Constantly Sabotaged by Constantly Sabotaged by

Submitted by an Alt Media Software Developer, Webmaster and Internet Consultant

I have worked as a consultant for many Alt Media websites over the past 20 years.

In that capacity, I work with all the biggest hosting services in order to resolve the most serious problems, especially those issues that take websites down for considerable periods of time.

One Alt Media site that I have worked with closely is State of the Nation (SOTN) which has as their hosting service.

In all the years that I have worked with GoDaddy, I have never seen a website encounter so many serious problems staying online.  None of these problems were caused by outside hackers.  And every single one of these problems, without exception, always proved to originate on the GoDaddy side.

In other words, the problems were solely caused by GoDaddy software, hardware, WordPress updates, server changes, security patches, firewall fixes, and every other type of glitch imaginable.

When considered in the aggregate and analyzed over a period of several years of problems, and especially when compared with many other sites the owner also has hosted by GoDaddy, it’s clear that SOTN is being sabotaged from within the GoDaddy system.

There is simply no other way to explain away so many error messages and recurring takedown issues over the years.  Of course, the error messages almost always had very little to say about, or made no explanation at all, as to why the SOTN website was down.

Whenever a server or a website is down, there’s always a specific reason for it.  Websites don’t just come down for no reason at all.  The effect can always be traced to a cause by a good troubleshooter.  Again, sites just don’t come down for no reason and why is it always the SOTN platform that’s always knocked offline or sabotaged in some other way?!

Yes, countless Alt Media websites have become notorious for shutting down for no reason.  However, most of those sites are not parked at a massive hosting service like GoDaddy.

In the case of SOTN, it is the studied opinion of this developer and webmaster that both SOTN websites have been repeatedly vandalized by individuals working within the GoDaddy web-hosting company.  There is simply no other way to explain the hour and hours of time necessary — day in and day out — to maintain what are actually very simple, barebones websites.

I could go on, but I am only writing this exposé for any website owner that is considering GoDaddy as a hosting service.  If they are an Alt Media site, GoDaddy should be avoided like the plague.  GoDaddy cannot be trusted to keep your website up.  And, GoDaddy will run you ragged, going in circles through endless tech support calls week after week, month after month.

This is a very sad situation indeed as the folks at State of the Nation have recently found out again.  Their site is up and down, and up and down, like no other Alt Media platform on the net today.  Then, when the site does come back up, it’s missing 5 or 6 days of the latest posts like it has this past week.  Even today, SOTN is still missing 3 or 4 days days of critical posts.

— A Whistleblowing  IT  Troubleshooter, Webmaster & Developer