Trump Has HUGE Problems With The FBI



Trump Has HUGE Problems With The FBI

Nobody Home,
Out to Lunch
or All Four?!

“Why in the world would an FBI Director so fiercely resist firing
a proven liar on his staff, especially a dangerous political miscreant
in senior FBI management?! Andrew McCabe’s documented close
relationships with the transparent Deep State cabal attempting to
overthrow President Trump revealed an unindicted co-conspirator.
And, yet, Director Wray “threatened to resign if McCabe was
removed”. When even the spineless Sessions demanded the
termination, you know the guy is BAD! It looks like we have another
fox guarding the foxhole.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

As the FBI protects the swamp, Deep State closes in on Trump. DoJ under AG Barr neglects to indict a single swamp dweller.

State of the Nation

MIA CHRIS WRAY: The Missing Piece of the Federal Law Enforcement Puzzle

If FBI Director Christopher A. Wray’s actions and inactions are any indication of where his loyalties lie since taking over from hopelessly corrupt James Comey, what needs to be said.

Only that someone close to Trump recommended Wray to do the job of cleaning up the FBI, which emphatically has NOT happened.

SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG! “Not one prosecution, or even an arrest, of a single swamp creature!”

Since assuming the office as the 8th Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Wray has done absolutely nothing.

Actually, that’s not entirely true — Director Wray has permitted the same endemic corruption to persist at the nation’s largest federal law enforcement agency that it has been notorious for over decades.

In other words, there are stone-cold criminals still working at the FBI (they know they are) who Wray will not expose or fire.


There can be only one answer to that extremely important question.

Because Chris Wray is yet another agent of Deep State who was stealthily installed in that key post in order to make sure that the swamp is NOT drained … not even a little.

Truly, has there ever been such a lackluster FBI director in that hot seat?

There’s no question that Wray put together a picture-perfect Deep State resumé over the course of his career with a Yale law degree as seen on his Wiki page.

Even Wray’s photo betrays a man who is clueless, but only by design.

How, pray tell, can an FBI director be so utterly clueless … about everything?

With all of the criminal acts committed by the FBI in collusion with other agencies within the U.S. Intelligence Community, how is there not a single investigation going on that will drain the swamp. Are they all being conducted in secret?

Cover-up man

Unfortunately, everything points to Wray being appointed only if he promised to cover up every crime spree carried out by the FBI, including Robert Mueller’s epic cover-up of the false flag terrorist attacks of 9/11. Mueller was specifically installed as FBI Director just days prior to September 11, 2001, where he remained for 12 years. That’s 12 long years of the greatest criminal cover-up in U.S history by the nation’s chief law enforcement officer.

Now we have Wray in the job.

As long as he’s director, how will AG Barr prosecute even a single swamp creature inside the Beltway?

Cover-up men

The answer to that question can only be correctly understood by examining the actions and inactions by Attorney General William Barr.

That’s because AG Barr seems to be guilty of the same type of cover up as Wray.

Do these two chaps even talk to each other?

Here we have one side of the political aisle — the Democrats — guilty as sin and accusing the other side — the Trump administration — of the very crimes that they, themselves, are stone-cold guilty of.

And, yet, the DoJ just sits by idly and does absolutely nothing but allow the rule of law to get totally trampled IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

The following analysis breaks down this rapidly deteriorating predicament quite simply.

“What Are They Waiting For?” DOJ’s Inaction Allows Swamp Creatures To Run Wild and Impeach Trump!


When any nation ceases to be run as a nation of laws … legitimate laws … that country degenerates into a full-blown Banana Republic.

It was just over four months ago that “Trump refused to say if he has confidence in FBI director“.

Given the reality that President Trump cannot even trust FBI Director Wray to uphold the rule of law, it appears that there is only one way to resolve this situation.

However, there is a fast closing window of opportunity discussed here:

OVERTHROW IMMINENT! American Republic Under Withering Assault by Communist Coup Plotters

State of the Nation
November 3, 2019

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