Here’s why Beirut was intentionally bombed with a tactical nuclear device.



Here’s why Beirut was intentionally bombed with a tactical nuclear device.


A helicopter putting out a fire at the scene of an explosion at the port of Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, on Tuesday. (Photo by STR/AFP via Getty Images)

… Just as Israel always achieves its geopolitical goals through acts of
ruthless and meticulously timed
terrorist attacks.

State of the Nation

In light of the devastating Beirut bombing via a tactical nuclear device, the following perceptive observation ought to be well understood by EVERYONE.

Notice every tine there is a disaster, Israel is the darling winner. Harvest Fest shooting – then shortly after Jerusalem is made the Capital. Beirut bombing, the next Israel finds peace with the UAE?

Seriously….peace with the UKs BFF?

King David Hotel bombing by Irgun, independence for Israel. USS Liberty = war with Vietnam. How many Americans died to stop communism?
Now communism has consumed this Nation just like it did Russia.

— Submitted by CB

SOTN challenges any geopolitical historian to map out the precise timing of every major false flag terrorist operation since World War II.  Then, examine deeply how the Modern State of Israel has gained from each and every terrorist attack conducted the world over.

It’s always about: Cui bono?

In light of this grim reality, it has become obvious that the true intention behind the thermonuclear bombing of Beirut — using 2700 metric tons of warehoused ammonium nitrate as both cover and demolition explosive — was the essential predicate to coerce the rich and highly influential United Arab Emirates into an utterly fake peace process.  After all, the Sultans of Dubai certainly don’t want to see their ultra-modern city dustified in a nuclear flash.

Fake Israel-UAE Peace Deal

First, the Palestinians have completely rejected such a one-sided peace deal as it was made without any consultation.  So, then, why was the UAE even involved in this farce of a peace process?!

Secondly, the so-called Israel-UAE peace deal was timed soon after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu threatened to annex larges areas of the West Bank along with the Jordan Valley.  Talk about blackmail IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! See: The Fake Israel-UAE Peace Deal Was Foisted on the Mideast After Netanyahu Threatened Annexation of West Bank Lands

What really went down here is that the UAE was coerced into signing an agreement with such an illicit annexation hanging over the heads of the people of Palestine.  Netanyahu was blackmailing and/or bribing the UAE all along as Tel Aviv always does.

KEY POINT: Netanyahu himself is also being blackmailed to carry out an extremely tyrannical Zionist agenda.  That’s why he was indicted on three separate charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.  His hidden masters have arranged for him to maintain his prime minister position while under indictment because it is much easier for them to coerce him to do things like start a shooting war with Iran, bomb Syria at will or nuke Beirut.

Thirdly, the whole Middle East was, only 9 days earlier, shaken to its core by the nuclear blast in Beirut.  This terrorist bombing was obviously perpetrated by the MOSSAD-IDF as a stark warning to any Mideast nation that does not play ball with Israel, where Tel Aviv always sets the rules of the game.

FALSE FLAG OPERATION: Beirut Targeted By Devastating
9/11-Level Terrorist Attack—Who did it and Why?

Not only that, the basic agreement signed between the United Arab Emirates and Israel looks like a wide-ranging business deal where Israel gains and the UAE loses across the broad spectrum of commercial enterprises that were negotiated.  So, in effect, this peace deal is a stone-cold business deal that greatly benefits Israel, profoundly hurts the Palestinians, and throws a few bones to the sheikhs who rule the UAE.

False Flag Terrorism

Back to the central point of this exposé: Israel is the world’s greatest perpetrator of false flag terrorism since it’s founding on May 14, 1948.

Even before that ominous date, the global Zionist network that owns and operates all the military powers, which have belonged to the Anglo-American Axis over the past 300 years, is responsible for all of the major cataclysms that have terrorized humanity.

However, there was a demonstrable uptick in both the number and intensity of global calamities that began with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  Once the International Bank Cartel and Crime Syndicate effectively took over the world’s money supply, they were able to fund all the terrorism necessary to implement the fundamentally Zionist New World Order agenda toward a One World Government with its future capital in Israel.  That’s why the extraordinary Supreme Court of Israel building that was built in 1992 is located in Jerusalem.  (The building was donated to Israel by the Jewish philanthropist Dorothy de Rothschild. Jerusalem.)

Exactly what are those mostly planet-wide calamities that have occurred since 1913?

The Armenian Genocide,
World War I,
Bolshevik Revolution,
Spanish Flu Genocide,
Great Depression,
World War II,
The Holocaust,
9/11 Terrorist Attacks,
War on Terror,
Great Recession,
and COVID-19 Pandemic
all have one thing in common.
They were all funded by the
International Banking Cartel & Crime Syndicate.

(Source: STAGED CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC: An International Criminal Conspiracy of Epic Proportions)

What’s the crucial point here?

If humanity is to save itself from yet another global pandemic that’s being used to transform the entire planetary civilization into a global penitentiary with prison-like lockdowns and business shutdowns and quarantines for the healthy and mandatory vaccinations and contact-tracing agents and night-time curfews and required face masks and forced Covid testing and body searches, etc., then citizenries everywhere must wake up to the brutal fact that the barbarians are inside the gate.

Communist Plot in the USA

The United States is suffering the worst COVID-19 outbreaks since the beginning of this Plandemic for very specific reasons.  Isn’t it quite counter-intuitive that the USA should be experiencing — BY FAR — the highest Covid infection rate and mortality rate in the world despite its advanced healthcare system?!

In point of fact, this manufactured Covid chaos and lawlessness is taking place with extremely purposeful design.

Just as the Zionist-run Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 was stealthily morphed into the Russian Revolution thereafter, today’s Soros-funded Purple Revolution in America is being directed by the same banksters out of London, New York, Frankfurt and Switzerland. (That’s why Switzerland remained neutral and unscathed during both the First and Second World Wars.)

As a matter of historical fact the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 was cunningly used as cover by the by the banksters to take over Russia via the Bolshevik Revolution and eventually create the USSR with its Gulag Archipelago of slave labor camps. See: NWO Globalists Using Spanish Flu Pandemic Playbook to Perpetrate OPERATION COVID-19

What happened to Russia in 1917 is what’s happening to the American Republic in 2020.  Black Lives Matter, AntiFa and the SUNRISE Movement are today’s bolsheviks.  The Democrat Party is populated by communists who are providing both safe haven and cover for so much veiled terrorism taking place throughout many of the sanctuary cities and states.  Every democrat-controlled city will soon see unprecedented violence and anarchy as the outworking of a carefully planned COMMUNIST PLOT to collapse the USA by way of an engineered CIVIL WAR 2.0.  Eventually all 50 states will be transformed into battlefields between the treasonous Left and patriotic Right.

KEY POINTS: Operation Gladio uses the open borders to sneak across terrorists cells who will then carry out false flag terrorist attacks upon being triggered by their CIA handlers.  Gladio is steadily and stealthily building a secret army of foreign mercenaries, criminals, terrorists and other soldiers-of-fortune in every major city in America.  Just as Syria was overwhelmed by Gladio-directed terrorist groups practically overnight, these strategically positioned terror cells are being readied to spring into action once the traitors push the button on CIVIL WAR 2.0. See: OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA

*Operation Gladio is the terrorist arm of NATO often known as the “North Atlantic Terrorist Organization”

(Source: OPERATION RACE WAR: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Collapse the American Republic via CIVIL WAR 2.0)


It’s of paramount importance that a critical mass of Americans grasps these harsh realities. Between now and Inauguration Day rapidly evolving events will surely catch many off guard.  The fastidiously choreographed “October Surprises” between now and Election Day will be orchestrated to stun and shock the body politic as no other campaign season in U.S. history.  The entire electorate is likely to be shellshocked by the predicted and fabricated Third Wave of OPERATION COVID-19 alone come the September-October time frame.

Therefore, it’s absolutely imperative for the Patriot Movement to organize—LOCALLY.  Not under formal leadership or with publicly known lines of reporting and/or hierarchy; rather, patriots need to run in ill-defined and amorphous groupings that are difficult to infiltrate and which can wage asymmetric guerrilla warfare when necessary for self-defense.

Above all, folks everywhere need to understand — POST-HASTE — that Nothing changes until those who secretly rule US are prosecuted for 9/11, JFK, OK City, 5G, Chemtrails, Vaccines, COVID-19….

Until We the People correctly comprehend who the real enemy is, no battle can be successfully fought, no war can be won.

Lastly, remember Beirut — August 4, 2020 — and what the Zionist co-conspirators are capable of and willing to perpetrate against any civilian population in the world.  We are dealing with an incorrigible clique of criminally insane psychopaths who completely lack conscience.  Hence, each menace to society needs to be removed from the street for the good of humanity.  Just take a close look at the photo below to apprehend how malevolent these bad actors really are.

Truly, nothing less than the American Republic is at stake as is the future of the American people.  Because of this volatile state of affairs, the fate of the community of nations now hangs now in the balance.

Thermonuclear explosion over the Port of Beirut on August 4, 2020

State of the Nation
August 16, 2020

Editor’s Note

Of course, for such a highly consequential operation as the Beirut nuclear bombing there are always multiple objectives.  One of those primary goals is well explained here: Here’s why they really blew up Beirut.