PROOF POSITIVE! These Fake Race Riots Were Pre-Planned Right Down to the Memes and Mottos



PROOF POSITIVE! These Fake Race Riots Were Pre-Planned Right Down to the Memes and Mottos

This Riot MEME was posted by
The Obama Foundation
on May 16, 2020 with
a clear picture of George Floyd—
tweeted 9 days before his death!

State of the Nation

Really, you can make this stuff up!

That The Obama Foundation would tweet out a riot meme with George Floyd’s picture on it on Saturday, May 16th — 9 days before his staged murder in Minneapolis — is as inexplicable as it is inconceivable.

But, what’s even crazier is that the perps at The Obama Foundation (TOF) have the chutzpah to keep the same tweet on their Twitter page for the whole world to view up to this very day.

That’s right — as of this morning, Monday, June 8 — the THIS IS AMERICA tweet remains on TOF Twitter page. And here’s an 8:20 AM date-stamped screenshot from today to prove it.

Back Story

There’s obviously much, MUCH more to this globalist scheme as the true back story here has yet to be revealed.

The following link provides irrefutable evidence and the basic context to this now quite naked conspiracy. The first video presents proof positive that this event is absolutely real and that the timing of the tweet as indicated is entirely accurate.

RACERIOTgate: Why did The Obama Foundation tweet a picture of
George Floyd on May 16th—9 days before his death?!

The skeleton of this particular piece of the George Floyd conspiratorial plot will certainly be fleshed out in the days to come.

Check back to this post for updates that are already being emailed to SOTN by other Alt Media investigative journalists and Internet researchers.

There has to be an explanation for this transparent, “in-your-face” display of reckless brazenness by the New World Order globalist cabal … … …

Unless, of course, the perps think they have the whole place so locked down and under their thumb that they can literally get away with any crime spree whatsoever even in broad daylight.

KEY POINT: Now many folks will chalk this graphic Obama insanity up as an example of the Mandala Effect. It’s clearly not! See: MANDELA EFFECT: That’s what the Tavistock Institute mind-control programmers would have you believe

“THIS IS AMERICA” Race Riot Meme

The three screenshots below were captured from 3 different retail websites that are selling the THIS IS AMERICAshirt.

Each of the sellers is using the exact same image that can still be found on The Obama Foundation Twitter page as posted above.

So, it looks like Soros & Company also set up these Race War profiteers with the necessary capital and manufacturers to roll out these black hoodies and shirts faster that you can say: THIS IS AMERICA.

Barack Hussein Obama: Race-baiter-in-Chief

NO ONE does race-baiting like Barack Hussein Obama.

In point of fact, the extremely racist Barack and Michelle Obama were installed in the White House by George Soros to do just that—to create a conducive nationwide environment for a full-blown race war. Soros was perhaps Obama’s biggest campaign donor for both elections.

There has never been another POTUS as corrupt and lawless and brash and reckless as Barack Obama. He was actually selected by his globalist masters and CIA handlers because of his complete lack of conscience and willingness to destroy the American Republic.

As a matter of historical fact, Obama never even submitted a legitimate birth certificate to comply with either the presidential vetting or Democrat nomination processes … … …
And, when he did submit a supposedly official document corroborating his birth place and citizenship, it was scientifically proven to be a completely faked and highly forged COLB (Certificate of Live Birth). As follows:

Scientific Evidence: Obama Birth Certificate Copy Proven Fake And Forged

Leave it to Team Obama to perpetrate yet another egregious act of treachery against the American people. As a longtime political career criminal, Obama was destined from the very beginning to trigger a race war. And so he has!

Again, here’s an authentic photo of George Floyd:

And here’s the picture that was posted on The Obama Foundation Twitter page on May 16, 2020.

This Is America

If there’s any doubt that Obama, Soros, Clinton et al. are the prime movers behind a highly organized plot to trigger a full-scale race as a prelude to Civil War 2.0, the following video ought to erase it.

How did the shockingly violent “This Is America” music video
become the main slogan for The Obama Foundation?!

It’s clear from the preceding video, which was released on May 5, 2018, that it was created as a quite powerful piece of predictive programming. Just read the outrageous comments left on the YouTube video page, and especially see the number of “Likes” and supportive replies that promote this despicable and divisive content.

The NWO globalists want their AntiFa foot soldiers and BLM minions to listen to and watch this repugnant video as a sort of anthem for the violent protest movement they have instigated. Actually, “This Is America” video already serves as a battle cry for the sporadic race riots that have been deliberately started across the country.

SCREENSHOT: Singer Donald Glover mows down a church choir with an assault rifle in his video THIS IS AMERICA (Donald Glover/YouTube)

KEY POINT: The following tragic incident took place just 3 days after this article was published by SOTN.  It provides a graphic example of how the communists both advance their cultural marxist agenda and perpetrate bolshevik violence against religion and spiritual messengers.  Murder victim Tyra Phillips (Womack) was a Sunday Gospel Grace radio host who was senselessly gunned down in Democrat-run Baltimore, a city notorious for it high homicide rate and random violence. See: Obama’s “This Is America” Meme Created the Environment for this Terrible Tragedy!


The final conclusion of this analysis is that the globalist perpetrators will not hesitate to use any type or degree of violence to tear down this nation; after all, bloodshed is the hallmark of a bolshevik revolution.

Unknown to most, their secret armies of bolsheviks and anarchists, communists and terrorists, rioters and insurrectionists are strategically positioned throughout urban America to execute acts of savagery on a moment notice, just like they did during the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

Therefore, the entire Patriot Movement needs to locked and loaded like never before. Particularly in the sanctuary cites and states, the police and sheriff departments will not be there to protect the innocent targets of this engineered race war.

CAVEAT: From now until Election Day, things are going to get extremely volatile in the 50 states. The Left has reached a level of unparalleled desperation and barbarism. Hence, anything goes, anywhere, anytime. This Alt Media platform fully expects several more “October Surprises” over the next 5 months … and any one of them could be a 9/11-type of mass casualty event.

State of the Nation
June 8, 2020

Editor’s Note

For the uninitiated, the following four SOTN exposés provide a clear and thorough understanding of the ongoing “George Floyd Psyop”. Each article offers a different yet vital perspective on this feverishly manufactured race war across America.

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Actual Tweet posted on May 16 by The Obama Foundation just replaced the meme shown above with the following TOF logo; it was just changed today–June 8th.