COVID-19 CURE PROTOCOL: Physician Treats Coronavirus Patients with 100% Success Rate



COVID-19 CURE PROTOCOL: Physician Treats Coronavirus Patients with 100% Success Rate

A Texas Doctor Finds a Cure for COVID-19

As his cure protocol is disseminated far and wide,
Dr. Richard Bartlett is facing major medical system
pushback. Big Pharma is colluding with Dr. Fauci
and Bill Gates to squelch this simple remedy and
every other medication that reverses COVID-19.
Their conspiratorial plot to foist an unproven, toxic
and microchipped vaccine on the American people
will soon be in great jeopardy if this powerful
protocol enjoys nationwide acceptance.

A very similar COVID-19 protocol has been used with great success in
Japan, Taiwan and Singapore. Mortality rates in those countries have
been kept extremely low for months after seeing major early outbreaks.

State of the Nation

Dr. Richard Bartlett is physician and medical director from Midland, Texas who has discovered a cure for COVID-19.

His simple coronavirus protocol is quite simple and twofold.

• First, that folks who suspect they have been infected
should get tested for COVID-19 as soon as possible so
can be treated early in the disease process.

• Secondly, that folks follow a specific protocol that uses
a nebulizer to deliver the steroid medication Budesonide
deep into the lungs at the source of the infection.

*See description of Budesonide posted in the Addendum below

Every SOTN reader is encouraged to view the following video to listen to Dr. Bartlett tell his COVID-19 treatment success story.


VIDEO Transcripts:
Dr. Richard Bartlett | ACWT Interview — PART 1 TRANSCRIPT
Dr. Richard Bartlett | ACWT Interview — PART 2 TRANSCRIPT

Resistance from Big Pharma, Fauci and Gates

Just like the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has been relentlessly bashed by the mainstream media, so too is Dr. Bartlett’s protocol. Whenever Big Pharma is deprived of earning massive profits during pandemics, they will use any means necessary to generate revenue via ineffective vaccines. That includes conducting fraudulent studies as they did with the recent HCQ clinical trials.

Therefore, it’s imperative that the Patriots post about this proven COVID-19 cure in every corner of cyber-space. That whole nations have already experienced an extraordinary cure rate is already without question. Nevertheless, the Big Pharma hitmen are out in force and Dr. Bartlett is in the crosshairs.

This video even makes it clear that a planned NIH research study on Dr. Bartlett’s protocol is designed to produce a failure. How could these clinical trials ever produce a positive outcome with Big Pharma agent Dr. Fauci overseeing them, as Bill Gates promotes his microchipped vaccine? Hence, the American people are about to witness yet another intentional sabotage of a highly effective remedy for Coronavirus Syndrome.

Mandatory Mask

The same Deep State saboteurs are determined to see every person in this nation wear a mask until Election Day as a way of collapsing the U.S. economy. Citizens everywhere must resist this unlawful order to wear a toxic, useless mask which only makes people more vulnerable to catching COVID-19. See: READ THIS FIRST BEFORE EVER WEARING A MASK (Warning Update)

The preceding position paper against mask-wearing ought to compel every individual who values their life and good health to participate in a nationwide movement of civil disobedience. Truly, it’s time for MASS CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!

Another great way of stopping the COVID-19 juggernaut rolling across the land is to violate en masse the illegal directives to stay off the beaches. These statewide and county dictates are patently illicit and cannot be legitimately enforced. So everyone ought to get to the beach as much as possible this summer as it provides the ideal healing environment, especially during a coronavirus pandemic. See: OPERATION BEACH CLOSURE: A Pivotal Piece of the Perfidious COVID-19 Plot

EDITOR’S SPECIAL NOTE: People if there’s one sure way to shut down the utterly devastating OPERATION COVID-19, it is the widespread use of a successful cure protocol to treat this bioengineered novel coronavirus. Therefore, SOTN highly encourages every single reader to first watch the following video, and then circulate it by every means available. In the face of such an overwhelming cure rate, the globalist perpetrators will be forced to abort their genocidal scheme for good. Not only that, there will be no need for a mandatory vaccine. Hence, the more doctors who use Dr. Bartlett’s protocol, the quicker We the People can take back our country from the New World Order cabal overlords. So, PLEASE, post this article and/or the important links anywhere and everywhere you can—THANK YOU!

This single video can terminate OPERATION COVID-19!
Send it out—EVERYWHERE!

Action Plan

The Patriot Movement needs to get the doctors on board with Dr. Bartlett’s protocol — POST-HASTE — in every red state, red county and red city. Once the family docs and primary care physicians are singing of the same sheet of music, OPERATION COVID-19 will come to a screeching halt. Here’s how we can do that: An Open Letter to Every Medical Doctor in America.

Please send this urgent “Open Letter” to every doctor and other healthcare provider with prescriptive authority; that includes osteopaths, nurse practitioners and physician assistants in some states. That especially includes functional medicine, integrative medicine and holistic physicians. However, when in doubt just send it out.

State of the Nation
July 8, 2020

Editor’s Note:

This Alt Media platform strenuously disagrees with the need to take the current COVID-19 test. The test is administered in such an invasive and painful way that there is likely something very wrong with it. Our strong opinion is that the testing process is actually being used infect folks with different variations of the novel coronavirus; or it is being used to vaccinate people with a cocktail of who knows what, very sorry to say. Therefore, we would not recommend submitting to the test unless absolutely necessary.

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MAYO Clinic Information Sheet for Budesonide: