem Cities).

It is now clear why we were watching those tragi-comic scenes from Detroit and Philadelphia wherein Trump’s poll watchers were prevented from observing the vote count which was in direct violation of the court order. In Detroit windows were even covered at the ballot centre so nobody could see what was happening inside.

It is now crystal clear that the pandemic of coronavirus was manufactured purely because of the US Presidential election. The whole world went through this enforced chaos in order to prevent Trump’s certain victory in this election. Since the deep state wasn’t able to overthrow Trump trough impeachment, they had no choice but to resort to the Covid-19 plan. After the World Economic Forum in Davos they started with spreading the global hysteria and enforcing lockdowns all over the world. This whole propaganda had two goals. To bring the downfall of American economy and employment because Trump has managed to reach historical economy growth and lowest unemployment rate in US history. Due to Covid-19 unemployment have risen from 5 million to 45 million people.

However, Trump again managed to reach historical growth of 33 percent in third quarter and to drastically reduce unemployment. The second reason why aforementioned coronavirus plan was launched was exactly to instate the mail voting which will enable election manipulation on a massive scale. The pieces begin to fall into place and you get the full picture along with all the evidence. The virus was released from Soros’s lab WuXi AppTec located at the address 666 Goaxin Road East Lake High-tech Development Zone Wuhan 430075, China which I was the first to publish back in March.

Trump knew of the real reasons to Covid-19 pandemic which is why he posted numerous tweets in which he opposed the mail voting and warned the American and world public that election fraud is being set up.

Next to mail voting and election software there are many more election irregularities. Across the web we have seen pictures of poll workers in Pennsylvania counting votes while wearing Biden designed caps, pictures of poll workers casting votes for Biden at the poll station and the images of them tearing and removing ballots that are in favour of Trump. Numerous ballots never arrived to the poll stations. In one instance, US Postal worker was arrested near Canadian border and 800 ballots were found in his trunk. Many insiders have started to come forward. And I should also mention tens of thousands ballots that were thrown out all over USA.

It has been discovered that over 9,000 ballots which contain votes casted by Army personnel stationed in Georgia are missing. Trump’s legal team have collected data and statements of thousands of Americans who voted for him and whose votes were discovered by inspection to be annulled or were missing. A great number of insiders are willing to testify to systemic electoral fraud. Only in Michigan there are already 134 people who have signed the statement and are willing to testify to election machinations in court.

Of course, there are many examples of dead people casting votes. So, according to publicly displayed information in Pennsylvania alone it was determined that 29,500 dead people voted in this election. In the aforementioned Wayne County in Michigan there were 14,000 of them. In Georgia 27,000 people aged 90 years and over, 1,000 people aged 100 years and 528 people aged 105 years and over casted their votes. This, of course is merely a small part of the whole picture.

Ballots were sent to people addressed to their pets because the pets are chipped and they have a social security number, documents were provided to illegal immigrants who have no citizenship and numerous people voted several times. This was especially the case in swing states, for example Arizona and Nevada wherein voters mostly from California were fictitiously registered and casted their votes. Of course, they also voted in their home state. The extent of this kind of misuse is also illustrated by the example of professor Viseslav Simic, a Serbian and US citizen currently residing in Mexico who stated that he was called and asked to provide them his ballot so they could vote for Biden.

The election fraud can also be very well illustrated by taking a closer look at the percentage of voter turnout and the electoral register. So we had record turnout in Wisconsin in this election. Number of eligible voters in the aforementioned state is 3,129,000. However, 3,283,532 voters casted their votes in US Presidential election 2020 in this state! Wisconsin officials have tried to explain this abnormal discrepancy by claiming that on November 1, 2020 they have published a new electoral register which is larger by over half a million and that there are now 3,684,726 eligible voters. Even if this was true, the voter turnout in Wisconsin would be staggering 89 percent. If you compare this to the previous elections, voter turnout in this state ranged from 64 to 70 percent at most. It is no wonder that they resorted to such massive fraud in Wisconsin considering the fact that Trump won this state in 2016 and in 2020 he received over 200,000 more votes than in the previous election. We should mention one more ‘’miracle’’ – 49,000 voters casted their votes for the Republican Congressional Candidate, but not for Trump, 64,000 voted for Biden, but not for Democratic Congressional Candidate while 14,952 voters only voted in Presidential Election, but not in the Congressional elections.

Similar thing is happening in Nevada, a state in which the votes are still being counted and allegedly Biden has the lead even though Trump got more than 105,000 more votes than in the previous election. In the largest county of Nevada, Clark County, which has two-thirds of Nevada’s population voter turnout is, incredibly, 102,7 percent. By the way, for this election, there are 1,601,889 registered voters in Nevada. In 353 counties across the US there were almost 2 million more votes casted than there are registered voters. The deep state has prepared this election fraud in great detail, which is proven also by the fact that 30 million fake IDs were manufactured abroad, mostly in China, the rest in Balkan countries, which is the information I have written about before the election (

Trump convincingly won the other swing states as well, receiving much higher amount of votes than in 2016, but allegedly this wasn’t enough for him to win the election. In total, Trump got over 9 million votes more than in the previous election (not counting the fact that significant number of votes were stolen from him which makes this feat even more impressive) and he became a President who received the most votes in US Presidential election history. In regards to 2016, more Hispanic and Latino Americans voted for him now and he has increased the percentage of votes among Black and African-American voters and among female population. Republicans held their Senate majority and won 16 seats from Democrats in the House of Representatives. It is clear that Joe Biden achieved his so-called result by election fraud and there is already a massive amount of evidence that proves this. Next to the states that are being mentioned so far, there are evidence that Trump won several more states and that the election fraud was in play in those states also, such as Virginia, Minnesota, California, etc.  Total number of votes that Trump received is difficult to calculate. That is why Rudy Giuliani tweeted that this number could be 80 or even 90 million votes. Truly remarkable.

Next to the historical number of votes he received and historical difference of over 30 million votes to his advantage, there is one more example that greatly illustrates the extent of Trump’s convincing win. Beneficiaries of social care in many cities and counties across America were blackmailed in order to get them to go to the polls and vote for Biden while millions of homeless people were given money and documents to do the same. When we add to that the fact that all of the mainstream media were against him, that he was censored all the time on social networks, the fact that the algorithms were changed on YouTube and Facebook in order to minimize the reach of posts pertaining political questions and that the overwhelming evidence pertaining graved criminal acts committed by Joe Biden were hidden from mass media and prevented from becoming public, Trump’s convincing victory becomes even more impressive.

When all this is read, it becomes clear why the Democrats are fighting to prevent the manual recount, software control and reviews of the electoral registers. Trump’s election headquarters are fighting for constitutionality and legality. They request that every legal vote is counted and that means vote from a living person, not a vote of the deceased one or animal, that the vote is from the US citizen who has legal right to vote, and not from an illegal immigrant, that he voted only once and not multiple times, that he voted in legally prescribed term and not after the elections, that it was him who voted in person and not someone else in his name and that his vote was genuinely counted and not registered to another person or annulled or hidden. It is how it was prescribed by the law and it is completely natural and normal. Everything else is a fraud. If Democrats did not cheat, they have no reason to oppose to these legitimate and legal demands. But their fight not to let these happen clearly proves they have a lot to hide, and it will all be revealed through control. I have no idea if Trump will have enough time to confirm every vote or if he will be satisfied with easy electoral victory, but I hope a thorough investigation will be carried out and everyone responsible will be punished, because that is the only way to put the power back in the hands of people and to renew the institute and the whole purpose of the elections.


It was confirmed that Donald Trump knows very well what he is talking about in his speeches about electoral theft and flaws of the electoral system in the United States by his tweet from 2012 in which he wrote that the electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.

Also, the Presidential Executive Order issued on September 12, 2018 concerning the sanctions for foreign interference in the American elections, predicted the ongoing events.

“I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the ability of persons located, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States to interfere in or undermine public confidence in United States elections, including through the unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure or the covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation, constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.

Although there has been no evidence of a foreign power altering the outcome or vote tabulation in any United States election, foreign powers have historically sought to exploit America’s free and open political system.”

(Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election)

Trump has managed to avoid the trap prepared for him in the form of coloured revolution. I have warned about this threat back in 2017, and about the work of CANVAS, the organization in charge of arranging of coloured revolutions, financed by Soros (

The deep state expected Trump will declare victory in the election night and they were ready to try and overthrow him in the streets. For months the public was being prepared for Trump to be named the dictator and for extremists to try and provoke chaos in order to violently overthrow Trump in the streets. The same scenario, seen so many times in the last 20 years, starting with Serbia, following with Ukraine, Georgia, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Venezuela, Belarus, Armenia, was ready for the US. On that same night, members of terrorist organizations Antifa, BLM and other gangs which were promised uninterrupted robberies as a reward, were ready in the streets. In worst case scenario, they were ready to conduct the secession of certain states and to destroy the United States. Trump outwitted them when he stated he is winning the elections by trend of votes, but he didn’t explicitly proclaim victory and invite people to celebrate. They were waiting for that to happen so they could steal the votes and change the end result and ultimately invite people to wreak havoc and riot in the streets.

The media machinery was working on schedule, proclaiming Biden as the victor, and congratulations from around the world started coming in from the globalist slaves, regardless of the fact that media are not the ones to proclaim a victor, the state authorities are. This scenario was seen so many times before. It is enough to mention self-proclaimed independence of Kosovo in 2008, which, even though it was contrary to international law, led to series of recognitions of the false state, including the US which were under control of today’s deep state. Today, Kosovo is a private property of Soros, Clinton, Albright, Clark and other members of the deep state.

The same situation is with, for example, Venezuela and self-proclaimed President Guaido, also trained by the CANVAS, which I was the first to expose in Serbia. Although he is not the President of Venezuela and his coup failed, 9 countries have recognized Guaido as the President of Venezuela. The latest example is Belarus, where Lukashenko won, so another coloured revolution was launched (behind which was CANVAS again) and failed in the streets, but some countries of the EU have recognized Tikhanovskaya as the President, the same countries which congratulated Biden on his victory in the US election. Of course, Tikhanovskaya congratulated Biden. Serbian authorities and mainstream opposition also congratulated Biden. What do you think will happen when Trump is declared a President? Will the politicians who congratulated Biden then congratulate Trump? Of course not, they will still be recognizing Biden.  The globalist ship is sinking and, with these congratulations, they are preventing rats from leaving the ship by pushing them under the deck so they can all sink together.

Trump has managed to avoid the trap and to outsmart his opponents. He let them declare victory, he caught them in electoral theft and he is going to defeat them legally in court. During this time, US citizens have an opportunity to observe an obvious fraud, to confirm Trump’s victory and not to let their enemies from the deep state use them against their own country. Trump’s headquarters are stating that over 73 million Americans are furious over the electoral theft, but not a single shop window was broken, no one was attacked, nothing was smashed or set aflame. Trump is demonstrating his tremendous power and support he enjoys on these gatherings of his supporters.

We are eagerly awaiting the epilogue of the elections, first in front of courts in the United States, then the proclamation of Trump’s victory. There will surely be riots, but you can also expect those responsible for treason, meddling in electoral process, coup attempt and aggression on the US to be punished. The penalty for those actions is the strictest – the death penalty. Many people from the US and other foreign countries, including citizens of Serbia, will be held accountable.

Trump already did great things just few days after the elections. Nations across the world are supporting him in his battle. The United States of America have been the most hated country in the world for a long time. Dozens of countries were victims of American aggression in the last 25 years and this led to the worldwide hate towards the USA and made the President of the US a personification of evil Only one Presidential term was enough for Trump to completely turn the tables. Trump is the first President after many decades who didn’t start a single war, even though he was pressured during whole of his first term to engage in military interventions in Venezuela, Syria, Iran, North Korea, etc.

He is aware that the US has turned into weapon of private interests, that the centers of power which governed the US have used its military force to attack and enslave other countries, which were then ruthlessly robbed, and that the US itself neither had interest or use of such military actions. Only damage, because they were becoming the most hated country in the world.

The best example for everything said above is the aggression on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and stealing of Kosovo. Being a Serb, I don’t want to be the only one talking about this, so I will paraphrase one of the living witnesses, an American. Colonel Douglas Macgregor was recently appointed by President Trump as a Senior Advisor to the Acting Secretary of Defense. As an active officer, Macgregor was a member of the team for strategic planning of operations in the NATO command. Back in 1998, when he first heard the attack on former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was being planned, he went to the former President Clinton, and said to his face that this would be a big mistake, that the bombing of Serbs would be wrong and contrary to the American interests and that, ultimately, there were no reasons for that action, because Germans were ready to pay 6 billion deutsche marks for the readmission of Kosovo Albanians from Germany to Serbia. Clinton still went on with his plan to conduct the bombing. Macgregor, being an honorable soldier and American patriot, did his part of the job, but he later openly spoke in public how the US made a huge mistake. It is still not officially confirmed who took those 6 billion marks from Germany, although it is easy to guess if we have in mind who has initiated the bombing of Yugoslavia and the fact that Kosovo was stolen from Serbia and turned into private state of Clinton, Albright, general Clark, Soros and other globalists. They own the whole economy and natural resources in Kosovo and Metohija and have been ruthlessly robbing it. Pristina is adorned with a monument of Bill Clinton and the highway bears the name of Beau Biden, Joe Biden’s son. After all, it is best you hear for yourselves the words of Colonel Macgregor.

The globalists, who have ruled the US as a deep state, have led the country to the verge of existence. Knowing that, they have already put US down the drain and prepared their retreat in China and Europe. China was chosen to become the new state to serve their purposes, because Chinese development and level of protection of human and social rights and freedoms is very rigid. They moved the industry to China and gave the technology owned by the US Army to the Chinese.

The global state model and dictatorship which they plan to implement was already tested in China, where the legislation and social model were more convenient for experiments than the American society. China is full of facial recognition cameras, paper money is being eliminated and almost everyone is paying electronically, 5G network and robots are being installed, totalitarian control is being carried out over citizens and freedoms and rights are on a very low level. The European Union was chosen to become the new political center of the world and that is why the EU is becoming the new US. It is then of no surprise that the voting in European elections is carried out through Dominion’s machines and software.

Donald Trump has recognized the danger and his 2016 victory was the last chance to save the United States. He has shown that he knows what and who he is fighting against and what he must do in his campaign speech in Cleveland in November 2016, during his last rally before the election.

The change in politics that Donald Trump has achieved, the fight against the deep state which used the US as its own private army, has brought Trump huge popularity across the world. Hundreds of millions of people, oppressed and enslaved by this financial oligarchy which was based in the administration in Washington, have recognized Trump as a man who could defeat that criminal network and bring freedom to the people around the world. Trump said it all in his UN speech.

This has caused a great miracle. People all around the world are supporting Trump. Even after the elections, they have been monitoring the events and providing support to the US President in debunking the obvious electoral fraud on social networks and through comments on internet portals.

Best example for these words is support Trump has in Serbia. Serbs are very well familiar with the evil they are fighting against. We were the first victims of the new world order. Serbia, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia at the time, was under heaviest sanctions in the history, we were targets of NATO aggression and bombing, we were occupied and a part of our territory was taken from us, we were victims of the first coloured revolution and we have been a protectorate run by globalists from our corrupt treacherous government for 20 years. Our economy was destroyed and we were robbed of hundreds of billions of dollars. That is why the US were a personification of evil in the eyes of our people and the American President was the symbol of that evil. There was no difference between Clinton, Bush Junior and Obama, the US politics was always the same. And then a miracle happened. Trump came to the stage and completely wrecked their concept.  It was the first time the elections actually mattered.

And now imagine a President of the US enjoying a huge popularity in a country which has a history of foreign relations with the US such as Serbia. The US elections were viral on social networks in Serbia. The most important topic were the elections and Serbs have publicly expressed their support to Trump and appal because of the vote theft and media censorship. Serbs have recognized Trump as a man who wishes to defeat the global order which has been destroying all of us.

The second great thing Trump has managed to achieve is the debunking of a big electoral fraud and vote theft.

The world can see what is happening in the US. Same thing happened in various states controlled by globalists. It happened in Serbia as well. The elections were staged and they were a complete farce. People did not vote. The globalist hydra decides whom to place in position of power and votes are provided by insertion of ballots in the name of people who are not located in Serbia but abroad, where they went in search for a better life. Just like in Serbia, dead people can also vote in the US. Out of supposedly 2 million votes received by the ruling party, a million is stolen. The regular million is provided thanks to heavy media censorship, blackmails and bribery of the employees from the public sector and from companies handling state affairs. The former government did the same. After what happened in the US, no one will be able to hide the truth from the people and millions around the world have now opened their eyes. It is time to destroy the web of lies surrounding these false elections and for the people from the globalist colonies to be set free from their corrupt and treacherous politicians.

Another big lie Trump has debunked concerns media blackout and censorship around the world. Media are services of propaganda and they are created to lie to the people and Trump has explained that in his speech from 2016. The media liars were best exposed during the scene of interruption of the US President’s speech and the whole world has seen it. After that, this web of lies will be destroyed. Social networks, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, are a part of the media deception and everything people have been experiencing – deleted posts, censorship, blockings, removed profiles, has also happened to the President of the US and again the whole world has seen it. The big technology and media companies are not the one to decide what is true or not, what is news or not, or to limit our right to an opinion. They will also be held responsible.

And one more important thing Trump has achieved concerns the coronavirus debunk. Right after the US elections, all dangers in connection to the coronavirus were gone. The same media and politicians that, up until the elections, hysterically whined about social distancing, group activities, wore masks in television studios and scared us on daily basis with certain numbers of supposedly infected, hospitalized and deceased people, suddenly forgot everything about that. Gatherings of Biden’s supporters were glorified, masks were no longer worn, there was no need for social distancing and there was no more news about infected, hospitalized and deceased people. The elections were a cure for coronavirus.  The same as in Serbia. Only now it happened on a bigger scale. After all that, they can no longer play a mockery on us. Imagine what will happen now that the whole world has realized this. What will, for example, police officers who beat us on protests in Serbia on July 7, 8, 9 and 10, 2020 think? Or all of those who issued fines? What do they think and how do they feel? The time will come when all those people will be held responsible for this false pandemic.

To conclude this text, it is very important to emphasize that one name is being brought up in all these affairs and it rounds out the story proving that all of this is part of the plan. That name is George Soros. Soros has connections to the Dominion, Soros is behind the companies which supported the US election fraud, Soros is the master of all Serbian politicians who are involved in the US electoral fraud and he directly puts them in power. Serbia and the Balkans are a colony of Soros and the rest of the globalists. Soros finances and manages CANVAS, the organization in charge of arranging of coloured revolutions, and the coronavirus was released from Soros’s lab in Wuhan. Soros is behind the Ukrainegate – he is the head of that corruptive network and the same type of network exists in Serbia too. Serbiagate is yet to be opened. Soros organized the whole corruptive network in Serbia wherein huge amounts of money, including hundreds of millions of dollars which came from American taxpayers, were stolen and laundered through USAID and that money was used to finance political activities in the US and activities of the terrorist organizations Antifa and BLM. Soros directly handles BLM, while Hillary Clinton is in charge of handling the terrorist organization Antifa. Soros is behind Clinton and Biden. It is more than obvious that wherever you look, Soros’s name appears and that cannot be a coincidence. It is time for that demon to face justice.

While we await the official confirmation of Trump’s victory and the confirmation of the new term of Donald Trump as the President of the US, we have to mobilize and prepare ourselves to break the chains of globalism. The time of patriots is coming. The time for freedom is coming. To victory!